30 Baby Names Starting With A You'll Want Dibs On

Choosing a baby name can be super tricky for some and for others it can be a walk in the park. Some people ask their family or friends for options, while others do not want to hear anyone’s opinion. Some parents are in the search of a baby name that starts with the letter A, and this list gives the best of the best A names. Whether A names are appealing, it’s a family tradition, or you just need more baby name ideas, this list of 30 names is a good place to start. We know that choosing a name for that future little princess or prince is one of the biggest decisions to ever make, and we made your life a lot easier by choosing these amazing names. We have compiled a list that includes 15 perfect boy names that start with the letter A and 15 gorgeous girl names that start with the letter A. Some of these names are new and trendy while others are a timeless classic. Some of these names have meanings that will sell any parent while others cannot get enough of some of the adorable nicknames that come from these names. We have taken the time to pick the best of the best and we think that these A names will impress anyone. We have taken the stress out of baby name choosing and found names that will make everyone happy. We know the importance of choosing a name that will follow your sweetie throughout their life.

Which of these A names do you love?

30 Abigail

Pretty baby girl with her beautiful pink floral hat

Some may think that Abigail is a trendy name, but this name has history behind it. Abigail is an Old testament name and also a name of two very popular historical figures. Abigail Adams was the wife of John Adams and also Abigail Williams who was one of the primary accusers in the Salem witch trials. Abigail is of Hebrew origin and can be shortened to the oh-so-cute Abby or Abbi. This name means fathers joy, and is a perfect fit for that future little daddy's girl. We picture a future Abigail to be easy going, intelligent and adventurous! There is just something about the name Abigail that make it not only gorgeous but strong at the same time!

29 Aaron


Aaron (also spelled Aaron, Aaren, Aren, and Aryon to name a few) means mountain of strength, exalted or high mountain. These are great meanings for your future strong and successful little boy. Aaron has biblical ties and is currently in the top 100 baby boy names. This is an excellent baby boy’s name that has a strong manly feel and powerful meaning behind it. Aaron also goes well with many middle names such as: Aaron Tyler, Aaron Zachary and even Aaron Reid! No matter how you spell this name, it seems to stand the test of time. Aaron is a name we picture belonging to a mama’s boy with the sweetest smile ever. Aaron is a name that fits a baby boy as he grows into adulthood.

28 Ava


The name Ava may be short, but it is super sweet! This gorgeous name is known for its simplicity and style. This is a name that we can picture going with almost any profession from a doctor to a secretary! Celebs such as Hugh Jackman and Reese Witherspoon have chosen this name for their sweeties. This name has sat in the top 10 for quite some time and does not look like it will be going away anytime soon. The name Ava means life and derives from the Latin meaning related to birds. This is also a great name if mom and/or dad are nature lovers! The name Ava can be a nickname of the name Avarie. You cannot go wrong with this beautiful name.

27 A.J


We just cannot get enough of the name A.J. This name is not overly popular and is #200 in popularity for the year 2017. This name is one that can be a shortened version of a longer name such as “Anthony James” “Aiden Jackson” or even “Axel Jett.” A.J can be a name all by itself or used as a nickname or shortened name. The meaning of the name A.J is the combination of letters A and J. The origin of this name is English, and this is a name that mama can be creative with. Some mama’s love this name due how short it is and how it is usually not mispronounced. A.J sounds like a name for a future superstar who is strong willed with a great sense of humor.

26 Amelia

Amelia is a top girl's name in Australia, Portland, Scotland, New Zeland, Ireland, Britian, United States. We understand why this is so popular, it is too darn cute to pass up! This Victorian name means hard working and will be a perfect name for your successful girl. Some choose to spell this name Emilia, but no matter how it is spelled, it is super sweet. Amelia is a name that will forever stand the test of time due to its beauty and history. When hearing the name Amelia, some may think of Amelia Thermopolis from the Princess Diaries movie, Henry Fielding's novel Amelia in the book series Amelia Bedelia, and ofcourse the heroic Amelia Earhart. Amelia is a romantic, sweet, and perfect name for a soon-to-be little girl. Amelia is a name that is not often shortened for a nickname, and if you are a non nickname lover, this is a great choice.

25 Asher


We are obsessed with the name Asher for a lot of reasons. We love the meaning behind this name, which is fortunate, blessed, happy. Who does not want their future son to be all of those things? This is such a happy name that is perfect. This name is rising in popularity and is at #54 for the year 2017. This name has biblical routes, and if that is something you look for in a name, this is perfect. Asher Rhett, Asher Pierce, Asher Vaughn, Asher Knight or even Asher Finn are great middle names for your little dude. We picture an Asher to be super cool, loved by everyone, and a successful person. We think this name is perfect for your future little man!

24 Annabelle


The sweet name Annabelle (sometimes spelled Anabelle, Annabel, or Anabella) simply means lovable or grace. Some may think of Edgar Alan Poe's poem called "Annabel Lee" when hearing this name. If you are not a fan of overly popular and trendy A names than this is a perfect fit. Annabelle is #699 in popularity for the year 2017 which makes it far from popular. Some super cute nicknames for Annabelle are Bel,Annie, Ann, Ana, or Bella! This is a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning. If this name does not make you smile, we just aren't sure what will. This Scottish name is super pretty and sounds elegant and romantic. This is a great combination of the names Anna and Belle, which are two very pretty and meaningful names.

23 Alex

Alex is a perfect choice for your future little boy. Alex is a nickname for the name Alexander, and whether you decide on naming your little boy Alex or using Alex as a nickname for the name Alexander, it will be adorable. Alex is #92 in popularity for 2017 (while Alexander is #17) and means defender of men, protector of mankind. We love using Alex as a name because it is a twist on a classic and timeless name. We picture an Alex to be dedicated, handsome as well as family oriented. Alex is an adorable baby name that will grow into a manly man’s name. We love using a known nickname as a name, and we think this will be a perfect fit for any little boy.

22 Alivia

Alivia is a twist on the commonly known name Olivia. Alivia is nowhere near as popular as her sister name Olivia, but it is still just as adorable. Some love the name Alivia because it is softer sounding than the name Olivia. Some super cute nicknames for Alivia are Liv or Livy! This name means the olive tree, and can be a super cute name if mom and/or dad are nature lovers. This name flows beautifully and can go well with many middle names such as: Alivia Lauren, Alivia Elise, Alivia Jane or even Alivia Marie. Olivia is an overly popular name and if you love the name, but dislike the over popularity of it, adding the spelling spin on it may be a great option.

21 Ace

We love the name Ace for so many reasons. This name may be short, but it packs a punch. This is another super cute A name that also sounds bad to the bone. Ace is at #268 in popularity for 2017, and although it is not too popular, it is a name that will impress. This name means unity, and is super cool and creative. We believe this is a name that will fit any boy and grow with him into manhood. Ace would be the perfect name for any boy- a future track star or even a dentist. This name is rugged and powerful. If you like short and sweet A names, this is the perfect fit. There are many middle names that would go great with Ace such as: Ace Owen, Ace Ryker or even Ace Michael.

20 Audrey


Audrey is another name that is beyond breath taking. This name means noble strength, which can be a good fit for a future sweetie who is strong willed and confident. Audrey is #47 in popularity for the year 2017, which is a few spots lower than the previous year. Audrey can also be spelled Audree if you love the name but want a different spelling. Audrey Ruby, Audrey Addison, Audrey Elizabeth or Audrey Isabella are great middle name choices for this name. Audrey is a name that will not go unnoticed and we believe that this name is one that starts out super cute for a baby but grows beautifully with her as she travels through the teenage years into adulthood. The biggest influence on this name cam from the star of the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Audrey Hepburn.

19 Aiden


Aiden means fiery one, and is a perfect name for your future spit-fire son. This name is derived from Ireland and is not overly popular at the moment. In 2017 Aiden is #9 in popularity. This is a well loved name that seems to be getting more popular as the years go on. Aiden can also be spelled Aaden or Adan if you are looking for a different twist on this name. We think an Aiden will be confident, happy, and full of personality. This is not only a handsome name, but a name that will give your little guy a great start in life. This is a name that often does not get shortened to a nickname, and that is something a lot of mama’s love about this name.

18 Ainsley

Ainsley is a name that is of Gaelic origin and means one’s own meadow. This is a perfect name for any nature loving parents to name their sweet little soon-to-be sweetie. This name is #388 in popularity and has never been overly popular in general. We think this name sounds like a happy name that will fit a little girl who will grow into a fun loving woman. Ainsley can also be spelled Ainslee, Ainsly, or Ainsleigh. This is a name that fits well with a variety of middle names such as- Ainsley Olivia, Ainsley Madison, Ainsley Sophia or Ainsley Claire. This is a name that can be shortened to nicknames such as Ains, Lee, or even Annie. We believe this is a sophisticated sounding name with a lot of personality behind it.

17 Aspen

If you are in the hunt for an earthy and nature related name- Aspen is a great choice. Aspen means aspen tree, and is #1,092 in popularity for the year 2017. This is a 577 spot jump from the year prior. This name seems to be moving up in popularity and we think in a few years it will be very well known. For now, this is a rare name and we think it is perfect for your future adventurous little boy. We picture an Aspen to be hard working and able to stand his ground. We think an Aspen will be a mama’s boy with a sweet heart. Aspen James, Aspen Tyler, Aspen Tanner or Aspen Cooper are some options if you are stuck on how to pair this great name.

16 Aubrey

The name Aubrey may be at #487 in popularity, but is becoming popular at the speed of light. Aubrey jumped up almost 700 spots since 2016 in popularity. We predict this name will be even more popular in the upcoming years. This name means elf ruler and is of French origin. This name can also be spelled Aubrie or Aubree. Aubrey is a very pretty girl’s name that is feminine, sweet and super precious. Some great middle name options for Aubrey are- Aubrey Harper, Aubrey Sophia, Aubrey Noelle, Aubrey Grace or Aubrey Renee. We love how romantic this name sounds and how easily it rolls off the tongue. No matter how you choose to spell this gorgeous A name, it will leave people saying “aww!”

15 Adam


We love the name Adam because it is timeless. This name is an old testament name and has been popular for a very long time. No matter how much time goes by, Adam is always a name that is on the charts. Adam is of Hebrew origin and means red earth. Many know Adam as an old testament name. Although there are much more popular A names, Adam will always remain a classic. There are many popular Adam’s we all know such as Adam Sandler, Adam Levine, and Adam Lambert. Adam is #36 in popularity for 2017 which is a little jump from the previous year. If you love a classic name that is strong and manly, this is perfect. We believe an Adam will be a cute little boy that will grow into a leader and will do great things in the world.

14 Addison


Addison is a name that stands out and we just cannot get enough. This name can also be spelled Adyson or Addisen. We think this name is one that can go with so many middle names such as: Addison June, Addison Mae, Addison Kate, or Addison Elizabeth to name a few of the many options. This name means son of Adam and the popularity stems from the similarity sister name Madison. Addison is #35 in popularity for 2017 and we believe it will be even higher up in popularity for the year 2018. We adore the nickname Addie for the name Addison. Some may think of Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery from Greys Anatomy when hearing this name. We picture an Addison to be a tom boy who stays a child at heart forever. We can imagine Addison fitting a little girl as well as a woman.

13 Axel


When some hear the name Axel, they get a heavy metal rock sort of vibe, while others get a tough guy feel. We think a future Axel will be a sweet little boy with a wild spirit. This name has biblical ties, and is too cute to pass up. Axel is of Hebrew origin and means father of peace. Axel is moving its way up in popularity and is currently at #139 in popularity. We do not think this name will go away any time soon. We picture an Axel to be a hard worker who loves life. This is a rugged yet cute A name that we adore. Axel can be shortened down to Ax and also goes well with many last names!

12 Amanda

Amanda is a name that has been around for quite some time. In the year 1993 this name as #8 in popularity and in 1988 it was #3. At the moment, Amanda has taken a major decline sitting at #300 in popularity for 2017. Some well known Amanda’s are actresses Amanda Bynes and Amanda “Mandy” Moore. This name has a beautiful meaning, which is worthy of love. Your future Amanda deserves the world and will be the sweetest little girl. A common nickname for Amanda is Mandy, and we think that is super cute! This name may not be overly popular, but it is certainly a classic. This is a very pretty and feminine name that we adore. We picture an Amanda to be sweet, polite and kind. Some middle name options for Amanda are- Amanda Leigh, Amanda Lauren, or Amanda Morgan.o

11 Adrian

Adrian is a name that is growing in popularity as is as popular as ever at the moment. At #56 Adrian is becoming a very loved name and we can see why. This name can also be spelled Adrien. This name has been used in England since the 1950’s and is the name of several saints as well as a pope. This name means dark, and we think this name is playful and rugged at the same time. We picture an Adrian to have a heart of gold but also have a strong personality and not take beef from anyone. He will protect his family and always stand up for what is right. We love Adrian because it is an A name that packs a punch with personality behind it.

10 Aria

Aria is an Italian name that means melody or song. If mom or dad are music lovers, this would be the perfect A name! Television has popularized this name because of the shows Game of Thrones and Pretty Little Liars. Aria is currently at #10 in popularity for 2017 but we believe this name is here to stay. Aria can also be spelled Ariya or Arya. This name is super pretty and will fit a sweet little baby girl as she grows into a beautiful woman. This a name that is simple to pronounce and will receive tons of compliments. We picture a future Aria to be anything she aspires- an artist, a dentist, or even a restaurant owner! We believe this name will fit your future little sweetie.

9 Ashton


We love the name Ashton because it sounds like a rugged and cool little boy’s name. This modern name is at #126 in popularity for 2017 and is of English origin. This name means from the ash tree, and is a name that many know due to the famous actor Ashton Kutcher. An alternate spelling for Ashton is Ashten. We like this name because it can fit any baby boy and grow into any man. This name is perfect for parents who do not want a common name or a classic name. This is a name that many do not hear often, and if you want a less common baby boy A name, this is one to take into consideration. Ashton Reign, Ashton Carson, Ashton Tanner or even Ashton Dale are great name combinations.

8 Aaliyah


The name Aaliyah is currently #51 in popularity for the year 2017. Aaliyah simply means exalted as is of Hebrew, African and American origin. This name can also be spelled Aleah, Aliyah, Alea or Aliya. This is a very feminine name that will suit any little girl. This name also belongs to the R&B singer Aaliyah as well as model Aaliyah Ei. We believe this name will go well with a little girl who will grow up to be social, popular and optimistic. We think this name is super sweet that can go well with a variety of middle names such as: Aaliyah Jade, Aaliyah Danielle, Aaliyah Faith or even Aaliyah Corrine. We love this name due to the spelling options and how easy it rolls off the tongue. The nicknames Ali or Lea will go beautifully with this name.

7 Andrew


Andrew means manly and strong, and is a perfect name for your little one. This A name is certainly not new. Andrew is another name that has strong biblical routes. Andy and Drew are perfect nicknames for your Andrew. If you are looking for a manly or rugged name, a biblical name, or a name that stands the test of time this name is perfect. Some people may come to mind when hearing the name Andrew such as the actor Andy Garcia, Presidents Andrew Jackson or Andrew Johnson, Prince Andrew the Duke of York or even artist Andy Warhol. Andrew comes off so strong and handsome that will suit any little guy! Andrew evokes a sense of strength and masculinity yet also evokes kindness and softness.

6 Addelyn


Addelyn is a name that has a very large variety of spellings such as: Adaline, Adelyn, Addalyn, Adilynn, Adilyn, or Adelynn to name a few. This beautiful name means noble kind or gracious. This is a name that also has super cute nicknames such as Lynn or Addie. Some great middle name options for this name are: Addelyn Marie, Adddelyn Jade, Addelyn Ann or Addelyn Rae. This name is #411 in popularity for the year 2017, and although it is not overly popular at the moment, it makes up it sweetness. We predict this will be a name that will skyrocket in popularity in the new few years. This can be a great spin on a family name such as Addie or Lynn. This is a beautiful name that will grow will a little girl into a woman.

5 Anthony

Anthony is a name that is not only super masculine but sweet at the same time. The name Anthony has been in the top 100 baby boy names since the year 1883! This is a name that just always seems to stick around, and it is obvious why. This Latin name means priceless, and we know that your future little boy will be that and more. For many Anthony’s, their name gets given the nickname Tony, which is a super cute and tough name. This is a timeless name with so much personality behind it. We picture an Anthony to be successful, handsome, intelligent, witty, and funny. Anthony James, Anthony Lucas, Anthony Brian or even Anthony Christopher are great name combinations! If you are on the hunt for a timeless, manly and super fun A name- this is the winner!

4 Adrianna


The name Adrianna is one we love due to its femininity and sweetness. This is a very girly name that we picture fitting any little sweetie. Adrianna means woman from Hadria, and is a name that derives from the Latin origin. Adrianna dips way below the top 100 popularity list and seems to be losing popularity as the years have gone on. If you are looking for a unique A name, this could be the winner. Adrianna can also be spelled Adriana as well. We picture a future Adrianna to be an over achiever that is sweet and loving. Some may love the nicknames Audrey, Addy, Anna, or Ann to go along with this gorgeous name. Adrianna is a name that just rolls off of the tongue so beautifully and would be a perfect fit for any little girl as she grows into a woman.

3 Avery

The name Avery is a form of the name Alfred and is currently #114 in popularity for the year 2017. This name means counselor in English, ruling with elf wisdom in French or wise. This is a medieval name that can be shortened to the nickname Ave. This name can also be spelled Avory, Avry or Avari. Avery is a name that sounds handsome, strong as well as magical. When we think of a future Avery, we think of a friendly, happy, and good-hearted guy who loves people. We think he will be silly and fun and will attract people to him with his charm. This name is one that sounds great with the majority of last names and will suit any baby boy. This name sounds trendy, and if you are in the market for a fun name, this is it.

2 Annalise

We just adore the name Annalise for its romantic, sweet, and whimsical feel. This name is a combination of two very familiar names Anna and Elise. Annalise is a unique name that is currently #425 in popularity for the year 2017. This name certainly is not popular, but it is super sweet. Annalise has many adorable nicknames to accompany it such as: Ann, Anna, Lee, or Lisa to name a few. The name Annalise made her debut in the year 1997, and has never been overly popular. If you are in the market for a precious name that is not overly popular, we suggest this name. Some adorable name combinations for this name are: Annalise Rose, Annalise Marie, Annalise Claire, or even Annalise Jane. This name can also be spelled Anneliese if you are looking for an alternate spelling. This name means graced with god’s beauty, and is a perfect name for your princess.

1 Austin

We love the name Austin because it sounds like the name of a cute, loving, fun and determined little boy. The name Austin is not a trendy name and has been around for quite some time. Austin is currently #80 in popularity and means great one or magnificent. This is a great name with a great meaning for your soon-to-be magnificent little boy. If you want to spice up this name a bit you can spell Austin either Austyn or Austen. If you live two syllable A names that will fit any little boy. Famous people such as Austin Collie, Austin Nichols and Austin Butler rock this name perfectly. This name was in the top 20 in the 90’s, and although it was dropped in popularity, it is not going away any time soon.

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