30 Stunning Baby Names From The '90s (We're Falling In Love With All Over Again)

Where are all our '90s babies at?! Come one, come all, because we've got an ultimate list for every '90s baby who is currently (or planning on) having a baby. The '90s were an epic decade known for music, carefree fun, ridiculous trends, and some of the best movies and media to date. Along with all that was some of the most iconic names of our generation, names that would stick with us and make it clear to future generations that yes, we were the original '90s babies. But what's better than having a classic '90s name? Being able to pass one down to a son or daughter, of course.

With that in mind, we thought that it was about time to create the ultimate '90s baby name list. There are plenty of '90s names out there but they're not all created equal, so we've chosen only the most iconic. Chances are that all of us either knew someone with one of these names or will at least recognize it as being classically '90s, which is exactly the point!

There's nothing wrong with working a bit of nostalgic flair into our baby's name. In fact, we wholeheartedly support it. There's nothing better than a retro name! It is the totally rad thing to do, after all.

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30 Matthew


The name Matthew is one that we rarely hear anyone use anymore but you can guarantee that there are plenty of early '90s babies walking around with it. It's a beautiful name for a baby boy and, of course, offers the nickname Matt, which is trendy and simple. It's Hebrew meaning is "gift from God," which is beautiful in itself and holds a meaning that rings true with all new parents. It's a solid traditional name but also leaves parents with a bit of room to personalize a nickname.

29 Jessica


No matter how many people we meet with the name Jessica, we can never get over how gorgeous of a name it is. We'd bet money on the fact that almost everyone had a Jessica as a friend (or knew of one) and secretly envied her chic name at the time. While there is no direct meaning for the name Jessica, it's believed to be a derivative of Jesse, which comes to us from Hebrew to mean "gift." The beautiful thing about this name is that it can be feminine or masculine; Jess, Jessie, and Jay are all cute nicknames!

28 Joshua


Joshua is a beautiful name with a deep biblical meaning, derived from the Hebrew Yehoshua, meaning "Jehova is help, God is salvation." However, you don't need to be religious to love this name for what it is: A truly stunning name for a baby boy. As kids get older, most of them shorten the name to just Josh, but the full name is undeniably unique (and very '90s). It's one of those names that no one dislikes and is something that your baby boy will grow into and make his own.

27 Ashley


The reason the name Ashley made this list is because of how versatile it is. Not only does the name sound super pretty, but it's a blank slate for any mom who wants to switch it up and give their daughter something unique. A couple of different spellings of this name include Ashlee and Ashleigh, both of which are gorgeous in style and spelling. It's undoubtedly '90s and the best part? It can be used as a unisex name depending on spelling, too! It can be as unique as you make it.

26 Christopher (Or Chris)


There's no denying that many people agree the name Christopher is one of the most stunning names for a baby boy. It's elegant, bold, and an undoubtedly strong name. It can also be shortened which is a great 'pro' as far as kids go since you can never really be sure if they'll love their names or not. The name comes to us from Greece and has two different meanings, 'Christ' and 'to bear.' The name is most commonly known by the saint who shared it and it's quite a handsome name for a little boy.

25 Megan


If you were a '90s kid who was obsessed with the Magic Attic Club, then you probably favored the 'Megan doll' just as much as everyone else did. The name blew up in the '90s and it's easy to see why! It's cute, unique, and a name that no one really hears anymore. The name comes from the Anglo-Saxon word for 'strong' or 'capable,' making it quite bold in nature as well, much more so than you'd think upon hearing it initially. The name could be shortened to Meg as well, which is a cute and spunky nickname for a girl!

24 Andrew


The interesting thing about the name Andrew is that it's quite a grown-up name for a baby boy. This is also what makes it such a perfect choice! The name was originally heard in Greece where it quite literally means 'manly.' It's sophisticated and sweet and lends itself to more nicknames than we can even count. Andrew was heard widely in the '90s but not so often anymore (unless you are a '90s baby) which has once again made it such a unique choice for a boy.

23 Rachael


We've all watched Friends and had our favorite character which many times were Rachel. That just goes to show how common the name was throughout the entire decade, particularly with the extra "a" thrown in for some flair. The name was rarely shortened back then and is always a pretty name regardless of how it's spelled. It's derived from the Hebrew name for 'ewe' but was also first heard in Greece. It's fun, spunky, and truly a tribute to '90s culture.

22 Cody


Cody is always a fun name because it's so versatile to any personality. The name Cody continued to be popular through the late '90s and even into the early 2000s, making it a successful name as well as one that was well-loved. Simply put, it's cute, simple, but still unique. The name itself was first heard in Ireland, where it was derived from the surname of 'Mac Óda,' which means 'wealthy.' Many agree that the name is a playful and friendly name, perfect for a little boy who will always make people smile.

21 Jasmine


Whether you watched too much Aladdin or really just love the way the herb smells, the name Jasmine is a gorgeous name for a little girl. Obviously, it's meaning does stem from the powerful aromatherapy plant that helps so many people with common ailments. On its own, it's a beautiful name but when coupled with a shorter middle name, it can be pure poetry. This name can be the starting place for many fun and cute nicknames, too, like 'Jaz' and 'Mina.' It's one of those names that no one ever forgets which says a lot about the 90s.

20 Aaron


The name Aaron continued its popularity into the early 2000s but definitely peaked in the '90s. Many stars shared this name which made it that much more iconic but it still remained such a unique-sounding name. In the Bible, Aaron was the brother of Moses, which is where we first heard of the name. It means 'messenger' and is beautiful in meaning just as it is in sound, making it perfect for any little boy. There aren't too many nicknames for this one but really, who needs one with such a lovely name?

19 Chelsea


Talk about chic! Chelsea is undoubtedly a girl who is always full of life, energy, and spunk. She'll likely grow up to have plenty of friends and won't even need to try when it comes to making people smile. Just like her personality, her name has an interesting meaning: port of ships. You may have noticed that many ports in both the US and Europe have the name 'Chelsea' in front of them, and this meaning is why. The name not only bears historical importance but has also remained chic and sophisticated over the years.

18 Brian


Interestingly enough, there's no certain origin for the name Brian. The presumed history is one that comes from Ireland, which is why most people think of when they hear it. Going with that origin, the name likely means 'strength' or 'valor.' This name, bold in both meaning and sound, was definitely at its peak in the early '90s. It's one of those names that will never go out of style and it's one that everyone seems to love. It can also be spelled several different ways, allowing moms to personalize it in a unique way for their baby boy.

17 Abigail


When you hear the name Abigail, images of London and old-fashioned Victorian houses with women in full skirts is probably what you think of, right? While that's one way to look at it, another way is that it's a name that is rich in history, both in literature and film. It's an absolutely stunning name for a little girl that's still fun. Its meaning is 'father's joy' which is such a heartfelt meaning for a parents' first child. Any girl named Abigail will have plenty of unique nicknames as well, making it even more endearing.

16 Sean


Now, this is a name that offers no debate as far as where it hailed from. The name Sean was first heard in Ireland, where it means 'God is gracious.' In Ireland, the name is actually pronounced 'shawneen' and is spelled 'Seáinín.' We love the fact that for such a short name, it has so many versatile spellings as well as pronunciations. It's a unique name for sure and has since been replaced with the spelling 'Shawn.' Either one would be a stunning and strong name for any little boy.

15 Erin


We're on a roll with the Ireland-inspired names lately! Something about the '90s was leading parents to seek names from all over the world and Erin is yet one more that's stunning, but not used nearly as much anymore. The name is absolutely beautiful on its own, especially for being such a short name, but would sound adorable when coupled with a multi-syllable middle name. It's also unisex which makes it neither feminine or masculine. It has several different spellings and when translated, literally means 'Ireland.'

14 Cameron


We're taking a trip one country over and scoping out Scotland for this one. That's where the name Cameron originally comes from, although it does have a meaning in Ireland as well. The name Cameron is unique as there's really no other name like it, few spellings that are pronounced the same way, and it's also interesting in meaning. The meaning will differ based on who you ask but is believed to mean either 'crooked nose' or 'crooked hill.' It's always fun to have a name with a story behind it, and this is one we truly love.

13 Allison


The '90s were so underrated as far as names go because once again, we have a name that is simply beautiful in sound and spelling but it's rarely seen nowadays. Allison can be spelled in several different ways including Allyson, which is another gorgeous way of putting it. Its meaning is quite literal, 'son of Alice,' but also has a meaning in Greece that translates to 'truth.' The original name Greece is 'Aletheia' which is a bit longer, but another beautiful variant. The nicknames Ally, Al, and Alice are all adorable nicknames for any girl.

12 Stephen


Stephen is always a little troublemaker, isn't he? We're just kidding! Kids will be kids and the name Stephen is definitely a cute go-to for any mom. Its origin is similar to most names in the '90s and is a very sophisticated and mature name for a little boy. The name would eventually evolve to be spelled 'Steven' instead, but we love the traditional way of spelling it too much to part with it. It means 'crown' or 'garland,' which is perfect for any little prince.

11 Brooke


While the meaning of the name Brooke is no secret, it is a unique nature-themed name for a baby girl. This name peaked in the '90s but was unique even then, as not many girls were given the name on a regular basis. It comes to us from England and is one of those names that still holds an air of mystery as to the girl behind it, which we totally love. Many who bear the name claim that it's rare to run into anyone with one similar, which is wonderful for parents who are looking for something retro and unique!

10 Hunter


Hunter is a totally cool name for a baby boy but can also be used as a unisex name for a less feminine-sounding girl's name. Its meaning is quite obvious (as were many back in the '90s) but that doesn't take away from the strength of the name in the slightest. It's a bold choice for moms who want their child to stand out as it's rare to find anyone else who shares a name like this. It's edgy and fun, and not something you'd typically hear on the daily which is exactly why we love it so much.

9 Shannon


In Ireland, this name is not only a last name but the first name for many boys as well. We love that it's interchangeable and how beautiful it is in sound. The name was supposedly a derivative from the name Sean, which we've also included on this list. Its meaning is believed to be something akin to 'old river,' making it timeless as well as pretty. We all know at least one Shannon from our '90s grade school classes and it makes an impression. An alternate meaning that we love is 'little wise one.'

8 Corey


The name Corey can be spelled a few different ways depending on whether it's being given to a boy or girl, and unisex names were yet another trend that was very popular in the '90s. This name, once again, comes to us from Ireland (surprise surprise!) and has several meanings. It's believed to be translated to anything from 'dweller of a hollow' to 'spear' depending on whether it has stemmed from a translation or a family surname. Regardless, it's a tough name for a tough little boy.

7 Gabriella


This name is the feminine derivative of the name Gabriel, which is also a beautiful name for either a boy or a girl. The name Gabriella was very big in the '90s and is one that seemed to slowly disappear as the years went on. It means 'God is my might' and has a whole list of potential nicknames, the most popular being 'Gabby' back in the '90s. It's a name that is pure beauty on its own and needs no nickname or fancy middle name to make it flow. Any little girl would be lucky to bear such a stunning first name!

6 Taylor


When was the last time you heard this name? It's been quite a while for us, too! Yet another unisex name, Taylor comes to us from France, where it means exactly what you'd think it would: 'tailor' or 'to cut.' The name is sophisticated in such a way that makes it clear it hails from Europe, and we love the sophistication of it. It can be shortened but for a little boy, we don't see the need for it because it's so lovely on its own. It's a name a boy will grow into and one they'll love when they get older.

5 Cheyenne


There are some names that just catch your attention when you hear them and the name Cheyenne is definitely one of them. It's rarely used but did have its place in the '90s. If you're familiar with the Sioux Dakota Indian tribe, then you're likely familiar with the term 'Shaia' which is where this name is derived from. It means to 'speak incoherently,' which was a description given by those who couldn't understand the language that the Sioux Dakota spoke. Not only is the history interesting, but the name is absolutely stunning.

4 Spencer


The name Spencer is, as you may have guessed, from England originally. It was big back in the '90s and it seemed that many moms either really loved it or felt indifferent toward it. For those who love it, we're here to say that as a '90s name, it's still totally chic and cute for any little boy. It means 'dispenser of provisions' which is a pretty strong meaning for such a little name, but we enjoy the uniqueness of it. It's a more mature name but still playful enough to fit a carefree kid.

3 Autumn


Obviously, the meaning of the name autumn is, indeed, the season that it represents. It's the perfect nature-themed name for any parent who is seeking something unique and perfect for their little girl.  The name is humble yet still stands alone in its rarity, as not many girls share this name. It's fairly retro as well since the name did peak in the '90s and was heard more often than it is today. It's also very fitting for a little girl who is lucky enough to have been born in the season that her name denotes.

2 Jonathan


This name's derivative name was first heard in the Bible and shares the meaning of 'God's gift' or 'to give.' This name was so popular in the '90s that it seemed like nearly everyone knew or had a friend who bore this name but not so much anymore. The name still holds true as a solid, strong name for a boy, though, and we still love its tough qualities. The name can be shortened and spelled in several different ways, but it's still just as sophisticated and mature no matter which way it's written.

1 Michaela


The name Michaela is interesting because it actually has two different pronunciations. It can be pronounced 'Mi-kel-a' or 'Mi-kay-la. It's a beautiful name either way and is the feminine form of Michael, which is a beautiful, strong name for a little boy. For a girl, it's slightly feminine but still unique to the point where you rarely see a name spelled like this anymore. It means 'who is like God' and gained popularity in the 1950s, where it was used often in Germany before becoming popular in the US in the '90s.

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