The Best 30 Songs To Name A Baby After

Coming up for an original name for a new baby is always challenging for parents. For ages, baby names have been the center of the most heated argument between parents-to-be. And why wouldn't it? They're only making one of the most important decisions of their child's life. But, what if there was a list of baby names that haven't been thought of yet? Keep reading, we're getting there.

There is one of the main issues revolves around a name's popularity. Should they go with the top baby names of the year, or should they avoid them like the plague? Names are popular because they are absolutely beautiful — or because that year something very significant happened that made every new parent name their kid "Neil" after Neil Armstrong — so going with the most popular almost guarantees that a child's name will be totally adorable.

Going in the opposite direction, though, doesn't mean that the chosen name won't be beautiful, but some people go out of their way to give their children something "unique," and oftentimes that just ends up backfiring.

There's another option, though, one that parents-to-be may not have considered yet: music! And no, it doesn't mean naming a kid Justin — or worse, Bieber! What this list of names has to offer are song titles. Parents would be surprised at the little gold mine of inspiration that a playlist could hold.

Take a look at 30 of parents' favorite names inspired by songs.

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30 Cailin


This great song by Unwritten Law is often overlooked and underrated, but it is the perfect inspiration for a baby name. Not only is "Cailin" a great alternative to the more popular "Caitlyn," but it's the name of lead singer Scott Russo's daughter.

Russo wrote the song for her when she was born, and with lyrics like “till that day you came along, my heart was empty like the soul was missing from a song, and I thought I’d love a few, no one ever made me feel the way that you do,” it’s hard not to fall in love with the name.

Cailin Russo is now 24 years old and has grown up to be not only gorgeous but also a wonderful musician. Not too shabby to name your daughter after!

According to BehindTheName, Cailin is actually a Gaelic word that means girl, and while the original pronunciation is similar to "Colleen," people in the United States usually pronounce it "Kay-lyn."

Whichever pronunciation you choose, Cailin is an adorable name for a girl. Although NameBerry also lists it as a name for a boy, it is far less popular for males.

Other variations of the name include Kaylin, Caitlin, Kayla or Jalen; all beautiful! But not as original as Cailin.

29 Peter


You didn't think I was gonna leave the boys' names out of this list, did you? Admittedly, there are only a couple because, apparently, musicians don't really like to sing about guys for some reason *shrugs*

Anyway, Kate Bush sang about "Peter." Peter Pan, actually, in her song "In Search of Peter Pan." She wrote the lyrics and music herself and included the song in her "Lionheart" album back in 1978. It's been a minute! But "Peter" remains a name as traditional and classic as the very own Peter Pan.

After the "Mason," "Grayson," "Bradley," "Camden," "Cayden," popularity contest that happened a few years ago, more and more people are feeling inclined in recent years to go back to basics. Back to classic names like "Michael" and "Jack," and obviously, "Peter."

It's nicely in number 207 of the Top 1000 ranking at NameBerry. It's safe to say that the easiness and traditionalism of the Biblical name may have something to do with its popularity.

Not only is it preferred by Anglo-Saxon parents, but also by countless around the world in different languages. "Piero," "Pietro," "Pedro," "Pierce," and "Pierre" are only a few translations of the same name. Something you might wanna consider for your little one?

28 Ada


If you have never heard The National, you’re definitely missing out. But don’t worry! “Ada” is the perfect song for you to start not only falling in love with the Cincinnati, Ohio band and the heart-melting voice of Matt Berninger, but also with their wonderful lyrics.

In the song “Ada,” the band explores anxiety, an important way to bring the disorder to everyone’s attention, and just how hard it is when you try to deal with a social situation while suffering from anxiety.

As a name, though, “Ada” is not only a classic but also timeless. It is a variant of “Adelaide,” and it was most popular during the nineteenth century. It was ranked in 436 by OhBabyNames and can be pronounced AH-dah or A-da. When it comes to meaning, it has been described as “noble.”

If you do a quick Google search, you’ll notice that there are not many people with the name “Ada,” but there is gorgeous Nigerian gospel singer Ada Ehi; the perfect role model for your little one.

As a baby name, “Ada” is a great alternative to other, more popular, short names like “Ava,” “Ella,” and “Ivy.” While it’s oftentimes considered an “old lady name,” it is definitely making a comeback, so get on it before it’s too trendy!

27 Jeremy


In a list of baby names inspired by songs, I could not leave out a song as classic as "Jeremy" by Pearl Jam. The song is strong and hard to listen to, especially since it's based on a true story. Back in 1991, 16-year-old Jeremy Delle took his own life after being relentlessly bullied. He did it in front of his class, in front of his bullies.

"Jeremy" should serve as a reminder that words hurt more than we sometimes realize, that we should not turn a cold shoulder to our classmates who may be silently struggling, that we could lend a hand or say a nice thing to people who are not our friends. Otherwise, these kinds of stories will continue to happen, as they have been for too long now.

As for the name, "Jeremy" has consistently been a fan-favorite in the United States, safely ranking at number 184 in 2016, according to NameBerry. It is the English version of Jeremiah, a biblical name meaning "appointed by God."

Interestingly enough, "Jeremy" used to be more popular during the 70s and 80s, even making it to the Top 25! But now, parents-to-be seem to be more inclined to "Jeremiah," which sits at number 58 in the popularity ranking.

26 Lyla


Oasis is the band to thank for the genius lyrics of "Lyla," a song as sweet as its name. Written by master singer-songwriter, Noel Gallagher, who implied he made up the name for the song, the masterpiece includes lyrics like "she's the queen of all I've seenAnd every song and city far and near." Absolutely perfect for the queen of your heart, if you ask me.

There are only a few celebrities who have been born with the name, including musician Lyla Foy, who goes by WALL. So your little one probably won’t need to be identified as “Lyla S.” or “Lyla W.” Although, according to NameBerry, the name has been gaining popularity in recent years, making it to number 138 in 2016.

The name is a spelling variation of the Arabic name “Lila”, which means “night.” Other variations include “Laila,” “Layla,” and “Leila;” and while some of these are more often chosen by parents-to-be, we prefer the uniqueness of “Lyla.”

Overall, “Lyla” is short, sweet, perfect for a little girl, not too popular, but also not completely obscure that people won’t know how to spell or pronounce. It’s exactly the baby name you’ve been waiting for!

25 Penny (And Me)


You might not have heard of Hanson, but back in the late '90s, the Hanson brothers, Isaac, Taylor, and Zac were all the rage. They were known for a little hit called "MMMBop," which made the charts back in 1996. But, while catchy, "MMMBop," definitely doesn't give them the credit as musicians that they deserve. By 2004, they released this little gem, "Penny and Me."

If you've never had the pleasure of hearing this little slice of heaven, do so in the acoustic version. It was beautifully written by the siblings, and it manages to really bring out the best in each one of them as musicians. With lyrics like "staring at a million city lightsbut it's still Penny and I all alone beneath the sky," it's easy to see why it made this list.

As a name, “Penny” might be the nickname given to a few “Penelopes” out there, but it’s so much more than that. It comes from the Greek word meaning “weaver,” and it’s definitely a standalone name that is gorgeous for any baby girl.

It’s not too popular, ranking at 693 in 2016 according to NameBerry, but with “Penelope” being so popular, you can expect it to be brought to everyone’s radar more and more in the future.

24 Jude


I tried not to repeat any artists in this list, but it's hard when you have such iconic songs by bands like The Beatles. Yes! This is, obviously, "Hey Jude." Interestingly enough, the song was originally written as "Hey Jules" by the one and only Paul McCartney. He wrote it for John Lennon's song, Julian, who was only 5-years-old when his parents were getting a divorce.

Eventually, the song's name was changed and became the masterful hymn we all know and love. The song was, of course, an instant hit. Even with it being over seven minutes long — a definite no-no for radio stations — as a single it sold over 5 million copies in 1968 alone.

The song is a reminder that good things can happen if you just keep going if you don't give up, something nice to remember any time you hear your child's name.

"Jude" is a unisex name, it can be used for both girls and boys. Even though for girls it's not very popular as a standalone, it's often used as a nickname for "Judith" or "Judy," both of which are more traditional.

For boys, it's actually very popular, making it to the Top 200 in 2016 according to NameBerry. In 2015 over 2,500 boys were named "Jude!" So if you feel like it's a little too popular for your taste, you can always go with a variation like "Jud," "Judd," or the more formal "Judah." It doesn't matter which one you choose, the name is rockstar material.

23 (Romeo and) Juliet


Back in the day, the Dire Straits wrote such an awesome song that it was covered by The Killers years after. "Romeo and Juliet" is a reimagined version of the classic Shakespeare story. In the song, Juliet is not so madly in love with Romeo that she would die for him. Actually, Juliet is strong, independent, and in no need for a man; so, an upgrade from the 1500s tragedy.

Even though Juliet doesn't correspond with him, Romeo loves her more than ever. "And I dreamed your dream for you and now your dream is real," the song says, which can also talk about a dream for your baby girl.

As a name, “Juliet” means “youthful,” something everyone wants to be, so that’s a check. It the English version of a French name, “Juliette,” and a variation of “Julia.” After being sidelined for years because of Shakespeare, “Juliet” is finally making a comeback, ranking at 228 in 2016 according to NameBerry.

If you love the name but still think about the tragedy, drama, and Claire Danes wearing an angel costume when you hear it, there are other options you might wanna consider. Julia, Juliana or Jules are just as sweet.

22 Georgia


Yes, we all know Georgia is a state, but it's also an adorable baby name and a song by Vance Joy. The Australian singer made headlines back in 2013 with his song "Riptide," but "Georgia" also made the charts when it was released as a single in 2015, and it's one of the singer's favorite songs from his first album.

The song is a homage to falling in love, but also to Ray Charles’ “Georgia On My Mind.” With lyrics that include “she is something to behold, elegant and bold, she is electricityrunning to my soul,” it’s easy to know why Vance Joy loves this song so much, and why you will love the name “Georgia” for your little one.

While the name means “farmer,” it’s been made famous by people like Georgia O’Keeffe, Harrison Ford’s daughter, Georgia Ford, and Instagram Influencer Georgia Harrison.

It made position number 227th in 2016, according to NameBerry, and it’s definitely in the rise, especially in Australia, Canada, England, and Wales.

If you want something a little different, go for "Jorja", which is pronounced the same as Georgia but with a modern, Americanized spelling.

21 Eve


Eve, the Apple of my Eye is a song by Irish band Bell X1 (formerly known as Juniper, with Damien Rice as one of its members) and, if you haven't heard of them, you're definitely missing out. With instruments like the banjo and harmonicas, the melodies of the band will make your heart flutter, but the lyrics will make you fall in love.

It was 2004 when the song debuted, but it's still as relevant today as it was back then. It's a love song that starts with a couple splitting up, but by the end, you can tell that Eve really wants to try to make it work. In this song, Eve is powerful, strong, and never gives up.

As for the actual name, according to NameBerry, "Eve" is a biblical name that comes from Hebrew and means "life." It was ranked number 456 in 2016 for popularity, but it’s definitely making a comeback thanks to celebrities like Jessica Capshaw, Clive Owen, and Jeffrey Tambor choosing it for their little ones in recent years.

“Eve” is classic and elegant, but if you’re looking for something a little more trendy, you can go for “Ava,” “Eva,” “Evie” or even “Evelyn.”

20 Frankie


We all know "Frank" as a boy name, but "Frankie" has been gaining popularity for little girls as well. I'm sure Bruce Springsteen knew about this back in 2014 when he included the song "Frankie Fell In Love" in his album "High Hopes."

If you're familiar with Springsteen's work, you won't be surprised by the quality of the melody and lyrics of this song, which talks about a girl named Frankie falling in love, presumably for the first time.

The name is short for "Frances," but it's been used more and more as a standalone name in recent years. According to NameBerry's popularity ranking, it barely made the Top 1000 back in 2016, placing in 956, something to keep in mind if you’re looking for a name that is different, yet adorable.

If you’re looking at using it as a nickname, the Italian “Francesca” is a nice first name to have “Frankie” as a nickname. Both very chic!

As for a boy, the name “Frankie” is mostly used in England and Wales, where it ranked number 64 in 2016. It is short for “Frank,” “Frances,” or “Franklin,” all very strong options for a boy.

19 Laurel


Think you might be having a little-redheaded girl? Look no further for the perfect name. "Laurel" by Goldfrapp — the electronic English duo that includes Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory — describes "Laurel" as having "red red hair" and "almond eyes." Interestingly enough, Alison Goldfrapp is also a redhead, so maybe she was singing about her alter ego in "Laurel."

In any case, the name is absolutely divine. It comes from Latin origins and means "laurel tree," making it an ideal name for any nature lovers out there. The laurel wreath was also seen as a symbol of peace and success back in Ancient Rome, making the name not only sweet but also incredibly powerful.

NameBerry ranked the name in number 643 back in 2016, making it not very popular, but also not completely off the radar. No celebrities have chosen the name for their daughters recently, so you can expect “Laurel” to remain all the way down in its current ranking, at least for the next few years. It's a nice alternative to old-fashioned "Laura" and to more popular "Lauren."

If you're looking for spelling alternatives and other variations of the pretty name, a few good options include “Lorel,” “Laurelle,” “Laurie,” “Lorelle,” and “Lauryl.”

18 Maxine


Just knowing that there's a song called "Maxine" that was written, and is flawlessly performed by the amazing John Legend, should be reason enough to use the name for your daughter.

In the song, John seems to have confused Maxine with someone else who looked just like her. It’s clear that, in the song, Maxine is — or was — a very special person.

“Maxine” was released back in 2006, as part of his “Once Again” album.

As for the name, it used to be extremely popular in the 1910s to the 1930s, but it is definitely not very popular right now. Back in 2016 it barely made the cut for the Top 1000, staying on a very low 904 ranking number, according to NameBerry; it is a name to consider if you’re looking for something vintage and unique.

The meaning of the name only makes it more desirable for a little girl. “Maxine” means “greatest” and has a Latin origin. The unisex names “Max,” “Maxie,” and even “Maxwell” are nice alternatives that could sound a little more modern. “Maxima,” while a little rigid is also a very elegant name.

17 Arabella


The British band Arctic Monkeys debuted "Arabella" back in 2013, thanks in part to the band's frontman Alex Turner. Even though "Arabella" is an amazing name, it is actually a blend of two different names.

The band found inspiration in the 1968 science fiction movie "Barbarella," starring Jane Fonda, and in Turner's girlfriend, Arielle Vanderberg. A combination of both names resulted in the gorgeous, classic, and timeless "Arabella."

In the song, the band references Barbarella's silver swimsuit, making Arabella a powerful, strong woman, but also compare Arabella to a sunset, making her absolutely breathtaking.

"My days end best when the sunset gets itself behind that little lady sitting on the passenger side. It's much less picturesque without her catching the light, the horizon tries but it's just not as kind on the eyes." Simply lovely lyrics.

As for the name, "Arabella" is not as popular as "Sophia," but is not too low on the ranking either. It made number 187 back in 2016 by NameBerry. It's also a great alternative to the ever-so-popular "Isabella."

"Arabella" means "yielding to prayer" and it has a Latin origin. It has been a British staple for years, but only recently did it make its way to America's popularity rankings.

It's sophisticated, chic, and timeless.

16 Daisy


What a great way to honor a classic name than with a classic song by a classic band? "Daisy Jane" is one of the hits of all-time favorite band America. America’s very own Gerry Beckley wrote the lyrics and music of this masterpiece back in 1975, and it’s still as good as the day it made its debut.

The song talks about the love that the singer, Beckley, has for Daisy Jane, wondering if it is corresponded by her.

Now on the rise, long gone are the days in which "Daisy" reminded everyone of a certain duck and love interest of "Donald." "Daisy" has been consistently making its way up the popularity ranks, landing on number 190 in 2016 according to NameBerry.

Many think that “Daisy” is just the name of a beautiful flower but, believe it or not, it is also short for “Margaret.” It comes from the Greek and means “Pearl.” It would make a very nice alternative to the other super-popular flower name, “Rose.”

A few variations of the name include “Daisie,” “Dasie,” and “Dasey,” all equally adorable, but not as classic as the original “Daisy.” Definitely, a name to consider for your little one!

15 Magnolia


Continuing on the flower-themed names, "Magnolia" is another great option. Your mind might go straight to cupcakes when you think of the name, but once you listen to Hoobastank's song with the same title, I can almost guarantee you'll forget all about baked goods — and this is coming from a donut lover.

The song was inspired by Hoobastank's frontman and lead singer, Doug Robb's baby daughter. The lyrics begin with him singing "I watch and wonder as you discover..." then continue on to say "these days won't last forever, so the moments we're together mean everything;" something to remember during those long, sleepless nights.

The name is nicely sandwiched in the Top 1000 NameBerry popularity ranking, squeezed right in the middle at number 509. A match made in heaven if you're looking for something sweet and not too popular.

“Magnolia” screams Southern charm, so a Southern belle would wear this name gracefully, no question!

If you feel like the name is too strong, there are a couple of nicknames that you might love for a little one. “Maggy,” “Maggie” or “Nola” are only a few of your options.

14 Clementine


Indie rock is The Decemberists specialty, and "Clementine" is only a small sample of the wonderful work the Portland band has been doing in the 18 years it's been active. Part of their debut album, "Castaways and Cutouts," "Clementine" tells a love story between two people, one of them is Sweet Clementine, who dreams of getting married and living a simple life in which the only thing that matters is their love for each other. Pretty romantic!

While "Clementine" is a fruit, the name actually comes from the French, as the female version of "Clement." It means, "mild, merciful." It used to be a very popular name back in the 1950s, but it fell off the charts and didn't make a comeback until a few years ago, placing in number 749 of NameBerry's popularity ranking.

The name evokes peace, something we are in desperate need of these days, and a good reason to seriously consider "Clementine" for your little one.

If you’re looking for something shorter, for a nickname, or for something similar to “Clementine” but that it’s not it, try “Clemmie” or maybe even “Clem.” Both perfect options and a way to modernize a classic.

13 Athena


Close your eyes and think of the name "Athena" for just a second? What was the first thing that popped into your head? When I think of "Athena" I think of a princess, a warrior, a smart and super powerful lady. It's just one of those names that bring back very specific memories and thoughts.

It is also a song by The Who — the English rock band lead by singer Roger Daltrey — written by its guitarist Pete Townsend after he tried to win over actress Theresa Russell. His love didn't correspond, and he wrote a long song — almost a poem — about this wonderful girl and how big his love for her is.

The actual name has a Greek origin, part of its mythology — she was the daughter of the god Zeus, and goddess of all that's good and pure, including wisdom and courage.

"Athena" has never been as popular as it is now in the United States, placing at number 142 in the popularity ranking of 2016 of NameBerry; making it so perfect for anyone looking for a strong name that is not too popular, but not completely out-of-the-box either.

A couple of variations include “Athene” and “Athenea.”

12 Liza


"Me and Liza" is a song by American-Canadian singer-songwriter, Rufus Wainwright. Believe it or not, it is actually about Liza Minelli and her relationship with Wainwright, after the 2006 tribute he made for Liza's mom, Judy Garland.

If Liza Minelli doesn't make you wanna name your daughter "Liza," then the melody in this song most certainly will. We all know that Rufus Wainwright is a musical genius, and right for this track — which was released in 2014 as a lead single for his "Vibrate: The Best of Rufus Wainwright" album — he collaborated with another amazing musical mind, Guy Chambers.

The name is definitely not very popular, not even making the Top 1000 in the United States in 2016, according to NameBerry. But it is still a very lovely choice for a little girl.

It is of Hebrew origin, as it is short for "Elizabeth," which means “pledged to God.” It is definitely a nice change from the super-popular Lisa, but if you’re still on the fence about the name and not even Rufus Wainwright could convince you that this is actually a nice choice, you could try “Eliza,” or “Elisa” as an alternative; or even the full name, “Elizabeth.”

11 Jane


Written and sung by the one and only Rod Stewart, "Baby Jane" was one of the most successful singles of the singer when it was released back in 1978, making it all the way to number 14 on Billboard Top 100. Stewart contributed the lyrics, while the music was all composed by his guitarist, Jay Davis.

"Jane" used to be one of the most popular names in the United States — hence "Jane Doe" — back in the 1930's, but it became so popular that people started running away from it like the plague. Eventually, it wasn't really considered as a first name. But time has come for "Jane" to make a comeback.

For years, people felt like it was too plain or not interesting enough, but the English name is strong and making its way to the top of the charts. As of 2016, it was ranked in number 279 according to NameBerry.

Other similar options include "Joan" and "Jean," but "Jane" definitely sounds lovelier and more classic without feeling as outdated as "Joan." The meaning of "Jane" is also something to consider, as it means "God is gracious."

10 Hayley


"Dream On Hayley" was masterfully written by English singer-songwriter James Morrison. It is the singer's way of encouraging his sister, Hayley, to follow her dreams and never stop believing that good things can happen; a wish probably everyone in the world has had at some point for their kids.

The song was included in Morrison's 2008 album "Songs For You, Truths For Me." Although it wasn't one of the album's singles, it definitely deserves high praise, not only for the lyrics and melody but for the story behind it — and to remind everyone of what a beautiful name "Hayley" is.

The English name made it to number 624 in NameBerry's 2016 popularity ranking but spelled "Hayley" is the least popular in the United States. People in America seem to prefer "Hailey" or "Haley." In Australia, though, "Hayley" is an extremely popular name and spelling, and it remains in the Top 100 of the country.

Other alternative spellings or nicknames you could also consider are "Halle," Haylee," or "Haliee," all of which give the name a fresher, more modern look and feel.

Whichever you choose, they all make a perfect name for any little girl.

9 Jamie


We owe this masterpiece to Weezer's frontman Rivers Cuomo, who wrote "Jamie" especially for the band's lawyer, who always went above and beyond for her clients back in 1993. The song was part of the 1994 album "Weezer (The Blue Album)."

"Jamie" talks about how important she is in Cuomo's life, who she was there for him when he was down; basically how Jamie is an absolutely freakin' rockstar. And who doesn't want their son or daughter to be a rockstar? Exactly.

The name is one of those names that can be rocked by men and women alike, so you don't have an excuse for not naming your son or daughter "Jamie."

For girls, "Jamie" made it to position number 499 in the popularity ranking of NameBerry in 2016; for boys, though, is not as popular, making it only to position number 815.

With other alternatives for unisex names, and after a popularity boom back in the 1960s, it slowed down a little, but it has definitely been making a comeback in recent years. Soon enough, you're gonna see it at the top of the charts again.

Different spellings you might wanna consider include "Jaime," and "Jayme."

8 Maggie (and Milly and Molly and Mae)


This song by Natalie Merchant, with lyrics adapted from the beloved E.E. Cummings poem, is part of her 2010 album, "Leave Your Sleep," which adapts lyrics from many other poems, giving it a pop spin with Natalie's mind-blowing voice.

You might be familiar with the poem, and the song lyrics aren't that much different. The four girls went down to the beach and ended up finding themselves at sea. The nice thing about it is that you can take a pick at your favorite name from the poem/song.

"Maggie" means "Pearl." "Milly" is short for "Camilla" or "Millicent." "Molly" is still very popular, making it to the Top 200 in popularity ranking. And then, of course, is "Mae." While "Mae" is all the way down to number 582 in popularity, it is definitely our favorite of the bunch. It's not only short, but it's also a perfect old-fashioned name that doesn't scream old lady.

You can give "Milly" a more modern spin by spelling it "Millie" and using it as a standalone name, as opposed to just a nickname.

Even though "Mae" is usually heard of as a middle name, probably deriving from some old family member, it is definitely making a comeback as a first name. Just wait and see!

7 Lucy


Chances are you've heard of a kinda well-known band called The Beatles. They used to be super popular back in the 1960's and 1970's but they kinda fell off the radar after that. Just kidding. You've obviously heard of them considering they are only the most popular band to ever exist. And because of that, you've probably also heard one of their classic songs "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds."

We actually have John Lennon’s son, Julian, to thank for the name of the song. He had a classmate by the name of Lucy — Lucy O’Donnell — with whom he was close with. One day, he sketched his friend “Lucy” and added some stars to the canvas as well. The title of the picture? You got it, “Lucy in the sky with diamond.”

“Lucy” can be either short for or a variation of the English name “Lucia.” Both mean “light.” It’s one of the most popular names on our list with a whooping ranking of 55 out of 1000 according to NameBerry.

Since it’s so popular, if you’re looking for something a little bit more obscure, you can try “Lu,” or even the unisex “Lou.”

6 Coco


Remember Courteney Cox, aka Monica from Friends? Well, once upon a time (and by that I mean in 2004,)  she had a daughter with ex-husband, David Arquette. They chose the name "Coco" for the little girl, and 12 years later, that same little girl became the inspiration for Irish singer-songwriter Foy Vance.

Not only is Coco Arquette the inspiration for the song, but she also appears in the video which was directed by her famous mom.

This unisex name is definitely out-of-the-box, not even making it to the Top 1000 of NameBerry's popularity ranking — but that's part of its charm. Once devoted to pets in French and Spanish mostly, the name has been popularized in recent years and is slowly gaining a place in everyone's heart.

Of course, there is another very famous “Coco,” in Coco Chanel — the French designer who started her very own luxury line of clothes in 1910. While her real name was Gabrielle (another great choice!), she made herself known as Coco and created her own famous CC monogram in the 1920s.

Since we not live in an era in which names, that were formerly only known as nicknames, are acceptable first names, it’s time to give “Coco” the love it deserves as a name.

5 Gracie


It doesn't matter how many songs by how many artists you've heard. You've never heard something as sweet and adorable as "Gracie" by Ben Folds. The American singer-songwriter composed the song for his very own daughter, which can explain its loving lyrics.

"And there will always be a part of me nobody else is ever gonna see but you and me. My little girl, my Gracie girl." I can already feel my heart melting! Such adorable words only make "Gracie" an even more adorable name for a little girl.

The name is definitely a popular one — maybe a lot of people have heard that sweet, sweet Ben Folds song — and made it all the way into the Top 200 in 2016 according to NameBerry. It is obviously short for “Grace,” which is a virtue name.

It’s definitely a name to consider if you’re going the nickname route. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw already did when they named one of their daughters “Gracie.”

If you like it only as a nickname, it could be short for “Grace,” but also the more elegant, and less common “Graziella” or even “Grania.”

Whichever variation you choose, “Gracie” is the perfect name or nickname. Strong, yet super sweet and sensitive.

4 Kara


A little-known fact is that before Maroon 5 was Maroon 5, they were a sorta different band called "Kara's Flowers." If Adam Levine's sweet, sweet voice and gorgeous face doesn't make you wanna instantly name your child after his former band — because "Maroon" is a little out there — then maybe "Kara Jayne" by The Vines will be the cherry on top.

The song was written by The Vines' frontman, Craig Nicholls, about his girlfriend and bass player, Kara Jayne Dickinson. While it's obviously a love song, it's not sensual at all; it's sweet and loving, and all around adorable. If you haven’t heard it already, then definitely go for it right now!

“Kara” is a variant of “Cara” which means “face” in Spanish, but “dear” in Italian. In Irish, it means “friend.” Both “Kara” and “Cara” are absolutely beautiful names, simple yet interesting. To avoid the rage of “Cara,” “Kara” is a nice alternative.

“Kara” used to be super popular back in the 80's. It was so popular that people soon started getting tired of it — like “Jessica” and “Jennifer.” It took years for it to get back in the Top 500, but by 2016 it made it, barely, in position number 498 according to NameBerry.

“Kari” and “Karina” or “Carina” are also pretty alternatives!

3 Annie


There's more to "Annie" than the movie. There's also "Annie, I Owe You A Dance" by Tim McGraw. It's a love letter for a high-school sweetheart. After the writer chose a music career over his old girlfriend, Annie eventually falls in love with someone else and gets married. It's been over 20 years, maybe a little too late to apologize, but they ran into each other at the grocery store and he finally says how sorry he is for leaving. He owes her that homecoming dance. During their unplanned high school reunion, a song starts to play and the former couple shares one last dance.

While the song is a love story, it touches a point that is very well-known to parents: time. Time flies. One day you're bringing home a newborn, and in the blink of an eye you're sending them off to college. If you choose "Annie" for your baby girl, it could be a constant reminder to make every second count, to not wait to have fun, to share, to love.

It may sound a little old-fashioned, but it also has a "glass half-full" ring to it that its hard to ignore. It used to be one of the most popular names in the early 1900's, but now it's nowhere near the Top 100.

If you want to keep it as a nickname, the more formals "Ann," "Anne," or "Anna" are lovely first name options.

2 Olivia


I know, I know! "Olivia" is only the second most popular name for girls! — or at least it was in 2016. But in my favor, it is also a very good song by One Direction. Written by 1D's very own Harry Styles, the song talks about a relationship that ended, and how strong his love is for his former flame, Olivia.

Of course, like with everything that One Direction did, there was a lot of speculation surrounding the song. Who was this Olivia that Harry was so mesmerized with? Well, according to Harry himself, the song wasn't meant to be taken so literal. So, you're saying there's no Olivia at all? I'm not buying that. What I think happened is that Harry decided to change the name of his love interest to hide her identity, and he chose the most popular name he could think of.

Try "Livvy," "Oly," "Olive," or even "Ollie" to modernize the name without having to add your last name to every single school supply.

Hey, I don't blame you, Harry, Olivia is a very pretty name. And if you, parent-to-be, think so too, not everything is lost. While there might be a lot of Olivia's in your little girl's kindergarten class, you can go with something just as pretty but not as obvious.

1 Raina


If you're looking for an interesting name that is not too popular, look no further. "Raina" is the name you've been waiting for. A song by Nick Waterhouse, "Raina" is a love story written by Waterhouse himself. It's a mix of his thoughts and feelings combined with his very classic style of vintage R&B, a masterpiece if you ask me.

The American singer-songwriter based in California included "Raina" in his 2012 album "Times All Gone." The song was also released as a single in 2013, which only talks about how important the song is to him, and how wonderful it truly is.

"Reyna" and "Rayna" are other options but, seriously, why mess with perfection? With a name like "Raina", it's go big or go home. And who wants to go home anyway?

The name is a variation of "Regina" and it means "queen." What could be more fitting for your little darling? With "Raina" you won't have to worry about your daughter being "Raina B." or "Raina K." She will just be Raina, as the name sits comfortably in the lower bottom of the Top 1000 popularity ranking.

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