30 Forgotten Reality TV Heartthrobs Who Are Dads Now

The wonderful world of reality television has sure given us all some serious eye candy over the years. The good looking men of our favorite shows like The BachelorSurvivor, and The Real World to name a few, captured our attention for more than their ability to live their lives out in front of a camera.

When it comes to strapping fellas of reality TV, there indeed is no shortage of them. While some of these men have stayed the course and continued in the world of bachelorhood and entertainment, others have chosen to leave behind the fast-paced and unpredictable reality television life and dive head first into the equally thrilling world of marriage and parenthood.

These 30 men had our hearts going pitter-patter back in their days of bachelorhood and television appearances, but dare we say that they are even more attractive now that they have settled down and become daddies?

Fatherhood might be the most attractive look on a guy, and we think that the proof is in the pudding. These thirty forgotten heartthrobs have traded in forged alliances, fishbowl romances and boozy late nights for diapers, lullabies, and domesticity.

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30 Justin Guarini - Idol

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During the first season of Idol, singer Justin Guarini became a total heartthrob because of two significant things: his singing chops and his masses of golden curls. That mop made the ladies swoon. They might have also scored him some crucial votes because Guarini came in second place on the hit television show. These days Justin has thrown himself wholly and entirely into parenthood. He and his wife Reina Capodici have two sons, Asher and William, and Guarini has a step-daughter, Lola, from his wife.

29 Frankie Delgado - The Hills

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Frankie Delgado isn't as well known a guy as his former bestie, Brody Jenner, but he was a well-known dude around parts of sunny California back in the days of the MTV reality television show, The Hills.

The club promoter spends less time in the company of his former reality television pals and more time living the family life these days. He and his wife, Jennifer Acosta, welcomed their baby girl back in 2014. We always thought he was an attractive guy when he appeared on his reality television show, but we can all agree that he is ten times dreamier now that he is a daddy.

28 Jason Wahler - The Hills

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The Hills heartthrob, Jason Wahler, no longer pines for Lauren Conrad, but instead has devoted himself to his sobriety and two other ladies in his life. Wahler battled the bottle and managed to clean up his life, marry the woman of his dreams, and dive into fatherhood in a positive manner — all significant steps in the right direction for Wahler. Unfortunately, addiction is a never-ending battle for some, and he recently experienced a spiral of sorts. With the support of friends and family; however, he is back on the right path and working towards clean living once again.

27 Aaron Buerge - The Bachelor

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We know this strapping fellow from a little reality television show called, The Bachelor. Back when he was busy handing out roses, he saw a future with Helene Eksterowicz, his final rose recipient. That relationship only lasted a few weeks before the couple recognized that their forever was not meant to be. These days Buege is hitched to his wife Angye McIntosh. They married a decade ago and are now raising two young daughters together. The family lives in Springfield, Missouri, while their older step-daughter lives in Kansas City. 

26 Bill Rancic - The Apprentice

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We first met this savvy business guy back when he was waiting to see whether or not he would end up fired on the reality television show The Apprentice. He went on to win Donald's approval there as well as the eye of television entertainment host Giuliana DePandi, now Rancic. Together the pair starred on another reality television show, Giuliana and Bill that showcased their lives as a married couple hoping to become parents someday. After several setbacks and roadblocks, they achieved their dream when they had their son, Duke, via surrogacy.

25 Steven Hill - The Real World: Las Vegas

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Steven Hill was known for his wild, partying ways back in his days starring on MTV reality television shows like The Real World: Las Vegas and The Challenge: Battle of the Sexes 2. A couple of years after his final reality show debut, he turned towards a quieter life and married designer Donna Katz. They welcomed their son Riley James David into the world together, but sadly the pair chose not to see the marriage through and ended their union in 2010. He has decided not to return to the reality television lifestyle, and frankly, we are cool with that.

24 Yul Kwon - Survivor: Cook Islands

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Yul Kwon showed off his survival skill during his time on the Cook Islands where he won his season of Survivor in 2006. The talented, intelligent guy left his job in law and government to become a positive role model for his ethnic community by putting himself in the public eye. He gained a lot of friends and fans because of his savvy strategic moves and honest approach to winning. After Survivor, Kwon went on to become a television host as well as a special correspondent for CNN. And if that wasn't a lot to take on, he's also the Deputy Chief of the Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau for the Federal Communications Commission. He married his girlfriend Sophie Tan in 2009, and the couple now has two children together.

23 Aras Baskauskas - Survivor

via fawnandcub.wordpress.com

Aras has two series' of Survivor under his belt. He was first seen competing in the Panama series and later in the Blood vs. Water series. Aside from making a name in the reality television world, he also dabbled in the music and entertainment world, turning music out under the band name, Odd Us. After dating his girlfriend, Christy Peterson, for several years, he made an honest woman out of her and asked for her hand in marriage. The couple enjoys their two children and their more low-key lifestyle.

22 Nev Schulman - Catfish

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You may recognize Nev Schulman because of his work on MTV's reality television show Catfish. It was there that he and his partner Max helped desperate people find out of their paramours were being truthful and honest with them, or if they were feeding them lines of deceit. After being a part of a whole lot of unhappy endings, Nev got his fairytale ending when he married Laura Perlongo. The couple is now loving life as the proud parents to a beautiful little girl, and we could not be happier for him!

21 Talan Torriero - Laguna Beach

via entertainmenttonight.com

During his teenage years of starring on MTV's Laguna Beach, Talon was the object of many California girls' desires. He later expanded his dating horizons when he wooed Rod Stewart's daughter Kimberly as well as musician Nicole Scherzinger. Eventually, it was his future wife, Danielle Zuroski, who finally got the fellow to settle down and become a full-fledged family man. The pair welcomed a son, Bronson, into the world and they now reside in the Los Angeles area where papa Talon works in marketing with a focus on social media.

20 Cory Wharton - The Real World

via realityblurb.com

We first met Cory Wharton back when he was the best looking guy in the Real World house. He certainly had his pick of the ladies back then. He went on to star in The Challenge: Rivals III in 2006 and it was there that he met Cheyenne Floyd. They did a little more than meet because nine months later, Cheyenne became a mother and it was later revealed that Wharton was the father of her child. The two are now the stars of yet another MTV reality show, Teen Mom, and are joyfully co-parenting their little daughter Ryder together.

19 Spencer Pratt - The Hills

via people.com

Who can forget cocky Spencer Pratt from a little reality show called The Hills? Spencer was the ultimate bad boy and not the most liked fellow of the cast, but one particular person loved him a whole lot. His lady and former costar, Heidi Montag, has been by his side from the time they two were practically teenagers. After many years of pitfalls and struggles, Heidi and Spencer seem to be in a perfect place, and that place is parenthood. After years of Heidi wanting to become a mother, that dream was finally achieved when the couple gave birth to their son.

18 Ronnie Magro - Jersey Shore

via people.com

This fun-loving, fist-pumping fellow is no longer strutting the Jersey Shore boardwalk and looking for a fun night with his posse of Italian troublemakers. His nights seem entirely different these days as he is the proud father to a beautiful baby girl. Ronnie and his daughter's mother aren't always a couple, and the two have been in more public spats than we can count, but they both love being mom and dad to their little girl. We love watching this big guy melt when he is in the presence of his baby girl.

17 Mike Mizanin - The Real World

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Mike “The Miz” Mizanin is a bit of a reality television success story. He was able to take his experience on MTV's The Real World, and channel that into a lucrative profession in wrestling, The WWE star and his beautiful wife, Maryse, have now added parenthood to their growing resume of accomplishments. The two welcomed their first child, baby Monroe, into their family back in April of 2018. Mike indeed has it all these days; longevity in the workforce, a loving wife, and now a beautiful child to the world. Congrats Mike!

16 Rob Mariano - Survivor

via realitytvworld.com

Boston Rob and his fellow reality show castmate-wife Amber are Survivor's ultimate love story. For them, a stint on a reality show led to a lifetime together and eventually four little girls. Rob and Amber are pretty busy these days, but not because of their constant appearances on reality television shows, True, Rob has been on so many different seasons of Survivor we have lost count of the number, but those days are in the past and fatherhood has taken center stage. Rob and Amber's busy and hectic lives are now because of their bevy of little ladies. We are sure that they would not have it any other way.

15 Maksim Chmerkovskiy - Dancing With The Stars

via people.com

This professional dancing dad recently left his life of reality television behind to focus on what he truly loves the most: being a father and a husband. Max and his co-star and now wife Peta Murgatroyd are now spending their days focused on their toddler son Shai. In one interview, he shared how parenthood and marriage changed his chemistry. This shift led to his ultimate decision to leave his reality show, Dancing With The Stars, days behind. It seems that the only lay he wants to be dancing with these days is his wife, Val. They have been starring in the Maks, Val, & Peta Live On Tour: Confidential.

14 Simon Cowell - Idol

via thesun.co.uk

Simon Cowell was one of those guys who we never saw settling down into domesticity, but the iconic Idol judge proved us all wrong. The blunt, often snippy, lead judge surprised everyone when he and girlfriend Lauren Silverman announced that they were expecting a baby! She gave birth to Simon's son, Eric, on Valentine's Day in 2014. We can't help but think that Lauren and Eric have softened the rough-edged guy just a little bit over the last few years. Kids will do that!

13 Nigel Barker - Next Top Model

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Everyone will recognize this good looking face from all those years of him of sitting next to Tyra Banks and judging upcoming beauties on their striking appearances on the show Next Top Model. Nigel Barker expanded his horizons and has moved on to greener pastures; pastures filled with a lot more love and family time. The English photographer and his wife and former model, Cristen Chin, and they have two children together. The happy family lives in New York City. Who says you can't have it all?

12 Will Kirby - Big Brother 2

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Dr. Will Kirby was the winner of Big Brother 2 as well as The Price is Right. Because of his background in the medical profession, he also made appearances on shows like The Doctors and Dr. 90210. Kirby met and fell in love with a two-time winner of the show, For Love or Money, and together they are now mom and dad to a son and a daughter. After many years together they finally made things official when they tied the knot in October of 2017.

11 Jason Case - The Amazing Race

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10 Ernie Halvorsen - The Amazing Race

via youtube.com

Another Amazing Race couple that managed to take home the major prize and then go on to live the sweet domestic life is that of Ernie Halvorsen and Cindy Chiang. This pair became the mighty winners of the show's 19th season and then went on to get married and become parents to two adorable sons, Maverick and Ernest. The family happily resides in the city of Chicago and considers parenthood way more of an adventure and challenge than their former days as continent-spanning reality show contestants.

9 Andrew Firestone - The Bachelor

via usmagazine.com

Former famous bachelor Andrew Firestone gave his final rose to Jen Schefft in season three of The Bachelor, but that relationship never came to fruition. The two went their separate ways, and Andrew found his happiness with a former model, Ivana Bozilovic. The happy family now includes two strapping sons and a gorgeous daughter. As for Jen, she too found love with someone else and is enjoying her time as a parent. She is the proud mama to two beautiful daughters. All is well that ends well for the former couple that was Andrew and Jen.

8 Casey James - Idol

Casey James still likes to whip out his guitar and make music, but these days he might be crooning lullabies to his small humans rather than to droves of adoring female fans. The former Idol hunk now enjoys life in the company of his stunning life, his young son and daughter. Music will forever be a part of James's life, but now so will fatherhood. It seems like this former reality star has found a real balance between his work and his darling family.

7 Jason Mesnick - The Bachelor

via jasonmesnickgroup.com

Former single guy Jason Mesnick was not a very liked man when he suddenly changed his mind and decided that the woman he chose on The Bachelor was the wrong woman for him. He gave Melissa Rycroft the boot and professed his love to Molly Malaney. Sometimes instincts prove right, though. The pair is still together after all these years and are happily married. They welcomed a daughter, Riley, into the fold back following their wedding and also parent Jason's son from a previous relationship.

6 Kris Allen - Idol

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Kris Allen always struck us as a stand-up guy, even back in his days of competing for a record gig and fame on a little-known reality television show called Idol. He won over both judges and the adoring public, beating out rocker Adam Lambert and walked away with the winner. These days Allen is winning at so much more than music because he now finds himself happily surrounded by the love of his loving wife and his two children. We think he is pretty deserving of such good fortune.

5 Danny Roberts - The Real World

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4 Evan Starkman - The Challenge

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We first met Evan when he starred on MTV's Fresh Meat series. He then went on to establish himself as a reality star great when he partook in other series' like The Duel, The Gauntlet III, The Duel 2, The Ruins, and Rivals. So what is everyone's muscle-clad guy next door up to these days? He is the founder of his own company The Bait Shoppe, specializing in experimental marketing. He also got married and joined #ClubDaddy recently when he and his wife welcomed their birth born son into the world.

3 Ryan Sutter - The Bachelorette

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Ryan Sutter and his wife Trista are essentially the Prom King and Queen of reality television. They proved to so many disbelievers that true love could exist in the reality television world. The couple met on the hit show The Bachelorette and have just recently celebrated a whopping 15 years together! They were the first pair from the franchise to marry, and they remain our favorite reality couple to this day. They are also proud parents to one son and one daughter. Never change, you two!

2 Carson Daly - Total Request Live

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Carson Daly used to spend his days hosting MTV shows and interviewing masses of celebrities. These days his life looks pretty different though. He recently bowed out of the radio business after dedicating nearly two decades of his life to the business and is also a happily married man. He and his wife Siri now have three children together. He sure dodged a bullet when he decided not to make things legal with his former wreck of a girlfriend, Tara Reid.

1 Ashley Parker Angel - Making The Band


Making The Band gave us a look at some serious musical talent, but it was Ashely Parkey Angel that ladies would not draw their eyes away from. The guy had the chops and the dreamy eyes that seemed made for entertainment success. Since his boy band days, Parker Angel has spent some time on Broadway and acting in various theater groups. He has also had some years practicing his fathering skills. Ashley and his former fiance, Tiffany Lynn, share a son, Lyric Lennon, together. Little Lyric is following in his father's footsteps, recently trying his hand at some mainstream acting.

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