30 Stunning Twin Baby Names That Don't Start With The Same Letter

For parents expecting twins, congratulations! Now, not only has the search begun for a baby name, but it has begun for two. Twin names beginning with the same letter seems to be the preference, but what about parents who want something a little bit different?

It's these parents that have quite the task ahead of them. As if finding one perfect name isn't difficult enough, finding two perfect names that compliment each other well is seemingly impossible. On a positive note, parents of twins do get to have twice the fun once they can narrow down some baby names!

For parents who need to double up, we have just the thing for you. We've put together a list of twin baby names that coordinate, but without over doing it. They match, but not too much. This list covers names of the same gender and one of each gender, and everything from Bible names to nature names. Some are ancient, while others are new and all make surprisingly perfect names for twins.

Here are twin baby names that are double the cute, double the adorable and double the perfection. Grab a pen and paper and get ready for double the fun!

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30 Margo & Eloise

Two classic names that are joining the vintage name trend separately are a perfect combo for twins. Margo entered the top 1000 in 1930 and spent a few decades in the top 500 after, but fell out of favor by 1989. It's back on the charts at #267, its highest ranking ever.

Eloise was a big hit early last century into the 60s, but then dropped off the charts. However, Eloise is back and going strong as the 190th most popular baby girl name.

Margo and Eloise compliment each other perfect as two retro names making a huge comeback.

29 Henry & Lucy

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Henry and Lucy fit together like two peas in a pod. Both of these adorable monikers are, not only, a huge trend right now, but they're also both vintage charmers with tons of character.

Lucy has spent its entire life, excluding a couple years in the 70s, in the top 500, and is at its 6th highest ranking today at #52. Henry has basically been a top 100 name for over a century. Today, its still the 18th most popular baby boy name.

Henry and Lucy are both timeless names that will never go out of style. The pair are perfect together without overly matching.

28 Juniper & Penelope

Juniper and Penelope look beautiful together. They don't start with the same letter or rhyme, but they compliment each other so well.

Juniper is slightly behind Penelope on the charts. It didn't enter the popularity list until 2011, and was only ranked #314 last year. Penelope, on the other hand, has been in the top 500 for several years and a top 100 name since 2013.

Penelope has been one of the fastest rising girl's names of the century, but balanced out by the unique Juniper, these monikers would be adorable together.

27 Asher & Finn

Asher and Finn are two of the most popular names right now and both have rich histories and promising futures that fit together perfectly.

Asher had a short stint on the charts in the late 1800s, but didn't show up again until 1992. It wasn't until 2014 that it entered the top 100 and hit the #2 spot last year. Finn was added to the list in 2000, and slowly and steadily made it to #167 last year.

Asher is an Old Testament name, while Finn is an ancient Irish name. Both monikers have been neglected in the States for far too long, but are finally being appreciated by parents.

26 Stella & Luna

Stella and Luna match perfectly, though slightly subtle, these two astronomical names are perfect for each other. Both of these stellar names are getting a ton of love from parents and both have ancient histories.

Stella was at the top of the charts for a century beginning in 1880, but fell completely off the charts in the 80s and 90s. It was back in the top 100 by 2010 and sits at #42 today.

Luna struggled to remain on the popularity list last century and it wasn't until 2007 that it entered the top 500 for the first time. Today, Luna is ranked #42.

25 Eliza & Oliver

I just love the sound of these two classics together. Eliza and Oliver compliment each other so well. Both of these names have been doing extremely well on the charts, and both have in the past as well.

Oliver has been one of the top boy names in the world for quite a few years. It has never been below the top 500 and is currently ranked #7. It's also a top 50 name in 11 other countries.

Eliza struggled to stay afloat mid last century, but has been making its way into the top 100 since. Today, Eliza is ranked the 55th most popular baby girl name.

24 Felix & Maxwell

Identical twins lying down on grey mattress

The rare "x" that parents are loving in boy names these days is found in both of these monikers. Not only do they have that in common, but they also have great meanings with a ton of history.

Maxwell is Scottish for "great" and Felix is Latin for "happy, fortunate." Felix has always been in the top 400, while Maxwell struggled to stay in the top 500 until 1985. Their fate began to change this decade, however, and Maxwell became ranked #133 and Felix is down to #246.

For parents who love names with the rare "x", these two are distinct and classy with a touch of modern flair.

23 Aiden & Ethan


Aidan and Ethan are two of the most masculine and strong names, both of which are fairing very well on the popularity lists around the world.

Ethan has been in the top 100 since 1989, and is still ranked #26 today. It's also a top 100 name in 5 other countries. Aiden has been in the top 100 since 2003 and a top 25 name since 2011. Today, Aiden is ranked #17 and is a top 100 name in 6 other countries.

Aiden and Ethan have both been popular celebrity choices as well as for characters in films and tv shows. These monikers are compliment each other perfectly.

22 Gabriella & Isabella

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It's pretty obvious why these beauties work so well together. Though I'm not too fond of Isabella's insane popularity right now, it compliments Gabriella way to perfectly not to like it.

Isabella is currently the 4th most popular baby girl name in the country and has been in the top ten since 2004. It's been in the top 100 since 1984. Gabriella has been in the top 100 since 2000, and is currently ranked #68.

For parents who love the "ella" name trend, these two are by far the favorites. They have long withstood the test of time together.

21 Abigail & Olivia

The visual appeal of these two top ten names is absolutely beautiful. Abigail and Olivia are two old fashioned names that parents have been completely falling in love with all over again. They're more perfect for each other than I can even describe.

Abigail has been one of the fastest rising Bible names and has been in the top 100 since 1989. Today, it's ranked #10 in the U.S. and is a top 100 name in 5 other countries.

Olivia has also been in the top 100 since 1990 and has been a top ten name since 2001. It was the 2nd most popular baby girl name last year.

20 Caleb & Joshua

These two Old Testament names are not the most used in the category and still have a ton of life left in them. They are two of the more rare, yet strong Bible names that go so well together.

Joshua is Hebrew for "the Lord is my salvation" and Caleb is Hebrew for "devotion to God." They are both top 50 names today, but Caleb entered the top 100 in the 90s, while Joshua entered in the 70s.

Both of these names contain a soft middle vowel with a welcome and friendly sound. These two are the perfect pair.

19 Elijah & Isaiah

Two other top trending Old Testament names that are the perfect combination are Elijah and Isaiah. Both of these monikers are also top trending Bible names that are performing well with celebrities and with real world parents.

Elijah is currently the 8th most popular baby boy's name in the country, boosted into mega popularity from celebrities like Donnie Wahlberg, James Spader, Tracy Nelson, Wynonna Judd and Bono who all chose it for their sons.

Isaiah has been a top 100 name since 1996 and is currently ranked #47. It was chosen by Allen Iverson and Tim and Elisabeth Hasselbeck for their sons.

18 Emma & William

Two literary, royal and historical names that are a lovely pair are Emma and William. Both of these names are two of the most loved names of all time.

William has never been below the top 20 baby names until last year when it dropped to #29. It's also a top 100 name in 9 other countries. Emma has basically had the same story, though it did drop to the top 400 for some of the 70s. Emma is back at #2 today.

Emma is sweet and simple and has been a royal name, celebrity name, literary name. William has also been all of these things and more, like presidential, as well.

17 Hunter & Oakley

Source: http://distractify.com/old-school/2014/06/01/x-mind-blowing-facts-you-never-knew-about-twins-1197730426

These two monikers are for the parents seeking those masculine outdoorsy names for their twin baby boys. However, they both can actually be used for either gender.

Hunter has been on the charts since 1880 and in the top 100 since 1993. Today, Hunter is ranked #53 and is also a top 100 name in 4 other countries. Oakley's story is slightly different. It was in the top 1000 in the late 1800s, but dropped off until 2012. It's only made it to #479 today.

16 Adeline & Delanie

Can you tell why these two are the perfect pair? They have all of the same letters, just switched around a bit! Adeline and Delanie couldn't be sweeter for a pair of twin girls.

After a pretty successful beginning on the charts starting in 1880, Adeline dropped out of favor from 1953 through 1999. Adeline is a top trending name that made it into the top 100 at #63 in 2016.

Delanie is an alternative spelling for Delaney, which is doing well at #250, but not nearly as well as Adeline has done.

15 Ava & Ella

The popular "a" ending of these names make these perfect similar names that don't start with the same letter. Ava and Ella are two top names that parents love, and two names with a ton of appeal.

Ava has been in the top ten since 2005, coming in at #3 last year, while Ella has been the historically more popular name, and in the top 25 since 2005.

Both of these names also have great meanings. Ava means "life" and Ella means "fair maiden." Ava and Ella pair each other beautifully like a great wine and cheese!

14 Chloe & Zoe

For parents who love the Greek name trend and also want something that rhymes, Zoe and Chloe are it. Not only are both names in the top 100 today, but they were also popular in the past.

Chloe is Greek for "young green shoot" and reached the top 100 in 1998 after over a century in the top 500. Today, Chloe is ranked #22, its highest ranking ever.

Zoe is Greek for "life" and had more of a struggle on the charts beginning in 1880. Though it was always listed, it was more toward the bottom 500. Zoe entered the top 100 in 2000 and was ranked #76 last year.

13 Andrew & Matthew

Andrew and Matthew are two classic New Testament names that have been some of the most popular in U.S. history. Both are still in the top 50 today.

Matthew is Hebrew for "gift of God." Matthew in the New Testament was an apostle who wrote the first Gospel. It's been in the top 200 since 1880, and probably before, and became a top 100 name in 1956. Today, Matthew is ranked #16.

Andrew is Greek for "strong and manly." In the New Testament, Andrew was one of the twelve apostles. Andrew has been in the top 100 since 1880 and is now ranked #40.

12 Noah & Jonah

Two more old fashioned Bible names that compliment each other perfectly are Jonah and Noah. These monikers, especially Noah, have also been mega hits among parents.

Noah is one of the most famous patriarchs of the Old Testament, chosen by God to survive the flood. Noah has been on the charts since 1880, but only made it to the top 100 in 1995. Today, it's ranked the 2nd most popular baby name.

Jonah is also an Old Testament patriarch and book. Jonah was swallowed by a whale and spent three days inside for ignoring what God commanded him to do. This Bible moniker has struggled to stay in the top 1000, but today is ranked #155.

11 Sophia & Robert

Sophia and Robert are an unexpected pair, but this combination of two classic royal names go together like bacon and eggs.

Robert, which is English from German for "bright fame" has been one of the most popular names in the States since before 1880. It was a top ten name from then through 1989. It's at its lowest ranking ever today, still at a high #65.

Sophia, which is Greek for "wisdom" spent the late 1800s and early 1900s in the top 200, but then fell to the bottom of the list. It entered the top 100 in 1995 and in the top 10 since 2005. Today, Sophia is ranked #5.

10 Cameron & Alexis

Cameron and Alexis are two perfect names for the modern baby girl. Neither one of these monikers are super frilly and dainty, or super popular today. They compliment each other perfectly without overdoing it.

The one downside to this pair might be the meaning of Cameron, which is "crooked nose." However, that hasn't stop parents from choosing it for both boys and girls. Cameron is currently ranked #535.

Alexis is Greek for "defender" and has been doing much better on the charts than Cameron. It only recently fell out of the top 500, but is still ranked #144.

9 Joshua & Amelia

Joshua and Amelia flow off the tongue beautifully. These two classic and old fashioned names have always been favorites of parents around the world.

Amelia is a German name that means "work." It has never been below the top 500 and has been in the top 100 since 2004 and last year reached#8. It's also a top 100 name in 8 other countries.

Joshua is Hebrew and means "for the Lord is my salvation." It has always been on a roller coaster up and down the charts, but entered the top 100 in 1971, where it remains today. Joshua came in at #39 last year.

8 Drake & Claire


Drake and Claire are two completely different names that some how compliment each other so sweetly. These two have very different histories, meanings and resumes, but they somehow still belong together.

Claire is French for "bright, clear." It has only been out of the top 500 for a few years in the 70s, and for the most part had a pretty easy ride on the charts. It entered the top 100 in 1998 and never left. Claire is ranked #49 today.

Drake, which is has had a different story English for "dragon" has had a different story. It only entered the top 1000 in 1961, and has been off and on since. Today, Drake is ranked #369.

7 Evan & Nora

Evan and Nora are both imports that Americans have adopted and loved since the beginning of the Social Security Administrations list in 1880. Both have been on the charts since, and are still doing well today.

Nora is Irish for "light" and was in the better end of the top 500 for every year since 1880 except one. Today, Nora has made it to #28, its highest ranking ever.

Evan is Welsh for "the Lord is gracious." This Welsh variation of John spent a few more years out of the top 500 than Nora, but for the most part spent it's life in the top. Today, Evan remains in the top 100 at #84.

6 Daniel & Sophie

Daniel has always been one of the most popular Bible names in the U.S., while Sophie has always been one of the most popular French names. While they may not have a ton in common other than their popularity, they are perfectly fitting.

Sophie is French for the equally popular Sophia, which means "wisdom." Though it had a stint off the charts in the 60s and 70s, its previous popularity and popularity today make up for it. Sophie is currently ranked #106.

Daniel is Hebrew for "God is my judge." It has never been out of the top 55 names and is still ranked #15 today.

5 Phoebe & Finn

Phoebe and Finn may have the same initial sound, but these two monikers are very different. There differences don't make them any less perfect for each other though.

Phoebe is Greek for "radiant, shining one." It has been on the charts since 1880, though it has definitely had its ups and downs and is still only ranked #319 today. Though Nameberry.com predicts it's moving fast toward the top 100.

Finn is an Irish import that didn't enter the popularity list in America until 2000. It has been slowly and steadily trying to reach the top 100 since, and has made it to #167 today.

4 Gavin & Avery

Gavin and Avery are two names that modern parents are in love with. These monikers have cool meanings and a familiar sound that is translating well with contemporary parents.

Avery is English for "ruler of the elves." It's considered unisex, though it's becoming slightly more popular for girls. Avery entered the popularity list in 1989 and headed straight for the top. Today, Avery is the 14th most popular baby girl's name.

Gavin is Celtic for "white hawk" and, unlike Avery, has been on the list since 1954. It entered the top 100 in 2000, and is still ranked #96 today.

3 Willow & Poppy

Willow and Poppy are two perfect names for hipster and nature loving parents. Willow and Poppy are two ancient botanical names that are actually pretty new on the popularity list.

Willow is English for "willow tree." It entered the American list in 1998 and since has become an international favorite. Willow reached #81 last year and is a top 100 name in 5 other countries as well.

Though Poppy is an ancient flower with great mythical and magical significance, it only entered the popularity list in 2016 in the States. Poppy is a top 100 name in 4 other countries, but it only came in at #689 in the U.S. last year.

2 Eden & Savannah

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Eden and Savannah are two place names that are very different, but also somehow make perfect sense together. Eden has slowly been creeping up to Savannah's popularity as a new and different kind of place name.

Savannah is Spanish for "flat, tropical grassland" most commonly known for Savannah, Georgia. It entered the popularity list in 1880, though it dropped off for about 50 years mid-century. It's ranked #38 today.

Eden is Hebrew for "place of pleasure and delight" most commonly known for the Garden of Eden in the book of Genesis. Eden entered the list in 1986, and has made it to #139 today.

1 Dylan & Tyler

Dylan and Tyler match wonderfully, without being overly matchy. The common "y" gives them just enough in common to be perfect names for twin baby boys.

Dylan is Welsh for "son of the sea." In Welsh mythology, Dylan was a legendary sea god who commanded the seas of Britain and Ireland to cry when he died. Dylan reached the top 100 in the U.S. in 1990 and has been there since.

Tyler is an English occupational surname turned first name that means "maker of tiles." Tyler entered the American list in 1880, but it wasn't until a century later that it firmly entered the top 100. Today, Tyler is just outside the top 100 at #106.

Sources: Nameberry.com, Surnamedb.com, Sheknows.com, Allparenting.com

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