30 Glamorous Baby Girl Names That Haven't Been Discovered Yet

Ever feel like all the good names are already taken? Finding that rare baby name can be quite the daunting task. Far too often, classic names can feel overused and ordinary, while undiscovered names remain that way, but for good reason.

Everyone wants to find that name that is unique and daring, yet not crazy and bizarre. It's that name that makes all others fade away. Well, have no fear. We've rounded up some seriously stunning and rare baby girl names that aren't too obscure or strange, but are definitely beautiful and unique.

These names are from several different categories, but they haven't come even close to being the popular names in those categories. Names like Luella and Galilee are just a couple of these undiscovered gems that we think you'll love!

All of these names have somehow remained under the radar. They are quirkier and have way more spunk than classics, but several of them are ancient with a deep-rooted history, while others are unknown nature names.

If the answer to our first question was yes, it isn't so! We've unearthed some of the most beautiful baby girl names that haven't been discovered by the masses yet.

30 Emmelyn

Another "E" name has joined our list, and this one might be the most distinct of all. Emmelyn combines the best of the best in "e" names to make the ultimate name in this trend. "E" names have a cult-like following, so if you can't beat them, join them. But let's help them add a little more variety too.

Emmelyn is a variation of Emma, which means "universal." While Emmelyn has never made it onto the American list, Emma has never left. It's actually never left the top of lists in 12 other countries!

I think it's safe to say that we are hearing names like Emma far too often, no matter how pretty it might be. There will be a dozen other kids in your daughters class named Emma! Try Emmelyn on for size!

29 Haven

Via: pinterest.com

This moniker entered the American list in 1996, at #939 and it has slowly made its way to #294. Though it hasn't reached the list in other countries, that hasn't stopped it from gaining some love here. Jessica Alba chose Haven for her second daughter, perhaps giving it the sudden boost in popularity.

Haven is an English word name that we are all familiar with. It offers a kind of peaceful and stable appeal that feels like home. It actually has some pretty prevalent name bearers of today. Haven Kimmel wrote A Girl Named Zippy and Haven Denney is medal winning skater.

Haven is perfect for parents looking for a familiar word name that hasn't been overdone just yet. It's a combination of soft and feminine, yet strong and safe.

28 Arizona

Place names are a huge trend right now. Parents are loving names like Dakota, Cheyenne, Brooklyn, London. Arizona did actually make an appearance on American charts in 1880, but never entered the top 500, and was kicked out by 1911. It hasn't reentered since.

Arizona is Place-name from Papago Indian, which means "little spring." Arizona has had likable and not so likable namesakes in its past. It was used for Grey's Anatomy character, Dr. Arizona Robins played by Jessica Capshaw in 2009. Arizona Clark was the real name of mobster, Ma Barker.

Arizona peaked in the late 1800s and early 1900s, but since then has been basically non-existent. Arizona wasn't even a state when it was so successful, now that it has been for quite some time, it should be a safe choice to use!

27 Constance

Constance, unlike others on our list, was once a top baby name in the U.S., but somehow dropped so far out of favor that you will rarely meet a Constance today. It could definitely be considered undiscovered because it hasn't been on the charts in almost 20 years.

Constance broke into the top 100 in 1949, but only stayed there for three years. It was in the top 500 for almost a century. Constance is the English version of the Latin Constantia, which means "steadfastness." Constance was the name of one of William the Conqueror's daughters. It was loved by the Puritans and was the name of Constance Hopkins, a passenger on the Mayflower.

Constance was the name of Oscar Wilde's wife and the German form was the name of Mozart's wife. For a name so rich in history, we can't believe it ever left the charts!

26 Aviana


Aviana, though still extremely rare, just might be the next name to join the popular "Ava" trend, and we won't be the slightest bit sorry if it does! Aviana didn't cross over to our shores until 2011, and didn't reach the top 500 until last year when it hit #384.

Aviana is a variation of the outdated Avis, which means "bird." Amy Adams,who was born in Italy, recently chose Aviana for her daughter, which might be the reason for its sudden boost in popularity.

Aviana also has a double "n" spelling option, which is slightly less popular, but has also reached the top 500. The nickname Avi could be used for either spelling. Aviana is joining Ariana and Eliana at the top, so you better grab this one soon!

25 Xandra

Xander is a huge trend on the boy's side, so why shouldn't Xandra be also? "X" names are among the rarest, and this one not only has one, but it is also extremely feminine and dainty as well. Xandra is perfectly equipped to become a top rising baby girl name!

Xandra, pronounced Zan-dra, is the Spanish diminutive of Alexandra, which means "defending men." It's meaning alone gives it an undeniable strength. Xandra is a modern and contemporary choice to replace the classic Alexandra.

You can't get any more rare and unique than this moniker. Xandra was ranked in the ten thousands on baby name charts. It wasn't even close to breaking into the top 1000, but with modern invention names coming into trend, this one might just start catching on.

24 Yasmin

If you like the name Jasmine, Yasmin will definitely catch your eye! It's actually the original spelling of the sweet smelling flower. Yasmin is the name of the flower from which the name Jasmine derives. In my opinion, just like with movies, the original version is always the best!

This Persian name entered the American list in 1977 and didn't fair too badly until 2013, when it began its decent to the bottom 900s and left the top 1000 last year. Jasmine has recovered from a decline in popularity, so we can hope that Yasmin will too!

Yasmin is perfect for parents who like nature and floral names. However, constant tension with its home countries in the Middle East where it's still popular might be a turn off for some.

23 Alia

Alia, pronounced AH-lee-uh, has been on the American list since 1995, but has never gotten much love from parents. In fact, it didn't hit the top 300 until last year, when it moved up over 300 spaces to do so.

Alia is the Arabic variation of the name Ali, which means "supreme exalted." It is one of the classic forms of Ali, one of the 99 attributes to Allah. Though its roots are Muslim, its also used by Christians and Jews as well. It has also been used in books and

While Alia is the most historical of the family and also the simplest spelling, Aaliyah and Aliyah have always been more successful than Alia. We love Alia as a rare gem that has sadly been left undiscovered!

22 Leelee

Leelee is cute and cheerful, but also a name that a baby girl can grow into. This moniker has never been on the American charts, and we don't think it will be any time soon. This one has remained undiscovered, despite its roots.

Leelee is a nickname for the name Liliane, which is the French form of Lilian which means "lily." Lily is a top 100 name, joining other flower names of its kind, but Liliane isn't on the charts. Since Lily is such a big trend right now, choosing Leelee or even Liliane would be a better move.

Actress Leelee Sobieski's real name is Liliane Rudabet Gloria Elsveta, but she goes by Leelee, luckily. She was named after her French grandmother. Leelee is definitely strong enough to stand on its own, but for parents who aren't huge risk takers, maybe Liliane is a better choice.

21 Luella

Luella, pronounced loo-EL-la, actually had a pretty successful past on the American list beginning in 1880 when it entered at #140. It held a spot in the top 300 until 1934, when it began to plummet to the bottom. It fell off the list by 1955, but just last year it made an appearance as the 510th baby name.

Luella is a spelling variation of Louella. It is currently four times more popular than its original. Luella's use of the popular "ella" combined with the rare use of a "u" makes it a definite contender for the top 100. More visually appealing than the original, along with its vintage vibe landed this one on our list.

Luella has been used as a middle name by several celebrities, which will hopefully help this one jump past the ranking of its former glory in the 19th century.

20 Seraphina

One of the most searched names this year, but somehow not even in the top 1000, Seraphina has never been featured on the American list. Seraphina was recently chosen by Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck for their second daughter, which may help boost this one to the ranks.

Seraphina is Hebrew for "ardent, fiery." The seraphim in the Bible is the highest ranking angel. They are the heavenly winged angels surrounding the throne of God. It has six wings and is said to have been the inspiration for the name Seraphina. Serafina is the Latin variation and Seraphita is another option.

Seraphina is a surprising choice, but we can't say for how long. This beautiful moniker could be joining the likes of Sophia, Isabella and other "ia" names in the top 100 soon!

19 Bexlee

This is one my favorite names on our list! I can't believe the lack of use it's gotten, especially considering how popular names ending in "ley" are. Bexley only entered the American list last year, coming in at a very sad #970.

Bexley is a place name. Bexley is a sextion outside of greater London, and also a town outside of Columbus, Ohio. London is a bit more exotic and may be somewhat more appealing for parents, but it would be perfect for parents from Ohio who are expecting too.

Place names are getting a ton of attention right now, so why should Bexley be any different? Bexley's debut might not have gone so well, but it could be seen taking the place of Bailey and Paisley pretty soon! You better grab this one before it becomes a trend!

18 Blakeley

I'm a big fan of unisex names. I love cute boy names that translate well for girls too. Blakeley does just that, just like Blake has in the past. Blakeley, in my opinion, is slightly more feminine than Blake, and would probably serve a baby girl better.

Blakeley is an English surname that has successfully been being used as a first name. It means "dark wood or clearing." It was historically used as a locational surname for people who came from places called Blackley and Blakley which are recorded as early as 1282.

Blake is for the 80s. Let's help it evolve into this decade and add the lovable "ley" ending to it! We can also just add an "ly" for Blakely, but we like Blakeley better. This moniker is one to keep an eye on!

17 Millie

This name, which is newly hugely popular in Europe, has also jumped onto American list at #436. Millie also entered charts in 1880 and held a spot in the top 300 until 1920. By 1966, Millie dropped to the high 900s and never recovered until 2015 when it hit #600. It's a top 50 name in England, Scotland, Ireland and New Zealand.

Millie is a diminutive of Mildred or Millicent. Parents are beginning to use Millie on its own as an offbeat yet nostalgic choice. There is a film named Thoroughly Modern Millie, which gave the name a bit of attention.

Millie is a great alternative to the trendy Mila and Miley. Using Millicent would work for parents looking for a vintage option, but Mildred will probably never come back into fashion.

16 Olympia

Olympia had a short stint on the American list in 1913, but it never left the 900s and by 1925 it completely left the top 1000. However, just last year Olympia reappeared on the charts at its highest ranking ever, #611.

Olympia is the feminine form of the Greek Olympus, the mountain in Northern Greece known as the home of the Greek gods. In 1865 Edouard Manet painted a work he called Olympia. Olympia Snowe was the former Republican senator from Maine and Olympia Dukakis is an actress.

Olympia is a more exotic and intriguing choice than names like Olivia and Amelia, one that might just start taking their place at the top. We've been waiting for a name to start competing with them and this one just might be it!

15 Sade

In between Sadie and Sage, we find Sade, pronounced shah-day. Sade has been around longer than you might think. It entered the American charts in 1985 at #212, but left completely by 2002. Today, Sade has reentered the charts, but it only made it to #718.

Sade is Nigerian, Yoruba, diminutive of Folashade meaning "honor bestows a crown." It is also said to mean "sweetly singing." Sade's pronunciation might throw some people off, but the singer from the 80s who went solely by Sade may have helped to clarify it.

Sade has been in hiding for a while, but it's finally being resurrected. Will your baby girl probably have to correct most of their teachers when they pronounce their name? Most likely, yes, but we think it just might be worth the hassle.

14 Tanner

The last name on our list is another one that covers all of the categories that I love for girl names! It's a surname name, an occupational name and traditionally a boy's name. Tanner may have historically been a turn off to parents, but today we love it!

Tanner is English for "leather tanner." A tanner who was known to smell horribly because of the nature of the job. Choosing this name for a baby would've been unheard of. Today, most people wouldn't associate the name with the old English occupation, so you're probably in the clear.

Tanner has been used for boys since 1976 and was in the top 100 for over a decade. Today, it is still ranked #238. For girls, it never made it onto the list, probably because it doesn't come with all the frills and ruffles like others.

13 Leandra

Leandra, though it may sound like a modern invention, dates back to early Greek days. It's a good combination of some outdated names, but forms one contemporary sounding choice that hasn't been overused yet.

Leandra is the feminine variation of the Greek name Leandro. Leandra means "lion of a man." In Greek mythology, Leandro was the lover of the princess Hero. In their story, it is said that he swam across the Hellespont every single night just to be with her. One night he drowned in a storm and Hero threw herself in to swim after him.

The meaning of the name might put a little bit of a damper on the beauty of the name itself, but for parents who don't put a ton of weight on meaning, this name is perfect! In 2015, Leandra came in as the 3,259th baby name. It's safe to say it remains undiscovered.

12 Phyllida

If you're looking for something in the floral name category, but don't want to use anything too trendy like Rose or Lily, Phyllida is just that. This moniker has never been on the American charts, but that doesn't mean it doesn't deserve a second look. Phylidda is rich in history and color.

Phyllida is the Greek variation of the name Phyllis. It means "green bough." There is a poem called Phyllida and Corydon. It was also used by 16th century poets and writers like Lyly, who used it for a character in his play Galathea, written in 1592. Phyllida Lloyd was the director of Mamma Mia and The Iron Lady.

Phyllida is perfect as a namesake for Phyllis or for a baby born in spring. Choosing a seasonal name is also on trend, and one so rare and distinct like Phyllida will definitely gain some attention.

11 Dree

We've all heard of Andrea, which is trending again as we speak, and Bree as a nickname, but what about Dree as a first name? Dree has a lot going for it, and I just can't imagine why it's been neglected for so long!

Dree is a a diminutive of Andrea, which is the feminine version of the name Andrew, which means "strong, manly." Strong is a great meaning, manly, not so much for a girl, but we can just forget about that part.

Dree was added into the mix of nickname names when Academy Award nominee, Mariel Hemingway, chose it for her daughter, Dree Hemingway. She's representing the name well as a model and actress herself.

We love the nickname name trend and Dree is definitely one that should be added to your list if that's what category you're looking in!

10 Elodina

Elodina, pronounced  el-oh-DEE-na, is a new one to me, but I absolutely love the charm that this name brings to the table of popular "El" names. This trend doesn't seem to be going anywhere any time soon, so why not add something new and fresh to the fad? 

Elodina is not an "El" name, it's also a nature name, which has been trending itself as well. Elodina is a genus of butterflies that contains 30 rare species. They are a genus of black and white butterflies known to Australia. Any little girl would love this name!

Elodina could possibly be the name that starts to take the place of Eleanor, Eloise and Ella. The nickname El and Dina are just perks to choosing this already adorable and rare baby name.

9 Elin

Another name in the "El" category, but it also covers another trend. Swedish and Scandinavian names have been making their way to our shores and this one has made it over and even broken into the top 1000. Elin entered charts in 2010, made it to #733, but then dropped to #996. It's a top 50 name in Sweden, Iceland and The Netherlands.

Elin is the Swedish variation of Ellen, which means "bright, shining light."Elin also translates as a Celtic name that means "beautiful nymph." In Sweden it is likely pronounced ee-ah-lyn, but here we would pronounce it ee-lyn. It could also be pronounced just like Ellen, just spelled a little more uniquely.

Tiger Wood's ex-wife was named Elin, which probably helped bring it over to the States. Elin is a great choice for parents looking for something rare, but not too out of the box.

8 Floriana

Floriana is like the perfect combination of Gloria and Florence. It hasn't joined the ranks of the top 1000 in the U.S., but it is popular in Spanish and Italian speaking countries. Floriana has all the potential in the world to cross the ocean and land on our charts soon!

Floriana is the Spanish variation of the trending name Florence, which means "flourishing, prosperous." While Florence has made it to #117, Floriana is lagging way behind. Florence is one of those old fashioned names that has reentered the top of the list because of the vintage baby name trend. Meanwhile, newer and fresher names like Floriana, are left behind.

This moniker is undeniably beautiful and nicknames Flo and Ria are just added bonuses to choosing it. Parents looking for something not too quirky, but still pretty will love this name!

7 Indra

Indra is so rare in the States that it has never made its way onto the American list. Indra has a rich history and multi-cultural appeal that parents are sure to appreciate soon. The Indra spelling is a Hindu variation, but it can also be spelled Indre, which comes from France.

Indra is a deity in Hinduism that is translated in Sanskrit as "possessing drops of rain." In Hinduism, Indra is the warrior god of sky and son. In Buddhism, Indra is a guardian deity and the king of the highest heaven.

Indra has all the potential it needs to jump onto the American list in the next few years! With its cross-cultural appeal and exotic history and meaning, we're pretty confident we will see it on the charts soon!

6 Wylie

This is the perfect name for parents who fully expect to have a wild and free baby girl! Wylie is one of those historically masculine names that could so easily cross gender lines onto the girl's side. Wylie is adorable for a boy, but we like it even better as a spunky and rare girl name.

Wylie is a Scottish diminutive of William, which means "resolute protector." It can also be spelled Wiley or Wylei, which is how Corey Parker chose to spell it for his son. This variation might cause some pronunciation problems when they get to school though.

Wylie has never made it onto the list for girls, but for boys in entered in 1880, broke into the top 500 twice, then dropped off the list in 1947, and hasn't been seen or heard from since.

5 Galilee

For parents looking in the Bible category, but are tired of all the Hannahs and Sarahs, we've got just the name for you! Galilee is a familiar Bible name that has never received the popularity it deserves.

Galilee is Hebrew for "the province." The name Galilee is the Anglicized version of the Greek name Galilaia, which is also pretty, but the spelling is a little confusing. In the Bible, Galilee is the region in Northern Israel where Jesus spent most of his life. The Sea of Galilee is also referenced in the Bible, named for the sea near this region.

Galilee is a surprising choice, but ultimately, we think parents will love it! It definitely deserves some recognition and a place in the top 1000! We think we'll see it there soon.

4 Monet

Bohemians are going to love this one! Monet, pronounced mo-NAY, is an inspired artsy name that we love! Monet is familiar to most, but not as a first name, and definitely not on the girl's side.

Monet is a diminutive of the name Simon, which means "solitary." Claude Monet was a French impressionist painter in the 1800s. Actress Monet Mazur brought the name to the girl's side when her father, graphic designer for the band The Rolling Stones, chose if for her name in 1976.

Less than 45 girls were named Monet last year, so to say it's rare is an understatement. This one isn't for the parent looking for something classic and ordinary. Monet is definitely a riskier choice than some, but no risk no reward, right?

3 Porter

Another surname name has made our list and this one translates well for both genders, but we especially love it for girls! As I said before, I am a huge fan of boy names for girls, and this one is no different! It's surprising and unique, but also strong and somehow feminine.

Porter is a French occupational name that means "carrier." Porter was traditionally used for a gatekeeper or doorkeeper. It's still a popular surname today. It has been used for boys in the U.S. since 1880 and has never left the top 1000. In 2017 it was ranked #422.

Porter has never been ranked on the girl's side, but we think it will be soon. It's the perfect combination of strong and tough and cute and feminine. You can't go wrong with a name like Porter!

2 Raphaela

This feminine variation of Raphael is a of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan's dream come true! Raphaela is also another name on our list that we hope we see taking the place of Sophia and Isabella and become a new trend soon!

There are several spelling variations to choose from including the Spanish Rafaela, the Italian Raffaella, and the German Rafaela. However you spell it, Raphaela is Hebrew for "God has healed." It is the feminine variation of Rafael.

While Raphael has hit #250 on the boy's list, this moniker has never been on the American list for girls. We see that changing pretty soon though. It finally entered mainstream America, and we think it'll get some love soon enough.

1 Oriana

Oriana has come out of nowhere to make it into the top 400 baby names last year. This moniker has a deep history in literature, and has similar roots to the top 100 name, Aurora. This lovely name has surprised us all by its sudden appearance on charts, and we expect it will keep rising.

Oriana is Latin for "dawn." Oriana was a character in medieval tales. She was said to be the love of the knight Amadis and the heiress to the throne of Great Britain. The Ballad of Oriana is a poem written by Tennyson. It's been used for characters in at least ten other literary works.

Somehow this beautiful name has been looked over until recently, but its recent sudden success tells us it won't go overlooked for too much longer. We expect Oriana to join the ranks soon!

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