30 Radiant Baby Girl Names That Will Make Her Stand Out

There are several stages before the birth of a child that require much focus. Designing the baby room, searching for potential schools, and deciding whether to be crunchy mom or a mom who spends top dollar for the perfect name brand accessories. But one of the most important things that need to get done and that will steal most of the focus is deciding the baby's name.

Choosing the perfect baby name takes a lot of time and research. Since this is a name that will stick with your little one for his or her life, the name you choose should be a name that not only helps them standout but will also make them proud.

Today, parents are looking in many places for baby name lists to pick the perfect baby name. From as high as the stars to as low as nature parents are coming up with name gold thinking outside the box.

A radiant baby name is one that sparkles on paper. When the name is said out loud, it brings about a certain feeling and perception of the person who bears the name. Radiant names are pretty by nature. Some are unique while others are classic. Many are variations of names used centuries ago while others stay true to form. Here are 30 of those radiant names specifically for lovely baby girls.

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30 Ariel

The first thing that comes to mind when you see the name Ariel is no doubt the character from Disney's The Little Mermaid. Ariel was a radiant character. She had a smile that could light up, well, an ocean, and a voice that was priceless. Her character was likable, and she was relatable. There isn't a child who has seen The Little Mermaid who didn't fall in love with Ariel at first sight.

The name Ariel carries with it a lot of those similar characteristics and the meaning is quite powerful too.

Ariel has Hebrew origins and means sprite: lion of God. Though the Disney film is often referenced whenever this name is mentioned, Ariel is actually a biblical alternative to the name Jerusalem. The name is considered to be a unisex baby name since decades ago, boys were given this name too. But parents often choose Ariel for their little girls.

29 Lyla

The way Lyla rolls off your tongue is what gives all the radiance to this name. On paper, this name shines. The short letter form makes it easy to spell once your little princess enters the stage of learning the spelling of her name. And because it is pronounced the same way it is written, Lyla is easy to say even by those who have never heard or seen the name before.

Lyla is said to be the feminine version of the name Lyle. The name means from the island, island girl, or island beauty. It's important to note that Lyla has several meanings because it has different origins – English, French, and Hebrew. Be sure to do a little research on all the meanings so that you are happy with what they mean before giving your little one this baby name.

Another spelling variation of Lyla is Lila and in Arabic, Lila means night. Characteristics of Lyla's are said to be one who is freedom-loving, an intellectual and adaptable.

28 Leilani

Combo names will always be a popular addition to baby name charts. Names like this will often add the right amount of newness that will be appealing to modernized parents. This is a name that we've heard many times before but surprisingly isn't as popular as it should be. On name boards, this name is identified as being pretty, soft and very feminine. We're going to go ahead and add radiant to it as well.

Leilani has Hawaiian origins and is said to mean heavenly flowers or royal child in Hawaiian. This is a very cultural name. It not only has a radiant sound to it, it actually has a simple but lovely meaning. The name Leilani is a combo name. When the syllables are separated, they both mean something separate. Leilani is closely related to Hawaiian "lei" flowers and Hawaiian elements "lani" which means sky, heaven, heavenly, spiritual and majesty.

27 Aurora

Another fairytale name has made the list and is there any wonder why? The beautiful part about the name Aurora is that it's associated with beauty and radiance no matter the origin you choose to focus on.

The name has Latin origins. In Latin, Aurora was the mythical Roman goddess of the dawn whose tears turned to the morning dew.

In a fairy-tale, this name became popular after Charles Perrault used it in Sleeping Beauty as the name for the main character. People fall in love with Sleeping Beauty again once Disney turned the story into an animated film.

But one of the most noteworthy associations Aurora has to nature makes this name a radiant pick for parents who are looking for something different but still classic. In science, the Aurora Borealis also known as the northern lights is a natural occurrence that displays beautiful colored lights all over the world.

26 Chiara

You know that unique name many parents pine over selecting for their little ones? The kind of name that is different but not too different to border difficult to remember? This name is that name. Chiara is a lovely name for a little girl.

The spelling is unique and may throw some people for a loop on how to pronounce it but that gives this name some extra pizazz.

Chiara is a great alternative to more common names like Cara and Claire.

It has a new age element to it while still having a foot in the traditional. Among parents who have both named their children this or who are considering giving their little girls this name, they describe the name as being romantic and one of those names that the cool girls they know are given. Chiara is a radiant name by nature. The name has Italian origins and literally means light, clear.

25 Lita

If you’re looking for an organically pretty name that’s feminine and super easy to spell, look no further than this cute baby girl name. Lita is another one of those little girl names that are simple in spelling but awesome in meaning. As mentioned, these days, parents are looking for a name that has meaning. Gone are the days of simply combining or choosing names that only sound nice. Parents today are looking for names that have just as prettier meanings. And Lita is one of those baby girl names.

Lita has Latin, Spanish and Hebrew origins. In general, Lita is considered to be the diminutive of Carmel. In Hebrew, Carmel means garden. In Latin, Lita is a diminutive of the Spanish name Delores which means sorrow. Another meaning of Lita is light. Astrologers believe that Lita is the perfect name for little girls born under an Aries moon.

24 Zora

The name has many famous associations. It's different in sound and it isn't spelled like many other names both popular or forgotten. This is the perfect name for parents who aren't all about that princess life. Parents who prefer to parent outside of the box and are looking for a name with a little edge.

Because this name has the "Z" first letter, it automatically gives it some added appeal because again, it's so different from the names that have been deemed as popular today.

Zora has Slavic origins. It means dawn. Though it isn't a popular name on most baby name lists today it does have a famous association. Acclaimed author Zora Neal Hurston undoubtedly gave this name the popularity boost it deserved when she stepped onto the scene. And it's a boost that has yet to subside for most parents searching for unique baby girl names that shine.

23 Aura

Like most of the names on this list, Aura radiates on a baby names chart. It stands out naturally because it reminds of something familiar and mystic. You'll hear the name tossed around when used to describe the essence of a person. The bright colors that surround them that dictate what mood they are in. Aura readings are quite popular today and are indications as to where we are in life. But the name Aura has even more meaning than that.

Aura has Latin origins and means wind or breath. In Greek mythology, Aura was the titan goddess of breeze and the fresh air in the morning. What this means is that any little girl with a radiant name like this will surely have the personality to match when cultivated. Someone who is easy to be around. Perhaps even a free-spirit. Numerologists believe that girls named Aura have a strong desire to travel and will often seek adventure.

22 Amiya

Amiya is a wonderful name that is unique but still sounds familiar. The spelling makes you do a double take and the meaning will too. This is a name that is different and appears and sounds different than many other names. It's feminine as made clear by the first and last letters of the name and the origins for the name is quite rich. Amiya has Indian origins. It isn't as popular as it once was years ago, but it still has the same positive elements that make others consider it to be radiant.

Amiya is a delightful name. The way it rolls off the tongue when it is said to make it an ideal name to give to baby girls. It's no wonder the meaning of the name is quite simply, delight. Characteristics associated with girls named Amiya are said to be leader, confidence and one who is discipline.

21 Amina

Amina is a standout name for little girls. Much like the other names on this list, this name shines when written and when it is said. You know that one name that most little girls wish their parents named them? Many parents in baby groups claim this is a name that is much loved. The meaning of the name is also one that both parents and the name holder can be proud of. Making this name a perfect choice.

Amina has Arabic origins and means trustworthy, faithful. This name is slowly rising in popularity on baby name charts.

In the US, more parents are selecting this name for their little girls. Parents who are looking for something a bit different than the traditional western picks. Amina enjoys some success in the US but is top 10 in countries like Morocco and Kazakhstan. Characteristics of a little girl who is named Amina is said to be compassionate, patient and kind.

20 Bella

We can write a dissertation-length reason as to why this name is an excellent choice for baby girls. It’s elegant, stunning, and carries with it rich history. This is a name you've seen before. Often Bella is given as a nickname to little girls like Isabel or Isabella which means God's promise.

Bella is a pretty name, one that radiates on its own. And that’s the beauty of Bella is that it can be used either way.

Whether it is derived from another name and used as a nickname or if Bella is given as your little one's only first name, it still holds the same meaning and is the perfect radiant pick.

Bella is a diminutive of Annabella and Arabella which means yielding to prayer. Other meanings for Bella is beautiful, loving, lovable and graceful. Some associate the name with the Disney character Belle from the animated film Beauty and the Beast.

19 Ellie

Ellie is an adorable pick for little girls. There’s something playful about the name. It’s delightful on the eyes and easy to say. Most parents like it because it is often short for lengthier names which is an easy thing to love about Ellie.

This is a name where its popularity varies depending on where you are. Here in the states, it is growing in popularity but is still too low on the charts to make headway. But overseas it's a favorite.

Ellie has Hebrew and Greek origins. It is used as a nickname for Ellen or more commonly Eleanor. Eleanor has Hebrew origins as well and means God or light. So, the name means God is my light. As mentioned, Ellie is a popular name, especially in the UK. It is currently growing in popularity in the US among girls although many believe that it is a unisex name.

18 Isa

There is a great victory for looking for baby names that don’t fit the mold. You reduce the chances of your little girl’s name being shared with many of her peers in her class, giving her an opportunity to be her unique self.

Exotic names are gaining more traction on baby name lists. Parents are looking for names that stand out and are uniquely different without seeming that way. Isa is one of those names that are unique but modern enough to fit in with other popular westernized names.

Isa is one of the names on the list that isn’t very feminine. Considered to be a unisex name, Isa is said to have originated from various sources but is commonly linked to having Arabic origins. Because the origin varies, it’s best to check the meaning wherever you are. In Arabic, Isa translates as Jesus. It is also said to have Teutonic origins. In Teutonic, Isa means devoted to God.

17 Meadow

It’s kind of hard not to fall in love with earthly names. The kind of names that when they are said, you imagine the experience you had with that place or thing. Nature names are a big hit, especially in the new millennium.

Because our personalities are often dictated by our names, nature names offer grounded qualities to those given them, especially little girls. Nature names for little girls are more appealing because it adds a new age feminine touch that manages to shatter the glass ceiling of girl names. And here enters Meadow.

Meadow has English origins and represents the grassy fields, fields used for the production of hay. This name is currently climbing the charts. Though Meadow has experienced a slow rise to the top of baby name lists, it is up a few spots since getting on everyone radar. Because Meadow is a nature name, there isn't a real meaning to it, only what it represents.

16 Celine

If you're looking for a name that radiates elegance and beauty, look no further than the name Celine. This name is timeless, classic which means it has staying power long after the trends have changed. It's one of those names that will continue to be a mainstay in baby girl names. Celine shines on baby names charts whenever it appears there. Currently, Celine is in the top 100 on baby name charts and for good reason.

It has French origins and French names, naturally are a favorite. French baby girl names have a certain sound to them that leaves a good impression whenever it is said or read.

The meaning of Celine is sky or heaven.

It also has Greek origins and means Greek goddess of the moon. And if you're into Greek history, you'll love this. Celine was one of the seven mythological daughters of Atlas transformed by Zeus into stars of Pleiades constellation.

15 Luna

Looking to the stars to find the right name for your little one is seen as more of a common thing to do today. Out-of-this-world names hold a lot of meaning that traditional names sometimes lack. Planet names are of high interest these days.

Many parents look forward to giving their babies a name that has a strong meaning and is lovely on the eyes to read. These kind of names are often unforgettable. Especially when they are names for little girls.

Many parents have been picking the name Luna for their beautiful baby girls because on its own, even before knowing its meaning, the sound is radiant. Luna is considered to be an American baby name but in most Spanish speaking countries, Luna is Spanish for moon. Appropriately, the meaning of Luna is moon. In mythology, Luna was one of the names of Artemis, the moon goddess.

14 Kiana

Whether you say it in your head or speak the name out loud, we can all agree that Kiana is a universally beautiful name. Anywhere you go in the world, Kiana is often viewed as radiant because it is ultra-feminine in nature.

This is a name that has more than one origin but as we said, it has that certain sound that makes it likable anywhere you go. With Irish origins, the meaning of Kiana is said to be a name variant of Kian.

This is a name that has more than one origin.

In Hawaii, Kiana is said to be the Hawaiian form of Diana which means divine. There are many ways you can spell this name although this spelling variation is the most popular. Parents in baby name groups describe this name as being pretty and exotic. Characteristics of Kiana's are believed to be girls who are idealistic, intuitive and who strive to be independent.

13 Naila

This is a name that’s easy to love. Though most of us are familiar with it, Naila still has that sound to it that makes it unique to other names on this list.

Naila is a name that shines bright on paper. Its short letter form makes it easy to pronounce and the unconventional yet modern syllables in its makeup make this name so perfect it should be popular but it's probably best that it isn't.

Popular names tend to lose their pizzaz when too many people possess that name,

so when a name is radiant but still a bit low on the baby name charts, parents adore it.

Naila has Arabic origins and means attainer, the achiever, and the successful one. Though Naila isn't very popular in most western cultures, it is a very common female name in Hawaii as well as shares the same Arabic meaning, successor. This name has risen in popularity since its inclusion in the 1950s.

12 Violet

The name Violet is a perfect example of what happens with names over time. Flower names will always be a mainstay in baby names because flowers are well loved.

They last forever making this name a timeless name that will be hard pressed to lose its sparkle. Violet has French origins and is derived from the old French Violette which is a diminutive form of Viole which is derived from the Latin Viola.

Evolved names are usually linked to the times. Often parents find a name that they love but because it is a name that is shared by many they try to find ways to make a popular name unique to their little one.

Although names may evolve over time, their meanings remain intact. The meaning of Violet is simply purple. Violet was it's most popular in 2016 where it hit the top 50s on baby name charts.

11 Hazel

This is another radiant name on the list that has stood the test of time. It is a name that continues to be perfect for little girls and that forms a beautiful mental picture whenever the name is mentioned. Hazel has English origins and means the hazel tree or nut. Yes, this one is closely related to the flavor often found in coffee and the history of the name is just as sweet.

Hazel is a name that has been used since the 9th century. This was at a time when flower and plant names became fashionable as first names and for good reason. As mentioned with the other flower name on the list, Violet, flower names are timeless. Because it is classic in sound and representation, parents choose not to shy away from choosing it. This is a name that is most appealing to parents of little girls born with Hazel colored eyes.

10 Trinity

The first thing that might come to mind when you hear this name is the Matrix. It was the name of one of the leading ladies in the film franchise and even then, when the name was spoken we never forgot it.

Trinity is a lovable name and has an equally unforgettable meaning. The name Trinity is a divine name, literally. The meaning and sound of Trinity is beautiful and surprisingly not as popular as many would think. Although those with strong faiths tend to pick this name often since it is a Christian virtue name.

Trinity has Latin origins and means triad. It refers to the Holy Trinity in Christianity. Those with strong beliefs in religion tend to be attracted to this name because of meaning and the radiance this name exudes. Trinity means three in one… God is the trinity because he is the father, the son and the Holy Spirit.

9 Stella

This is another one of those names that are out of this world radiant. But because it’s so simple, learning its starry link may surprise you.

Stella is a name that is difficult not to love. It is short in spelling and has the characteristically feminine "a" at the end of the name.

The name Stella has some celebrity appeal, but this name shines all on its own thanks to history and meaning.

Stella has Latin origins and means star. Planet and galaxy inspired names have been making an appearance on baby name charts adding some variations to the usual. Many parents find star names to be appropriate for their little ones. Especially parents who prefer to think out of the box and set their little ones apart from their peers.

Stella was used in the 16th century by a poet, Sir Phillip Sidney. Stella wasn't used until the 19th century as a baby name. Currently, the name Stella sits in the top 100 baby name charts in the 40s.

8 Layla

We predict that the name Layla will be around for many years to come. Parents love it because it’s very much a baby girl’s name, no unisex stamp here. Layla is a name that can be spelled in a variety of ways and it will still be radiant but this is a more common spelling.

It's a beautiful name with a simple meaning but the reason it is on this list for being radiant is simply based on how it rolls off the tongue. It's a lovely option for parents who want to give their daughters a name that shines.

In baby name groups, this name is viewed as being feminine and being associated with a princess, or at least sounding like a princess name. Layla is of Egyptian/Arabic origins and means night. It is currently at number 30 on baby name charts and was once made popular by the Eric Clapton song, "Layla."

7 Harlow

This name is quite different from many of the names on this list which makes it a brilliant pick. Harlow is a baby name that is perfect for parents who aren't interested in the princess sounding girl names. The parents who want a name that has a little edge and that has that girl essence but is a bit distant from the idea of being girly.

Harlow was once a surname. The name is of Anglo-Saxon origins and is derived from a place name. Remember when we mentioned that this name has a bit edge? The meaning of the name proves this.

Harlow simply means army, so you can predict that your little one will not shy away from things that most girly girls may cringe at, and they'll be fine with that. Harlow is not as popular as it once was as it is currently in the 400s on baby name charts, but it is popular amongst celebrities.

6 Grace

Grace is a wonderful name to give to a little girl as it can lend beautiful qualities to her personality. Appropriate to this list, this name is not only radiant, it is elegant too. When you see the name Grace it’s hard not to notice how it exudes a certain element of class that is lovable but still relatable.

A baby girl name like Grace is another one of those names that are associated with a princess and has that royal charm weaved into it.

Grace is an English baby name and means, simple elegance or refinement of movement. It's a name that English-speaking countries use to describe character traits that are desired and loved. Numerologists believe that little girls who are named Grace have a deep inner desire to have a stable and loving family or community. They have a need to work with others and to feel appreciated.

5 Juliana

Juliana is such a lovely name is has just the right amount of traditional and modern elements weaved throughout each syllable. Is easy to see why the way this name is read and said is perceived as being stunning to many. This is a name that has star appeal and is feminine by nature. With Latin origins, there's a romantic vibe that this name embodies, and it flows off the tongue like a well-written song.

The meaning of Juliana is young, Jove's child. It is notably the feminine form of Julius. Currently, the name is slowly rising in popularity and closer to the top spot on many baby name charts. Juliana is a name that is ideal for parents who want something different for their little one but something that isn't too different. A standout but that is still modern is simple to pronounce. Juliana is also believed to be a combination of Julie and Anne.

4 Ava


How can a name with only three letters be so radiant and pack such a memorable punch? This name is simply adorable. It's perfect for a little girl name and for little girls of parents who want them to stand out among their peers.

Ava has Latin origins and is believed to be a form of Avis which means bird.

The name Ava itself means life and was a very popular pick in 2016, appearing in the top 10 of baby name lists. That's not surprising. This name is simply gorgeous in pronunciation and on paper.

It can also be an ideal pick for those with strong Catholic faiths since one of the most common prayers, Ave Maria (Latin for Hail Mary), shares a similar spelling with this name. Ava got a boost in popularity after actress Reese Witherspoon and Hugh Jackman chose the name Ava for their daughters.

3 Ella

Looking for something that seems new age but is very much a classic? You’ll find all that and more in the name Ella. Ella is another one of those simple names that has a lovely ring to it. Ella has English and Hebrew origins and means beautiful fairy woman. This is a radiant name that is magical in meaning and spelling.

Often used as a nickname for women named Eleanor and Ellen which means light.

But we believe Ella is such a beautiful name that you can give your little one this name as is.

A name like Ella is a bit classic with a touch of new school. Because it's common as a nickname, it gives it extra appeal and allows it to be different but not unusual. This name is popular among celebrities as well. One famous bearer of the name is Ella Fitzgerald. In Spanish cultures, Ella means "she."

2 Olivia

It is our prediction that in just a few years, all of us will know at least one Olivia. This name is super popular, and it isn't difficult to see why. It's radiant. Extremely radiant in meaning, well at least one meaning, and in spelling. It's a feminized boy name and those names are always a hit among parents. And there's just something feminine but not too girly about the name Olivia.

Shakespearean names are making a huge comeback on baby name charts with the likes of Juliette and Romeo reappearing.

And the beauty of the name Olivia is that it is popular across the western world.

So, the chances of someone being unfamiliar or never hearing the name Olivia will be slim to none.

Olivia has Latin origins and means olive brand or olive tree. Peace and vibrancy is associated with this name. As mentioned, Olivia is considered the feminine version of Oliver. It also has English origins and means Elf Army. We're going to go with the original meaning though. Olivia is a Shakespearean name.

1 Joi

The name Joi brings with it thoughts of elegance and femininity without necessarily seeming too much like the aforementioned. This is one of our favorite names because it simply exudes radiance and all things good. It's a lot of pressure to put on a little one, but they'll have so much to look forward to when they are called upon by this name and they beam.

Joi has English origins and means rejoicing or delight. It also has French origins and means Joy. Of course, you can spell the name with the traditional "y" ending but we think there's something beautiful about that "I" on the end. Joi in this spelling first appeared on the baby name charts for the first time in 1956. According to numerologists, little girls with the name Joi often grow up to be mystics, philosophers, teachers, and scholars. They also tend to be quiet and introspective, often introverts.

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