30 Gorgeous Baby Girl Names No One Is Choosing Anymore

With the amount of flexibility there is in naming kids, most parents-to-be think it will be an easy task to name their baby. After all, celebrities have named their kids after everything from fruit to places to words. So we should all expect the unexpected when it comes to baby names, especially when it comes to the Kardashians.

However, despite the world being a new parent’s oyster when it comes to naming their child, that still doesn’t make it any less difficult. If anything, having so many choices is what makes the job so challenging. Should I give my daughter a name that’s feminine and soft? Or do I make it commanding and strong-willed? These are some of the questions that run through a parent’s mind when they’re trying to pick the perfect baby girl’s name. Even if they know they want to take inspiration from nature, literary characters, or from their own family, it can still be tough narrowing it down to a few options.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of thirty beautiful baby girl names that aren’t on many parents’ radars at the moment. Many of these monikers were popular a few decades ago but aren't at the moment, whereas others have always been rare and underused. Keep on reading to (hopefully) discover the perfect baby girl name.

30 Adella

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If you’re in the market for a soft, feminine name, then consider Adella. This gorgeous girl’s name is a variation of the more commonly heard names Adele or Adeline. While there is no direct translation for the meaning of Adella, both Adele and Adeline translate to mean ‘nobility,’ which gives any of their variations a regal sound. As such, this name is perfect for any little princess. It’s also a plus if you love the singer Adele.

29 Rosemary

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The name ‘Rose’ is all too common nowadays, which is why variations of this classic floral name are gaining traction. Rosemary is a longer version of this name and carries a lot of options for nicknames, including ‘Rosie,’ ‘Mary,’ or simply ‘Rose.’ The name beautifully translates to mean both ‘the rosemary plant’ as well as ‘dew of the sea,’ giving it a lovely connection to nature. According to NameBerry, Rosemary ranks #457 on the popularity charts, meaning it's unlikely any other girl will have this name in your daughter’s kindergarten class.

28 Celia

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It seems like ‘C’ names are becoming less and less popular for little girls, which is why we’re hoping to see a resurgence in the popularity of the name Celia. This moniker is both glamorous and feminine. It has origins in Latin and translates to mean ‘heavenly,’ which is perfect considering every mother thinks of her baby girl as an angel. Similar variations of Celia include Cecily, Cecilia, or Celine, all of which would be perfect for a little girl.

27 Blanche

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While the name Blanche was fairly popular only a few decades ago, it’s nearly unheard of nowadays, which makes it perfect for parents looking for a moniker that sticks out without being too untraditional. This name comes from the French word for ‘white,’ and as such has a distinctive Parisian air to it. Unlike other names on this list, Blanche isn’t overtly feminine or too dainty and is rather strong-sounding and captivating.

26 Edith

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Short ‘E’ names have been all the rage for baby girl’s names, with examples like Eva and Eden ranking high on the popularity charts. Edith is a cute option for parents who love the sound of those more popular names, yet want something that stands out more. Edith is of English origin and means ‘prosperous in war.’ And while we doubt that means your little girl will be off to participate in any literal battles, such a strong name does ensure she’ll likely be successful in whatever she puts her mind to.

25 Dinah

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Dinah has a similar sound to the name Diana, without being nearly as popular. It originates from Hebrew and is mentioned multiple times in the Old Testament, which makes it perfect for parents who want their baby name to have a religious connection. It translates to mean ‘God will judge.’ Dinah has both a fierce and modern sound to it, despite having old roots, which is why we think it’ll make a great millennial baby name.

24 Marion

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Unlike some of the other names on this list, Marion has a distinct vintage sound to it (are we the only ones who think of the mom from Happy Days?). Granted, this name was more popular several decades ago. But its old-time charm makes it a nice alternative to more common names like Mary or Maryanne. The name can be spelt multiple ways, including as Marion, Marrian, or Maryon. While the name has no meaning, it is a variation of the shorter version of Mary, which is Hebrew for ‘bitter.’

23 Flora

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It goes without saying that the name Flora has a distinct floral sound to it, as it’s literally Hebrew for the word ‘flower’. It’s an unusual alternative to other floral names, like Rose or Daisy, but uncommon enough that you’ll likely never meet another person with it. It’s also short and easy to spell and speak, which many parents find to be positive attributes in a baby name. This dainty, feminine name would suit any little princess.

22 Maude

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Maude is another name on this list with a distinct vintage sound. This short moniker was most popular a hundred years ago, yet has become relatively unheard of in the last five decades. It did regain some popularity in the 1970s with the introduction of the sitcom Maude, though the show likely doesn’t resonate with many millennials nowadays. Maude is considered to be a variation of Matilda, which is a German name that translates to mean ‘battle-mighty.’

21 Darcy

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If you’re looking for a baby name with a bit of edge, then consider the 5-letter name Darcy. With a strong ‘ar’ sound, this moniker is more edgy than feminine, especially compared to the other names on this list. It also has an equally edgy meaning, translating to ‘dark one’ or ‘from the fortress.’ Darcy has both French and Irish origins. Though it’s traditionally been used as a girl’s name, it was popularized as the last name of Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice.

20 Birdie

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More and more parents are choosing to name their kids after animals. Hey, Zoey Deschanel named her kids Otter and Wolf! If you’re looking to get on the bandwagon, then Birdie makes an adorable option. Like it sounds, the name was inspired by the English word for ‘bird.’ The ‘ie’ sound at the end gives the name a playful twist, although Bird could also make an equally adorable baby name. Actress Busy Phillips chose this moniker for her second daughter. Her eldest also has an animal-inspired name: Cricket.

19 Fay

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Short is sweet, right? Short names have been all the rage this past decade, which explains the popularity of monikers like Eva or Ava. While many 3-letter names have been horribly overused, Fay is a vintage alternative that has a beautiful, whimsical meaning. With origins in English, the name Fay translates to mean Fairy. This is a perfect option for anyone who wants to breathe a bit of magic into their baby name choice, or just wants something dainty and delicate.

18 Millie

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Millie is a variation of the name Mildred, which was very popular back in the day. While that name is largely considered out-dated in the present age, its shorthand version is a fresh upgrade. Both names have origins in German. While Mildred translates to mean ‘gentle strength,’ Millie similarly means ‘strong in work.’ We have a feeling any kid with this moniker would have to grow up with a strong work ethic, given this translation.

17 Juliet

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Has there ever been a more romantic name than Juliet? Obviously, the first thing that comes to mind when hearing this name is Shakespeare’s tale Romeo and Juliet. And while those two lovers may have not had a happy fate, we still think this is a classic, feminine name to gift your daughter with. It stands out more than its variations like Julie or Juliana, but it's nowhere over-the-top. Juliet has origins in English and French, and translates to mean ‘youthful.’

16 Freya

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Freya is one of the most uncommon names on this list. It’s got a foreign sound to it, even though it’s easy to pronounce as ‘FRAY-ah.’ If its unique sound isn’t enough to convince you it would be a great pick, then its gorgeous meaning might. This traditionally Norse name translates to mean a ‘noble woman,’ which is a beautiful meaning for any little girl. With a name as fierce as this, your little one is bound to grow up to be strong-minded, determined, and fearless. And don’t we all want our daughters to grow up that way?

15 Opal

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Gemstone-inspired names have been popular for the last century, with monikers like Ruby, Pearl, and Crystal being commonplace nowadays. If you want a name that celebrates this trend, then the feminine-sounding moniker Opal is a great option. The name originates from Sanskrit and literally means ‘gem.’ This name ranks at #859 on the NameBerry popularity charts, proving not many parents have gotten wind of it yet. Considering your baby is the gem of your life, this could be a great choice.

14 Cora

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Cora is another name inspired by nature, as it takes its roots from the coral we find in the sea. It has a feminine, dainty sound to it. And with only two syllables and four letters, it’s easy to write and spell. Furthermore, this option is anyone who wants to celebrate a Greek heritage, as it stems from the Greek word for ‘maiden.’ Other variations of this name include Coral, Cara, or Carol.

13 Mabel

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Mabel is a traditional-sounding name with Old World charm. In the past, it’s been viewed as boring and plain, but now its vintage sound is working in its favor. The moniker is considered a diminutive of the Latin name Amabel (which could also make a cute baby name). it has a beautiful meaning, as it translates to mean ‘lovable,’ and every mom thinks of her baby as the most lovable thing on Earth. Another benefit of this name? It can inspire some super cute nicknames, like May, Maya, or Belle.

12 Hattie

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Hattie has a spunky sound to it that we’re so digging. This cute name is considered a shorthand version for the more traditional moniker Harriet. Both Hattie and Harriet translate to mean ‘estate ruler,’ which gives the names a regal feeling to them. We wouldn’t be surprised if naming your baby Hattie ensures they’ll grow up to become a real estate tycoon. Notably, actress Tori Spelling chose this name for her youngest daughter.

11 Daisy

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We’ve already mentioned that the name Rose is sooo overdone. A lot of people like it for the beautiful floral image it leaves in one’s head, but there are tons of other nature-inspired names that can do the same thing and aren’t so overused. Daisy is one of them. This feminine name is obviously inspired by the pretty flower of the same name. Daisy is also considered diminutive of the name Margaret, which translates to mean ‘pearl.’

10 Aveline

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We bet you’ve heard of the name Adeline, but what about its variation Aveline? This gorgeous name is like a cross between Ava and Adeline, although technically it’s a name all on its own. Aveline is a French word for ‘hazelnut,’ which makes it a beautiful alternative for parents who like the more popular name Hazel. Its also considered shorthand for the German name Avila, which translates to mean ‘desired.’ Both Avila and Aveline make gorgeous names for a baby girl.

9 Lucy

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It was less than a century when Lucy was one of the most common names heard of in the UK, but recently its lost its popularity. However, despite its decline, we think it makes a lovely name for a baby girl. Actually, its lack of popularity can be viewed as an advantage, since it means no other kid on the block will sport this cute moniker. Lucy translates to mean ‘light’ and is considered a variation of the name Lucia, which translates to mean the same in Latin.

8 Willa

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Thanks to Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Willow has been a consistently popular name since the early 2000s (even Pink gave her daughter this moniker!). And while this nature-inspired name is stunning, some parents may feel it’s been overused, which is why we recommend its variant Willa. This moniker is considered the feminine version of William and translates to mean ‘resolute protector,’ which will likely means your little girl will grow up to be fiercely loyal and strong-willed.

7 Calliope

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Did you know Dr. Torres on Grey’s Anatomy is actually named Calliope? While we think that’s reason enough to give your daughter this stunningly unique name, perhaps its beautiful meaning will give you more justification. Calliope translates to mean ‘beautiful voice,’ so we wouldn’t put it past your daughter to grow up to be a world famous singer with such a name. Calliope originates from Greek mythology, giving this moniker an even more interesting back story.

6 Molly

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If you’re looking for a little girl’s name that’s feminine, simple, but also not overdone, then perhaps Molly is the choice for you. This name sounds girly and delicate, and is also soft as it rolls off the tongue. It’s considered a variation of the Hebrew name Mary and shares the same meaning: ‘bitter.’ It’s a cute choice for anyone who loves names similar to Mary or Maryanne. Likewise, Molly has been featured in pop culture in various instances. For instance, Molly Ringwald sports this moniker and actress Amanda Peet chose the name for her daughter.

5 Isadora

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For the last few decades, the names Isabelle and Isabella have consistently ranked on the top of the popularity charts, as parents find them to be beautiful options for both first and middle names. However, given how much these names are used, we suggest Isadora as a fresh alternative. This name, which is Greek for the ‘gift of Isis,’ has a similar feel but is also not as common. You can still use similar nicknames that you’d get from Isabelle, including ‘Izzy.’

4 Lenora

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We’ve all known someone named Laura in our life. And while it’s a beautiful name, it’s a pretty common one, which is why it isn’t the best option for a baby name. But the moniker Lenora has a similar sound and spelling, but is different enough that people aren’t going to confuse your child with all the Lauras in the class. While the meaning for Lenora isn’t known, it’s considered a variation of the Italian monikers Eleonora and Eleanor.

3 Augusta

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Augustus makes a handsome name for a baby boy, but many people forget about its equally charming feminine equivalent, Augusta. Both names are of Latin origin and share the same powerful meaning: ‘great’ and ‘magnificent.’ Any child gifted with this name would go on to do great things. Nicknames for Augusta have largely been limited to Aggie and Gussie. However, with the popularity of gender neutral names, it would definitely be on-trend to call your little Augusta ‘Gus’ for short.

2 Dixie

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You don’t have to be a fan of the Dixie Chicks to love this name! Rather, any parents who are attracted to edgier names like Lux, Roxy, or Moxie will likely find the appeal in Dixie. The name is of Latin origin and means ‘tenth’ (if ten is your lucky number then it’s a sign!). While the name has never been incredibly popular, it’s dominant ‘ixie’ sound makes it stand apart from the crowd and gives it a bout of edginess.

1 Felicity

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Felicity is a name that’s been around forever, though its popularity has been waning in years. It has a similar meaning to the word ‘felicitations,’ from which it originates. The moniker, which has Latin origins, translates to mean ‘good fortune’ and ‘happy.’ Who can imagine a baby that isn’t anything but happy with a name that directly translates to that? This name is a variation of the more popular Felicia or Felice. Nicknames for Felicity have included Flick, FiFi, or just Fee.

Sources: NameBerry

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