30 Beaming Names That Will Be Hot This Summer

There's just something about summer. The weather is hot, and the days are filled with adventure. When school is out, kids love to roam outdoors, ride bikes, read, lay in hammocks, eat ice cream and of course play and splash in the water to beat the heat.

Babies born in the summer have the innate qualities that help them love the sun and the fun of summertime, and their names should reflect the sunny sweetness. We've got a bunch of ideas. Some of our favorites come from names that have a meaning that goes with the sun or heat. Others are based on the three months that encompass the season — after all, both June and August are on the rise on the baby name charts for very good reason.

We left the obvious off of the list — Summer — but we did give a few that you might have already thought of, along with several that readers might not have known have a summer association. There are choices for boys or girls, with several unisex options as well. We think these names are as hot as the summer temperatures.

Here are 30 beaming names that will be hot this summer.

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30 Samson

Many people have heard the story of Samson, the strong character whose love Delilah betrayed him and cut his hair, but most people don't that the name means "sun." It's a Hebrew name that is from the Bible. But it's is not very popular these days. But we think that should change.

It's a great alternative to Samuel for the nickname Sam, with the added advantage of having a perfect meaning for a summer baby.

Sams have always been the boys of summer who love to ride bikes in the morning, play soccer after lunch and baseball until the sun goes down. They might have great hair like Samson, but during the summer they love to cover it with a cap to keep the sun from their eyes. With a name that means "sun," there could be no better pick.

29 Eliana

Here's another beautiful name pick for a baby born in the summer. Eliana is a name that has multiple meanings, not to mention a beautiful lilt.

According to Baby Center, it means "light," which is something that describes summer in more ways than one.

The days are filled with light and sun, and the mood and feeling is light and fun as well.

Nameberry has a different meaning for the girl moniker. In Hebrew, it means "my God has answered." That may seem less about the time of year, but if you think about it, summer is really the blessing that comes after getting through the seasonal doldrums of winter and the up and down weather of the spring. The temperatures are warm, the plants are blooming, the vacation has finally arrived as promised. Summer reminds us of God's promise, so naming the baby Eliana is a nice way to say thank you.

28 Cyrus

Cyrus is another name with multiple meanings.

Some say the name means "throne" or "cloud," but others say the name is a reference to the sun god of Ra.

It's definitely a lofty name that evokes a feeling of power, as there was a great conqueror by the name in the Bible. Cyrus also gives a nod to the Old West in America, and maybe because it is so hot and sandy, that also makes us think of summer.

Little Cyrus is a bold, brave boy who is independent and wants to spend his summer days with purpose, even if that is just spending as much time as he can outside while the sun is out. When he can be called Cy, he's more laid-back but still noble. He loves baseball and wants to be the next Cy Young. We're a big fan of the name, which is unique but approachable. It's special for a boy of summer.

27 Sonny/Sunny

Nickname names are pretty big these days, with a lot of parents going straight for buddy style with monikers like Ace and Bear. We think that makes Sonny a much more appealing choice these days than it was back when parents would give their child a junior but just call him Sonny at home.

For girls, we would change the vowel and make it Sunny, a sweet name that describes the baby's disposition as much as it does the weather in the month she was born. Days of sunshine make us happy and so do sweet kids named Sonny or Sunny who bring smiles to our faces. If you need to add a more formal first name, then go ahead, but we think Sunny/Sonny definitely deserves a chance for a summer baby.

26 Somerset

[ File # csp7296601, License # 2502687 ] Licensed through http://www.canstockphoto.com in accordance with the End User License Agreement (http://www.canstockphoto.com/legal.php) (c) Can Stock Photo Inc. / shippee

Summer may be a name that is a bit too "on the nose," for a baby born in June, July or August. But what about a nearby name that has the same base and a little more oomph? We think that Somerset is a beautiful choice.

It's an English name that was used in Shakespeare.

It means "of the summer settlers," which is an interesting ode for a baby born in the hottest months.

The most famous person to bear that name is writer Somerset Maugham, which gives us the impression that a child with the name would wile the summer days away reading in the sun and daydreaming and acting out adventures. It's the kind of name that could work for a boy or a girl these days, and we think it might be one of our favorite possibilities.

25 Solange

Sol means sun in several Latin-based languages, and while that could be a name all on its own, many people prefer to have something at least a little longer and more recognizable as a name. For a twist, how about Solange?

The dignified name is French and a bit exotic — but as the name of Beyonce's sister, it's also a name that everyone knows but almost no one shares.

According to one name definition site, Solange means "angel of the sun," and that is certainly an inspiring summer-centric name. A little girl with that name is brave and bold but also romantic. Solange is the patron saint of rain, which is something that is highly valued in the summer because it helps bring down the heat and make the day more pleasant, just like your beautiful  summer darling.

24 Aiden

Summer is hot, and summer babies can be fiery and spirited. It would be great to have a name that that message within it. Aiden is a popular choice that fits that definition exactly.

The name means "little and fiery," and it's been surging on the boy name charts with various spellings.

The name has also been chosen for a number of little girl firebrands, and so we think it's possible for any summer baby.

The name is Irish, so it might also be an ode to a favorite vacation spot. And while it gives that special fighting spirit, there is something about the name that also seems calming like the lap of the ocean waves. It's the best of both worlds and a name choice that has a lot of spirit and summer-like qualities.

23 June

The name of the first month of summer is also a great baby name choice. June is a sweet, simple name that was once somewhat popular and is on the rise again.

The name comes from the goddess Juno, queen of the heavens, so that is a pretty good name to add to the list too.

But we like the one-syllable option that more and more moms are choosing for a little girl.

June is the new Jane — it's simple but not plain. It's the month when the temperatures start to heat up but they aren't over the top. The name also harkens back to June Cleaver who is the model of a sweet, patient woman. The name peaked in 1925, which means that a woman looking for an old-fashioned gem for their summer baby might have found it with the name June.

22 Julian

Of course, we also have month name options for the boys. We're going to start with on based on the seventh month on the calendar, the midpoint when school is out and the temperatures and fun are at a peak — July. Give it a twist and you have Julian, another name from another generation that is back on the charts and in our hearts.

Julian was the name of a Roman emperor and the patron saint of travelers, which is of course handy for summer vacations.

The name means "youthful," so we imagine a little Julian is skipping through the grass, having fun from sun up to sun down during the summer, no matter what he is doing. He's handsome and a little mischievous, and we definitely want to be his friend.

21 Pearl

We have a different kind of choice here for a summer baby girl. If she is born in June, parents can choose something about her birth month instead of just going for the same name as the month.

How about Pearl? That's the month's birthstone, and it's definitely a precious gem.

Pearls are smooth and pure and very dignified and stylish. We imagine a girl with that name might share those characteristics. But at the same time, it comes from a grain of sand that irritates the mouth of a clam, which is story about how beauty can come from even the smallest, most unexpected circumstances. The name is a throwback beauty, and we think it would be wonderful for a June-born treasure.

20 Keegan

Keegan is another name that pays homage to the heat and intensity of summer.

It's another Irish name that means "fiery," although this one's also about being a "thinker."

The name isn't as popular as Aiden, but it's still something that people have heard and had a good impression of, maybe thanks to funny man Keegan-Michael Key.

There is something about K names that people love, and this one has even had cross-over appeal and been given to a few girls. We think a Keegan might be a force of nature — all summer babies are — but he or she also has a light and a love like no other. They are always smiling and laughing and enjoying life, just like so many people like to do during the summer.

19 August

We've talked about baby names for June and July, but there is one more month that is also a great name — August.

The name means "great, magnificent," according to Nameberry, and it's a vintage favorite that is coming back both on the boy side and the girl side.

We like August by itself, but some people prefer Augustus or Augustine for a boy or Augusta for a girl. All of them are pretty amazing.

There are also some great nicknames for little August, including Augie and Gus (Gussie for a girl). Those are names that really sound like kids who are trudging through a creekbank with a stick to draw in the mud. He or she is all about summer adventures but also devoted to learning and life. This name is having a moment, and we think that summer babies are perfect for the moniker.

18 Iris

Name your favorite flower, and we would probably agree that it is a great choice for a summer baby name. But we want to put Iris on your list. On top of being a gorgeous bluish-purple creation, it's also a part of the eye that brings clarity and vision.

And when you hear the Greek mythology, we guarantee it's going to have even more meaning — it's the goddess of the rainbow.

The three petals of an iris represent faith, wisdom and valor, and we think that those are amazing attributes for any child to have. We imagine a daughter with the name is also beautiful and sweet, and as easy-going as a summer breeze but with a power that will bend but not break. It's definitely on our summer baby name list.

17 Leo

We've talked about a lot of different ways to give homage to the time of the baby's birth, but we have another we haven't mentioned yet — his zodiac sign.

There aren't a whole lot signs that could work as baby names — can you imagine the teasing that a kid named Virgo would get in high school?

But kids born between late July and late August have it lucky. They are Leos, and that is a great name for a baby boy.

Leo is one of those former nickname names that now stands apart on its own now. The name is Latin for "lion," which is a strong image for a kid who is ferocious on the jungle gym but also gentle and dignified. Leonardo DiCaprio has proven that the name also belongs to heartthrobs. For a boy born in the heat of the summer, Leo is a powerful and intriguing pick.

16 Selena

Nine day old newborn baby girl wearing pink sunglasses and a pink and white bikini. She is sleeping on a tiny inflatable swim ring.

We've talked a lot about the sun .in this article, but there is also something about the moon during the summer. The days may be long and hot, but the nights are warm and romantic, and many people love to stay up late and enjoy the moon since there is no school to worry about in the morning.

So this next pick is an ode to the moon goddess, Selena.

Technically, in Greek mythology, Selena means "sister of the sun," so it pays homage to both the sun and the moon. It's a bit exotic, which reminds us of the hot, sandy beaches of vacations, and it's a beautiful name that is definitely well-known thanks to Selena Gomez but not on the most popular lists. We think a little girl named Selena loves to play in the water and could spend all day building a sandcastle. She's a summer baby for sure.

15 Lake

Some people may prefer to visit the ocean during the summer, but almost everyone enjoys a good day on the lake, so we think it would be a great word name for a baby born in the summer. Lake is a nature name that is definitely not popular but not unheard of. It's got the appeal of a one-syllable simple moniker that also gives people a sense of peace and tranquility.

One of our favorite parts about the name Lake is that it can work for a boy or a girl.

While it was more traditionally male, actress Lake Bell has made everyone realize how great it works for girls too. Since unisex names and one-syllable names are big trends these days, we think it would appeal to a lot of parents, with the added benefit of giving a nod to a favorite summer time destination.

14 Kyra

Little girl sitting on sand at beach

If you like the name Cyrus for a boy, you may love the name Kyra for a girl.

It's a variation of the Persian moniker that gives a nod to the sun god Ra. So for moms who love the sun and are giving birth to a summertime, baby, it's a beautiful, simple and stylish choice. Plus it's unique and sophisticated.

Kyra is a K name that we're surprised none of the Kardashians co-opted. It's so gorgeous and  fun. We believe that little Kyras are generous and big-hearted. They may be a bit shy but they have big ideas and are so smart. During the summer, they spend all day playing in the sun and all night writing about their adventures in their journal. They are beautiful with a smile that lights up a summer day, so it is a great choice for the summer baby name list.

13 Nikko

There are lots of different geographic areas where you can look to find a baby name that could go with the summer months.

This time, we've gone to Japan to find a name that has a special meaning that has to do with the time when the days are long and filled with sun.

Nikko means "daylight," and we think it's a very cool, modern sounding name that could work for a boy of any heritage these days.

Nikko sounds like an interesting alternative to Nicholas and a more fun nickname than the usual Nick. Niko, which is a Latin variation of Nicholas, means "victorious people," and that's a great image for a baby name too. We can see a Nikko waking up with the sun and playing outside right after he finishes breakfast. He only takes breaks for meals and when the rain forces him inside, and his mom has to call him inside at sunset. He loves the long days of summer and he takes full advantage of the daylight.

12 Sailor

When the weather is warm and the weekends come, there are some families who feel right at home on the water.

There is no place they would rather be than on a boat, so we have the perfect baby name that gives homage to their favorite summer time pastime.

We think that Sailor would be a great pick.

The name is definitely on the rise these days, and while we are seeing it more from celebs for their daughters, it could work just as well for a girl or a boy. Bristol Palin and Kristin Cavallari both chose the name for their little girls. Although they weren't born in the summer, we think that the name is a great addition for any name list for a summer baby, especially if parents are going to have him out on a boat before his first birthday.

11 Susannah

For any mom looking for a name that sounds like a ray of light, we think that Susannah might be a great pick on so many levels. For one, it's a nature name that means "lily" and has all of the elements of beauty and peace. For another, it conjures the sweet image of a little Susie with braids smiling and playing in the summer sun.

Last, but certainly not least, we have an even better nickname in mind — "Sunny."

This name has retro charm while being entirely timeless and modern.

It might be a modern alternative to the popular Hannah with some added rays of sunshine perfect for a summer baby who is our little ray of sunshine.

10 Daisy

There are a lot of flower names we could consider for a baby born in the summer, but there is none more perfect than Daisy to give the image of a bright bloom who is as open and pure and reflective of the sun. Daisys might start to bloom in spring, but in the summer, they spotlight the earth and give us all something to cherish.

A little girl named Daisy is definitely beautiful and sweet, but she is also full of fun and spunk.

She has a name and an attitude that matches the attitude of summertime, when school is out and play is on our mind. Just think of the fun-loving Daisy from the Great Gatsby and it will conjure up an image of a girl who is full of energy and life, and that is what is so great about summer babies.

9 Jay

There are a lot of things we could think about for boys in summer. They love the freedom and outdoors, and they are always looking up at the clouds and dreaming, That is what brought us to the idea of Jay, as in Blue Jay, one of the noble birds that takes to the sky in the summer and stands out both for obstinance and grace.

Jay is a name that you don't hear much these days, which is one of the reasons we like it so much.

It's unique, yet it reminds us of a little boy playing in the dirt all day. He comes home at night covered in dirt but with a big grin and a couple of frog in his pocket — the perfect image of a a summer full of adventure in the outdoors.

8 Apollo

Summer is about the sun, so what better homage to the hottest months of the year than to name your little one after the sun god Apollo.

The legend is that the Apollo is the son of Zeus and the god of the sun and light.

He is a powerful figure, and there aren't that many Apollos around because of it. But these days moms don't shy away from giving their son a name to live up to, and Gwen Stefani used it for her youngest boy.

A little Apollo is definitely a kid that wants to spend his time out and about on a sunny, summer day. He is the leader of the neighborhood boys and takes them all out on wild adventures on his bike, while spending some time working to make his own dreams come true. It's a big name for a kid who has big plans, that is for certain.

7 Florence

Florence is another name that stands out these days.

A couple of generations ago, it was a fairly common name for a girl, and we think it is ripe for a comeback, especially for little girls ready to conquer the summer. The name means "flourishing and prosperous," according to Nameberry, and some people have said it means "blooming." While things bloom in the spring, by the summer, the plants are flourishing, so we think that the imagery is perfect.

Florence and the Machines brought this name back into the modern era, so it gives us an image of a copper-headed girl running through a field with a song in her heart. The sun is shining and the warm, summer days bring her joy. Little Flo is also laid-back and ready for the lazy, hazy days free from school and other obligations. Don't you agree that Florence is the perfect name for a summer baby?

6 Kai

One of the biggest images of summertime is a tropical scene. Whether it's a dream or a vacation spot, many people think about Hawaii's lush seas and beautiful beaches — and beautiful people in swim suit.

That's why a Hawaiian name might be great for a summer baby.

We think we have the perfect choice that would work for a boy or a girl — Kai.

Kai means "sea" in Hawaiian, and it definitely evokes the image of a laid-back surfer who is passionate about summer and the waves. The name is rising in popularity, but it still stands out, and it has the unisex appeal that is very trendy these days. We love the one-syllable simplicity and the sunny context. It's great for a summer baby boy or girl.

5 Alba

When people hear the name Alba, many people might think of the actress who has that last name. But there are more and more baby Albas being born these days, and we think it's a nice choice for a summer baby. The name means "white" in Spanish, but it means "dawn or white pearl" in Italian, which is a nice pure twist on the sweet days of summer.

Alba has traditionally been a girl's name, but we think that it has the vibe of a unisex name that might work for a boy as well.

It's an interesting and sweet alternative to the over-popular Ava.

And it will make your summer baby stand out with an unusual and inspiring name.

4 Huck

There are few characters more symbolic of the adventure and fun of carefree summer days than Huck Finn.

Of course, Mark Twain's iconic character has a few flaws and you definitely have to skip a few words when you read it to your kids, but the book is a classic that teaches a lot of life lessons. We all have a place in our heart for Huck, and so a little boy with that name brings out all the feels.

Huckleberry might seem like too big of a name for a boy, but Huck is the perfect nickname name that works on so many levels, including giving us visions of summertime adventures, chasing frogs and exploring the neighborhood and being a great friend. Of course, Finn is also a great choice, but we like Huck for a sweet and slightly naughty summer baby with a big heat.

3 Lemon

There is no summer time tradition for kids as iconic as a lemonade stand.

The drink just quenches your thirst perfectly on hot summer days, and enterprising kids can make some coin when they offer it to friends and neighbors who just want to beat the heat and enjoy the tangy, sweet goodness. So in honor of the lemonade stand, we offer up our next summer baby name choice — Lemon.

Lemon may have seemed like a totally out there choice a couple of decades ago, but ever since Gwynett Paltrow named her baby Apple, the fruit baby names have been making a bit of a comeback. Nameberry lists the name as a choice for a boy, but we remembered the character Lemon from Hart of Dixie, and that definitely gives a tangy twist to the usually saccharine nature names. Lemon is a great choice for a sassy summer baby.

2 Oliver

Speaking of names based on things that we eat, we love the choice of Oliver for a summer baby boy. The name comes from the olive tree, and it's on the rise, possibly as people tend to get tired of the uber-popular Olivia but still love the image.

It also gives us a nod to the iconic character Oliver Twist, a boy after our own hearts.

We think of Olivers as rough-and-tumble boys who love to ride their bike down the street on summer days and spend their time at the pool splashing around. They are friends to the boys and make all the girls blush. And when they grow up, their name will go with them from playful to sophisticated. They are in their element in the summer sun, and that's why this name is a good option for a boy born in the warmest months.

1 Eden

a little baby is smelling the flower

In the summer, the vegetation is blooming, the weather is warm and pleasant, and everything is at a more easy, less hectic pace. You could say that in most places in the world, the summer is the optimal season that brings out the best in it — in short, it's paradise. And if it's not, during the summer, people go on vacation to the place that is as close to paradise as they can get.

So our last name is an ode to paradise. In fact, Eden means "paradise." It's a name that evokes the Biblical story of the Garden of Eden, and it's a gorgeous alternative to popular names like Ava or Evie. The name is considered unisex, although we prefer it as it has been used traditionally for girls. A little Eden beautiful and full of energy. She is enthusiastic and sweet and gentle, and she's just about perfect to her parents. If summer is paradise, so is a summer baby, and that's why this would be a perfect pick for the perfect time of year.

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