30 Vintage Baby Names That Actually Sound Brand New (And They're Absolutely Gorgeous)

Picking a name for our baby is serious business. Tons of parents believe that a name can determine the course of our baby's life. It should fit his personality and baby face. Somehow during the nine months of pregnancy we are supposed to find this perfect name that will suite our baby and he will carry around for the rest of his life. That's a daunting task!

We all love anything vintage. It brings nostalgia and countless memories. So what could possible be better than vintage baby names?

The 90s have surely made a comeback lately with the popularity of high waisted jeans and graphic t's. Vintage baby names from that beloved decade are perfect as many millennials are becoming mothers themselves. We want names that are more unique yet not outrageous. Picking a vintage name gives up the best of both worlds as the names are classy yet haven't been used as much in past years.

The usual names that come up year and year again are safe, but some of us are getting pretty bored of them. Instead of being one of five Jens, we are seeking names that define our child and separate her from the pack. However we don't want some wild name that will have our poor child spelling it out time and time again and teaching everyone how to pronounce for the next 90 years.

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30 Theodore

The name Theodore means "gift of God" according to Nameberry.com. Its meaning alone makes it popular among parents because we all think of our babies as a gift. The name and its meaning are of Greek origin.

Along with being a gift, the name Theodore has a presidential sound to it for most Americans. We associate it with President Theodore Roosevelt who took office in 1901.

The nickname for Theodore is often Theo which is absolutely adorable for a little boy. We can just imagine little baby Theo now. Despite the adorableness of Theo, Theodore is a strong name with a beautiful meaning.

29 Alice

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The name Alice has gotten popular again lately. According to Nameberry.com, Alice means "noble." That might have a little something to do with its growing popularity! Alice ranked at number 70 for 2017.

The name Alice is of German origin. It is often associated with literature and is deemed to be a quite traditional pick.

In terms of pop culture, Alice In Wonderful obviously quickly comes to mind when we hear the name. Likely a few girls with the name, Alice, were named after the beloved tale. We also think of Alice, the humorous housekeeper, from the family sitcom The Brady Bunch.

28 George

The name George is classic and universal. We think of George Costanza from Seinfeld or the beloved George O'Malley from Grey's Anatomy. Who doesn't love Curious George or George of the Jungle as well?

The name George comes from Greek origin and according to Nameberry.com, means farmer.

The name has been around basically forever. George was the name of the king of Britain for over 115 consecutive years according to Nameberry.com. We also can't forget George Washington, the first president of the United States. With such a strong and royal history, it's no surprise that the name continues to hold a spot on the most popular names list again and again.

27 Clara

The name Clara ranked in the top 100 on Babycenter.com's most popular name list at exactly spot 98 in 2018. Clara means "bright" or "clear" according to Babycenter.com.  It comes from Greek origin.

According to Nameberry.com, Clara is a name that is categorized as an "old lady name." Both are classic and traditional names that have been around for generations. Clara was most popular back in the 1880's and again the 1940's. Honestly maybe that is why we associate the name with an older generation. Either way the name is beautiful for a 6 day old or 86 year old.

Clarissa and Clarabelle are variations of the name Clara. The name Clara is a variation of the name Claire.

26 Owen

The name Owen, which means "young warrior" or "well born" according to Nameberry.com, has been gaining popularity continuously since 2003. It comes from Welsh origin and ranked in the top 30 last year.

The name Owen is seriously everywhere with characters in Grey's Anatomy, Fast and Furious, One Tree Hill, and Star Wars. We just can't get enough of it. With so many Owens in pop culture, it is no surprise that the name has ranked highly for more than a decade now. We often pick names that we are familiar with (and ones that don't remind of us people we dislike).

25 Doris

The little girl's name, Doris, means "gift of the ocean" according to Nameberry.com. How perfect is that considering the character of Dory from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. Despite the adorable blue fish with a bad memory, the names Doris (and Dory) haven't been popular recently. In fact, the name hasn't been popular since back in the 1920's. Its scarcity certainly gaves the name that vintage feel though and sets it apart from other names.

Though Doris isn't exactly the most popular or common name, variations of the name have came back in recent years. Both Dorothy and Dorothea have made a small come back.

24 Harvey

According to Nameberry.com, the name "Harvey" means "battle-worthy." Those who dealt with Hurricane Harvey back in 2017 would agree that the name fit the storm. It was one of the worse we've seen in years. Harvey would also have been a good name to use for any of those hurricane babies that came about as a result of the storm.

Harvey is of French origin. It ranks in at 382 as of 2017 so it isn't exactly popular. That might have to do with some of the negative connotations it gained in 2017, but it doesn't discount that the name has generally been relatively popular for decades.

23 Eloise

When we hear the name Eloise, a little blonde girl with curly hairs usually comes to mind thanks to Eloise At The Plaza. We cannot deny that would be absolutely adorable for future daughters.

The name Eloise means "healthy" or "wide" as stated on Nameberry.com. Any parent will say they just want their child to be healthy so giving our daughter a name that literally means healthy is sure a good start if we believe in the power of positive thinking.

The name has been gaining popularity since 2009. With adorable nicknames like "Ellie" and "Lola" we surely aren't surprised.

22 Atticus

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The name Atticus means "from Attica" according to Nameberry.com. So while the name doesn't have a beautiful, cool, or rather special meaning, it is still a good choice. Atticus Finch is a main character in the beloved novel To Kill A Mockingbird. The character was even voted the greatest hero of American Film by the American Film Institute as reported by Nameberry.com.

The name Atticus is of Latin origin. It has a great deal of strength in literature thanks for To Kill A Mockingbird. But it is also the name of a Roman literary figure as well as an ancient Greek philosopher.

21 Hazel

The name Hazel means "of the Hazelnut tree." It's more than likely that the meaning is not why the name is gaining popularity. It is more likely that the name is trending as many new moms are searching for more natural and unique names for their little girls. Hazel has been on an upward trend since 1998.

The beloved The Office actors, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, named their daughter Hazel back in 2014 according to Nameberry.com. We suspect that a few extreme The Office fans might give their daughter the name too. Hazel was also the name of the main character of The Fault In Our Stars. 

20 Warren

The name Warren has a vintage feel to it, and it hasn't been popular in recent generations. According to Nameberry.com, Warren means "park-keeper." It has that nature edge to it that we love so much. Warren has all the makings of a great name and we won't have to worry about our son being one of however many Warrens in his class. But we know that people will still be able to spell his name.

The name is rather versatile ranging from U.S presidents to American football players. Though there have been several famous Warrens over the years, it was more popular as a surname or last name than a first name. As of 2017, it ranked at number 360. The name peaked in popularity almost a century ago back in 1921.

19 Ivy

The name Ivy has a nature context to it as it derives from the plant. The meaning of the name is "faithfulness" according to Sheknows.com. It has been gaining popularity the last couple years and ranked number 84 in 2018 according to BabyCenter.com.

We can attest this gain in popularity likely to new parents wanted to have their babies to have a connection to nature. This trend reflects the care for the environment that many new parents have.

Due to its botanical history, the name Ivy is a good choice for those who want their daughters to have roots in nature. Some might say that it has a strong, positive energy too.

18 Vincent

We have to say that the name Vincent has that classic ring to it. The name has been around forever dating back to the seventeenth century with St. Vincent de Paul. It has strong ties to the Italian community, particularly with Roman Catholics.

There are tons of cute nicknames for Vincent. The most popular two are Vin and Vinny.

According to Nameberry.com, the name Vincent means "conquering." There are plenty of famous people with the name Vincent particularly Vincent Van Gogh. With a strong meaning and plenty of history, it is a wonder that more people aren't using the name Vincent.

17 Josephine

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According to Babycenter.com, the name Josephine means "God shall add." It ranked in at 156 on their list in 2018. The name has a long history dating back to Napoleon as his wife, the empress of France, was named Josephine.

This adorable French baby name sounds brand new because we don't hear it all that often. It is much less popular than its male form of Joseph. Josephine is just as strong of a name with deep roots. It is both classy and a classic. It has the merits of a strong woman. It also comes with the adorable nicknames Jo and Josie.

16 Terrance

The name Terrance is a more popular variation of the name Terence. According to Nameberry.com, the name may be due for a come back as it declined quite a bit as Terry became a popular women's name. Terrance is still a good choice for males though as the nickname "Terry" could certainly be classified as unisex.

According to Babycenter.com, the name and its variations mean "tender," "gracious," and "good."Though the name and its variations are of Latin origin, they are more common today in the African American community. The name peaked in popularity in the 1960's making it a solid vintage choice.

15 Loretta

The name Loretta is most certainly vintage as it is often named on Nameberry.com's list of "Old People Names." With its vintage edge, the name Loretta also brings a certain level of sass and personality.

The name has also been spelled Lauretta as a version of Laura. Lori is the most common nickname for Loretta.

One meaning of the name Loretta is "pure" according to SheKnows.com. It can also mean "small sage one." The name has connections with the laurel tree which which is associated with honor and victory. Though there isn't one specific meaning for the name, each one is a positive. The connection the the laurel tree also has that connection to nature that so many new parents seem to be trending towards.

14 Russell

The name Russell has been used as both a first and last name. According to Nameberry.com, it is of French origin. The name Russell means "red head" or "fox colored." With a meaning like that, it would be adorable for any red-headed little boys.

The name was most associated with the color during the 1950's leaving many people unaware of the connection. When we hear the name Russell, we often think of Russell Crowe or Russell Brand now a days.

Some adorable nicknames for baby Russell could be Russ or Rusty. We just love those! This vintage name may not be as popular as it once was, but that's kind of perfect.

13 Olive

Though we are more accustomed to Oliver or Olivia, the gender neutral name Olive is absolutely adorable! Though less popular than the other variations, Olive is one of those beloved nature names that are trending currently. The name Olive certainly has its own appeal as it is more unique.

The name means "olive tree" according to Nameberry.com. The olive branch is often used as a symbol of peace. So we could venture that makes a nice addition to the name.

The name Olive was pretty popular at the end of the nineteenth century. It was part of a trend of botanical names which is something we seem to be seeing again.

12 Quentin

The name Quentin is of Latin origin. According the Nameberry.com, the name Quentin means "fifth." So maybe it would be perfect for our fifth baby.

Really the name would be adorable on any baby. It sounds brand new because we don't usually hear a great deal of names that start with the letter "Q." That alone sets it apart from any other name we could pick. According to Nameberry.com, Quentin also appears on their list of names for cowboys.

The name has a diverse history ranging from Saint Quentin, an early Roman martyr, to an abundance of television characters. It was also the name of one of Theodore Roosevelt's grandchildren.

11 Penelope

The name Penelope means "weaver" as reported on Nameberry.com. It ranked as number 24 in 2017. The name Penelope comes from Greek origin. It is also listed on their list of "Old Lady Names" securing it a vintage feel.

The name is a classic, but people like Penelope Cruz and Penelope Disick (daughter of Kourtney Kardashian) have given it quite the notoriety in recent years. It still has that brand new feel as it isn't a name we hear all that often despite the celebrity usage. The name Penelope also appears in literature including Harry Potter. It is also in the classic Odyssey.

10 Pierce

The name Pierce literally means "son of Piers" according to Nameberry.com. It is classified as a presidential name according to the site. It has been used as both a first and last name. Neither is rather popular which is why the name sounds new and unique.

The name has long and short variations such as Piers and Pearson. The name is so rarely used it doesn't even break the top 500 on Nameberry.com. It ranked in at 522.

The name is one that will grow with a baby. It is adorable on a baby and fits through the various stages of life.

9 Sophia

Big brother lovingly holding his new baby sister in Winnipeg Newborn photography studio.

The name Sophia means "wisdom" according to Nameberry.com. There isn't a better meaning than that honestly. It is a great thing to bestow upon on our little bundle of joy. The name is of Greek origin.

Sophia has a long history. There is a Saint Sophia. There was also George I's mother and wife, who were both named Sophia, back in the seventeenth century. Between 2011 and 2013 the name Sophia was number one. As of 2017, it ranked number 5 in terms of popularity.

Along with Sophia, there is also the alternate spelling Sofia. Sophie and Sofie are both popular variations of the name as well.

8 Otis


The name Otis is unique and interesting. It has several meanings. According to Babycenter.com, Otis means "one who hears well." However Nameberry.com reports that Otis means "wealthy." The name is off the charts and hadn't been in the top 1,000 until 2015 making it wildly unpopular.

Otis is absolutely adorable though. It would be perfect for the kid that marches to the beat of his own drum. It would also be good for a tiny prankster as well.

The most well known use of the name Otis is a character from the Disney show The Adventures of Milo and Otis. If we named our first baby Milo, Otis should certainly make the list for baby number two's name.

7 Willa

The name Willa is the girl version of the traditional name William. Willa is far less popular though making it a bit more original. The name Willa is barely in the top 500 for girl names. Willa means "resolute protection." Willa can also be short for Wilhelmina according to Nameberry.com.

The name Willa is as unique as the women who bear it. From a Queen in Italy to American actresses, women named Willa are a diverse bunch. It has also become the name of quite a few daughters of the stars including Meryl Streep and Thomas Rhett. Streep's daughter is Mary Willa. Rhett's daughter is Willa Gray.

6 Clyde

According to Babycenter.com, the name Clyde means "from the river" or "one who washes." It fits in with the vintage and nature trend that is becoming popular lately. The name is even themed "old fashioned" on Babycenter's website. The name Clyde comes from Scottish origin. There was a River Clyde that ran through Scotland.

Clyde just breaks into the top 1,000 as of 2018 making it wildly unused. When most people think of the name Clyde, we think of the duo Bonnie and Clyde. The couple gave the name Clyde a wild bad boy edge that has stuck around for years.

5 Rosie

The name Rosie stems from the name "rose." It is associated with the rose bush according to Nameberry.com. It is also associated with the flower, rose, as well. Who doesn't love roses? The association with both the bush and flower give Rosie a strong tie to nature. Maybe baby girl will have a green thumb.

Rosy is a common variation of the name.

In the United States, Rosie wasn't in the top 1,000 until 2013. According to Nameberry.com, the name was out of the top 1,000 for thirty years! That certainly makes it sound new to moms looking for names for their little girls right now.

4 Basil

The name Basil is honestly heart melting. We can already imagine all of the little girls swooning over Basil in pre-school. The name Basil means "regal" according to Nameberry.com. It comes from a Greek origin.

Yes, Basil is also the name of an herb, but it has so much more potential. Basil is the name of several saints from the Byzantine Empire and Eastern Orthodox.

The name Basil peaked in popularity over 100 years ago back in 1904! It basically fell off the radar in the 1970's making it incredibly vintage and underrated. It has so much promise and potential to be both original and adorable.

3 Lucy

The name Lucy is a form of Lucia. According to Nameberry.com, the name Lucy means "light." That is a great tribute to our baby girl because our kids are the light of our lives. The name Lucy ranked in at number 52 in 2017.

When most people hear the name Lucy, we think of the classic I Love Lucy. With her quirks and adorable red hair, Lucy would be a great person to name our baby girl after.

The name Lucy stems from England and Wales. It gained popularity in the United States though quickly as well. It has been used for saints, literary heroines, and many other note worthy women.

2 Benjamin

The name Benjamin is of Hebrew origin. According to Nameberry.com, it ranked in at number six in 2017. That's pretty popular and kind of stunning since the name has been around since Biblical times.

The name Benjamin means "son of the right hand." It is often chosen by parents for its Biblical history.

Today Tom Brady and John Travolta both have sons named Benjamin. We are all aware of Benjamin Franklin.

Benjamin is often shortened to "Ben." One popular Ben was the son of Ross Gellar in the popular sitcom Friends. Benjamin Button was a main character in F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel and film.

1 Scarlett

amazing cute baby hd wallpaper Elegant Pin by Jinx Robinson on Kidlets Pinterest

The name Scarlett is vintage, and most often associated with Scarlett Johansson or Scarlett O'Hara. According to Nameberry.com, Scarlett literally means "red" or "scarlet." The name is of English origin. It ranked number 18 in 2017. The name Scarlett entered the top 1,000 back in 1940 as a result of the movie Gone With the Wind. 

Due to its relation with the color red, some might associate the name Scarlett with being rather bold. That's a good quality for our future daughters to embody. Several celebrities in the last few years have given the name notoriety by naming their daughters Scarlett or Scarlet.

Sources: Nameberry, BabyCenter, SheKnows

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