Olivia began topping the charts in basically went it entered the U.S. list in 1880. It really began trending in 1990 when it entered the top 100 at #72. Olivia has, since then, only continued to the top 10.

It entered the top 10 in 2002 and hasn't left since. Today, Olivia

is the #1 baby girl name in America! Olivia isn't only successful in the U.S. It's a top 10 name in 6 other countries and a top 100 in 4 other countries on top of that.

Olivia is Latin for "olive tree." It's a literary name used as far back as Shakespeare, when it came into popularity. It's used in tv shows like Scandal and Law and Order. It's a star and star baby name as well.

Can we maybe move past Olivia now? We've been hearing this undeniably pretty name for a bit too long now.

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