30 Of The Most Darling Anagram Name Duos

Parents these days are getting very creative when it comes to choosing baby names, and as time passes on, it’s just about the only way to keep them fresh and unique. Many parents even choose names that they come up with themselves. Of course, celebrities are known to make up their own baby names, so it’s no surprise the rest of parents are joining this bandwagon. From combining random letters and syllables to using anagrams, there are many ways parents come up with clever naming methods.

Anagram names are becoming more and more commonplace, but not quite as common is the concept of using anagram name duos! "Anagrams are a group of words where all of the letters can be rearranged to form different words. All words have exactly the same letters with the same frequency of occurrence,” explains Litscape.com. Sneak preview, the first set of names on the list are Kami and Mika. These two names consist of the same letters yet they are two very different, and adorable, baby names. It’s a fun concept and one not too many people think to try.

Kami and Mika aren’t the only anagram name duo out there; a little research will boast a plethora of options. And right here is a great place to get started! Below is a list of 30 anagram name duos that are honestly too cute for siblings or maybe even twins. Creative and original, these names are ones mom won’t want to miss.

30 Kami & Mika


You got the sneak peek above so it’s no surprise the name’s Kami and Mika are first on the list! Kami as a standalone is not very common. Babble.com states that the name Kami is a variant of names like Kamelia and Kamille. Kami on its own is super cute though, and I like the idea that there’s really no meaning behind the name, giving it a blank slate!

“The name Mika is a girl's name of Hungarian, Japanese, Russian origin meaning "beautiful fragrance,” shares NameBerry.com. The names Kami and Mika are both beautiful choices for any set of sisters.

29 Aaron & Anora


This next set of baby names works for either gender. The name Aaron is of Hebrew origin and means high mountain, exalted or enlightened, according to NameBerry.com. The name Aaron as a boys name is actually pretty popular right now, currently ranking in at number 46 on NameBerry.com popularity charts.

And the adorable anagram name that goes alongside Aaron? Anora! I think Anora is just too cute for any little girl. Anora is of Hebrew origin and means Grace, according to Babble.com. More uncommon than the aforementioned Aaron, Anora makes a darling counterpart to any Aaron.

28 Alice & Celia


Alice is one of those names that never seems to go out of style, and always remains extremely charming. The name Celia can be formed from the same letters as Alice, and is equally as charming. Alice is of German origin and means noble, according to NameBerry.com.

Alice is currently ranked at number 70 on NameBerry.com popularity charts. “Celia, splendidly sleek and feminine, is a name that was scattered throughout Shakespeare and other Elizabethan literature, but still manages to feel totally modern,” writes NameBerry.com on the name Celia. Not as popular as Alice, Celia is currently ranked at number 857 on NameBerry.com popularity charts.

27 Kerry & Ryker


Kerry and Ryker are the next names featured on this list of anagram name duos.

“The name Kerry is a girl's name of Irish origin meaning "dark, dark-haired,” writes NameBerry.com on this name. Having visited County Kerry in Ireland myself, I’m personally inclined to this name! And I think it’s counterpart is just as cute.

Ryker is of German origin and means rich, as stated on NameBerry.com. Ryker is actually much more popular than Kerry. Ryker currently ranks in at number 131 for boys names on NameBerry.com. Would you consider this charming name set for your own kids?

26 Ali & Lia


Short and sweet are Ali and Lia. “The name Ali is a girl's name of Swahili origin meaning "supreme, exalted", states NameBerry.com. “Used throughout Europe and in Hawaii, Lia sounds just like its mother name Leah, but looks particularly pretty on paper,” adds NameBerry.com.

Lia is actually more common than Ali these days, currently ranking in at number 337 on NameBerry.com. Babble.com adds that the meaning of Lia is a bringer of good news, which is a great name meaning. Any duo named Ali and Lia is sure to be a fierce pair, always getting into some kind of adventure together.

25 Carlie & Claire


Not quite as popular as the more common name Carly, Carlie is a clever alternative that provides Claire as an anagram name.

“The name Carlie is a Gaelic baby name. In Gaelic the meaning of the name Carlie is: Small champion,” states SheKnows.com. The name Carly is currently ranked at number 455 on NameBerry.com popularity charts, but Carlie is much less popular, making it a more fresh and modern choice.

“The name Claire is a girl's name of French origin meaning "bright, clear", states NameBerry.com. Much more popular than Carlie, Claire is ranked at number 49 on NameBerry.com popularity charts.

24 Eliott & Lottie


“The name Eliott is a boy's name meaning "Jehovah is God", states NameBerry.com. Eliott is much less common than the more common version, Elliott. Again, in my opinion, this just makes the name a little more unique.

And for an anagram of the name? Lottie! “Lottie is a nostalgic great-grandma name that conjures up lockets and lace, and -- like Nellie, Josie, Hattie, Tillie, and Milly -- has a considerable vintage charm. A Top 100 name at the end of the nineteenth century, Lottie fell off the popularity list around 1960, but well might climb back on most likely as a diminutive for the currently popular Charlotte,” writes NameBerry.com on this delightful name.

Do you have a little Eliott and Lottie in your future?

23 Ashe & Shea


A whimsical name duo, Ashe and Shea are up next. The name Ashe is of English origin and means ash tree. Shea is of Irish origin and means the stately, dauntless one, according to NameBerry.com.

“The short but solid Irish surname Shea works for both genders; Kevin James has a daughter named Shea. Shay is the phonetic spelling,” adds NameBerry.com. If you want to give your kids names that resonate a powerful meaning and have ties to nature, Ashe and Shea might just be the pair of names you are looking for.

Both of these names would be well-suited with longer, more sophisticated middle names.

22 Arik & Kira


Perhaps the most vibrant set of names on this list is Arik and Kira. Arik is an edgy version of the more traditional Eric. Eric is of Old Norse origin and means eternal ruler, according to NameBerry.com.

“Kira is a multicultural name of many meanings. From the Russian 'ruler,' to being the Japanese word for 'glitter,' it’s also the female version of the Hindi Kiran, which means 'beam of light.' Whatever meaning you’re drawn to, you can’t go wrong with this lyrical and pretty name,” writes Babble.com on the name Kira.

How can you go wrong with a pair of names like this?

21  Hallie & Leilah


Hallie and Leilah are equally charming and quaint. Hallie is of English origin and according to NameBery.com it means ‘dweller at the meadow by the manor.’ Talk about specific! It’s an odd meaning, but the name makes up for it!

It’s still quite a commonly used name, currently ranking at number 525 on NameBerry.com popularity charts. “The name Leilah is an Arabic baby name. In Arabic the meaning of the name Leilah is: Born at night,” writes SheKnows.com on the name Leilah. Leilah is much more uncommon than Hallie, but I think they are both extremely sweet.

20 Casia & Isaac


Casia and Isaac is a name duo perfect for children of ambitious parents who are sure to raise athletic kids. Isaac just sounds like a basketball star and Casia is sure to be taking first place in cross country runs.

“Casia's origin is Old Greek, African-Hausa, and Latin, and its use, English. Casia is an English form of the English and Greek Acacia,” shares BabyNamesPedia.com. Casia is not a very common name, and I think that makes it much more appealing. Isaac is much more commonly used. Isaac is currently ranked at number 33 on NameBerry.com popularity charts.

19 Cyra & Cary


One as enchanting as the other, Cyra and Cary are the next names featured. Cyra is or Persian or Greek origin and means sun or throne, or lord, according to NameBerry.com.

“Cyra is an unusual name that can be pronounced either SEER-a or CY-ra. This name may be a feminine variation of Cyrus but is also a Persian name that stands on its own. One noted bearer is writer Cyra McFadden,” adds NameBerry.com on the one-of-a-kind name Cyra.

Cary is a little more common. Cute for a boy or girl, Cary is of Latin origin and means a 'pleasant stream'.

18  Nora & Roan


Probably my favourite name duo on this list, next up we have Nora and Roan.

“The name Nora is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Nora is: Abbreviation of Eleanora 'light' and Honora ' honour’” writes SheKnows.com. Nora is actually pretty popular and currently ranks at number 28 on NameBerry.com popularity charts.

Roan is super cute for a boy or girl. It is of Irish origin and means little redhead. “People with this name have a deep inner need for quiet, and a desire to understand and analyze the world they live in, and to learn the deeper truths,” writes SheKnows.com on those named Roan.

17 Abe & Bea


Charismatic are Abe and Bea.

Abe is of Hebrew origin and means father of multitudes, states NameBerry.com. Bea is a diminutive of Beatrice and means she who brings happiness, according to NameBerry.com “Bea is a former old lady name that's cute again as a short form -- and is now beginning to stand on its own,” adds NameBerry.com.

Honestly, this name is cute. Much more contemporary than Abraham, but it still retains its presidential association,” adds Babble.com on the name Abe. I love this name duo for the fact that neither of the names are very popular, making them extremely unique on their own and together.

16 Gem & Meg


“Gem is a jewel of a name that has yet to catch on with parents. Similar alternatives include Gemma and Jemima,” writes Babble.com on the darling name Gem. “Meg is probably the most contemporary feeling of all of Margaret‘s short forms. It’s cute and fun, and a lot less common than Megan,” adds Babble.com on the counterpart name to Meg.

Neither of these names are very popular at the moment, which makes them even more of a great choice. These names would also pair well with an equally as dainty of a middle name. I love Gem Marie and Meg Eloise.

15 Elly & Lyle


This captivating name duo marks the halfway spot on this list. Elly is an abbreviated form of Eleanor, giving the name a blank slate as far as meaning goes. I love the idea of using a name that provides a blank slate for the child the name is given to; no expectations or big meaning to live up to, just the freedom to be who they are.

“The name Lyle is a girl's name of French, Scottish, English origin meaning "someone who lives on an island,” shares NameBerry.com on the name Lyle. This name is actually used for boys and girls, though it is more popular as a boys name.

14 Lacy & Clay


Simple and sweet, how can anyone resist the name duo that is Lacy and Clay? Lacy is a shortened variation of Lacey. If you are into minimalism, Lacy and Clay are definitely a name duo to consider.

“The name Lacey is a girl's name of English origin meaning "from Lassy,” writes NameBerry.com. The name Lacy spelled as Lacey is actually quite popular, but opt for the Lacy spelling for something less traditional. “The name Clay is an English baby name. In English, the meaning of the name Clay is: Clay maker; mortal,” states SheKnows.com on the name Clay.

13 Tate & Etta


I think Tate and Etta are both old fashioned and darn cute! Tate is a gender-neutral name of English origin that means cheerful. It is currently ranked at number 451 on NameBerry.com popularity charts for boys names. Though not as popular as a choice for a girl's name, I think it’s cute.

Etta is of English and Scottish origin. It is said to mean estate ruler. “Etta has taken the first step, having recently been picked by a celeb, Carson Daly, said to have been inspired by the late great soul singer Etta James, just as previous parents were similarly influenced by Ella Fitzgerald. Etta was born as a shortening of names with that ending —in fact, Etta James's birth certificate name was Jamesetta,” adds NameBerry.com.

12 Alex & Lexa


Alex and Lexa would be a great set of names for twins, but they are great together no matter what. They are both fun and simple names that could be spiced up with unique middle names. Alex could be used for a girl or a boy. The name is a diminutive of Alexander and means defender of men, as stated on NameBerry.com.

The feminine counterpart is Lexa, which happens to share the same meaning since it comes from the same diminutive. “People with this name have a deep inner desire for a stable, loving family or community, and a need to work with others and to be appreciated,” writes SheKnows.com on those named Lexa.

11 Blake & Kaleb


The toughest pair of brothers at school, Blake and Kaleb are a strong set of names. Blake is of English origin and means fair-haired, dark, shares NameBerry.com.

“Blake -- an early unisex option -- dropped out of the Top 100 in 2017 for the first time since 1988 but remains a sophisticated choice. And yes, both conflicting meanings of Blake are accurate. It originated as a surname in England derived from a nickname,” adds NameBerry.com.

“The name Kaleb is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew, the meaning of the name Kaleb is Dog; brave. In the Old Testament, Caleb was a companion of Moses during his time in the wilderness,” shares SheKnows.com on the name Kaleb.

10 Elsa & Sela


These names give me total Disney vibes! Aren’t Elsa and Sela just too charming for words?

Elsa is of German origin and means pledged to God, according to NameBerry.com. “Lost in limbo for decades and decades, Elsa now stands a good chance of following along in the progression from Emma to Ella to Etta, having just about lost her German accent--and as the ice queen heroine who 'Let It Go' in the wildly popular Disney movie Frozen. The name shot all the up to Number 286 (it's highest ranking since the 1890s) in the year after the release of the movie, though it's now fallen off a bit,” shares NameBerry.com on the background of this charming name.

Sela is a name of Hebrew origin that means rock. It’s a unique name, but I think it’s so appealing. Would you consider the name’s Elsa and Sela?

9 Evan & Neva


Another pair of old fashioned names, Evan and Neva are up next. “While Evan has been a go-to name in Wales for centuries, it’s only recently become one of the “in” names in the US. The Welsh version of the classic John, the name has a certain easy-going quality that parents seem to love,” writes Babble.com

. Evan is currently ranked at number 84 on NameBerry.com popularity charts. "The name Neva is a girl's name of Spanish origin meaning 'white snow.'" shares NameBerry.com. Neva is much less popular than Evan, but it’s an underrated name in my opinion. Clean and simple, Neva deserves some recognition.

8 Shayla & Alysha


Any Shayla and Alysha are sure to be the best at double jump roping on the playground if that’s still a thing? Alysha is of Spanish origin and means protected by God, according to NameBerry.com.

“Shayla first gained traction in the US during the 1970s, finally reaching its peak of Number 268 in 1999. Since then, this name has been on the decline, dropping to Number 988 in 2016, a nearly 200 spot drop from the prior year,” writes NameBerry.com on the name Shayla.

7 Cleo & Cole


Cleo and Cole, a fierce duo ready for the next big adventure life has to throw at them! Cleo is of Greek origin and means glory, making it awesome inspiration for a baby girl’s name. “Cleo was most popular in the early decades of the twentieth century--when it was also used for boys. The opening of the Egyptian tombs along with the 1917 silent film starring Theda Bara popularized a range of now-obscure Cleopatra diminutives, including Cleora, and Cleola,” adds NameBerry.com.

“Cole -- a short name that embodies a lot of richness and depth -- has long been associated with the great songwriter Cole Porter. It's quite popular in Scotland,” writes NameBerry.com on this name that means swarthy, coal black.

6 Lane & Lena


Lane and Lena is a very charming name duo, in my opinion. Lane is of English origin and quite literally means lane, as in a lane in the road. “Lane is a unisex name equally accessible to boys and girls. As a common surname, Lane is attached to such celebrities as Diane and Nathan,” adds NameBerry.com.

Its more feminine counterpart Lena is of Greek origin and means the bright one, according to SheKnows.com. I think there is more to these seemingly simple names than meets the eye. I love the alliteration of these two names together and it’s seriously enchanting.

5 Daria & Adria


Another unique name set, Daria and Adria are next up on this list of anagram name duos. “The name Daria is a girl's name of Greek, Latin, Persian origin meaning 'kingly or possess well',” writes NameBerry.com on the name Daria.

Babble.com explains that Adria means dark one, a girl with black eyes. Despite the dark and odd meaning, I think it’s a quaint name. “People with this name have a deep inner desire to inspire others in a higher cause, and to share their own strongly held views on spiritual matters,” suggests SheKnows.com on those with the name Adria.

4 Liam & Mila


Liam and Mila are the next anagram names featured on this list. Though the names give me Miley and Liam vibes, I think it’s still an awesome name pairing!

Liam is actually ranked at number one on NameBerry.com popularity charts. The name is of Irish origin and means resolute protection. Mila is of Russian origin and is also currently really popular, currently ranking in at number 30 on NameBerry.com popularity charts.

Mila is quickly rising in popularity, jumping up the list in the past few years, even though it wasn't even in the Top 1000 between 1881 and 2005. Mila is now among the trendiest girl names starting with M,” adds NameBerry.com.

3 Hale & Leah


I think Hale is such a cute old man name and Leah is a sweet compliment to it. “This name projects a sense of well-being - hale and hearty - is unusual but accessible, with a clear simple sound, and a worthy namesake, Revolutionary War hero Nathan Hale, as an added bonus,” writes NameBerry.com on the charming name Hale.

Leah is of Hebrew origin and means weary. Despite its dainty meaning, the name is actually very popular, currently ranking in at number 40 on NameBerry.com popularity charts. “Leah has been a mainstay near the top of the chart in the 21st century and is now among the most popular girls' names starting with L. It's been even more popular in countries as diverse as Norway, Germany, and Ireland,” adds NameBerry.com.

2 Aidan & Nadia


There’s something exotic about Aidan and Nadia. Two kiddos sure to be up for any adventure life throws at them! I love the name Aidan. It is of Irish origin and means little and fiery. I think it’s super cute, especially for a little girl!

The name Nadia is a girl's name of Russian origin meaning "hope,” writes NameBerry.com on the name Nadia. Nadia is currently ranked at number 400 on NameBerry.com popularity charts. Aidan is actually much less popular and is not currently ranking in the top 1000.

What do you think of this name duo? I say it’s one to consider!

1 Ian & Nia


We’ll end this list with short and sweet name duo of Ian and Nia. Ian is much more commonplace but paired with the unique name of Nia, the two names really compliment each other.

“Ian is the Scottish version of the classic John and has become a mainstay name of its own. The name debuted in 1935 and has been in the Top 100 since 1982. It’s a strong yet sensitive sounding name that goes over well with parents and girls alike,” states Babble.com on the name Ian.

“Short and spirited Nia has quite the international pedigree, claiming both Swahili and Welsh origins. Nia is also the principle observed on the fifth day of Kwanzaa—a significant holiday for many African-Americans—which involves setting purposeful goals to benefit the community,” adds Babble.com on the name Nia.

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