30 Most Fashionable Baby Names That Will Always Be In Style

Names like Noah and Emma are ones we'll never get tired of hearing.

There are some baby names that will always be in style. They are classic and timeless and parents will never tire of them. These are names that have deep roots, great meanings and just an overall appealing nature. They typically aren't radical or very risky choices, but they will definitely withstand the test of time.

The tides are ever changing in the baby name game and parents are choosing names that they wouldn't have dreamed of twenty years ago. Modern inventions, word names, place names and nature names are just a few of the new categories that parents are breaking into.

These name categories definitely have some potential and have produced some pretty cool names, but the names on this list will definitely be heard when those become obsolete in a few years. Names like William and Emma are names that we have always heard and we always will hear, and we never really tire from hearing them.

Lucky for you, we've put together a list of 30 names that will never go out of style. These names will always be in fashion and will most likely always be seen in the top 100, or at least top 300. These are names that parents have loved since the Social Security Administration decided to start keeping track for us. These monikers are pure classics.

30 Emma

Emma is one of the most popular names in the U.S. and has been since it entered charts in 1880. This moniker was in the top 100 until 1942 and only dropped to the mid-400s by 1976 when it started to make its way back up the charts.

Emma hit the top 20 once again in 2002 and has remained their since. Emma has not been lower than the top 3 since 2003 until last year when it dropped to #35, its lowest ranking in 20 years.

Emma is German for "universal" and if there definitely isn't a more universally loved name than Emma. Emma is an old royal name that began in the year 1002, when Queen Emma married King Elthered the Unready. Since then, its been seen smothered in literature, film and tv shows. This classic name will never fall out of fashion!

29 Charles

Charles landed at #51 in 2016 and #55 in 2017. It spent 85 years in the top 25 baby boy names and has only ever been as low as #64, and even that was only for a year. Charles is a classic name that parents love for its history and charm. Even celebrities like Russell Crowe and Jodi Foster have chosen it recently for their sons.

Charles is French from German for "free man." Its history dates back to the emperor Charlemagne, and it didn't stop there. Charles the Great, Charles Dickens, and the current Prince of Wales are just a few of its famous name bearers.

Charles will absolutely never go out of style. It's run in the top 75 for over a century should be proof of that.

28 Olivia

This lovely little moniker is now the #1 baby girl name in America! It was #2 last year and has been in the top 10 since 2002. Olivia only began at #235 in 1880 and pretty much hung around the 200-300s from then until 1971, when it dropped to #543. In 1976 it began its trek upward.

Olivia is Latin for "olive tree." It's a historical name that has been seen throughout history in royalty, literature and tv shows as well. Shakespeare can be given credit for making the name popular in his poem The Twelfth Night. 

Olivia has finally joined sisters Sophia, Isabella and Amelia at the top! Not only is it at the top domestically, but it also its a hit in Scotland, Australia and Canada. This old fashioned baby name will always be in style!

27 Edward

Edward spent over 85 years in the top 25 baby names in the U.S. It only began to drop a few spots in 1958, but even then it remained in the top 100 until 1998. Edward has never seen a ranking outside of the top 200. It did drop to #163 in 2017, but made its way back to #100 in 2017.

Edward is English for "wealthy guardian." It's been used for several Saxon and English kings. It's the name of the son of the current Queen of England. Twilight's Edward Cullen probably helped boost the name's popularity along with celebrities like Edward Norton and Burns.

Several Edwards crossed the ocean on the Mayflower and even more were established in Jamestown. Edward is a classic name with deep rooted history both internationally and domestically.

26 Anne

We have all heard of this classic moniker and most likely so will our kids. Anne is a pure classic name. Short and simple and jam packed with history, Anne will always be a fashionable choice for parents.

Anne is the French spelling of the English, Ann, which are both the diminutive of the Hebrew name, which means "grace." Anne spent almost over a century in the top 100. It didn't dip down any lower until 1969, but didn't leave the top 500 until 2006. Today Anne sits at #554.

Anne was the name of six English Queens, including the short lived Anne Boleyn, and another wife of King Henry the VIII. It has famous namesakes throughout history like Anne Frank, Anne Bronte and Anne of Green Gables. It's definitely a name that will always be on trend!

25 William

William has never seen a ranking outside of the top 20. It has been, and probably always will be in the top 100 baby names of all time. William spent the last 13 years in the top 10, coming in at #3 in 2016. It was only in 2017 that William dropped down to #27.

William English from German meaning "resolute protector." It first came into the English speaking world via William the Conqueror. It was then followed by royalty, literary figures, and tv icons throughout history. It is currently second to John as the most popular name in the English speaking world.

William has proven that it will always be in style around the world. It has been loved by parents throughout history by being modern yet classic. Parents can even use the nickname Liam if they want to choose William as a namesake.

24 Joseph

Joseph was never outside of the top 15 from 1880 through 2009, and if the Social Security Administration had kept track prior to 1880, it probably would still been in the top 15. Joseph dropped to #22 in 2011, and has remained at #20 since. It wasn't until 2017 that its streak was broken and it dropped all the way to#78!

Joseph is Hebrew for "Jehovah increases." It's used twice in the Bible, first in the Old Testament for the son of of Jacob, and then in the New Testament as the husband of the Virgin Mary. Joseph is loved by parents of a variety of ethnicities and cultures. It's an international success that is completely unstoppable.

This moniker's track record says enough. It will always be in style and so many different types of parents will be choosing it for years to come.

23 Julia

Julia has only been as low as #142 on baby name charts, but like most of the names on this list, it spent most of its time in the top 100. Julia was headed back down charts slightly last year, hitting #86. However, it started moving right back up again by 2017, hitting #47.

Julia is Latin for "youthful." It was a Roman imperial name that was used for women who were in the house of Julius Caesar. It has a ton of famous name bearers, both from today and the past, like Julia Roberts and Chef Julia Childs.

This moniker is modern and sophisticated combined with an old fashioned charm that parents will always love. Not only has it done well in America, it's also in the top 15 in the Netherlands and in Spain, and in the Top 45 in Germany, Belgium, France, Norway, and Sweden.

22 Sarah

Sarah has been in the top 120 names since charts began in 1880. It was in the top ten from 1978 until 2002. It dropped to #57 in 2016 and in 2017 it fell all the way to #173. Despite a sudden drop in the polls, Sarah still remains one of the most timeless names in history.

Sarah is Hebrew for "princess." Sarah in the Old Testament was the wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac. Her name was originally Sarai, but was changed by God to Sarah when she was 90 years old.

Sarah has been used throughout history. The alternative spelling Sara is also equally popular, but adding an h is the more traditional use. Either way you spell it, Sarah is an all time classic that will always be in fashion.

21 Samuel

Another classic Old Testament name that has always and will always be in style is the parent favorite, Samuel. This moniker has been in the top 100 for well over a century. It has been in the top 25 since 2010, and only last year fell to #59.

In the Bible, Samuel was a prophet and a judge. He anointed both Saul and David. He was known as being particularly devoted and committed to God. Samuel has been saturated throughout history since its beginning and is now a huge celebrity pick as well. It was chosen by Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, Jack Black, and Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber for their sons.

Samuel is a name you can't go wrong with. It's strong and masculine and nickname Sam makes it even more appealing. This moniker will withstand the test of time for sure!

20 Madeline

Unlike others on this list, Madeline had a few more ups and downs on the charts throughout its history. It actually dropped to #717 in 1979, but reached the top 100 again by 1992. Madeline came in at #91 in 2016 and #82 by 2017.

Madeline is the English variation of Magdalen, which means "high tower or woman from Magdala." One of the most well known Madelines for parents today is probably from the famous children's literature series by Ludwig Bemelman called Madeline. She was a curious red headed French school girl who was always getting into trouble.

Madeline was also featured in works by some of the world's most famous authors and poets like Dickens, Keats and Tennyson. Madeline's femininity and sophistication will always be in style.

19 Alexander

One of the most historic and classic boy names of all time, Alexander is one the world never tires of hearing. Need proof? Alexander has been in the top 200 baby names since 1880. It has never dropped lower than 212, and spent most of its time in the top 100. It has been in the top 25 since 1991, and came in at #11 in 2016 and #24 in 2017.

Alexander's history is pretty significant too. It's a Greek name which means "defending men." According to its Greek legend, Alexander was originally named Paris, but was given the nickname Alexander when he defended a flock of sheep against robbers. From there, Alexander has had extremely significant namesakes, like Alexander the Great.

Other famous Alexanders are Graham Bell, Flemming and Hamilton. This moniker's rich history, masculinity and slue of nicknames, like Xander, make it an all time classic.

18 Caroline

Like most names on this list, Caroline has never dropped below the top 300 baby names. It's currently at its highest ranking ever, thanks to the vintage name comeback we're seeing. Caroline has been in the top 100 since 1994, hit #56 in 2016, and went even further to make it to #54 today.

Caroline is the French feminine version of Charles meaning "free man." In 1705, when the German Queen Caroline of Ansbach married George II. Then, of course, there is Caroline Kennedy and Princess Caroline of Monaco.

Caroline was also in songs like Neil Diamonds Sweet Caroline, in literature like Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and tv shows like the mother Caroline on Little House on the Prairie. Caroline is definitely a name that will be forever in style.

17 Anthony

This moniker has never dropped below the top 100 baby names. It's a perennial classic. Anthony has been in the top 25 since 1961. In 2016, Anthony was ranked #30, but in 2017 it dropped to #139. Anthony will probably never drop outside of the top 300 baby names.

Anthony is Latin for "priceless one." Anthony was the patron saint Italy, and one of the most beloved saints in the Catholic church. It's a very common name in Italy, along with the Antonio form. Anthony has a ton of famous name bearers. Tony Hawk and Tony Bennett are both Anthonys. Anthony Hopkins and Anthony Quinn are also famous bearers of the name.

Anthony is a familiar name that has been sitting comfortably at the top since its existence. We probably won't be seeing this one stray too far from the top any time soon, if at all.

16 Victor

Victor has had a pretty steady run in the top 100 baby names since it arrived on charts in 1880. It never strayed for far from the high 100s for over a century. In fact, just last year it hit its lowest ranking ever, and that was just at the #164 spot. Victor is pretty comfortable holding a spot in the top 200.

Victor is Latin for "conqueror." It came to existence as one of the earliest Christian names that symbolized Christ's victory over death. Although, the original was actually translated as Vittorio. It wasn't brought over to the English speaking world until the reign of Queen Victoria.

Victor is getting a lot of popularity in Denmark, Belgium and Spain and is being resurrected as cool and fashionable in London as well.

15 Charlotte

When you think of classic old fashioned names that are always in style, you have to think of Charlotte! Charlotte will reach its all time high in 2017 as it reached #3, its fourth year in the top ten. Charlotte came in at #7 in 2016 and #9 the year before that. Though its had its ups and downs, Charlotte has never been lower than #305, and that was just for a year.

Charlotte is the French feminine diminutive of the name Charles, which means "free man." When the Princess of Cambridge was named Charlotte, the name got a huge boost in popularity.

Charlotte is as rich in history as it is in beauty. Famous name bearers include Charlotte Bronte and Charlotte York. Celebrities including  Chelsea Clinton, Dylan McDermott, Colin Hanks, and Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. all chose the name Charlotte for their daughters.

14 Noah

The #1 name in 2016 and a top ten contender for 8 straight years, Noah, has quickly become a true classic. This Bible name has definitely been on a roller coaster ride up and down the charts, and even dropped as low as #693.

The story of Noah is probably one of the most familiar stories in the Bible. He was the patriarch of the Ark, deemed the only righteous man. He was chosen by God to build an ark to survive the great flood God sent to punish the wicked. His name is Hebrew for "rest, wandering."

Noah has easily become the most popular boys Bible name. Billy Ray Cyrus even crossed gender lines and named his daughter Noah. However, we probably won't see to much use of it in feminine form.

13 Claudia

Unlike other names on this list, Claudia has spent most of her time in the top 300 baby names. It even plummeted to #741 in 2015, but by the end of 2017 it was right back up to #246. Claudia is an old fashioned name that is actually of ancient Roman roots, despite its early 1900 ice skating in central park kind of sound.

Claudia was the name of the wives of Pontius Pilate and Nero. It is a Bible name too, as it was mentioned briefly in the New Testament in the books of Timothy. Claudia is the feminine form of the name Claude, which means "lame; enclosure."

Claudia Schiffer was a super model, Claudia Cardinale was an Italian actress and Agatha Christie and Penelope Lively both used Claudia for a character in one of their novels. Don't let the meaning deter you, this moniker is super stylish!

12 Abigail

This moniker surprisingly was at the bottom of the charts for almost 40 years, it did, however, begin a comeback in 1943, when it began its trek upward to #8 by 2001. It stayed in the top ten for 15 years.

Abigail is Hebrew for "my father is joyful." Abigail in the Bible was David's wife, who was known for her beauty and wisdom. She also had prophetic powers. There have been several other notable Abigails throughout history, including two first ladies and on screen in Mad Men and The Lovely Bones. 

Abigail's cute nickname Abby also helps make this name appealing to parents. Abigail is definitely a winner and has been proving it for years! This Bible name has joined sisters Lydia and Elizabeth at the top!

11 James

James has spent almost a century, not in the top ten, but in the top 5 baby names! It's lowest ranking ever was #18 in 2009. Other than that year, it has been in the top 20. James finished 2016 back at #5, but it did drop to #33 in 2017, its lowest ranking ever.

James is the English variation of the name Jacob meaning "supplanter." James was the name of two apostles in the New Testament, it is also a book in the New Testament. James was the name of several kings, presidents, authors and more.

It was chosen by Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, Liz Phair, Colin Farrell and Isaac Hanson for their sons and by Blake Lively and Ryan Renolds and Brendan Fehr for their daughters. There isn't a name that is historically more fashionable than James!

10 Benjamin

Benjamin has only ever been as low as #150 in its lifetime on the charts. It spent its early years in the top 100 and 1974 on it was in the top 50. In 2016 it hit #6 and only dropped to #28 last year. Benjamin is strong and masculine and has totally stood the test of time.

Benjamin is Hebrew for "son of the right hand." In the book of Genesis, Benjamin was the last of the twelve sons of Jacob and Rachel. He was one of the founders of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Benjamin was recently chosen by Kelly Preston and John Travolta, and to Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady for their sons.

Benjamin's accessible nickname, Ben, makes it even more appealing to parents. This Bible name is going to be at the top for years to come!

9 Hannah

Hannah is another Bible name that has been one of the most popular names throughout history, and probably always will be. Hannah, surprisingly, didn't reach its highest point until 1986 when it broke into the top 100 at #82. It even spent some time down in the high 900s before that. Hannah was ranked #33 in 2016.

Hannah is Hebrew for "grace." Hannah in the Old Testament was the mother of Samuel. This name is the third most popular Bible name in the U.S. right now. There have been several famous name bearers throughout history, one more youthful one was from the show Hannah Montana.

The spellings Hana and Hanna are popular in other countries, but in the U.S. Hannah is more common. This moniker is soft and feminine and has strong roots, making it a name that will always be in style!

8 Jonathan

Jonathan had a rough start on baby name charts, ranging from rankings as high as 415 and as low as 843. It didn't break into the top 200 until 1945, and 1962 it made its way into the top 100. Jonathan was in the top 50 from 1969 through 2015. It hit #68 in 2017.

Jonathan is Hebrew for "gift of Jehovah." Jonathan was a popular name in the 50s. It's nickname Johnny did especially well, and it slowly began to replace the boring John. Jonathan in the Bible was the son of Saul and a great friend of David.

Jonathan is strong, masculine and sensitive and it's no surprise that this one has held a spot in the top 100 for so long! It isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

7 Rose

Rose was in the top 3o from 1880 through 1931. It dropped slightly out of favor when it hit #371 in 1996, but began another trek toward the top in 2010. Rose went from #154 in 2016 to where it used to be very comfortable, #15 by 2017.

Flower names are getting a lot of attention right now and Rose is no different. This moniker is a classic and finally back in its rightful place in the top 100. Rose was chosen by several celebrities including  Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck, Jon Stewart, Eric Clapton, Ewan McGregor.

Rose was on the screen in Titanic, Harry Potter, and The Golden Girls. The nicknames Rosie and Rosy are also major selling points for this one. Rose is a beautiful and timeless name that will always be fashionable!

6 Elliot

Elliot has been up and down the baby name charts more than any other name on this list. It has been riding a roller coaster in and out of favor since 1880. It wasn't until 1999 that Elliot started a pretty steady climb to the top. It hit its highest ranking ever in 2017 when it reached #118.

Elliot is the Anglicization of Elijah meaning "Jehovah is God." Elliot is a big screen favorite. It was used in E.T., Mad Men, Pete's Dragon and Law and Order to name a few. Elliot began as a surname, like as in T.S.Elliot, but it is definitely standing firm as a first name.

Other spelling variations for the name are Elliott, which is right behind Elliot in polls, and Eliot. This moniker is definitely timeless!

5 Theodore

Theodore is on the upswing and it recently hit its highest ranking ever in 2017. At #5 in the country, this classic moniker has been modernized and has entered the top ten for the first time ever. Theodore has only ever been as low as #313 in 2004, but by 2005 it was on its way back up to the top.

Theodore is Greek for "gift of God." Likely the most famous name bearer, and the reason for the boost in the name in the 40s, was Theodore Roosevelt. Others include the cute chubby chipmunk and the Leave it to Beaver's real name.

Theodore was chosen by Ivanka Trump, Bryce Dallas Howard, Natascha McElhone, and Ali Larter for their sons. This moniker has gotten a ton of love from so many parents!

4 Eliza

After a plateau from 1956 through 1968 in the high 900s, Eliza still had several ups and downs, but began a pretty steady climb up the charts. It broke into the top 100 for the first in 2017 when it hit #55.

Eliza is a diminutive of Elizabeth meaning "pledged to God," just like sisters Isabella and Isabel. It's been used several times in literature and movies. Eliza Doolittle, played by Audrey Hepburn, was the main character in My Fair Lady. Elizabeth Bennett  from Pride and Prejudice often went by Eliza.

Eliza is cute, cheerful and familiar. This classic moniker somehow manages to keep a modern feel without losing its old fashioned charm. Eliza is purely fashionable.

3 Wesley

Wesley spent a century in the mid 150s, then hit #66 in 1977 and became a top 100 name for a decade. It then slowly began to slide back down around the 100s. Wesley was ranked #117 in 2016, but moved back into the top 100 at #73 in 2017.

Wesley is English for "eastern meadow." It was originally a surname place name, but transitioned in to a first name with an old west type of feel. Many boys were given the name as a first name to honor the Methodist founders John and Charles Wesley.

One of my favorite uses of the name was for Wesley in The Princess Bride. It was also the name of several actors and musicians. Wesley has an old time feel combined with a modern appeal, which is why its never strayed past the top 200 baby names.

2 Cecilia

Cecilia has been a quiet, but significant contender since it appeared on lists in 1880. It has hung around the top 200-400 names, and has never strayed closer or further away from the top. Today, Cecilia has hit its highest ranking ever, #108, probably due to the retro name trend parents are loving.

Cecilia is the feminine for of the Latin Cecil, which means "blind." I know, not that great of a meaning for such a pretty name. It is an old Roman clan name and the name of the patron saint of music. Cecilia was also in novels liked Hard Times, The Hunger Games and The Atonement. And, of course, don't forget the famous Simon and Garfunkle song.

Cecilia is nothing short of feminine and beautiful. This classic name has been loved by authors and musicians and has proven to be loved by parents too.

1 Claire

Claire has dipped up and down charts since 1880, but has found quite a comfortable spot at the top recently. This moniker moved from #40 in 2016 to #38 in 2017 after it the top 100 again back in 1998. Claire has only been outside of the top 500 once!

Claire is the French form of Clara which means "bright and clear." The spelling, Clare, is the common English spelling, but Clair and Claire are the prettier French spellings. Saint Clare of Assissi was the patron saint of television. Claire was a character on The Cosby Show, House of Cards, Six Feet Under, Modern Family, and Outlander. 

Claire is short and sweet, but definitely doesn't  lack in appeal to parents. They've kept this name fashionable for over a century and now at its highest point ever, there's no stopping it.


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