30 English Baby Names That Can Be Said In Different Languages

Choosing the right baby name, before even meeting the baby in question, is a very difficult decision. A name is one of the only things that will truly last a lifetime. With careful consideration, many debates between soon-to-be moms and dads (and in-laws!) over names can be a daunting one. With all the baby name books out there, picking a name sometimes becomes more stressful than anticipated. 

Luckily for those parents who only want a specific rhythmic sound or spelling, this can be an easy decision. However, there are other soon-to-be parents out there that need to make a decision based on what language their parents and siblings will be able to communicate with the newest addition to the family. For example, there are hundreds of thousands of names that can be easily said and spelling in English. Unfortunately, these names may not make sense or even sound anywhere close to similar if they are said in France, Italy, or even Saudi Arabia. 

Thankfully, there are parents out there that have made it easier to find the right baby name that can be said in one language or five languages! On this list, parents can easily find the perfect moniker for their upcoming bundle of joy in multiple languages.

30 Jacob (US And France)/Jakob (Jewish)/Yaakoob (Sadui Arabia)


Deriving from the Hebrew name, Ya’aqov, dating back to the Biblical times, the name Jacob has long been used. Jacob (later called Israel), in the Old Testament, is the son of Isaac and Rebecca and the father of the 12 founders of the 12 tribes of Israel. It is said that he was born holding his twin brother's (Esau) heel. Because of this, his name is explained as a "Supplanter" or "holder of heels." As written in the Old Testament, Jacob deprived his twin brother of his firstborn rights twice (Genesis 27:36)

A supplanter can be defined as "taking the place of, setting aside." However, it can also mean "remove from its position, oust."

Those with the name Jacob tend to build their lives around order and service. They thrive on truth, justice, and discipline. Jacobs also tend to need “deep inner need for quiet” as they have a need and desire to learn about the world they live in. Because they are so analytical, they have a tendency to be very good at building things.

29 Olivia (English)/Olivia (Italy)/Olivia (Greece)


The name Olivia was first used in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. It’s the female moniker for Oliver, which comes from Greece, meaning Olive Tree. However, this name not only carries a beautiful lyric, but it also delivers a strong persona. Imagine your daughter and an entire generation of tiny Olivia Popes running the world?

In fact, Olivia has already been nominated as the top female name for 2019, which isn’t far off from 2018 when it ranked the second most popular female name. For those who are expecting multiples or have older children, Olivia is commonly paired with brothers named Jacob, Jackson or Ethan, and sisters named Mia, Charlotte, or Ava.

28 Aiden (English)/Aydin (Turkey)/Aedan (Ireland)

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Traditionally a boy’s name, Aiden, meaning “fiery one” was originally a pet form of the name Aodh, who was the Celtic God of Fire and Sun. Although the meaning of the name is feisty and powerful, the meaning behind the name suggests that those names Aiden are peacemakers and they can appear shy.

Compare the meaning of the name Aiden from Ireland to the Hebrew meaning, the name Aiden is derived from the Aden which means “attractive, handsome, and pleasure giver. Adin was a biblical exile who return to Israel from Babylon.”

Although in recent times Aiden has become a unisex name, with the variant of Aidan being given to girls, the male name Aiden was ranked number nine in popularity in 2019 among U.S. names. The female version has yet to break the number 1,000 rank.

27 Isabella (English)/Isabelle (France)/Isabelle (Italy)

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Isabella is another form of Isabel, but the original form is from the longer moniker of Elizabeth. The name itself means “Devoted To God” in Hebrew. Isabella is a regal name.This name is another extremely popular name in 2019, ranking in fourth place which had no change from the year prior. However, this name saw an increase spike in 2012 after the ever so popular Twilight series was released. Little girls holding this stunning name often have siblings with the name Sophia, Abigail, Ethan, and Anthony.

26 Michael (English)/Mikael (France)/Mikhail (Russia)


The name Michael derives from the Hebrew name Mikha’el meaning “Who is like God?” and is meant to have a rhetorical meaning as no one can be like God or “Gift from God,” in contrast to the U.S. meaning of the name which means poor or humble. The name Michael is used several times in the Bible; one of the most famous Michael is the archangel and captain of the army that battled Satan and is said to have expelled Satan out of Heaven.

The name Michael is one of the most popular names given to males. According to Wikipedia, Michael was ranked number one from 1954 to 1988 (with the exception of 1960 where it fell second to the name David). Males with the name Michael tend to be family and home orientated. They also tend to be more serious than others and had more mature interests at a young age.

25 Ava (English)/Ava (Germany)/Ava (Spain)


Ava, a female’s name meaning “Life, is a variation of the name Eve. Though the name may sound extremely modern, it’s actually an ancient name. Ava was the daughter of King Pepin who was miraculously cured of her blindness.

The name Ava started its’ upwards spiral to being one of the most popular female names of the decades after multiple celebrities, such as Reese Witherspoon and Hugh Jackman, decided to give their daughters the name Ava. It has since reached the fourth most commonly used girl name and the top female name starting with 'A.' In 2018, Ava was almost nominated number female name before Olivia took first place.

24 Jude (English)/Judas  (Spain)/Judi (Saudi Arabia)

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Down 27 spots from 2018 in popularity, Jude is currently ranked #178 for popular U.S names. Meaning the "praised one," people with the name Jude tend to be dependable, practical, and hardworking. The personality meaning behind the name is a person who follows the rules and more or less keeps to themselves.

Originally named Judas in the Bible, English translators changed his name to Jude to distinguish him from Judas who would eventually betray Jesus. The name Jude is a shortened spelling of the Hebrew name Judah who was the fourth son of Jacob and gave his name to one of the 12 tribes of Israel.

The name first appeared on U.S popularity charts in 1954. Although it never broke the top 100 in the popularity chart, it was made slightly more popular after the Beatles released their hit “Hey Jude” in the late 1960s.

23 Sophia (English)/Zosia (Poland)/Zsófia (Hungary)


Derived from Greece, meaning “wisdom and skill,” Sophia is most commonly used in England. The name itself was first hard in the 17th century after James I named his daughter with this beautiful moniker. Sophia is one of those classic names that will never go out of style and will constantly be on the most wanted baby girl names. In fact, the name was most commonly used during the Middle Ages among various important figures in Europe. 

This super popular moniker ranked in fifth most commonly used name in 2019, which has the same ranking as the year prior. Thinking of adding another little bundle to the bunch? Those who sport the name Sophia are most likely paired with a sister named Mia, Samantha, or Grace, and brothers named Noah, Nicholas, or Joshua.

22 Henry (English)/Henri (France)/αυτεπαγωγής (Greece)


The name Henry quite possibly has the most on-point meaning; with eight kings of England that have been named Henry, seven kings named Heinrich from Germany, and four kings named Henri from France, “Ruler of the household” just fits. Ranked #25 in U.S popularity charts in 2019—which is up three spots from 2018—maybe the elite in Europe being in the news so much lately has had a positive influence on the population.

The translation of the name Heimiric is composed of the heim, which means “home”; and ric which means “power ruler.”

People named Henry tend to have an artistic and creative side shown through a love of music and literature, as well as writing. When they cannot express feelings, they tend to let their feelings buildup within themselves. Henry's tend to have the ability to concentrate and work hard at anything that holds your interest.

21 Natalie (English)/Nathalie (France)/Natali (Saudia Arabia)


Natalie is a stunning moniker that dates back to Biblical times. According to OhBabyNames, the name Natalie is Latin for “Christ’ Birthday” and the actual translation is “natale domini.” The name quickly spread across Europe. In fact, the translation from Russia would be Natalya or Natasha, as opposed to the version from Spain (Natalia), and the version from France (Nathalie). Today, however, only Sweden, Norway, and Germany have kept the original spelling of this name thus far.

Little girls and young women with this classic moniker have similar characteristics. It is said that “Nathalies” are wise, mystical, and eccentric. In addition, they can also be intuitive and imaginative.

The name Natalie varies in ranking. According to Nameberry, the English version, Natalie, ranked in 75th; however, it’s the spelling of Nathalie in France that ranked 757th.

20 Eli (English)/Ayly (Saudi Araboa)/イーライ(Japan)


The name Eli means “ascended, uplifted, high.”

According to Wikipedia, the Book of Samuel indicates that Eli was a High Priest of Shiloh. He delivered God's message to Elkanah and Hannah, who were a childless couple. Eli told Elkanah and Hannah that they would become parents to a son. Eventually (and somehow) Eli raises Samuel without the aid of Elkanah and Hannah, but he forgets to control the abusive behavior of Samuel and other sons. God then promises to punish Eli's family, eventually resulting in Eli and his son's passing. 

Although it is a name in itself, Eli is also a nickname for the names Elijah, Elias, and even Elliot. Some characteristic traits of males named Eli are powerful, tenacious, wealthy, problem-solvers, and achievers.

Though the name never dropped out of the top 1,000 on the U.S popularity charts, it has recently become more popular; maybe due to Eli Manning, a Super-Bowl winning quarterback?

19 Zoe (English)/Zoe (Greece)/Zoé (France)


In Greece, the meaning of Zoe is “Life." However, Eve in the Bible turned into Zoe. The most well-known Zoes can be found in Hollywood with celebs such as Zoe Saldana carrying this lovely moniker and Zooey Deschanel carrying a variation of this name. For those who grew up in the early 2000s, Sesame Street also introduced their Zoe character who sported orange fur to color-complement Elmo and to balance out the male majority cast.

Zoe was ranked 53rd most popular name for 2019 which is just one vote lower than the year before when it came in 52nd. According to BabyCenter, those with the name Zoe are often paired with siblings sporting names such as Emily, Lily, Elijah, and Gavin.

18 Alexander (English)/Александр (Russia)/Alessandro (Italy)


With an origin from Greece meaning “Defender of men,” there have been numerous kings and emperors that were named Alexander. The most famous Alexander in all of history would be the self-explanatory named; Alexander the Great. Alexander the Third of Macedon spent most of his ruling years battling through Asia and Africa and created one of the largest empires of the ancient world expanding from Greece to northwestern India.

Alexanders tend to possess an extremely generous trait as they are sympathetic to the needs of others; however, they sometimes spend recklessly without thinking they can afford to be so generous. They have a tendency to be spontaneous in nature and make an effort to make others happy, even if it means making promises they cannot always keep.

The name Alexander has been in the top 25 list since 1991 and is currently ranked number 13 in the U.S popularity chart for 2019.

17 Bella (English)/Belle (France)/Bella (Italy)


Bella derives from the longer moniker Isabelle or Annabella. Bella also means beauty, however the definition of this name changes based on language. For example, in Hungary, Bella means “Intelligent,” contrary to in Hebrew where Bella means “Devoted to God.”

The name became extremely popular since 2018 where it was ranked in 32nd place and today, this name holds the spot at 23rd. Though according to She Knows, those who sport the name Bella are generally excited for change and are often adventurous. She will also be dynamic and is an excellent visionary who is not afraid of freedom and work best when rules are not set in place.

16 Eizekel (English)/ئجیکیل (Pakistan)/Ezékiel (Hungary)


Ezekiel (or Yechezqel) means “God will strengthen.” Ezekiel is a very important prophet and the author of the Book of Ezekiel in the Old Testament. He was taken captive and brought to Babylon when Israel was taken during the Babylonian conquest.

People with the name Ezekiel tend to be independent, ambitious, strong-willed, and successful. They have a strong and competitive leader-like personality. They typically do not take orders from others well and are considered starters and not finishers when it comes to new tasks; in a sense that they are eager to start a new project but are less likely to finish the task if not properly challenged.

Now sitting at number 68 on the popularity charts, it jumped a walloping 26 spots from 2018 to 2019. Again, maybe a famous football running back for the Dallas Cowboys has had a positive influence for the name.

15 Caroline (English)/Carolina (Spain)/Καρολίνα (Greece)


In France, Caroline is a traditional name and is, in fact, the female version of Charles, meaning “Free Man.” This classic name is often found in lists for vintage names and can appear in baby name forums for “Having Two Middle Names.”

However, regardless of how vintage this name is and sounds, it is still a preferred name among parents. In 2017, Caroline was ranked number 55 and has been in the top 100s since the early '90s.

In today’s day, the name Caroline has also become trendy with a variety of spellings such as Carolyn or Carolina. Both of these spelling variations have also been declared more feminine than the original Caroline.

14 Kai (English)/Kai (Spain & France)/Cai (Wales)


The name Kai has many origins and each origin has a different meaning. Some of the different origins and meanings are: In Basque, Kai mean “pier of the harbor” and is used as a nickname for the name Kaio; in Sweden, Kai means “rejoice”; while in Maori (the language of the indigenous people of New Zealand), it means food.

We will focus on the origin of Hawaii. In Hawaii, Kai is used as a unisex name meaning “sea.” It is ranked number 127 on the U.S popularity charts. According to Urban Dictionary, people with the name Kai are “huggable, sweet, romantic, talented, and smart,” and are extremely talented.

Being humble is something that most Kai babies will not admit to and their self-conscious can be a little low. However, their sense of humor and witty characters makes them fun to be around. Above all, a Kai will always make sure he can be the shoulder to cry on, will never break a promise and are some of the nicest people to meet. 

Find yourself a Kai.

13 Sarah (English)/Sarh (Saudi Arabia)/Sarai (Hebrew)


Sarah has been around since the beginning of time and it seems as though there’s at least three Sarah’s in each classroom. The name is of Hebrew origins and is often found in various Biblical scriptures. In fact, it is said that Sarah, the mother of Isaac and the wife of Abraham, was originally spelled “Sarai” but God commanded that it be spelled with an 'H' ending instead before she gave birth to Isaac. Sarah also has multiple definitions, primarily being “Princess, Lady or Princess of Multitude.”

Sarah is also often seen in the top 100s chart, where it currently holds its place at number 87, which is 22 spots lower than the previous year.

12 Christopher (English)/Christopher (Italy)/Krzysztof (Poland)


In Greece, Christopher combines the two aspects of the name Christos (Christ) and phero (to carry); the name means “bearing Christ.” In the Middle Ages, the literal interpretation of the name led to stories about a Saint Christopher who carried a young Jesus across a river, he has since been regarded as the Patron Saint of Travellers.

The name Christopher is currently ranked number 57 in the popularity charts and climbing up seven spots from last year. People with this name tend to be willing to take the opportunity to work with others to ensure that steady progress is made that there is stability in the task at hand. They are detail oriented which makes them technically and mechanically skilled. They can be very dependable and humble. The “negative” traits they possess are: at times, they can be too stubborn and overly critical of others as well as impatient and impulsive.

11 Naomi (English)/Naomie (France)/Naomi (Spain)


Meaning “sweet” and “pleasant,” Naomi has been a popular name for little girls. In 2019, the name Naomi was ranked number 72 which is two positions higher than the year prior. This beautiful little moniker can also be found on various baby name lists, most predominantly, famous leaders and writers.

The most well-known Naomi is the runaway supermodel Naomi Campbell, which is where this name has always held a high ranking. However, though this name is often found overseas, it is also a common name across Europe, Australia, and the US. Regardless of where you travel, finding a Naomi can be quite simple but the tricky part would be finding this spelling.

10 James (English)/Giacomo (Italy)/임스 (Korea)


The name James (Iacomus) derives from the previously named Jacob. Some say that the name Iacomus was created from an error in translation of the manuscripts from Greece. This was also the name of two apostles in the New Testament, one of which was John’s brother, Saint James the Greater. James was beheaded under Herod Agrippa in the Book of Acts. Another James in the Bible is known as James the Just and is mentioned as being Jesus’ brother.

According to OhBabyNames, the name James has been in the top 20 baby boy names since the 1880s when the US grew fell in love with this name. In fact, this name was number one for 12 years in a row as of 1940.

9 Eva (English)/Iiva (Saudi Arabia)/エヴァ (Japan)


Eve is a form of Eva, which could be interpreted as Ava like our name listed above. However, the pronunciation is quite distinct. Eve is the Hebrew definition for “Life.”

This stunning and simple moniker is often used, so much so it ranked 56th baby girl name for 2019, however, it significantly dropped eight scores from the previous year.

Inspired by Eva Longoria, this name jumped in rankings ever since the popular series Desperate Housewives first aired. And, of course, who can forget Eva Mendes who first graced us with her presence eons ago, but most known for her comic role in Hitch?

Those who carry this name are often paired with sisters named Emma, Elise or Audrey or brothers named Isaac, Liam, or Joshua.

8 William (English)/William (France)/Guilherme (Portugal)


In Germany, the name William means “Strong-willed warrior.” Currently, in the 29th place on the U.S popularity charts, it has dropped 10 spots from last year’s number 19. The meaning originates from the name Willahelm, which is composed of wil meaning will or desire and helm meaning helm and protection.

People named William tend to very reserved and serious in nature. They also have a tendency to be unable to find the right words when they are required to express themselves and can sometimes end up saying that may be inept. They express their deepest thoughts and feelings best through writing.

7 Gianna (English)/Gianna (Spain)/Gianna (Italy)


It seems as though most names come from Hebrew origins and Gianna is no exception. Though it may sound like it comes from Italy, it’s not. However, those in Italy and Spain have adopted these names. Gianna, meaning “God’s Grace” was ranked at number 71, which is six points higher than last year. However, Gianna first made its’ name-list appearance in 1989 when it topped the top 1,000 baby girl names.

In Italy, Gianna is the female moniker for John. It’s thanks to stars like Kobe Bryant who finally decided to bring this name to light. Although the name sounds slightly intimating, those who hold the name Gianna are independent and individualistic but is also extremely successful and inventive.

6 Lucas (English)/Luca (Italy)/Luka (Romania)


While some name analysts believe that the name Lucious means “light,” others tend to believe that the name is rooted from Greece, spelling it as Loukas, a contraction of Loukanos (a man from Lucania). The moniker Lucas is a form of the name “Luke” which means “light-giving” or “illuminating.” Luke was the author of Acts and the third gospel of the New Testament. He was also a doctor who traveled with one of the apostles, Paul. 

People with the name Lucas tend to be very inspirational, highly intuitive, extremely bright, uplifting and have the traits of a truth seeker. Notably, a finisher of tasks and have an executive ability and are considered a leader. They become very creative when under pressure and have unique ideas due to this. They have a personality that follows rules to keep stability in their life.

The name Lucas is currently ranked 23rd on the US popularity charts.

5 Katherine (English)/Catherine (France)/Catalina (Italy)


Katherine is one of those names that classic and vintage, but the spelling offers a beautiful, unique and creative name. It stems from the original name, Catherine, which still carries the original spelling from France. Although we’ve just touched based on two languages, the name Katherine is originally from Greece. In fact, Katherine is the English name for Aikaterine which means “torture.” Unfortunately, because of this negative definition, those in Greece debate whether the name is actually a shortened form of Aikaterine, or if it originated from Hekaterine, which means “Each of the two.” I guess for this name, it can actually be “each of the two!”

In 2017, Katherine was ranked number 105, though the spelling of Catherine in France ranked number 198.

4 Daniel (English)/Daniel (France)/ダニエル (Japan)


The name Daniel means “God is my judge." A biblical figure and author of the Book of Daniel. In the Book of Daniel, Daniel is portrayed as a hero who remains loyal to God while being held captive by Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon (try to say that three times fast.) He is also said to have interpreted dreams and received apocalyptic visions but has yet to not considered a prophet.

Luckily, the name has evolved over time to over 100 different spelling variations around the world. It is no wonder why it has been in the top 15 every year since 1972.

People named Daniel tend to be determined and stubborn. They are good workers, bold, independent, inquisitive and serious-minded. Daniels are the types of people that will go out of their way for others that are in need as material things are not important to you, regardless of the high quality of life you want to live.

3 Alexandra (English)/Aleksandra (Russia)/Alexándra (Greece)


The name Alexandra originates from the male version of Alexander and Alexander The Great. As a matter of fact, the definition for both Alexandra and Alexandre is “defending men,” according to Nameberry.

In 2015, the name Alexandra officially dropped below the top 100 baby girl names and has yet to see the light at the end of that tunnel since, constantly hovering at number 120, which was the first time baby name charts saw this name drop since 1983.

Luckily, this name is still growing in popularity with different countries and languages coming up with exotic and fun twists to the spelling, such as Alejandra, Alessandra, and even Alexa.

2 Nicholas (English)/Nikolai (Russia)/Nicola (Italy)


The name Nicholas is derived from Greece (nike) which means “victory,” and laos which means “people,” giving the meaning of “victory of the people” to the name. The most famous Nicholas is a fourth-century bishop who was chosen as the patron saint of children, sailors, merchants, archers, repentant thieves, brewers, pawnbrokers, and students in different cities in Europe. The legend of the Patron Saint Nicholas is that he saved the daughter of a poor man from lives of prostitution.

Due to his generous nature when he was a Bishop in Myra (now called Turkey) stories began to be told how he would help the poor and give secret gifts to those in need.

“In the early US, his name was 'Kris Kringle' (from the Christkind). Later, Dutch settlers in the US took the old stories of St. Nicholas with them and Kris Kringle and St Nicholas became 'Sinterklaas' or as we now say 'Santa Claus'!”.

People with the name Nicholas tend to be independent, individualistic, ambitious, strong-willed, inventive and successful.

1 Jasmine (English)/Alyasimin (Saudi Arabia)/Jazmin (Spain)


Persia was the first country to claim the name Jasmine. In fact, the meaning of this name is “flower.” A flower is a delicate and intricate flower that smells wonderful but it wasn’t until the Disney classic Aladdin was released in 1992 that this name really made it to the charts. Although the movie was a hit, the name actually began circulating in the early 1900s, when flower names started to become a thing.

Today, this name can be found with many different variations of spelling and pronunciation. For example, Jazmin, Yasmine, Yasmina are all names that originate from Jasmine. In 2017, this gorgeous little moniker was ranked at number 130 and didn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

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