30 Sibling Baby Names So Cute Mom Will Want More Kids

Naming a child can be quite an interesting adventure. Some people go through hundreds of names before finding the right one. There are even those who actually wait unto the baby is born before naming them so that they can see what the baby looks like and then go from there.

If and when the second child comes, a lot of people want to try and pick a name that somehow goes along with the name of their sibling. And this will be another wonderful adventure but thanks to today’s technology, parents can now search the web for the perfect names.

The only downfall to being able to pick names from the internet is that there is just so much information out there that it can become quite overwhelming at times, but don’t worry we are here to try and help you out with that. We are not just helping you with your first child but also your second. Two birds with one stone. So take your time, relax and look through these sibling names and I really hope it helps you out.

Write us and let us know if you use any of these suggestions we would really like to hear from you.

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30 Alexander & Amelia

Alexander is a strong boys name that according to Baby Name Wizard means "defender.” And Amelia is a beautiful girls name that has the same meaning, according to She Knows. So, mom and dad, you could have two defenders in your household.

Hopefully, as these two siblings are growing up they will always defend one another. Of course, the brother should be defending his sister and not the other way around, but they can both grow up defending their mamma just as it should be.

29 Ashlyn & Katelyn

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Here are two very nice names for sisters. Pronounced ASH-lin, Ashlyn means "Dream, Vision", according to Baby Name Wizard. Pronounced KAYT-lin, Katelyn means "Pure". So, if one name means pure while the other means dream then together they are a pure dream.

These two names are also on the list of names ending the same on Fit Pregnancy and they both have good nicknames which are Ash and Kate. The only problem with Ashlyn is that if she fits her name she will be a dreamer.

28 Eva & Everett

According to Nameberry, com Eva and Everett go well together. Eva is a Hebrew name meaning "Life,” and it is a very popular name so not a good name if you are looking for originality.

The name Everett is, according to Babycenter, a name of Anglo-Saxon origin and the name means "Wild Bora, Strong.” If you have this name, Seven Reflections says that you may find it hard to settle down and you have the need to be free.

Girls named Eva also like their freedom and when it comes to learning you pick things up very quickly.

27 Madison & Mason

If, by chance, you are looking for two names with the same ending sound, then according to Fit Pregnancy, Madison, which is a girls name would go well with a brother named Mason.

I actually have a grandson named Mason, who is such a sweet boy and I would suggest the name Madison to my daughter if she were to have a girl. Not only do they end with the same three letters, but they also start with the same first two letters. Twice the reason for this pair!

26 London & Landon

London and Landon sound alike and they both have the same last four letters. London is a very strong sounding boys name of English origin meaning "From The Great River.” London is also the capital of England, and most people have probably heard the song London Bridge.

Landon is another English boys name that means "From The Long Hill.” Here is another good example of changing only one letter to make another name. These two make a really good choice for brothers.

25 Brianna & Brandon

According to Nameberry, Brianna and Brandon are a good match for Brother and sister. Brianna is a beautiful Irish girls name that means "strong, virtuous and honorable". Three very good qualities for any person to have.

The name Brandon is a strong English name for a boy and it has a bit of a strang meaning to it which is, "broom-covered hill. Together, this brother and sister team make a strong broom-covered hill. The two names do sound good together though.

24 Leah & Levi

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Leah and Levi sound really good together and according to Behind The Name, Leah is a Hebrew name meaning "Weary.” In the old testament, Jacob’s first wife had this name and she bore seven of his children.

Levi is also a Hebrew name and the meaning is not clear but it may be " joined, attached" and again in the old testament Levi was one of Jacob and Leah’s sons, these two names are very closely related and a perfect match if you are looking for biblical names.

23 April & May

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Here is another wonderful example of having two different seasons living in the same household. According to She Knows, April is an English girls name meaning "Opening Buds Of Spring.” May is an English name that simply means the month of.

As April always follows May, I can see two beautiful sisters and the one always following the other one around just like the seasons. Two seasons that work together to bring about new life. I have a beautiful little niece named April.

22 Jayden & Jordan

According to Fit Pregnancy, Jayden and Jordan are a good match for each other because they both have the same sound at the end which makes it easy when yelling for your children.

I know of one Jayden that you may have heard of because his dad is the very famous actor Will Smith. And as for Jordan, there is a river in the middle east with that name that runs through the sea of Galilee. These are two very strong sounding names.

21 Isaiah & Isabella

Here are two more names that would be perfect for you if you are looking up biblical names or meaning. According to Momjunction, Isaiah and Isabelle are a good match for a brother and sister combo.

Isaiah is a boys name and in the bible, he was one of the great prophets and the name means "God Is Salvation.” Isabella is a very pretty girls name that means“God Is My Oath.” A very good match if you want both names to be close in their meaning!

20 Wilson & Alison

For those that like the name William but don’t like the fact that it is such a popular name, you could go with the name Wilson because, according to Momjunction, the name Wilson actually means "Son Of William.”

The names Alison came from the shorter form, Alice which means "Of The Nobel Kind.” Both names also end with the letters son. When I hear the name Wilson, I think of a basketball or the last name Wilson from the show Dennis the Menace.

19 Faith & Hope

Faith and Hope are two beautiful names for sisters since the two always go together. In order to have hope in something you must have faith and according to She Knows, Faith means "trust, belief,” and Hope goes right along with them.

Three of the most valued Christian virtues are faith, hope, and charity. If you are looking for sibling names that not only go together but also have a wonderful meaning behind them, then these two would be a good choice.

18 Jonah & Jemima

According to Momjuntion, Jonah and Jemima go well together for siblings. Both names apparently mean "Dove” and the dove a is a symbol of peace. So who knows, maybe you will have two very peaceful children or maybe they will both grow up to be peacemakers.

What's interesting about Jonah is that in the bible Jonah was swallowed by a whale and it just so happens that this name is popular in Alaska and Hawaii which are both whaling countries.

17 Josiah & Josephine

These two names go well together because they both have a biblical meaning behind them. According to Baby Name Wizard, Josiah is a boys name that means "The Lord Heals, The Lord Saves, The Lord Supports,” and is pronounced Joh-ZIY-ə. Pronounced JOH-seh-feen, Josephine is a very lovely girls name that means "God will add, God will increase”.

So, if you are one that might be looking for names with biblical meanings then these two names may be just right if you have a son and a daughter.

16 Malia & Malachi

According to Everyday Family, Malia and Malachi are two unique names that sound alike and would be a good choice of names for twins. The name Malia, according to Babycenter, is a Hawaiian name that means "Beloved” The most well known Malia that I know of is Malia Obama, daughter of one of our former presidents.

Malachi is a Hebrew name meaning "My Angel Boy.” What an awesome meaning for a name. You could have a beloved girl and an angel boy how wonderful is that?

15 Thorn & Daisy

According to Fit Pregnancy, Thorn and Daisy are a good match for a brother and sister if you a looking for names that have to do with flowers or nature. A daisy is a pretty flower and a thorn is on a rose, another pretty flower.

I know there are a lot of guys out there who when they hear the name Daisy may think about Daisy Duke from the show “The Dukes of Hazzard” especially if they grew up in the 80’s.

14 Taylor & Tyler

According to Behind The Name, the name Taylor means "To Cut,” and the name Tyler means "tiler of roofs.” These names could either be for a brother and sister or they could also be used for two brothers because the name Taylor can be used for a boy or a girl.

They may both sound a little masculine but if you are looking for names that sound similar then these two might be a good match for you. Of course, if you don’t say their names clearly enough, they may both come running.

13 Oliver & Olivia

Via: Christin Lewin

The name Oliver, according to BabyCenter, is a French boys name that means "Olive Tree.” There is a lot said about the Olive tree in the bible. I love olives myself.

The name Olivia also means "Olive tree,” so if you choose these names you will have to olive trees in your home. There is a famous singer named Olivia Newton John who I used to listen to a lot in the 80’s. It is a very beautiful name for a beautiful girl.

12 Gabriella & Isabella

And Girl In Love two little angels love baby wallpapers pinterest rhpinterestcom twin girl names youull seriously loverhsheknowscom twin Sweet Baby Boy And Girl

Gabrielle which is pronounced, ga-Bree-EH-lə, according to Baby Name Wizard, means "God Is My Strength,” and the name Isabelle, which is pronounced i-zə-BEHL-ə, means “God Is My Oath.”

Both of these names are very beautiful, they both end in belle and that is a good nickname for Isabelle and Gabby is a good nickname for Gabriella. I have a beautiful little niece Gabriel, who we call Gabby.

These names have so much in common if you are looking for names with closely related meaning.

11 Lucky & Chance

Lucky and Chance are two good names for a brother and sister according to Fit Pregnancy. If you go to the casino and you take a chance you might get lucky.

According to She Knows, Chance means ”Good luck, Good fortune” and Lucky means "Fortunate.” So this brother and sister could end up sharing a lot of good luck together. Or maybe bring good fortune to the whole family.

Even though I like these names, I myself have never heard of anyone named Lucky but I have heard of a Chance.

10 Rylee & Charlee

On Fit Pregnancy, Rylee and Charlee are listed as sibling names with the same ending, and according to Seven Reflections, people with the name Rylee tend to be good at finishing whatever project they may start. They are usually very active and enjoy helping people whenever they can.

People with the name Charlee are very friendly and they are often multitaskers. Not only are they good at coming up with good ideas, but they are also good at bringing that idea to life.

9 Serenity & Trinity

Serenity and Trinity are two words you hear a lot in churches around the world, and according to Baby Name Wizard, Serenity means, "Calmness, Tranquility," and Trinity according to She Knows, means "Three in one.”

If you are a religious person then these two names would be great for two little girls, and even if you are not these names are very beautiful and sound good together. When Trinity gets older, she can say that she is three in one, a daughter, a mother, and a wife.

8 Violet & Lilac

According to Fit Pregnancy, Violet and Lilac are two names that go together very well and for good reason since they are both flowers. If you have daughters and you give them these names when you introduce them to people you can say, "These are my two beautiful flowers.”

Also if you just happen to like the color purple then again these names would be a good choice since both of the flowers have purple in them. Two beautiful names for two beautiful girls.

7 Grace & Grayson

According to She Knows, Grace means "God's favor". In Irish, it means "love". It’s a beautiful name for a baby girl. And a name that would be good for her brother is Grayson.

People with the name Grayson, according to Seven Reflections, are very independent and know what they want. They are also clear thinkers and can sometimes be very opinionated, you want to be able to make a difference in the world around you.

6 Jade & Jaden

According to Behind The Name, the name Jade means "stone of the flank" and it came from the stone. It was believed that the Jade stone could actually cure renal colic.

The name Jaden first became popular in the United States in the 1990’s. According to Seven Reflections, girls named Jade are very smart, honest and full of inspirations and boys with the name Jaden are exactly the same as Jade, not to mention there is only one letter that separates them which makes them a good match.

5 Julia & Julian

According to Nameberry, Julia and Julian are a good match for siblings and there is only one letter that separates them. Julia is a pretty girl's names of Latin origin that means "Youthful,” and who doesn't want to be full of youth?

Julian is a strong Latin boys name that means "youthful, downy" -- again with the meaning youthful! There is so much that makes these two names perfect for each other. It’s interesting how we can just add one letter to make a whole new name.

4 Kylie & Kyle

Kylie and Kyle are a good brother and sister match and according to Nameberry, Kylie is a Scottish girls name and it means "a boomerang" so I guess if you let her go she will always come back.

According to She Knows, the name Kyle is a Yiddish boys name meaning "Victorious.” So Kyle may be victorious in all that he does and sets out to do. The meaning of the two names aren’t very similar but they sound much the same.

3 Andrew & Andrea

According to Mom Junction, if you are looking for old time names, then Andrew and Andrea are a good match for a brother and sister. According to Seven Reflections, if you have the name Andrew you are a good planner but you generally let others carry out the plans.

If you have the name Andra you also are the planner rather than the builder so between the two of you I don’t think much work would get done, but you both know what you want.

2 Bay & Beach

Here are two very awesome names that I, myself, have never heard of before as far as peoples' names go but according to Momjunction, these two names go together and would make a great boys name and we all know what a beach is. The name Bay would make a beautiful name for a girl.

These are both good nature names and since the bay runs into the ocean they really do go well together. The name Bay really does have a lovely sound to it.

1 Summer & Winter

Here are two seasonal names that are as opposite as black and white. But you could have two seasons under the same roof. According to Babycenter, Summer is an English name and it literally means "Summer Season.” The English meaning for the name Winter is,”Born In The Winter.” What a perfect name if you are expecting a baby girl in the Winter time. I just hope the child is not as cold as the season.

These would be the perfect names for sisters and even more so if they would happen to be twins.

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