30 Baby Girl Names For Disney Lovers

Before we get into the list of baby girl names inspired by some beloved Disney characters, let me explain to you why I am an expert on all things Disney. Every year for winter break and summer break, my parents would load my two sisters and me up in mom's SUV and head to Disney World (about a 5-hour trek from my hometown). There was no question as to what we would be doing the first day of winter break or summer break. It was always Disney. Mom's SUV had a DVD player in the back which we used to sharpen our Disney trivia skills by watching countless Pixar and Disney films such as Beauty and the Beast, The Rescuers Down Under, The Little Mermaid, Monsters Inc, and Toy Story. Which family do you think has a 100% winning rate for Disney trivia at the Magic Kingdom? Of course, yours truly.

Picking a name is hard. Like really hard. This name has to carry your little girl throughout life, from infant to mother to aunt to grandmother. She has to fill out this name on the SAT and use it to land her first job. If you are obsessed with all things Disney, you will love these names. Some are obvious. Some (most) are not so obvious. Apply "Hakuna Matata" to your name picking for your little girl. I am here to help! Allow me to be your guide to the Wonderful World of Disney baby girl names.

30 Rose

Sleeping Beauty is the inspiration for our first name. Briar Rose is the name Princess Aurora takes on during her years hiding from Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty. Her name given at birth is Aurora. "Rose" comes from the German word "hrod" which means "fame", which is fitting because the Rose flower is one of the most famous flowers of all. The "love" flower also serves as inspiration for our first name on this list. "Rose" was a very popular baby girl's name in the late 19th century and 20th century. It "rose" in popularity again in the 1960s. Famous celebrities named "Rose" include Rose McGowan (Charmed) and Rose Byrne (Bridesmaids). Ruby Rose is another famous actress who "rose" to fame with her role on Orange is the New Black. Caroline Kennedy - President John F. Kennedy's daughter - named her daughter Rose Kennedy.

29 Wendy

Wendy Darling was the "mother" of the Lost Boys in Peter Pan. She wishes to be a girl forever, but honestly, who doesn't! Her adventurous spirit leads her to Never Land with Peter Pan. Wendy is quite a darling name. Did you know that the name "Wendy" was actually coined by the playwright J.M. Barrie in his famous play, "Peter Pan"? Wendy stems from the Gaelic name "Gwendoyln" meaning holy, white; ring. Isn't that a beautiful meaning? "Wendy" was a very popular name between the 1930s and 1980s. Famous Wendy's include Wendy Thomas (namesake of Wendy's restaurant) and Wendy Williams. Musician Brian Wilson and baseball player Nolan Rylan both have daughters named Wendy. Such a nice name to give to the little bundle you never want to grow up!


28 Snow

Are you eating kale chips right now? Have you been hiking lately? If you answered yes to these questions, congratulations! You are probably a hippie. How pretty is "Snow" for a baby girl? Snow White is the inspiration for this name. Bright, beautiful, and a force of nature – it may just suit your little girl. Snow is considered a "word name". Think Apple, Piper, Crystal, and Brandy. You can rest assured knowing your little "Snow" would have a truly unique name. "Snow" doesn't appear on top lists of names and is not the name of any famous celebrities. Her name will be as special as snow in north Florida during a cold snap. A one-syllable name, "Snow", could be coupled with a longer middle name such as "Genevieve", "Jacqueline", or "Victoria".

27 Elizabeth

Fit for a queen or a Governor's daughter, "Elizabeth" is a classic name for your little girl. The inspiration for this Disney name is Pirates of the Caribbean character Elizabeth Swann played by Kiera Knightley. If you love Disney, but don’t want someone to say “oh yeah, like the princess” every time you are asked your baby’s name, then Elizabeth is a good choice. The female protagonist is strong, beautiful, and true to her self. Elizabeth is a Greek name meaning "God is my oath". Elizabeth is also a Biblical name. She was the mother of John the Baptist (Jesus's cousin). The name "Elizabeth" was brought to America by English settlers and has enjoyed immense popularity since that time. Nicknames for Elizabeth include: "Liz", "Lizzy", "Lizzie", "Beth", and "Liza".

26 Jessie

If you believe Toy Story is the best Pixar film ever, you should consider "Jessie" as a name for your little girl. Jessie is the adventurous, rowdy, independent, caring cowgirl you always wanted to play with. Her red hair, her outgoing personality, her awesome hat, her sidekick Bullseye - Jessie definitely made you want to be a cowgirl every day, or maybe just for Halloween. The name "Jessie" comes from Jessica and means "God is gracious". You may be surprised to find out that the name "Jessie" has been in circulation for a couple centuries now; it has also been on the top 1,000 names for baby girls since the 1880s. Although it's technically an "old-fashioned" name, it fits for a modern 21st-century baby girl.

25 Vanellope


Wreck-It-Ralph is one of my husband's favorite Disney movies. The storyline is cute just like its female deuteragonist- Vanellope von Schweetz. She's spunky, spirited, determined, ambitious, and a great friend - all characteristics a mother hopes to see in her daughter one day. You would be a lone sailor by choosing "Vanellope" as your daughter's name. The name hasn't made the top 1,000 baby girl names over the past two centuries. Your "Venellope" could be the only one in her whole school! Look at you, Mom, picking a special name for your daughter. She would be unique, special and inspired by a wonderfully loved character. She could tell people that Disney and Pixar were the inspiration for her name. Or that can be our little secret!


24 Alice

"Curioser and curioser" is the inspiration for this simple and sweet name for your little bundle of joy. The Disney film Alice in Wonderland was inspired by Lewis Carroll's books Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. The film was quite strange at times, some parts were actually quite disturbing. A cat appearing from out of nowhere? A smoking caterpillar who asks way too many questions? The heroine of Carroll's tales (and Disney film) is a curious, independent, adventurous, innocent, and polite young girl named Alice. To put it simply, she is quite bored with her life and seeks adventure by falling down the rabbit hole. Alice is a lovely German name meaning "noble one". What a perfect way to describe your little darling!

23 Megara


Megara is Hercules's girlfriend. She is sassy, kind, daring, and caring. What a great inspiration for a little girl's name. While Megan or Meghan are very popular names, Megara is not. The name has not made the top 1,000 list of baby girl names in the past two centuries. Just think. You could call her "Meg" for short. Because this name is so unique, you may consider coupling it with a more traditional girls' name such as "Jane", "Elizabeth", "Marie", "Jessica", "Katherine", or "Rose". It's okay if you pick two names from this list as a first name and middle name for your little one- a double dose of Disney inspiration. In fact, I encourage it! Who wouldn't want to be named Minnie-Jane or Jessie-Snow? Both names would make for a stunning little girl.


22 Minnie

I couldn't make a Disney names list for baby girls and leave out "Minnie"! She's everyone's favorite little mouse. We love how crafty, sweet, genuine, and loving she is to Mickey and all her friends. Fun fact: Minnie Mouse was honored with her own star in Hollywood in late January. You may have seen the Minnie Mouse SnapChat filter recently to honor our favorite mouse? If not you need to check it out now! Congratulations, Minnie!

Minnie is a Hebrew name meaning "wished for child". How sweet! Minnie was a popular name long before Minnie Mouse was created by Walt Disney. In fact, Minnie was a top choice for baby girls born in the late 1800s and early 1900s. This "oldie but goodie" may just be swell for your baby girl!

21 Violet


Violet Parr from the Incredibles is the inspiration for this vibrant and colorful name. The name "Violet" stems from the bluish-purple flower. The violet flower is said to represent modesty and faithfulness. The name Violet was very popular for baby girls born in the early 1900s. The name has seen a revival and is becoming more and more popular in today's modern world. Celebrities Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have a little girl named Violet. Christina Milian, known for her hit"Dip It Low" has a daughter named Violet as well. If you're a Coldplay fan, their hit "Violet Hill" can serve as quite the inspiration too.

This name is beautiful and feminine just like the flower. It may be just perfect for your little flower child!

20 Willow


Grandmother Willow is hands-down my favorite Pocahontas character. Like my grandmother, she is snappy, wise, and brutally honest. Yes, yes. She was a tree. A two-hundred-year-old tree to be exact. The willow tree is known for its graceful elegance. Naming children after flowers and trees was in vogue during the late 19th century. The trend faded but it is back again! Willow is a top baby girl's name in Scotland, Australia, England, and Canada. The revival may be due to (at least partly) the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the character Willow Rosenberg. Famous Willows include Willow Palin (daughter to politician Sarah Palin) and Willow Smith (daughter to Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith). One of my favorite singers who embodies girl power, Pink, also has a daughter named Willow.

19 Cleo

Cleo is a Greek name meaning "glory", "pride", and "fame". Cleo is a given name that is short for "Cleopatra", one of the most powerful women in all of history. Our inspiration for the name comes from the adorable little goldfish from Pinocchio. How cute is she?! Cleo Cwiek is the most recognizable Cleo. She is a Polish runway model who is enjoying her fame. She has been on Cosmopolitan and Vogue.

Cleo is not a very popular name. It is not on any top names list for any country. Your little one will surely be the only one in her class (if not school) named Cleo. And really, how cool is that? This would allow her to be very unique. She will definitely take pride in her special name.

18 Merryweather


I know what you are thinking "Merryweather, how strange?!" You know I would have said the same thing if I didn't live in Los Angeles. In La La Land, my kids met Jet, Meadow, Fox, and Sky on the playground last weekend. No, I'm not kidding. No, this is not an isolated event. Merryweather is a bit of a mouthful but you could call her "Merry" for short. Now how cute is that spelling! Our Disney inspiration comes from the sassiest (read best) fairy godmother to Sleeping Beauty. Merryweather (known as the "blue fairy") was a determined fairy godmother, ready to protect Sleeping Beauty from harm at a moment's notice. She loved magic and hated not being able to use it in the forest while Sleeping Beauty was in hiding. Your baby girl's name will definitely get some heads turning. Better a head turner than an "oh, five people I know are named that".

17 Naomi

Another sassy character is the inspiration for this name. Naomi is a character on Disney Junior's Elena of Avalor. She is the best friend to Elena. As a non-native of Avalor, Naomi is trying to prove her worth. She serves on the Grand Council to Princess Elena - a highly prized position. She is ambitious, determined, and genuine - great qualities we all want to see in our girls.

Naomi is a Hebrew name meaning "pleasant; sweet". The name comes from the Bible as Naomi was Esther's mother-in-law. Although Naomi has been on top 1,000 names for baby girls list in America for the past century, Naomi did not make the top 100 names for baby girls list until 2010. Famous women bearing the name Naomi include Naomi Campbell (model); Naomi Judd (country musician); Naomi Wolf (American author); and Naomi Watts (actress). Stephen King (author) and Joe Biden (Obama's vice president) also have daughters named Naomi.

16 Isabel


Isabel is another baby girl name inspired by Disney Junior's Elena of Avalor. Maybe you can tell by this point that my two-year-old is obsessed with the show and I have seen every episode at least a dozen times. If you do not know what I am talking about, oh you just wait. Your kid will want to watch the same movie or show every day for weeks on end. Drink coffee. Buy some wireless earbuds (may I suggest Buttons by Will I am). These things will help. It's all about survival.

Isabel is a Spanish variation of Elizabeth meaning "God is my oath". "Isabelle" and "Isabella" are commonly used variations of "Isabel". The name was very popular in England France, especially for baby girls born into nobility. No matter the spelling you decide on, the name Isabel is beautiful and feminine - just like your sweet baby girl!

15 Anita


You should expect your little one to love dogs if you go with Anita. This name is inspired by Anita from 101 Dalmatians. Anita is a Hebrew name originating from the name "Hannah" meaning grace; graceful. Anita is also the shortened form for Anahita, the Iranian water goddess. The name means "of kindness" and "being personable". Anita on 101 Dalmatians is graceful, smart, feminine, and loving (especially to her Dalmatians). If you're embarrassed to say you named your child after a Disney character, you could always just say she's named after Anahita, the Iranian water goddess. Win-win. Am I right? The name Anita is not popular. In fact, it is not found on top lists of baby girl names for Australia, United Kingdom, or the United States. That's great news for you! Your Anita will surely be one of a few. Better nab it up before one of your girlfriends does!

14 Edna


Maybe I'm just excited about Incredibles 2 coming out this summer, but I think Edna is a great name for a baby girl. The character Edna Mode on The Incredibles was the sassiest, forthright, assertive, creative, boss babe ever featured in a Disney film, in my humble opinion. Edna is a Hebrew name meaning "pleasure" and "delight". It sure would be a pleasure to mother a delightful baby girl named Edna! The name "Edna" is a bit old-fashioned. The name's glory days were between the end of the 19th century to the mid 20th century. That doesn't mean the name couldn't have a revival! Your baby girl could be one of the first to bring the name back. Really, how many "Edna's" do you know? Two? One? Zero? I'm going to go with one or zero. You are sure to have a fashionable, chic girl if you go with Edna. After all, Edna Mode was a designer herself!

13 Sally

Who doesn't love Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas? It is one of the few, if not only, films that works well both at Halloween and Christmas. If you live in Los Angeles, you probably have seen The Nightmare Before Christmas displays at Christmas on Candy Cane Lane in Woodland Hills during the holiday season. If you haven't, I highly recommend checking the displays out. Sally is girlfriend and love interest to Jack Skellington in The Nightmare Before Christmas. A clever girl, she escapes from her tower to be with Jack. With her signature stitches, long red hair, and patchwork dress, Sally may have been your Halloween inspiration a time or two.

Sally is an English name derived from the name Sarah meaning "little princess". Sarah is one of the oldest female names, originating from the Bible. The name Sarah is Hebrew meaning "princess, noblewoman, lady".  If you grew up going to church or temple, you may recall Sarah is the wife of Abraham and the mother to Isaac. If you didn't grow up learning about the Judeo-Christian narrative, just know Sarah is a big deal in the Bible. How perfect is "little princess" for your baby girl! Sally is a great name with a rich history to bestow on your little one.

12 Giselle

Our Disney inspiration for Giselle comes from the main character of Enchanted played by the lovely Amy Adams. Her character is eternally optimistic, a dreamer, kind, patient, understanding, and even altruistic at times. Don't we all want to see these qualities in our little girls? Giselle is a French name deriving from a German meaning of "pledge". The most famous Giselle is well-known supermodel Gisele Bündchen.

This name didn't become popular in America until the birth of the generation after Millennials, which we don't have a name for yet. Just think of this as 1993 onward. Fun fact! Giselle is a top 50 name in California. So if you live in California or really anywhere in the American West and you want a not-so-popular name for your baby girl, keep scrolling. If you don't mind using a popular name and pledge this name to your daughter.

11 Dinah


Dinah was the curious little cat of Alice in Alice in Wonderland. Dinah is a Biblical and Hebrew name meaning "God is my judge". Dinah is the only daughter to Jacob in the Bible. The most notable Dinah of late is Dinah Jane Hansen of the American girl group Fifth Harmony. In 2017, the name ranked 5,105 in top baby girl names in the world. In other words, it would be quite rare to hear another girl called "Dinah" on the playground. Although Dinah is a Biblical name, it is not as commonly used as "Sarah" or "Hannah". This may be a good choice if you want to stick with a Biblical name but not something that is 1) too popular, and 2) too hard to pronounce. You may just find that "Dinah" is a cute-as-a-button choice for your little baby girl.

10 Atta

Atta is a name stemming from the Arabic name Aṭā meaning "gift". Our Disney inspiration comes from the film A Bug's Life. Atta is the voice of reason to Flik's crazy concocted ideas. She is wise beyond her years and takes good care of her village of fellow ants. If you've been to the Animal Kingdom at Disney World, you probably remember seeing Atta on the "It's Tough to Be a Bug!" attraction. This may be the most unique, unpopular name on our list. It's perfect if you want your little girl to stand out. Keep scrolling if you prefer more traditional or more popular names. In 2000, the name "Atta" barely made the list of top 10,000 baby girl names for the world (not just the United States). Your Atta could be the only Atta to ever attend her high school. Wow! Having a daughter truly is a gift. You can't go wrong naming her exactly how you feel about her - Atta, your most precious gift.

9 Celia

Celia is one of those names you have heard of, maybe have known one, but not overly popular. The name enjoys a sweet spot, indeed! Our Disney inspiration is Celia Mae, girlfriend to Mike Wazowski, from Monsters Inc. I just loved this character. Her "snake hair" was particularly effective at showing her true emotions. Mad at Mike? Celia's snakes would hiss. Happy with Mike? Celia's hair would kiss. Don't we all wish our emotions could be as black and white as that?

Celia is thought to be the feminine version of a Roman last name Caelius, meaning "heaven". Having a little girl is your own little slice of heaven, indeed! Celia was rather popular at the beginning of the 20th century, stemming from the wildly popular Shakespeare play "As You Like It". Celia is the cousin to the heroine of the play, Rosalind.

8 Colette


Pixar's Ratatouille doesn't receive enough credit. The film is about a rat who can cook. Most humans can't make an edible meal. Don't believe me? Visit any American college campus. Literally any. City/state does not matter. The film made us believe we can achieve anything. If a rat can cook, it must follow that anything is possible, right? Colette was one of the chefs in the Parisian kitchen where Remy cooks up the storm with pal and former garbage boy Linguini.

Collette is a French baby name (how fitting is that for a Paris-based film) meaning "victorious". In 2018, the name "Colette" ranked #891 on the list of top baby girl names around the world. Like Celia, Collette enjoys a sweet spot - not overly popular but still cool and recognizable.

7 Marie

Marie is a German/Scandinavian (Sweden, Norway, and Finland) name originating from the name Maria and Mary. Obviously, Marie stems from the Biblical name "Mary", mother of Jesus. The name Marie means "beloved". How sweet for your little one who you already love so much! Marie from The Aristocats is our Disney inspiration for this sweet, feminine name. Marie, like other variations of the name Mary, has remained popular over the past couple centuries. Marie reached its peak in the early 20th century (1901-1903). Other variations of Marie include Maria, Mary, Molly, Mia, Mariah, and Malia.

Famous Marie's include Marie Antoinette (Queen of France who allegedly said "Let them eat cake") and Marie Curie (famed physicist). Even if you don't like Marie as a first name, it could be used a middle name. Consider "Meagan Marie", "Harper Marie", or "Lily Marie".

6 Eve

Like A Bug's Life, Wall-E is another overlooked Pixar film. Maybe it's because I live in California and we're all about being green here, but I love this film! If you haven't seen it yet, just go ahead and buy it. Wall-E is a good teaching tool to use with your kids to teach them about reducing, reusing and recycling. Anyway Eve is the robot that is sent to Earth to determine if life can exist. In the film, the human race destroys the earth and trash exists everywhere. Life can no longer be supported on planet earth so all humans board a spacecraft in hopes they can return home at a later time. Eve is sent to Earth where she meets Wall-E, a trash compacting robot. They have the most adorable robot love. I told you it was good!

Eve is a Hebrew name meaning "living; animal". How perfect is it that Eve was sent to look for life on planet Earth. I digress. Eve is the first woman in the Bible. The name was popular in the 1800s but has not been that popular since. At least not in America. The name Eve is on the top 100 list of names for baby girls in Australia, Scotland, and Ireland.

5 Bianca

The Disney inspiration for the name "Bianca" comes from the Rescuers Down Under. It's a little known Disney classic. You won't find rides at any of the Disney parks inspired by the movie, but it's a "goodie" nonetheless. The movie is set down under in Australia. The detective mice Bernard and Bianca are sent to save a little boy named Cody and the rare eagle he frees from a poacher's trap. It's a wild adventure!

Bianca is an Italian name derived from Bianco meaning "pure" or "white". Shakespeare must have adored the name Bianca because he named two characters in two different plays Bianca (The Taming of the Shrew and Othello).  The name "Bianca" is often used in art to depict purity. The name "Bianca" debuted on the top baby name list in America in the 1970s due to the popularity of The Rolling Stone's Mick Jagger's wife Bianca Jagger.

4 Coral

Coral is the mother to Nemo and wife of Marlin in Finding Nemo. Her character is introduced in the beginning scenes of Finding Nemo before she is attacked protecting her eggs and tragically dies. We don't know much about Coral, but she is the one who picked the name "Nemo".

Coral is an English baby name inspired by the pink jewel. You may be surprised to learn that the name was quite popular during the 19th century. Its revival began at the end of the 20th century and into the 21st century. It hasn't made any top lists in America recently but it is a name on the rise. Coral is particularly cute if you like to scuba dive to see coral reefs. This word-name is quite colorful, don't you think? It's very pretty and unique.

3 Marian


Disney's 1973 Robin Hood serves as inspiration for the name "Marian". Maid Marian is the love interest of Robin Hood in the film. Robin Hood takes from the rich and gives to the poor in the film. She is typically depicted as confident and devoted to Robin Hood. The folklore tale of Robin Hood dates to the 16th century. Maid Marian is notable for her independence and is one of the first female characters of her kind in English literature.

Marian was originally derived from the name Marion in the Middle Ages. The French later brought the name to England in the 11th century. Variations of Marian include "Mary Anna", "Mariana", and "Marianne". Shakespeare helped to popularize the name which is used in his play "Measure for Measure". While Marian is not as popular, Mariana is popular in Mexico and Portugal. Marian is definitely an "oldie" but it could still be a "goodie" for your baby girl.

2 Adelaide

Another Disney movie set in Paris, Madame Adelaide Bonfamille of Aristocats is the caring owner of cats Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse. Madame Adelaide decides to leave her fortune from her career as an opera singer to her cats. I'm not going to spoil the rest of it for you. You may recognize the name Marie from our list. In case you didn't know, Disney Store now carries Marie plush toys. If you choose Adelaide or Marie for your baby girl, that may just be the perfect first gift for your little darling!

Adelaide is a German name meaning "noble" and "kind". The name has traditionally been given to royalty. Saint Adelaide of Italy, later Empress of the Holy Roman Empire during the 10th century, was given this name. The wife of England's King William IV was German-born and named Adelaide. She was a popular Queen and ushered an era of popularity for the name "Adelaide" in the 19th century. Nicknames for Adelaide include Ada, Addie, and Della.

1 Belle

Belle is our last name on our list of Disney inspired baby girl names. Belle is the main character from Beauty and the Beast. She has been deemed one of the most feminist princesses even though the 1991 (and subsequently 2017) Disney film is set in provincial France. Belle refuses to marry the town hottie and meathead Gaston, reads books, and seeks adventure. Yeah, everyone reads books. No, not in the movie Beauty and the Beast. Belle is the only female character seen reading throughout the whole movie. The other females can't read! See the feminist argument now?

Belle is a French name meaning "beautiful". Variations of the name include Bella, Isabelle, Isabella, Annabelle, and Mirabelle. The name "Bella" is more popular than "Belle". Typically "Belle" is a nickname rather than a name given at birth. If you want your little girl to be daring, adventurous, kind, courageous, intellectual, go ahead and name her "Belle".

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