30 Creative Photo Display Ideas

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12 -Photo Display Ideas

Most people have a majority of their most valuable memories tucked away in storage. With these creative ideas, you can turn a variety of different spaces and objects into creative ways to display your photos.

1. Turn a mason jar into a flower pot with your favorite photo.

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2. Antique bike photo wheel. 

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3. Make an antique window into a picture holder.

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11 -Creative Photo Displays

4.Pin your favorite photos to fairy lights.

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5. Polaroid magnets.

via  Ambrosiagirl.

6. Turn your Instagram photos into little sachets.

via lil blue boo.

10 -Creative Photo Displays

7.Hang your Polaroids on a branch.

via brethruston.

8. Personalize your coasters.

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9. DIY vase made out of PVC.

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9 -Creative Photo Displays

10. Geometric photo display made out of twine.

via thecaldwellproject.com

11. Family wallpaper.

12. Heart collage.

via designindulgences.

8 -Creative Photo Displays

13. Photo pendants.

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14.Cut family travel photos and stick them on the map.

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15. Shutter display.

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7 -Ways To Display Photos

16. 3D Photo Shapes

via whydontyoumakeme.com

17. Classic Clipboard

via mamiejanes.blogspot.com

18. On The Wall Clipboard

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6 -Creative Photo Displays

19. DIY Photo Lantern

via content.photojojo.com

20.Embroidery Hoop Photo Display

via atalme.com

21. Stick Photos On Unique Plates

via bhg.com

5 -Creative Photo Displays

22. Wood and Pins

via balancingrock.

23. String through an old frame for a new unique look.

via mrshinesclass.

24.Photo Pillows

4 Hang your fishing trip photos on a fishing rod.


26. Cut out a large amount of photos into squares and place them in a wall sized photo frame.

via diymaniac.

27. Paint frames on your wall.

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1 -Creative Ways To Display Photos

28. Multicolored Threads

via flickr.com

29. In a Wreath

via downtoearthstyle.blogspot.com

30. Office Tags

via homestoriesatoz.com

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