31 Babies Were Born To 30 Nurses At This Minnesota Hospital In 2018

A hospital in Minnesota experienced a huge baby boom among their nursing staff in the birthing center resulting in 31 babies being born in the year 2018.

St. Cloud hospital, located in Minnesota, had quite the eventful year last year and we are not talking about their patients. The nursing staff decided to get on board with the delivery theme and had a baby boom among themselves.

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A total of 30 women delivered last year resulting in 31 babies because one of the women had the amazing chance to be a mother to twins. The women said that they were excited every time that another one of their staff members would announce that they were pregnant because they were thrilled to see so many of their colleagues deal with pregnancy and then raising the children together.

Due to the huge baby boom, Fox News wanted to interview the women and talk about the record-breaking event that occurred in the birthing department at the St. Cloud hospital. While waiting for their chance to be interviewed the 30 women had to maintain composure with their 31 young babies for over an hour. Once the cameras were on them they had almost lost control. All of the babies were crying, whining, or stirring due to the long wait. One of the interview hosts asked how all of the babies were and one mom said, "busy." The word "busy" definitely described the event that was taking place. Each baby was given a onesie that had their "number" on it to describe the number of babies that were delivered last year.

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The women know that they are not going to probably ever make it to 31 babies as they did in the year 2018, but they are keeping track of the women who are already expecting to deliver this year and the total has already reached 15. The women loved all being pregnant all around the same time. They loved being able to have babies that are about the same age, because they are able to get advice and bounce ideas off of each other. The hospital had to work on arranging time with other hospital staff due to the number of women who had to take time off for maternity leave, but it has been totally worth it for everybody. Congratulations to all of the nursing staff and we are excited to see what 2019 brings!

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