Freeman is pretty common as a family name. It is one of those occupation names, or rather position names. The name was used in the Middle Ages to denote that someone was not a serf. You wouldn’t think something so on the nose and pedestrian would ever be used as

a first name. It was though.

Starting around the 1880’s, Freeman was a first name of choice. According to behindthename.com, it was ranked 334 on the name charts in 1880. The name’s popularity zigzagged for about 20 years and then slowly slid into obscurity until virtually no one had the name after 1972. You might scour the country and find one or two Freemans in their 40’s or so.

You really have to be dedicated to finding an example of a name bearer who is younger. You might have heard the name as a nickname for the football player named Grover Quin, but that isn’t the name on his birth certificate. The name can be seen as a description or a wish for the well-being of your son. Some people are fond of spelling out what they want for their kid in their name, and everybody wants their son to be free.

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