30 Of The Best Pinterest Fails

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6 -Nailed it!

1.Is this even the same recipe?

2.The hearts aren't quite as pretty. 


4.Still cute.

5.Not bad.

5 -Nailed it!

6. This might have been a rushed job.


8. Nailed it once again.

9. Poor Elmo. 

10. The plastic is key.

4 -Nailed it! 

11.Cute little edible chickies? Nailed it! 

12.I don't think this is filling anyone up. 

13. Remember this?

14. Yummy.

15. Looks identical.

3 -Nailed it!

16. No. Just no.

17. This can pass. Right? 

18.We love Buzz.

19.The Great Gatsby, Nailed it!

20.This is unBelibable.

2 -Nailed it!

21.Nailed it! 

22. Could be cousins.

23.Just a few pounds heavier. 

24. Not quite there.

25.Nailing it once again! 

1 -Nailed it!

26.Rubber ducky cupcakes. 


28.Nailed it!

29. The black sheep of the family.

30.Cookie monster disaster. 

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