30 Baby Boy Names For Future Alpha Males Even Mom Will Adore

Naming a child is one of the most first challenging parts of being a parent. After all, a bad name choice can haunt a child for the rest of their life. The last thing that parents want is to make their child a target for teasing. A name should make someone feel proud of who they are and start to give them some sort of identity.

This is why moms are particularly concerned with what they name their kids. Additionally, they want a name for their child that other parents will find cool; there's no denying that parents think somewhat selfishly when it comes to picking their children's names. But not every cool name is going to make a baby boy seem like the alpha male that they may want them to become.

This is why we have created this list. We've used the guidance of sites like Nameberry that analyze trends in names moving forward with the help of the Social Security Administration's statistical projections. Hopefully, this will help all moms pick a name for their future baby that everyone will love. Without further ado, here are 30 Baby Boy Names For Future Alpha Males That Even Mom Will Adore.

30 Liam

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Liam is a nice, strong classic name with an origin in Ireland. It's been ranked at #1 on the popularity charts moving into the future. It makes sense as it's been a fairly accessible name for a long time. Although it only made it into the top 10 US names in 2012. Liam is a name that's used by tons of celebrities. Tori Spelling, Craig Ferguson, Calista Flockhart, Rod Stewart, and Kevin Costner all have children named Liam. There's also a number of celebrities named Liam, such as Liam Payne, Liam Neeson, and Oasis member Liam Gallagher. All of these reasons contribute to its popularity.

29 Matteo

There's no doubt that this energetic version of the classic Matthew is going to move into the mainstream in future years. In 2015, it entered the Top 100 for the first time. Actors Colin Firth and Benjamin Bratt both know the value of this name with origins in Spain, Italy, and Latin, as they have both named their sons Matteo. The name is bound to be an alpha's name as it means "gift of God". You don't get much more "alpha" than that.

28 Maverick

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Naming a kid Maverick is totally taking a chance. On one hand, the U.S.-origin name means "independent nonconformist" and sounds very strong. On the other hand, a kid named Maverick is bound to grow an ego. After all, it's a pretty in-your-face name. Regardless, the name is currently ranked #85 on the popularity charts and is often added to lists on the internet such as Attitude Names for Boys and "Baby a Day". So, chances are, it will become a pretty popular and very masculine name in the future.

27 Lincoln

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When you hear the name Lincoln, you probably immediately go to a certain famous fellow. But the name is actually of U.K. origin and means "town by the pool". The name has also had a comeback in recent years as it's rated #41 on the popularity charts and is climbing steadily. This is why experts think that it will become even more well-used in future years. Besides, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have picked it the name for their kid, even though they gender-bent it for their daughter.

26 Noah

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The Hebrew-origin name has always been a popular Bible named used by believer and non-believers alike. That's because, most importantly, it's a strong name with a sensitive side. In 2009, Noah made it to the top 10 popular names in North America and pretty much stuck there. From there it made it among the best names of the 21st Century. In all likelihood, it will continue to be one of the most popular boys and girls name heading into the next decade.

25 Lucas

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Lucas has origins in Greece and old Latin origin and means "man from Lucania". It's currently ranked just outside of the top ten on the popularity charts and is often included on other popular name lists due to its inclusion in the New Testament. The name Luke commands respect but also seems really approachable and lovely. It's also a name used by many celebrities. Besides, some Star Wars fans may want to honor the series' creator by naming their boy after him.

24 Henry

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Sometimes going old-school is good when heading into the future. Besides, Henry is such a wonderful traditional name. It's also commonly used by a certain famous set and therefore has stayed popular for a very long time. Besides some of the most famous Brits, the name is also used by many celebrities such as Henry David Thoreau, Henry (Hank) Aaron, Henry James, and Henry Fonda. The name itself is from Germany and means "estate ruler", which is an appropriate meaning for an alpha.

23 Jaxon

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For a name that sounds so cool, it's meaning is pretty pedestrian; "son of Jack". But that hardly matters because Jaxon has been climbing the popularity polls since it entered the top 1000 in 1997. Alternatively, Jaxon can also be spelled "Jackson". But we think we can all agree that "Jaxon" is just so much more interesting. The name also provides mothers with several nicknames that will make them feel like their kid is less of an alpha male and more like their little boy.

22 Oliver

The name Oliver has come a long way since Oliver Twist. Nowadays, it feels like a trendy boho name than anything else. Oliver is the name of an intellectual. Someone who wins respect and dominance with their brains and charm versus their brawn and attitude. The name has a Latin origin and means "olive tree". It's been climbing the popularity polls and is even used by multiple celebrities including Bridget Fonda, Stephen Stills, Wolfgang Puck, and Taylor Hawkes. It's also a name used in the Harry Potter series.

21 Theodore

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The name Theodore has its origins in Greece and means "gift of God", making it quite suitable for an alpha male. Theodore is the name of someone who is loved but also someone who leads. Theodore tends to be ranked around #62 on Nameberry's popularity charts. Theodore also gives parents the chance to use one of the coolest nicknames around, "Theo". It's a name used by many celebrities including Bryce Dallas Howard, Natascha McElhone, and Ali Larter. It's also used in Fifty Shades of Grey.

20 Easton

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Weston has been a popular name for a long time, but Easton is the name of the future. It's also smoother, cooler, and equally as Ivy League-ish. Although it's commonly used as a middle name, as well as a surname, it would be a great choice as a first name. Actor Jenna Elfman clearly agrees as she named her son this. The name barely got into Nameberry's top 1000 names in the mid-1990s. But nowadays, it's climbing fast in the top 100. This makes it highly likely that we will be seeing more Eastons in the future. So, you may want to get on naming your kid this before it's too popular.

19 Silas

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Silas is a sleek, mysterious, and interesting name that is sure to make the boys and girls swoon for your son. Sure, it may be associated with some of the meaner characters in fiction, such as the monk in The Da Vinci Code, but it's also a rural New Testament name and is in a better light in other famous works. The folksy-sounding name is of U.K. and Latin origin and means "wood, forest". Nameberry sees it as a name that will be used quite a bit in the next ten years as it basically came from out of nowhere and worked its way into the top 200 names.

18 Ezra

In Hebrew, Ezra means "help", as in "help, this baby is just too cute!". That's what other moms will be saying when they hear that's what you've named your kid. Nameberry certainly thinks that this will be the case as the name is currently resting around #69 on their popularity poll. Ezra has a strong Biblical legacy and sounds very quirky and cool. It sounds like the name of a media company executive, or that photographer that everyone has a thing for. There's no doubt, a name like Ezra sets a baby up for life.

17 Luca

You don't need to be a native of Italy to name your son Luca, although it does help. However, it seems like a lot of people in the U.K. are naming their kids Luca too, as it's ranked #130 over there. Stateside, the name isn't quite as popular yet, but with a number of famous people using it for their kids, it's bound to climb the ladder in coming years. Among the celebrities who have chosen this name for their sons are, Colin Firth, Vincent d'Onofrio, Rebecca Minkoff, Hilary Duff, Jacinda Barrett, and Gabriel Macht.

16 Bauer

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Bauer is a very masculine name that sounds pretty sporty. Perhaps this is because we immediately think of Jack Bauer from the hit series 24. Additionally, there's a hockey equipment company in Canada with the same name. But the name could also be suitable for a child who is destined to become pretty artistic. Regardless, the name is climbing the popularity polls extremely fast. It can also be spelled multiple ways including "Bower". It also sounds like a last name, which almost guarantees that it will continue to gain popularity.

15 Xander

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There's a reason why "Jaxon" is going to be a more popular name in the future than "Jackson"; it's all to do with the "X". Baby names with an "X" in them somewhere always score big for boys and will continue to be used more and more. Names like Xander sound edgy, artistic, and somewhat mysterious. It reminds us of a rockstar, maybe like Axl Rose, or even a funny comedian like Dax Shepard. In short, "X's" have tons of flexibility. But no name with an "X" demands more respect than Xander.

14 Jameson

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It's not unusual for a baby to be a product of parents who enjoyed a couple of glasses of liquid happiness. Therefore, it shouldn't take any of us back that Jameson (like the whiskey) has started to become a popular name. The name has a U.K. origin and means "son of James", which could interest dads named James. The great thing about the name is that it could be used for an alpha boy and also a spunky and fun chica. After all, anybody can enjoy a glass of whiskey.

13 Aryn

Aaron has been a popular name since Biblical times. But in the past 60 years, it's transformed into a unisex name with a variety of different spellings. Experts claim that "Aryn" will be the most popular going forward, especially when it comes to boys. It will also be popular for girls thanks to names like Arya from Game of Thrones. Luckily, the spelling works well for either boys or girls. Aryn sounds whimsical, fun, strong, and yet still has the traditional, old-world charm that we've all come to know.

12 Killian

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Traditionally, this name is spelled "Cillian", like Peaky Blinders and Batman Begins star, Cillian Murphy. But, nowadays, parents are all about making these minor switches as it makes the name sound even more exciting. Killian is derived from a Gaelic surname but has become far more popular as a first name. Gaelic names, in general, have become increasingly popular across the globe, even though they're taking a bit more time to catch on in the U.S. Still, Baby Center and Nameberry have seen an increase in recent years.

11 Thackery

If you really want to mess-up a teacher during role-call, name your son "Thackeray" instead of "Zachary". Experts say that this name will be popular due to U.K. novelist William Thackeray, who wrote Vanity Fair. Naming children the surname of famous writers is something that many parents, especially celebrities, like to do. Among the most popular names are Tennyson, Hunter (as in gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson), and Homer. Thackeray is likely to become one of the next most popular novelists to become a well-used first name.

10 Kyrie

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Basketball star Kyrie Irving is one of the reasons that this UK name has really taken off in the States. However, it's popularity dates back to ancient times when the name was used in reference to God or The Lord. It's pronounced in two distinct ways. The first way is the most common, "Ki-ree". The second is, "Ke-ear". Regardless of the pronunciation, the name is currently ranked at #15 on Nameberry popularity charts and is spreading to other popular internet baby lists.

9 Rowan

Mr. Bean, Blackadder, and Love Actually star, Rowan Atkinson has got to be the most famous "Rowan" on the planet right now. But the name, meaning "Red", has been climbing in popularity since 2013 for both boys and girls. The name is soft, interesting, somewhat lyrical, and feels quite warming. Therefore it is not only alpha but beta as well. In short, it's a name that feels balanced in both the masculine and the feminine. However, even the Arabic "Rowan", which has been used primarily for girls, has been dropping in popularity. This has opened the door for more boys to use the name.

8 Messiah

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If you're tired of waiting around for the Messiah to come, you may want to use the name for your boy. The name has an Aramaic origin and means "expected savior or deliverer". Of course, it has a strong link to both the Jewish and Christian religions. In recent years, there's been a large increase in the name's use, specifically in Tennessee. This is because a law that stated that parents couldn't use the name was overturned. Now parents are jumping at the chance of calling their son a name that's in line with who they believe he is.

7 Waylon

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Thanks to country singer Waylon Jennings, the name "Waylon" has a slightly edgy and suave image attached to it. A return to classic music has inspired younger parents to name their kids after him. Additionally, many want to honor their parents who may have loved the country star. Then there's also the popular character on The Simpsons, Waylon Smithers, who has also contributed to the popularity of the name. Waylon is traditionally a boy's name and has a U.K. origin.

6 Declan

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Although Declan has an origin in Ireland, meaning "man or prayer", it's certainly a name that is appropriate for a fun-loving, adventurous, sophisticated, young man. The name has always been popular in Ireland, thanks to the Saint, as well as it's the real first name of singer Elvis Costello. But the U.S. and Canada are really starting to dig the name as well. It tends to be featured on many soap-operas and young adult shows, as it sounds like it would be an appropriate name for the attractive college boy.

5 Oakley

Just like "X", "O" has started to become a popular letter in first names. Experts claim that "O' will continue to skyrocket to the top of most baby name lists over the next few years. We've already started to see this trend come into play in the U.S. with the inclusion of "Oliver" in the top 10. But parents really like an "O" name that works with the nickname, "Oaky". This is why they swing for names like "Oaklynn", "Oaklyn", and, of course, "Oakley", which is easily the most popular. It sounds slightly off-beat but is still totally acceptable for an alpha male.

4 Tukker

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Tukker, also spelled "Tucker", is a tough and very straight-forward name that's a pretty obvious choice for an alpha male type. Originally, it was a common last name with Anglo-Saxon roots. But, like all cool surnames, Millennial parents far prefer to use it as a first name. Since 2016, Baby Center has been seeing a staggering growth in its use. This applies to girls as well. But it's fair to say that parents are choosing this name for their boys.

3 Phelan

Phelan, pronounced "Fay-lan", means "wolf" as well as "beauty" in its ancient origins in Ireland. Although, it was originally spelled "Faolan", but perhaps that's just too confusing for people swiping on Tinder. The name has an effortlessly cool appeal and sounds particularly tough. And yet, it also feels artistic and even other-worldly. Perhaps this is why it's used in so many sci-fi shows such as Battlestar Galactica. In just one year, Phelan jumped 715 spots on a popularity list in the states. There's no doubt that we will be seeing a lot more Phelans in coming years.

2 Gulliver

This name is so hip that actors Damian Lewis and Gary Oldman decided it was the best thing to call their sons. Of course, Gulliver has become popular, in part, to the literary masterpiece, Gulliver's Travels. Thus it does have a sense of adventure intrinsically tied to it. Even though this name out of Ireland actually means "glutton", it feels far more masculine and trendy. The name is unique, smart-sounding, and even has a hint of a sense of humor. What more could a mom want in her son's name?

1 Caspian

Caspian is a posh U.K. name that is expected to continue gaining popularity. A lot of parents will be attracted to naming their kid an aristocratic name like this. But it's not just the fact that the name sounds rich that makes it a name for an alpha male, it's also the fact that it's tied to the Caspian sea, as well as the prince from C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia books, and a beautiful song, a breed of horse, and even a language. In 2017, the name ranked in the top 1000 on the Baby center and is predicted to keep climbing steadily.

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