30 Jaw-Dropping Baby Names Your Friends Will Want To Steal

The greatest form of flattery is imitation right? When it comes to baby names, parents don't necessarily want one that other people are going to steal, but they do want a name that everyone will love.

Most parents want to choose a name that will make their friends jealous that they didn't think of it first. Choosing a name is one of the most fun yet challenging tasks that lies ahead for expecting parents. Another grueling task is deciding whether to tell people or keep it a secret! Should parents keep their name choices hush hush for fear of their friends wanting to grab them for their own littles?

Finding a name that isn't at the very top of the list of names the Social Security Administration puts out every year can be rough. We've put together a selection of more rare and unique names inspired by everything from literature, nature and music and have some bohemian and classic flair.

This is a list of great vintage, modern, hippie and high fashion baby names that might want to be kept on the down low because these names are ones your friends are going to want to steal! Don't worry, our lips are sealed!

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30 Sebastian

Sebastian is an old fashioned baby name that has never gone out of style. Sebastian is on a run and has found himself making it into the top 25 baby boy names in 2016.

Sebastian is Latin for "person from the ancient city of Sebasta". It's a name that is found everywhere throughout history beginning with the third ancient Christian martyr, whose life and death inspired several medieval artists. It has also been used in countless literary works and, of course, we can't forget the lovable little lobster in The Little Mermaid.

Several celebrities including Tommy Hilfiger and James Spader chose Sebastian for their sons. Not only has it seen huge success in America, but it has been seen climbing the charts worldwide. It's potential nickname, "Bash", makes the name even more appealing to parents.

29 Aspen

Aspen makes me think of the Colorado ski resort, even though I've never been there, it gives me a wintery feel. It's a name that combines nature and sophistication. It's the perfect bohemian name!

Aspen has traditionally been considered a unisex name, but has definitely gained more momentum as a girl's name. It became more and more used in the early 1990s, and has made a pretty steady climb up the charts. Aspen currently ranks #361 on baby name charts and is, understandably, expected to keep climbing up.

For parents interested in the nature and place name category, but aren't looking for anything too quirky or bizarre, Aspen is just that. It's a name that people will definitely be interested in and one that we hope to hear more of!

28 Damon

Damon is a sexy and masculine name that probably makes most of us think of actor Matt Damon. Not only is it the name of a famous celebrity, but it has ancient and historically roots that make it even more appealing.

Damon is the English variation of Damian, meaning "to tame; to subdue", giving it a very relaxing ambiance. In the myth, Damon and Pythias were best friends. Damon risked his own life to save that of Pythias. There was also Damon of Athens, who was the teacher of Pericles and Socrates in the fifth century. There have also been several Damon's in television as well.

Damon is a masculine and strong name for your little guy. It's an adorable underused moniker that your friends will love so much they may even steal it!

27 Evangeline

Evangeline is absolutely stunning! A name like this cannot be ignored. It screams beauty and grace. It's a gorgeous name that all of your friends will want to steal!

Evangeline isn't a name that we hear very often, and I have no idea why! Evangeline is Greek for "bearer of good news." It was first introduced to the English speaking world when Longfellow used it in one of his poems. It was seen in several other literary works after as well.

The "Eva" trend might start to give Evangeline some popularity. It's a combination of the, not quite as pretty, Evangelica and Angelina. It's belongs in the religious category, as well as the old fashioned name category.

Evangelina is a romantic and whimsical name, that also has a strength and sophistication that would be difficult to match. Your friends will be sure to regret not thinking of this one first!

26 Brooks

Brooks is a very masculine and gallant name that you couldn't go wrong with for your little stud. This English moniker is much more macho than Brook or Brooklyn.

Brooks is an old English surname meaning "of the brook." It is said to be derived from the English name "Broc", and is seen since medieval times. It arrived in America from England in the mid-seventeenth century. It also became a popular name in Ireland around 1600.

It has been catching on in the U.S., hitting #231 last year. One famous name bearer of the name was Brooks Robinson, a great baseman who played for the Baltimore Orioles from 1955-1977.

Brooks is a stylish and dapper name that we will surely be hearing more of! You better snag this name for your little before your friends do!

25 Arabella

The popular British moniker, Arabella, has been thriving in the U.K., but just made it on the U.S. list in 2005. It is currently ranked #187 among baby girl names.

Arabella is Latin for "yielding to prayer". It's a name that is undeniably beautiful and also has a powerful spiritual meaning. Arabella has been used for characters in great literary works, both of our time and in history. For instance, it was used in Dickens Pickwick Papers and more recently in the Harry Potter novels. Ivanka Trump and Dr. Oz both used it for their daughters as well.

Arabella can also be called "Bella", giving it another meaning, as Bella means "beautiful". It can also be a substitute for the ever popular Isabella, which most likely isn't going anywhere any time soon.

24 Leo

Leo is the Latin word for "lion" and has been on the move to the top 50 baby names. It made its way to #74 last year, and will most likely be ranked even lower this one.

Leo is a name that was extremely popular among the Romans and was used for saints as well. It's a name that can stand on its own or be used as a nickname for Leonardo. It's been on the rise because of the famous Leonardo DiCaprio. He was no the only famed name bearer though, as Leonardo Da Vinci and Leo Tolstoy.

Leo has been used for 13 popes and several saints. There have been Leos seen all over tv, in sports, and in books. It is making waves internationally as it sits at #2 in Finland, #5 in France, and in the top 25 in Wales, Scotland, England and Sweden. Leo is a name that your friends will definitely want to steal!

23 Gemma

Gemma is a beautiful name inspired by a rare stone. It's a name that is a precious as your little gem! It's an Italian beauty that has seen major success overseas, especially in England, but has just begun to see the spotlight in the U.S.

Gemma, pronounced JEM-mah, is and Italian name meaning "precious stone". It has been used for saints and television and literary characters. Celebrities like Catherine Bell and Kristin Davis chose Gemma for their little girls.

Gemma is the perfect replacement for the popular and overused Emma, which has seen better days. Currently at #247, Gemma has seen a steady climb up the charts since 2008, when it was only ranked in the 8000s.

Gemma is a lovely name that is extremely charming and sophisticated. This may just be a name that your friends will think is worth stealing!

22 Atticus

Atticus has been on trend for a few years now, and was ranked #316 in 2016. This strong Roman moniker has been heard being used by celebrities and authors alike. Atticus is a surprising yet strong choice that your friends will definitely take notice of.

Atticus is Latin for "from Attica." One of the most notable name bearers is Atticus Finch, the main character in To Kill a Mockingbird. The name was resurrected when Harper Lee's follow up to the book, Go Set a Watchman, was released in 2015.

Atticus has been chosen by Summer Phoenix and Casey Affleck, as well as Tom Dumont chose it for their sons. Atticus is a name that all of a sudden got some serious fame and is set to make it to the top ten for 2017.

21 Leni

Leni is an up and coming baby girl name that is slowly taking the place as the not as loved male version, Lenny. Leni is the German diminutive of Lena and the Spanish diminutive of Elena.

Leni means "bright, shining one." Leni is also getting very popular in Australia. Another variation of the name is Helene, often used in several European countries. This unisex moniker is short and sweet, yet has a bit of fierceness too.

Leni was recently chosen by former supermodel Heidi Klum for her daughter, giving it a slight boost in popularity. The male spelling Lenny has also been gaining some traction. Parents using the name Elena and Helena can certainly use Leni as a nickname, but Leni as a first name is definitely more rare and unique.

20 Journey

The unisex name, Journey, has some serious hippy vibes. For those parents looking for a name representing a voyage or trip, whether spiritual or actual, this name if for them!

Parents have been catching on to the name Journey and the alternate spelling Journee. Both of these names are words names, with a pretty obvious meaning. Journey has reached #264 on baby name charts after Jenna Jameson as well as Black Eyed Peas, Taboo, both used it for their son's name.

The alternate spelling Journee is catching up to Journey, probably because of Journey's increasing popularity and jump up the charts. Journee has made it to #331 since last year.

Both Journey and Journee are definitely different and will make your friends at least curious, if not totally jealous! You better grab this one before they do!

19 Cora


Cora is a dainty old fashioned name that has gone in and out of style since its existence. It is on the move back in high fashion as it came in at #87 last year.

Cora is Greek for "maiden." She was the daughter of the Greek god, Zeus. In classic mythology, Cora was the goddess of fertility and the underworld. As deep rooted as the history of Cora is, it has definitely seen rougher days. Cora was in the top 20 in the 1880s, but moved all the way down to #876 by 1988.

Cora can definitely stand on its own as a given name, but it can also be a nickname for other popular names like Coraline and Coralie. I definitely prefer the sweet simplicity of Cora though.

18 Wilder

Via: Google Images

Wilder was on my list for both of our baby boys, and if my husband wasn't interested in more classic names, I definitely would have used it!

Wilder is another surname turned given name that parents are falling in love with. Wilder entered the top 1000 baby names in 2015, and gained a slight boost in popularity when Goldie Hawn's son chose it for his own.

Wilder is German for hunter. It is seen throughout history as a surname beginning before the 10th century. We remember it from the famed Laura Ingalls Wilder and Gene Wilder. Though it is traditionally a last name, it was the fastest rising first name for boys in 2016.

Wilder is a name that will definitely spark some intrigue from your friends. It's a name that they will be tempted to steal!

17 Scarlett

Scarlett is a timeless classic that has never lost its beauty. This name has been loved and chosen by parents for years and most likely will for years to come.

Scarlett O'hara, though beautiful she may have been, may not have done as much for this name as the sexy Scarlett Johansson. Both of these beauties did, however, bring the name into the spotlight full force. It has been chosen for the daughters of musician, Jack white, as well as Mick Jagger.

Scarlett has also been seen throughout history in literary works, such as the Scarlett Letter. This moniker is English and means "red." It has hit number 18 on baby name charts, but has surprisingly seen days as low as the upper 900s.

Scarlett is a name that we hear often in films, on tv, and in books, but we don't often come across in real life. This name will surely "wow" your friends!

16 Oak

Oak is a solid sturdy name for today's baby boy. It's a short and sweet nature name that is as intriguing as the tree itself.

Oak is derived from the surname Oakley, which also makes a pretty cool Bohemian style name for either a baby boy or girl, though more commonly used for a boy. Both Oak and Oakley are nature names inspired by the tree. It has only recently begun competing with similar names like Cedar and Pine.

Oak also makes a perfect middle name for parents not looking for such a short first name. Oak and Oakley are often used for girls as well. Oakley was just shy of its use for girls as it was for boys, missing the mark by only two spots. Oak is a much more masculine choice, though either would be a name that would definitely peak some interest from your friends!

15 Magnolia

Magnolia is a Latin flower name, popular in the South, but catching on nationwide. It's a name with Southern charm and swanky root. For parents who love the flower name category, but aren't to sure about Azalea or Rose, Magnolia is the perfect alternative.

Magnolia is currently #509 on baby name charts. It made some waves in the early 1900s, capping at #401 in 1909 and has been on a roller coaster ride ever since. It was made popular from the Edna Ferber novel, movie, and musical, Showboat. In Showboat, the character Magnolia has the adorable nicknames Noa, Nollie, and Maggie.

The Magnolia tree is indigenous to the South, but does occasionally grow in the North too. Its a sweet smelling flower that is exquisite when it's in full bloom, making the name just as beautiful for your baby girl.

14 August

August is another name that is becoming widely popular in the baby boy name world. It definitely reminds me of the lead character in the movie, August Rush, who was an extremely talented little boy.

August is the German form of the Latin name Augustus meaning "great, magnificent". This name is huge in Scandinavia, and has made its way to the #193 spot in the U.S.

August has some great literary credit and has also been used by several celebrities for their sons, and Garth Brooks even chose it for his daughter. August has spelling variations, one of which, Auguste, used by Edgar Allen Poe for his detective.

August is a great choice for parents looking for a name that is German, Seasonal, rare, literary and musical. It's a name that parents will definitely be interested in borrowing!

13 Ruby

Ruby, another deep red name, has been making a splash in the jewel name category. Ruby is retro vintage name that was huge in the early 1900s.

This moniker has been featured in several classic rock songs, probably most popularly of all, The Rolling Stones song "Ruby Tuesday". She has also been seen in a several movies, and celebrities like Toby Maguire have chosen it for their daughters.

Ruby is a name that has been very successful worldwide in recent years. She currently sits at #13 in Australia, #17 in England, and #22 in Ireland. She has made it all the way back to #71 in the U.S. Ruby is Latin for "deep red precious stone." The name is part of the gem, color, and classic name categories, making it a serious triple threat.

12 Jasper

Jasper has moved all the way from #209 in 2016 to the top ten this year. It's a name that has been on trend for a couple of years and probably will remain in style for a few more years to come.

This timeless classic is being resurrected by parents who like hip and trendy baby names. It's a masculine name that has an old-fashioned English charm. It has been extremely popular in England for some time, and has begun making some waves over seas as well.

Jasper is Persian for "bringer of treasure." It represents a variety of quartz and happens to be one of the only gems with a masculine name.

Jasper may have obtained some of its recent success because of its use in the Twilight series. There is also a famous artist, Jasper Johns, who represents the name well.

11 Georgia

This sweet Southern belle name is sitting pretty all over the world this year. It is seeing success as #7 in Greece, 21 in New Zealand, #29 in Australia, and in the top 100 in England, Scotland, Wales, and Canada. It is only ranked #227 in America!

Georgia is English variation of the male form George meaning "farmer". Almost too many celebrities to list have chosen it for their daughters. Some of them include Harry Connick, Jr., Hope Davis, Amy Ryan, Zac Brown and Felicity Huffman.

The legendary Ray Charles song Georgia on My Mind gives the name some music credit and will definitely make you sing the song every time you say your daughters name. This peachy name is one that you should grab before your friends ultimately do!

10 Axel

This rock star name is creating quite a splash among parents of baby boys. Axel came on the scene in 1989, when Gun's and Roses released their biggest hits album. Though the band member, Axl Rose, may have spelled his name a little differently, the original German spelling was very appealing to parents.

Axel is an old German name meaning "father of peace." It's reached #119 on baby name charts in 2016. Axel was chosen by Will Ferrell, along with several other celebrities, chose Axel for one of his sons. It was also used for an important character in the nove, Journey to the Center of the Earth, as well as in the Eddie Murphy film, Beverly Hills Cop.

Axel is a solid choice for parents who want to surprise their friends with their baby name pick. It's a name that is on the rise, but not too overused just yet.

9 Poppy

Poppy is a quirkier and less girly name in the flower name category. Poppy is a less commonly used name that can easily replace similar names like Rosie and Daisy.

Poppy is a Latin flower name. The poppy flower is known as the flower of remembrance used to commemorate military personnel who have died at war since 1920. The flower is typically red, making the name an even better choice for red heads.

Celebrities like Anthony Edwards, Jessica Capshaw, Stephen Moyer, and Anna Paquin all chose the name Poppy for their baby girls. Alternative spellings include Poppie and Popy. It's currently ranked #747 in the U.S. and is seeing some popularity in countries like England, Scotland, and Wales, where the poppy flower is known to thrive.

Poppy is definitely a name that will surprise your friends! It's unexpected without being too weird. It's undeniably cute!

8 Holden

Cather in the Rye hero, Holden, has been seen moving leaps and bounds up the baby name charts. This classic literary name is one that parents are suddenly falling back in love with.

Holden is English for "hollow valley." Holden has been chosen by Brendan Fraser and Mira Sorvino for both of their sons. Supposedly, J.D. Salinger came up with the name for her character in Catcher and The Rye because of a movie poster that she saw that featured actor William Holden.

Holden is a masculine name with a cowboy kind of strength. It has been on a steady climb up the charts since 2007 when it hit #382. It is currently ranked #271 on baby name charts.

This moniker is becoming more and more loved by parents, perhaps because of its sophisticated literary attachment, or because it's a surprising choice that hasn't been overused just yet.

7 Juniper

Juniper is a nature name that will definitely turn heads. Named for a small evergreen shrub that has 12 different species, Juniper is a fresh and lush choice for a baby girl.

Juniper is an alternative to the even more popular Willow, Hazel, and Azalea. However, it is racing to catch up to these other tree inspired names. Juniper is currently ranked #352, when just 5 years ago it wasn't even in the top 500.

Juniper has been the name of both a male and a female saint. The female Saint Juniper was the saint of comedy, while the male Saint Juniper was a follower of Saint Francis of Assisi. In the Junie P. Jones books, Junie's real name was Juniper Jones. There have also been songs and cartoon strips featuring Junipers of their own as well.

6 Astrid

At first, I will admit, I thought this name was semi-grandmother sounding, similar to the more popular name Ingrid. It took me a second to really appreciate it and now it has definitely grown on me.

Astrid is a Norse name meaning "divinely beautiful." Its extremely popular for Scandinavian and Belgium royalty and is also a popular Swedish name. It has, surprisingly, been used for several literary characters including a character in the novel White Oleandor. It has also been used in tv shows like Once Upon and Time and Fringe.

Astrid only entered the top 1000 baby names in the U.S. in 2013. It is currently ranked #776 and is expected to keep slowly but surely climbing the charts. Astrid is a surprising choice that, at first glance, may seem an odd one, but ultimately will make people fall in love with it.

5 River

River is another tranquil nature name that has been been gaining some traction for parents looking for a name in that category. This moniker is Latin and while the word is familiar, it was not often used as a name in the past.

This unisex name has recently made it to the number 214 spot for boys and #286 for girls. Though the name is predominately used for baby boys, it was used for 1,000 baby girls last year. Kelly Clarkson chose River for her daughter, but Kerri Russel, Taylor Hanson, and Natasha Henstridge all used the name for their baby boys.

For parents who are looking for a rare baby name that has a temperate and calm ambience, River definitely fills though shoes. River also makes an adorable middle name for both boys and girls.

4 Hadley

Another name in the flower and nature categories, Hadley is a fresh take on the ultra common names Hayley and Hattie, which was on a trend for some years itself.

Hadley is English for "heather field." It has made its way to the number 108 spot in the U.S. last year. Hadley is the name of Ernest Hemingway's first wife and a character on the show True Blood.

Hadley is today's choice for parents who like the name Hailey and for those not brave enough for the name Harley. Hadley has several spelling variations including Hadlee and Hadlie and can also have nicknames like Haddie.

Hadley made to the top 1000 baby names in 1998 and has seen an increase in status every year since. Hadley is a name that you might not even want to tell your friends because they are likely to snatch it for their own daughters!

3 Sawyer

Sawyer is now considered a unisex name, but is definitely more brawny than feminine. Maybe because of its meaning, "woodcutter".

Sawyer is an English surname with a masculine feel, but with friendly vibes. It began as an occupational name given to someone who worked with word, hence the beginning of the name "saw". It was traditionally used as a last name, as in Tom Sawyer in the Mark Twain novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. It was also used as an alias for the character James Ford on the tv show Lost.

Sawyer was chosen by several celebrities, firstly by Stephen Spielberg and Kate Capshaw chose it for their son in 1992. Since then, several celebrities have chosen it for their sons and daughters. Sawyer is a sweet name that your friends will be happy to steal!

2 Blaze

Blaze, originally a form of Blaise, and often seen spelled Blaize, is a name that doesn't have the greatest meaning, but has been all the rage just the same.

Blaze is Latin for "one who stutters" and has recently hit number 851 on baby name charts. Although it is unisex, it is seen used about 20 times more for boys than for girls. Blaise is of French origin and also means "to lisp, to stammer."

As modern and contemporary as it may sound, it is actually of Christian roots. It was first recorded as the name of a Christian martyr. It was also the name of Merlin's secretary in the legend of King Arthur and was also featured in the Harry Potter tales. Blaise has been used for saints and philosophers as well.

The alternative spelling, Blaze, puts a slight twist on the name, though they are equally cute and both likely to be a name that your friends will want to steal!

1 Gatsby

Gatsby might be the most obscure name on this list, but it also might just be the one that would make your friends want to steal it the most.

Gatsby, inspired by the novel The Great Gatsby, is a name that screams vintage 1920s. It's a German surname that was used for F. Scott Fitzgerald's swanky and mysterious character, Jay Gatsby. Gatsby decorated his surname, Gatz.

Thanks to the character, Gatsby, attained a great affluent sounding nature. The name became associated with pedigree and opulence. Gatsby is now in the top 1000 baby boy names, and has also been seen being used for girls.

Gatsby is definitely a name that will raise some interest. For parents brave enough to choose it, Gatsby will definitely be a name your friends may steal in the future!

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