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it is so rare that entering it as an internet search gets zero results.

This is a name that showed up on the nameberry.com forum for unusual names that the contributors’ knew only one from real life. Jesedel appeared in the list that a participant named Goodkarmavt provided in 2015.

The contributor didn’t specify how she knew the person, but regardless,

What you do get in

your search results is Jezebel. According to behindthename.com, Jezebel means ‘not exalted.’ The name is familiar from the Bible, of course, as the queen consort who persecutes the prophets. The name got an unfortunate connotation as meaning a loose woman, but that seems- uncalled for. Perhaps the parents wanted to avoid the historical association while keeping the pretty feel.

They might also have decided to create a portmanteau of Jesse and Della. Jesse is another Biblical name that means ‘he sees’ and Della is a Germanic name that means ‘of nobility.’ Or maybe they were aiming for Jesse-Belle. You can speculate endlessly about what the source of Jesedel is. There is only one person in this world with this name, and her parents are (or were) the only people who know what they were thinking when they gave the person the name.

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