30 Wistful Names That Call To Mom While She's Dreaming

All moms daydream about their little one when they are pregnant, and many times images of their children even come to them in their dreams. Sometimes those dreams are unusual and even scary, but often they are amazing. Pregnancy dreams about the baby can help connect mom to the little one, and sometimes they inspire her to add some names to her baby list.

We all want our babies to dream big. Of course, we want them to actually nap well, but it's more than that. Dreams can inspire creativity and ignite passion, so today moms are using them to find inspiration for the baby name list.

Some of the names on this list have meanings related to dreams, while others have famous dreams, either in fiction or in reality. We found some amazing quotes about dreams that have helped inspire our list as well. We've got boys and girls covered, and our names range from Biblical times to the modern to the exotic. And just like dreams, some of them seem full of whimsy or reality. It's as eclectic a list as anyone can imagine, and we hope that moms find something that ignites a spark in them.

Here are 30 wistful names that call to moms from their dreams.

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30 Girl: Maya

One of the sweetest little girl names of our dreams is Maya. The moniker has been used in a variety of cultures and languages, but in Sanskrit it means "dream or illusion."

We love how the name feels exotic but also native. It's close to the very trendy Mia, and moms who are interested in names like May and Amalia might prefer this version, which has ties to Greek, Latin and Hebrew cultures, among others. It stands alone as a beautiful and interesting name that transcends the test of time and calls out to us while we slumber.

29 Boy: Joseph

A lot of people think that there are meanings in dreams, and a lucky few can interpret them. One of the most famous tales of interpreting dreams comes from the Old Testament of the Bible, and we though he had a great name to add to the list.

Joseph was the son of Jacob who was given the "Coat of Many Colors" and then sold into slavery by his jealous brothers. After ending up in jail, he was able to gain his freedom and a lot of riches by interpreting Pharoah's dreams. Joe is a great all-American name, and it's well-known but not overly popular, so it keeps coming up in our baby dreams.

28 Girl: Ashlyn

Ashlyn is another of our favorite names that actually means "dream." It's a variation of the Irish name Aislinn, which is gorgeous with that spelling as well. With a sweet meaning and a beautiful sound, it's something perfect for a parent who likes mashups and meanings.

There is something about the way the name rolls off the tongue. And it combines two popular names from different generations, making it feel fresh and new. This is the kind of name that entrances us and keeps coming up in our dreams.

27 Boy: Van

Quick, whose the most famous napper you've ever heard of? There is only one name that comes to mind, and it's a legend of a person who must have been having such a great dream since he didn't wake up for 20 years. Taking inspiration from the Washington Irving character Rip Van Winkle, we are suggesting Van as a choice for a little boy.

The name is short and sweet and great for a little guy who —fingers crossed — sleeps through the night. It's a name that you don't hear often, but it's got some retro appeal and we think it's just dreamy.

26 Girl: Luna

When you think of wistful and dreamy, we have one character from the Harry Potter series that comes to mind. Luna Lovegood always seemed to be day dreaming, but in the best way, and that is why Luna is on our list.

Luna also refers to the moon, and it's a romantic pick giving an ode to the time when we are all in dream land. This sweet name keeps coming back to us when the moon comes out and we start to nod off.

25 Boy: Echo

This baby boy name might not make sense when you think about sleeping, but when you are in that drowsy state before waking up, we think that a lot of dreams have a kind of echoey sound.

An echo is a real thing that happens, but it's also a concept that seems a bit otherworldly like the things that come to us in our dreams. It's a reflection of reality. As a name, Echo might not be for everybody, but it's a really interesting choice for moms who want a unique baby boy moniker. And I bet now that we mentioned it, it might call out to you in your dreams.

24 Girl: Aurora

OK, we thought of one other legendary sleeper — this one a young woman whose tale gave her status as a Disney princess. Aurora pricked her finger and went into a deep sleep that she only woke up from when she received a kiss from her prince.

Aurora means "dawn," which is when we are just waking from our dreams and taking on a new day. It's a lovely vintage name that might be just what you had in mind for your sleeping beauty.

23 Boy: Arman

Arman is another name that has a lot of meanings in different languages. But in one Middle Eastern dialect, the name means "dream," and that makes it a keeper on our list. The name is close to Armani, which is synonymous with style and class and another reason to add it to a boy name list.

Arman is a name that sounds old-fashioned and modern at the same time. It's the moniker of the boy of our dreams, looking dapper in his suspenders and making straight A's in school. Some naming sites consider the name to be unisex, so it works for any sweet little sleeper.

22 Girl: Reverie

For moms who love word names, we have a great one. Reverie is an interesting sounding word that describes kind of being lost in thought — basically daydreaming. It's the name of a famous classical music piece because the entire idea is really romantic and wistful and sweet. And a baby girl with that name would be the same.

Reverie is a more unusual choice for someone who likes names like Aria, and the entire idea of it just calms us and starts to send us off to dream land.

21 Boy: Reve

This name is a bit of a made of name, and we won't apologize for it. Some parents are all about having a name that noone has ever heard before, and this one might be just the kind of thing they were looking for. It's basically a short version of Reverie, which we think works better for boys.

The name is striking and simple, yet it doesn't feel unfamiliar despite being unfamiliar. It's the kind of name that we feel came straight from a dream, and it would work for a young boy who has big dreams of his own.

20 Girl: Deisy

Dreams ignite passion, and that is why we love this name and its meaning. Deisy means "one who achieves dreams," which is a quality we definitely want in our little girls. Plus, the name is fresh and unusual. There are a handful of famous Deisys, mostly across the pond, but there aren't any in daycare.

Deisy is close to the popular flower name of Daisy, but it's unusual and wistful. This is a name that whispers to us in our daydreams, and we can't help but add it to our girl name list.

19 Boy: Martin

We've talked about some famous sleepers, but the next name on our list is about a famous dreamer. Martin Luther King Jr. inspired us all when he talked about his dream of a world where people are not judged by the color of their skin, and that makes his name an amazing addition to this list.

Martin is a name that was more popular a couple of generations ago, but that means it's the perfect time to make a comeback. And we hope that all of our little ones can dream big and inspire others like MLK did more than 50 years ago.

18 Girl: Sibyl

We have another name that feels like it's from another era but would be just dreamy foor a sweet little girl. Sybil or Sybilla is a gorgeous and amazing choice that calls to us as a name for a girl that has vision. The name is Greek in origin and it means "prophetess."

A prophetess can often foresee things through dreams and visions, and we can't help but think of a smart, quirky beauty. The name faded a bit due to a Sally Field movie in the 1970s, but we think that Lady Sybil of "Downton Abbey" might help bring it back. It's calling to us for certain.

17 Boy: Hugo

Dreaming is about believing in a goal and striving to accomplish it. For our sons, all moms want to instill a sense of passion and following their dreams, and we found a Victor Hugo that absolutely inspired us. "Each man should frame life so that at some future hour fact and his dreaming meet."

That truth inspired us to add Hugo to our list. The name has a lot of heft, and it's got vintage appeal. We think that it's great for a little boy whose dreams can carry him to a bright future.

16 Girl: Nara

When some people think about dreams, they think about the amazing places that their dreams take them, especially some kind of paradise that they can visit in daydreams when times get hard. Nara is the perfect ode to that.

The name means "extraordinary blossom from paradise," which some have interpreted to be "from dreamland." That perfectly encapsulates how many parents feel about their daughters. Plus the name is a seems like a cool, modern twist on old stalwarts like Sara and Mara. It's just pure heaven.

15 Boy: Walt

The next name on our list is another big dreamer. Walt Disney was one of the most imaginative and creative people we can think of. His creations — from Mickey Mouse to a bunch of princesses to some amazing vacation destinations — are what lots of little ones fill their dreams with these days, so he deserves a spot on the list.

We want to leave you with one inspiring quote from the man who imagined the mouse, and we're certain you will dream of a baby Walt tonight. "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them," he said. That's a quote to put on the nursery wall, for sure.

14 Girl: Roya

A lot of our dream names have a little bit of a made-up feel, but Roya is actually a name with a long-ago history. It doesn't exactly mean dream, but it means "premonition," and that is what a lot of dreams or day dreams include. Even if they don't actually mean anything, a lot of people look for foresight within their dreams, so this one works.

Roya is close to Royal, so it has a bit of a regal air — or maybe we are just feeling a little wistful about it. We think this is a sweet gem that feels very Victorian and dreamy and we foresee it being perfect for a few unique little girls.

13 Boy: Daniel

Our next name is another famous dreamer from the Bible. Most people know the story about Daniel being thrown into the lions' den and God protecting him by putting the lions to sleep. That might be enough of a link to dreams for some. But there is an entire book of the Bible devoted to the hero, so we want to focus on another story.

Daniel interpreted dreams for Nebuchadnezzar that revealed a vision of issues that the kingdom would face. The interpretations helped the prophet gain favor, which is why jealous rivals cast him into the den. So Daniel is inextricably linked to dreams, and we think it would be a great Biblical choice to add to a boy name list.

12 Girl: Penelope

Penelope is a name that we have loved for a long time. It's got that old school simplicity, but it's actually Greek, so it has a salty, exotic backstory. Penelope means "weaver," and some have interpreted that to be "dream weaver," which makes our hearts leap.

This name is a treasure, and it dates back to "The Odyssey," when Penelope had a dream about her husband's return. This name has been in our dreams for a while, and we hope that we'll start hearing it more soon.

11 Boy: Morpheus

Some might think that a wistful list wouldn't have very many strong names, but we think of Morpheus as a very masculine, strong addition to this list. The name, which became famous as part of the Matrix series, is definitely a unique but profound choice.

The name harkens back to Greek mythology. It's the name of the god of sleep and dreams, so the connection is clear. A little Morpheus would undoubtedly stand out, so that is why the name is calling rom mom's dreams.

10 Girl: Harriet

Harriet is another name that we chose for this list based on a famous bearer. Harriet Tubman was an inspiring woman who founded the Underground Railroad to help free slaves and then went on to be a leader in the women's suffrage movement. She dreamed of equal rights for all and she worked hard to try to make it happen.

Harriet was definitely an inspiration, and luckily she left us with some famous words to continue to help us dream big for generations to come. Here's one amazing piece of wisdom to pass on to a little Harriet: “Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”

9 Boy: Homer

Loving mid adult mother kissing baby on head. Caring woman is with sleeping newborn son on sofa. They are at home.

Dreams have been a part of literature sine the beginning. So we thought that a great baby boy name to give an ode to dreams is one of the first to use the device. Homer is one of the most famous early Greek writers who wrote two epic poems that we still study today, The Illiad and The Odyssey.

We also think that Homer is a perfect vintage pick of a little dreamer. It's in the same category as names like Gus and Oliver, grandpa names that are ripe for a comeback. We definitely think this is the boys name of our dreams.

8 Girl: Alora

In one definition, Alora means "bay tree," but we found another definition that hits us in the feels. It can also mean "my dream," and with the image of a tree's leaves blowing in the breeze it definitely feels very ethereal and gorgeous.

The name is very alluring, that is for certain. Now that it's on your mind, we bet it will start calling to you when you slumber and eventually it will make it's way on to your name list.

7 Boy: Puck

One of our favorite stories about sleep is "A Midsummer Night's Dream," a Shakespearean classic. And one of our favorite characters in the play is Puck, the trickster who actually caused a lot of the mischief that led the plot.

The play is a comedy with a lot of romance thrown in, and of course, in the end, it all happened while we slept. We're so glad we "slumbered here," and that's why every night the name Puck returns to our dreams.

6 Girl: Eleanor

Eleanor Roosevelt is one of the most beloved First Ladies of the United States. That's because she was one of the first to really dig in to the politics and work beside her husband on policy issues. She was an inspiration to many, and that's because she worked hard on her dreams.

We found an awesome quote about dreaming big from Eleanor — who has a great vintage name that is starting to trend again — that might just inspire new moms. "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." That's definitely what we want for our daughters, so this name is jumping to the top of our list.

5 Boy: Sigmund

There is another name that is practically synonymous with the idea of dreams, and that is Sigmund Freud. He is considered the father of psychoanalysis and with that, he analyzed people's dreams. He believed that dreams were unconscious ways that we tried to fulfill our true wishes.

Sigmund is a German name that means "victorious protector," which basically means hero, which is just about every little boy's dream. It's a name that everybody knows, but nobody has actually met a person with that name — at least not a young person. But that vintage appeal might work for some parents, especially those with a lot of dreams.

4 Girl: Sadira

Sadira is a truly exotic and beautiful name. That's the kind of names that a lot of women are looking for these days for their tiny little bundle of joy, and we think this one also has an ethereal sense that makes us contemplative.

The name is pretty dreamy on its own, but it also means "one who is dreamy." It's got that x factor that some moms love. Some might find it too exotic, but others might find it calling to them in their dreams.

3 Boy: Jacob

Jacob is another famous dreamer from the Bible, and it's also one of the most popular names for nearly two decades. We just couldn't ignore that and skip it on our list, especially since the name keeps calling to us.

Jacob was fleeing the anger of his brother Esau, who he cheated out of his inheritance, when he had a dream that assured him that God was on his side. The dream was of a ladder with angels going up and down. It became known as Jacob's ladder, and the image has become pretty iconic, depicted in a lot of artistic endeavors. The idea is very aspirational, and for those who think the world of their little one, it's an amazing symbol to carry on in our dreams.

2 Girl: Alice

If all of our dreams were as imaginative and fun as Alice's, we'd all be in wonderland. And that is a great place to be, as long as we stay away from the Queen of Hearts. That famous dream is one of our favorites, so that's why we added the sweet and simple Alice to our list.

The name is as classic as the Lewis Carroll novel. But it started to drop in favor in the 1940s until a few years ago. Alice is making a comeback for all the right reasons, and we think it's a dreamy addition to a girl name list.

1 Either: Marley

One of the legendary dreams of all times comes up each December, as we all remember the story of Ebenezer Scrooge and enjoy many versions of "A Christmas Carol" each holiday season. So we've looked to that Charles Dickens Classic for some inspiration. We don't see Ebenezer or Scrooge taking off any time soon, but what about Marley?

Marley is the last name of Scrooge's old business partner and mentor who is the first visitor in his dream that warns him not to follow in his example. It's also a really cute name that can work for a boy or a girl. It's been calling too us for more than a century, and we think it's the dream name for any baby name list.

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