30 Baby Names For Mom's Future Smarty Pants

From the moment the little stick turns pink (or blue), parents-to-be start dreaming of what their little one will be like. They wonder what they will look like, will they get daddy’s blue eyes and mommy’s lips? Mom may even start to wonder what their personality will be like. Will they be quiet and reflective, or loud and out-of-control?

Moms may even wonder how smart they will be; typically parents want their children to be intelligent, to succeed academically in this world even if it's not the most crucial thing. Children’s health and happiness are truly the most important things... but it wouldn’t hurt if they got into a good college too!

Some people put a lot of stock into the name they give their child; they believe that a name can set a child up for a certain life. They believe that if they give their child a name that means intelligence or wisdom, that they will grow up to inherit those traits. This may or may not be true, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

Here are 30 baby names that could be useful for mom’s future genius in the making. They have been broken down into 15 names for boys and 15 names for girls.

30 Dara

This list is going to have a little bit of everything in it. It is going to have names that range from common to unheard of. Dara is a name that is not heard of often, so it is perfect for parents who want a unique name for their little one.

Dara is a Hebrew name and it means “nugget of wisdom.” Dara is also a biblical name, it was the name of Judah’s descendant that was noted for his wisdom. The name is not ranked when it comes to popularity, meaning it is not in the top 1000 of popular baby names.

29 Alvis

Alvis is definitely a unique name, and the only problem with it may be that people will confuse it with the name Elvis. Alvis is a name from Old Norse and it means “all-wise.” A lot of names are inspired by myths and legends, and this one is no different.

This name comes to us from Norse mythology. The story was about a dwarf named Alvis who falls in love the daughter of Thor. When it comes to popularity, the name is currently ranked in at #595. It falls somewhere in the middle of the rank, but it is still more popular than a lot of people may believe.

28 Boman

The trend right now for baby names is taking an ordinary name and changing the spelling slightly. This may work for this name. Boman is a unique name that seems relatively closely related to the name Roman. Boman is a name of Persian origin and it means “great mind.”

Matthew Modine has chosen this great name for his son. This name is also quite popular in India, as it is the name of one of the popular Bollywood stars. In the western world, it is not currently ranked when it comes to popularity.

27 Cato

Cato is an exotic sounding name that means “intelligent and all-knowing.” You may want to be careful when selecting this name for your little guy because it could cause them to have an inflated ego. The name is of Latin origin

In Roman history, the name is found from Cato the Elder. His birth name was Marcus Portius and he was an intelligent Roman diplomat that lived during the same time as Julius Caesar. This name is not ranked when it comes to popularity.

26 Conroy

Conroy is the first name on our list that is recognizable. The name is of Irish origin and it means “wise advisor.” This name may be considered a name that is no longer in fashion, but that seems to be what all parents are searching for right now.

This name might be perfect for parents who like the name Connor, but do not like how common it has become. The name is not ranked when it comes to popularity in the western world. The most well-known namesake is Conroy Black, the American football player.

25 Hugo

Hugo is a name that everyone knows, but no one really hears it anymore. This is perfect for parents who want their little one to stand out in a crowd and have a real sense of independence. Hugo is the Latin form of the name Hugh and it means “mind; intellect.”

Hugo appears to have more energy and originality that Hugh and that is why a lot of parents prefer this name. it adds a bit of life into their child. The name is not ranked when it comes to popularity, but it may be making its way to the top before we know it.

24 Ethan

Ethan is a name that everyone knows, and it is probably the most popular name on our list. The name Ethan is a name that is found in the Old Testament and Ethan the Ezrahite was a man that was known for his intelligence and wisdom.

The name Ethan means “strong.” Ethan Allan is a namesake, this historical figure was an American patriot, and a Revolutionary war leader. The name Ethan ranks now at #19 when it comes to popularity, but that is after a slight drop.

23 Ronald

Ronald is another name that is old and is often considered a ‘grandparent name’ because it is often seen being used by the older generation. The name is of Norse origin and it means “wise counsellor.” From the late 1930’s to mid-1940’s the name was within the top 10.

The name is currently ranked in at #433 when it comes to popularity. It is most closely related to former U.S. President Ronald Reagan. Ron and Ronnie are two nicknames that can be give to this name.

22 Favian

Favian is definitely a name that you won’t hear very much, and it is of Latin variation and it means “man of wisdom”. This name is also very old, it was brought to the Latin countries by the Englishmen in the 17th century.

While Favian originally started out as a name for boys, it is now considered unisex so there are no restrictions on this name. While this name is still quite popular in Europe, it does not do well on this side of the ocean, coming up at #3, 757 when it comes to popularity.

21 Reginald

Reginald is a name that has an air of royalty to it and it has been on the popularity list in the US since the year 1880, so it is a classic that never goes out of style. The name is of Teutonic origin and it means “king.”

The name was a great success throughout the middle ages, but now it is more common to see kids sporting the nickname Reggie instead of the full version. In 2018, the name was sitting at #1, 394 when it comes to popularity.

20 Frode

The name Frode is a name that will definitely get people talking. Everyone will want to know where you came up with the name and what the history is behind it. The name is an Old Norse name and it means “wise.”

This name is definitely one of the least common names on our list. In 2018, the name was spotted on the charts at #18, 958 when it comes to popularity. Unfortunately, this means that when the family goes on vacation, you won’t find a keychain or magnet with your kids name on it.

19 Mendel

Mendel is another name for a smart little boy with a rich history to back it up. The name Mendel is a Yiddish variation of the name Menachem and it means “wisdom and learning.” The most famous person to share this name was Gregor Mendel.

Mendel is known as the father of modern genetics and he was also a 19th-century Austrian priest. This name may not be at the top of the popularity list, but it does come in at #6,331, which is probably more popular than a lot of people think.

18 Raghnall

If you liked the nickname Reggie, but do not want to use Reginald as the full-form, you can also use this name. Raghnall is an old name that has an exotic sound to it. It is a Latin name that means “wise and powerful.”

The name has no ranking when it comes to popularity so there is no chance that your kid will have to share it with anyone in his class. It can be frustrating to name your child, and then have them be in a classroom with a handful of kids who share the same name.

17 Socrates

Socrates is a name that is familiar to all of us, and we probably heard it often while we were in school. The name is of Greek origin and it means “wisdom.” Short and simple. Socrates was one of the most well-known philosophers the world has ever known.

It is shown that the name is still quite popular within Greek families, as they want to pay homage to one of their own. However, it has not quite reached the same level of fame in the US, not many are choosing this name for their child.

16 Quinn

We are on our last name meant for little boys, however, this name could be used for either gender and it is rising in popularity. The name means “counsellor and intelligent man.” Though they should change the meaning to ‘intelligent person.’

Sharon Stone has chosen this name for her son. There is also a well-known guitarist and football player who also share this name. This name is well on its way to taking over a top spot in the charts, though we may see it being used more for bundles of pink.

15 Cassidy

Now, we are on to the names for the little ladies in our lives. A fun fact about the name Cassidy is that it was primarily used as a name for little boys, now it has taken over the world of pink. The name means “clever” and it has always been thought of as a fun and spunky name.

The name is of Irish origin and was once considered a ‘cowboy name.’ The latest ranking, we have for this name from 2017, puts this name at #12, 079 when it comes to popularity.

14 Ulima

Ulima is definitely a unique name, and it may even be a bit unusual – not that it’s a bad thing to be unusual. If the world was all the same, it would be a pretty boring place. The name means “wise.” Even though this name seems to be unheard of, it did make it on to the top 1000 according to the Social Security List in 2002.

Many think this name would be appealing to parents who are looking for soft and appealing name. We also think it is great for parents looking for unique names that no one has ever heard before.

13 Salvia

The name Salvia is a unique and beautiful name for your little one. It is another name for the herb Sage and is not considered to be a unisex name. The name is of Latin origin and it means “whole, healthy.”

As of recently, the name is not listed when it comes to popularity, and it dropped another 39% this week. This name shows no sign of being one of the most popular names anytime soon. The name also just rolls off your tongue, making it sound very elegant.

12 Alberta

If you live in Canada and have a fondness of the province with the same name, then this may be the name for you. This name is the feminine version of the male name, Albert. It means “bright and intelligent.” It is slowly making a comeback with the names Ella and Josephine.

The name came into popularity when Queen Victoria gave this to one of her daughters as her middle name. The name is not ranked when it comes to popularity yet, but it is slowly rising in the ranks.

11 Sonia

Sonia seems like a pretty ordinary name, and not many would suspect the meaning behind it. The name Sonia means “wisdom.” It has a pretty interesting origin as well. It is the Russian and Scandinavian variation of the name Sophia, and we all know how popular this name is.

In 2017, the name was ranked in at #983 when it comes to popularity. It slipped 21% this week alone so it may be on its way off the charts. A much better alternative to the popular name Sophia.

10 Monique

Monique is a name that has a French twang to it, which can instantly make a name sound exotic and romantic. The name Monique is the French variation of the name Monica, so anyone is bound to sound fancy bearing this name.

The name means “advisor.” The name is not currently ranked when it comes to popularity, and it dropped another 3% this week alone. A lot less popular than the English version, Monica. A lot more unique as well.

9 Michiko

We have had a couple ‘normal’ names, so it is only time that we include a more unique name for those parents looking for something more exotic. The name is Japanese in origin and it means “the righteous way.”

The name is, not surprisingly, not ranked when it comes to popularity in the western world, though it did rise 48% this week. Names like this can be trendy, so it may be soon that we see this name pop into the top 1000.

8 Saffi

Saffi is another interesting name, because it is another form of the name Sophia. There seems to be a lot of options out there for parents who are tired of hearing this ever-popular name. Saffi is the Greek variation of Sophia, perfect if you have Greek heritage.

The name means “wisdom.” The name is growing in popularity, and not just in Greece, but in many other English-speaking countries. Parents love this name because of its uniqueness and feminine qualities. Maybe Saffi is the name you have been searching for?

7 Minerva

Many parents may recognize and already love this name thanks to Harry Potter. The group that loved the books are now becoming parents themselves, and Minerva was the name of Professor McGonagall. She was one of the well-loved characters in the series.

The name is of Latin origin and it means “the mind or intellect.” In Roman mythology, Minerva was the name of the Roman goddess of wisdom. The name is not currently ranked when it comes to popularity, but we sure do hope that changes soon.

6 Pallas

The name Pallas is playful and unique, and it is another Greek name. This Greek name means “wisdom.” There are a lot of people who believe that the meaning of a person’s name does go a long way to define who a person will be when they grow up.

Pallas is also another name for Athena. Athena is the Goddess of wisdom according to Greek mythology. This name has a deep history that would be fun to explore as your child gets older and starts asking where their name came from.

5 Sage

Sage is an herb, but there is a trend among parents on picking names that are inspired by foods, colours and objects so this may be the perfect choice. Sage has Latin origin and it means “wise.” The herb itself has always been though to be connected to wisdom as well.

The name Sage entered the top 100 names for babies in the early 1990’s, but at that point it was meant to be a name for little boys. It has since moved on from boys to go to the little ladies in our lives.

4 Minda

There is a big trend happening in the world of baby names where parents are taking names that were once thought of as only nicknames and letting them stand on their own. Minda is another one of those names. Minda was once just a nickname for the name Melinda, but it now stands on its own.

The name means “love and knowledge.” In the 18th century, it was a big trend to use names that had an ‘inda’ sound. That means names like Dorinda, Florinda and Belinda were also quite popular.

3 Mackenzie

Mackenzie is another name that is quite popular right now, and a lot of parents are using this name for their little ones. If mom and dad don’t mind using a name that is quite common, this may be the perfect name for them.

The name is of Irish and Gaelic origin and it means “son of the wise ruler.” This was another name that was originally meant for little boys, but the girls have stolen it as their own. This name remains quite high on the popularity charts for either gender.

2 Kayla

I have to chuckle that this name ended up on this list because it is the name of my younger sister, and we all know how siblings can be. Never-the-less, this name is of Arabic origin and it means “wise child.” This name sprang into popularity thanks to the show, Days of our Lives.

After the show, the name became a hit and it reached as high as #12 on the popularity chart. The name is still doing pretty well, but it is not near the top ten anymore.

1 Akilah

Akilah is an interesting name that is bound to turn anyone’s heads that hear it. It is also not common, so there won’t be a million little Akilah’s running around the playground. The name is of Arabic origin and it means “logical and intelligent.”

It is a variation of the name Akili, which is equally as exotic sounding. No matter what name you give your little one, they are bound to grow up to be bright and wise given the right opportunities in life.

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