32 Vintage Baby Names We Cannot Get Over

Choosing a name for an expecting little prince, or princess is one of the toughest jobs during the pregnancy. This is a name that they will carry on for the remainder of their days. It is something that they will identify to and something they will say every single day. Among the other million things parents have to decide for their future children, which kindergarten they will attend, and which filter they will use to keep the images "share-worthy," a name is a decision that will have to be carefully planned and decided.

Although there are many different websites that host countless articles as to which names are in, which names are out, which names go with this middle name, which name goes with that last name - it all comes down to, what would we like to be called for the rest of our lives? For example, some women choose to go with unique names like Apple, while others opt for more classic names, like Wendy. We believe that this article will have the Top 30 Classic baby names to keep it authentic and still manages to make a statement.

Here is a list of our favorite 30 classic baby names. And we bet, you can't just pick one.

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32 Alexander

Origin: Greek Meaning: Defending Men

Alexander is a strong and noble name that has been a top favorite since the early 1990's. According to Nameberry, it currently ranks at 11th place and has always held a position in the Top 25 lists.

There are many spinoffs to the name Alexander, in terms of nicknames, middle names and, even, female names. For example, there is Alexandra, Zander, and Alex. We can't forget the names that have been turned into other names thanks to Alexander, such as, Alejandro in Spanish and Alessandro in Italian. However, did you know the Russian nickname for Alexander is Sasha? How amazing is that!

The name also holds a special royal meaning, as it is considered to be a royal name in Scotland, and remains to be an extremely popular name. However, throughout history, there have been many Alexanders that have done some groundbreaking work, like Alexander Graham-Bell, Alexander Pope, and Alexander Fleming.

31 Annie

Origin: English Meaning: Gace

Annie is such a cheerful name that it's almost expected for your baby girl to be born singing, "The sun will come out tomorrow!" It is a name that remains classic but also grows with time from its joyful sound. However, this name looks a little young when being spelled, so parents are aware, it may be the best thing to add a more serious tone to it on government documents, like Ann or Annabelle.

Annie currently holds the 287th spot in the United States, but the United Kingdom is not that far behind with the name being in the 108th spot.

30 Charles

Origin: German and French Meaning: Free Man

Charming Charles has been a top favorite amongst little boy, as it has reached #51, according to Nameberry. However, back in the 1960's Charles had reached the Top 10 of most used boy names. As does everything else, the time has changed the destiny of this name, with many darling little girls being named after its commonly used nicknamed, Charlie.

The name Charles has been widely used in the royal world and their kingdoms. With many princes being named Charles, this name has been widely used in other kingdoms such as Spain, Hungary, France, and Portugal.

This name has been turned into different, now popular, names, for example,  Chaz, Carlos, and Charlot. But, in its' original form, Charles is still a very popular and commonly used name.

29 Ava

Origin: Hebrew Meaning: Life, Serpent, Voice, and Bird

This endearing name has a related name that is equally charming, Aviana, which is no surprise of the meaning of its' Latin term, bird. However, even though its' meaning can be a bird at times, Ava also has a ring of Hollywood glam to it.

Ava is a name that is widely heard in many different parts of the world such as Iran, Italy, United States and Canada, from its' various meanings across the globe. The name Ava is also generously used for children of Hollywood's most elite, like Reese Whitherspoon, Hugh Jackman, and Eli Manning, who have all used the name Ava for this children.

Undoubtedly, this name will be a favorite for many years to come for its' simplicity and gorgeous sound. According to TheBump, Ava decreased in popularity in 1982, when it reached #1976 but sky-rocketed to #5 in 2016.

28 Noah

Origin: Hebrew Meaning: Peaceful

This adorable baby boy name has seen its' fair share of rollercoaster rides, as it has increased and decreased in popularity ever since the 1880's. Noah has found it's lowest ranking in the 1950's when it dropped to #1603 but has since regained popularity in 2016 where it has been hovering between #2 and #3 respectively.

It's no wonder this name has been finding its' popularity through its strong masculinity and historic name. If Noah is a name that you are considering for your darling little boy, remind yourself of Noah's Arc. Noah found himself in a situation where he had to save the world, through horrendous weather conditions, into paradise. So, for a name that will be able to stand strong, withhold and survive storms, this is the name for you.

27 Olivia

Origin: Latin Meaning: Olive Tree

Fall in love with this gorgeous name that has such a strong background. If you've been following the classic T.V series, Scandal, then you will be fascinated with the White Hat wearing Gladiator, Olivia Pope. And, of course, who can forget the ever-lasting, Olivia Benson from Law & Order: Special Victim's Unit. This name has a strong character to it. It is the definition of strength, beauty, independence, and grace.

Olivia has been consistently popular among parents looking to name their angelic baby girls. The name has never reached #1000, always hovering around #974 in the 1950's. However, thanks to many strong Olivia's out there, and the fact that the name in itself is outstanding, it has now reached #2 in 2016, according to TheBump.

26 William

Origin: German Meaning: Protection, Helmet of Will

This enchanting name has never been short of ratings throughout time, dipping as low as #28 in the 1990's, according to TheBump. It has also ranked as high as #2 in the 1880's and, more recently, #9 in 2016. Regardless how many babies are born with the name William, this name will forever be heard throughout history. Thanks in part to Prince William, William Shakespeare and numerous different presidents of the United States.

However, it wasn't only made for political reasons. This name carries a strong character to it, and each of these traits can be found in actors like William H. Macy and William Moseley, who share comical assets and loveable, family-related characteristics to their names.

Although there may be many William's in every child's classroom, this name will still have significant meaning and will be loved by all until the end of time.

25 Isabella

Origin: Hebrew Meaning: God's Promise

Twilight fans rejoice! This ever-so-popular name, Isabella, has been dominating the name charts for decades. Of course, as every name, there was a decrease in the late 1970's when Isabelle reached #5051. However, there was a steady rise in the 1980's. And thanks to Twilight, and it's magical series, Isabella has now reached #10 in 2016.

Also in part thanks to the rising number of royals that are using the name Isabella, it has become widely talked about and made for others to hear. Isabella is, in fact, the Italian translation for Elizabeth. And of course, we all know that Elizabeth is a name commonly used for the Royal family.

Plus, who wouldn't want to name their daughters Isa-beauty? It's literally a name that stands for beauty.

24 James

Origin: Hebrew Meaning: He Who Supplants

James, a delightful Hebrew name, has always been an all-time favorite amongst parents. According to TheBump, the name James has never ranked lower than #16 in the late 1990's and early 2000's. Overall, the name hovered around #2 and #4 between the 1880's and the 1980's before it started on its' decline.

However, James has been widely used for various Hollywood stars like James Cameron, James Lively-Reynolds, and author, James Patterson. Above all, James was also a king of Scotland and the name has been passed on to other royals for centuries. So what better way to celebrate the little prince, or princess (like Blake Lively's daughter James,) than to knight them with the name James.

23 Audrey

Origin: English Meaning: Noble Strength

Audrey is a name that will never phase away, due to its' grace and love in the Hollywood communities. Audrey Hepburn is one of the most influential, and drop-dead gorgeous, an actress that will always live on. And the name, don't even get me started on the legacy it holds.

While this name currently holds the 39th place in the United States, it is less commonly found in the United Kingdom, reaching the 318th spot, despite its' beauty. It's the perfect British name, but I guess I'm the only one who thinks so.

Other famous Audrey's include Audrey Tautou, who played in movies like The DaVinci Code and played the role of Coco Chanel, in 2009.

22 Liam

Origin: German Meaning: Protection, Helmet of Will

This charming name has a strong heritage with the list of actors who continue to play heroes. Between Liam Neeson and his continued support to save his family, and heartthrob Liam Hemsworth who continuously plays the romantic hero in movies like The Last Song, and The Dress Maker, this name has continued brave assets to it.

An interesting fact about the name Liam is the shorter version of William. This adorable two-syllable name has been widely underrated, as it was once never heard of outside of Ireland. Thankfully, it made its' way across the pond and landed in the hands of parents worldwide, most commonly heard in the United States and Canada. In 1947, this charming name found itself at #6331. However, in 2016, Liam has been topped at #4, according to TheBump.

21 Catherine

Origin: Greek Meaning: Pure

Catherine is one of the oldest girl names in history, according to Nameberry. While the current preferred spelling for Catherine is, currently, Katerine with a K. However, thanks to the ever so popular Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton, we are simply waiting for the wave of baby girls that will be named Catherine to come back.

Catherine currently holds the 195th position on Nameberry. However, across the pond to our UK friends, Catherine is presently 305th on their name list. While some women say that Katherine with a K is a way to spruce up an old name, others love the classic touch and history behind the name. Imagine your little girl as classy as Catherine Zeida-Jones?

20 Edward

Origin: English Meaning: Wealthy Guardian

If your son was born a sparkly heartthrob, like Edward Cullen from Twilight, this would be the perfect name to give to your son. Not only was Edward Cullen a true gentleman and totally romantic, but he was incredibly brave and very well spoken, who wouldn't want that for their future chivalrous son?

Edward is currently ranked #163 on Nameberry. Without surprise, this English name is holding a nice position, in England, holding the 23rd spot for commonly used boy names. This name reminds me of a strong man, who is also quiet and loyal to those around him. It's a stunning name that is totally charming, but also a name that suits both a child and can grow into the adult persona, in the future.

19 Helen

Origin: Greek Meaning: Bright, Shining Light

The name Helen has a certain beauty to the sound, that it's no wonder it has made our Top Classic name list. Helen was once Top 5, for several decades, however, it quickly lost its' momentum and found itself out of the Top 100 names. Helen is a serious, independent name that can hold itself to anyone who refers to it.

But, as much as this name is serious and can hold its own, there is always Helen Hunt that sparks a joyful twist to this name. Picture your daughter being a total boss babe, but such a romantic like Helen Hunt portrayed in the 2000 movie, What Women Want.

If this name is, unfortunately, too weighty name, there are multiple versions that were inspired by Helen such as, Elena, Eleanor, and Leonora (which can, then, be referred to as Nora.)

18 Mason

Origin: British Meaning: One Who Works With Stone

Mason may have been famous before, but if it was a name that you had never heard of, it will be now, thanks in part with Kourtney Kardashian who named her 4 years old, Mason. Mason has the same meaning as the Kardashian meaning, in Armenia, for "Stone Walker." Inevitably, the name Mason simply rolls off the tongue perfectly and any little boy would be perfect for this name.

However, Mason wasn't always a favorite name until recently. According to TheBump, when Mason was first mapped on name charts, it started off at #696 in the 1880's and quickly decreased to #1589 in the early 1900's. Even more so, it dropped another staggering amount to #2041 in the 1950's, before becoming one of parents' favorite name, ranking at #6 in 2016. I guess the Kardashians have more of an impact that we once imagined.

17 Emma

Origin: German Meaning: Universe or Entire

According to TheBump.com, Emma ranks #1 for the most classic baby girl name. I bet, you will entirely fall in love with this beautiful name. Back in the early 2000's, Emma found itself being used around the block for baby girls, after Rachel and Ross named their daughter, Emma, on the hit show, Friends.

In the early 1880's, Emma was found to be ranked #1 but quickly dropped in the 1980's, when it found itself at #831. However, it has now found itself back to #1 since 2016.

It's no coincidence though, as this one voweled name rolls off the tongue and is extremely filled with grace and beauty.

Envision your daughter, Emma, named after Emma Stone, Emma Roberts, and Emma Watson.

16 Thomas

Origin: Aramaic Meaning: Twin

This strong and straight-forward name, Thomas, has always been a top favorite amongst parents for their little boys. It ranked in the Top 10 throughout the 1960's, and still hovers above the Top 50, landing at a surprising 48th place, however, it is #6 in England and Australia. For those who need convincing, this name will be easy to remember for his classmates, as they can relate him to Thomas The Tank Engine, win!

Thomas is a classic name that will live throughout time, as long as there are parents around to need one. It has been commonly used in the Bible, and still remains to hold its' own on our favorite list of 30 classic names. Luckily, for those who believe Thomas is too serious, there are many versions of Thomas that has been used, around the wall, such as Tomaz in Portugal. The Z at the end makes it indescribably gorgeous. But, there are other variations like Tomas, which is commonly known in every country, respectfully.

15 Sophia

Origin: Greek Meaning: Wisdom

Fall in love with the lovable name, Sophia. This enchanting name always reminds me of princesses and fairy tales, which is no surprise that this name is trendy amongst royal families around the world. Some royal children that have claimed the name include Sophia of Hanover and Princess Sophia of Sweden. If you're experienced mothers, you will definitely know the brave and courageous Disney inspired, Sophia The First.

Sophia takes sophistication to an entirely new level. Strong women have stood their grounds, using this name, for example, Sophia Loren. However, this name has constantly been a popular name amongst baby girls. Sophia has continuously hovered around the top 10 and 15th place, dipping as low as 1550 in 1948, but jumping leaps and bounds to #6 back in 2016.

14 Kenneth

Origin: Scottish and Irish Meaning: Born Of Fire, Handsome

The name Kenneth has once in the Top 20 from the 1920's and into the 1950's, however, it quickly lost its favoritism afterward. Not only was this name commonly used for boys, but it was also the name of every little girl's favorite male Barbie, Ken.

Although Kenneth currently ranks at #208, there has been an increase in boys who were given the name Kenny. Charmingly enough, the version Kennie is now being seen in young girls.

If you're hoping for a baby boy, or girl, to be born with one spectacular singing voice, Kenneth "Babyface" Edmunds, Kenny Chesney and Kenny Rogers are all Kenneth holders.

13 Julia

Origin: Latin Meaning: Youthful

The name Julia holds a historical feel with a modern and fashionable twist to it. One of the most renown Julia's in the world, is the fashionista and Queen of Hollywood BLVD., Julia Roberts. But this name also holds a spot in all foodies' hearts, with Julia Childs being one of the most famous Julias on earth. And, of course, who can forget Julie from Julie and Julia, a movie from 2009, that revolved around Julie cooking the famous Julia Child cookbook.

Julia has been a top favorite, holding its' place above the Top 150 names, ever since the moment, they kept records of people's names. Currently at #88, this darling name can be turned into Juliette, Julie, and of course, Giulia, if you're channeling your inner Latin flavor.

12 Jasper

Origin: Persian Meaning: Bringer Of Treasure

Jasper was once considered an extremely posh name, in England, where it finally crossed the pond and landed in the hands of American and Canadian parents. Although this name holds a spot at #209, we believe that it's just a matter of time before it reaches the Topp 100's soon. This name has a lot going on for it. Jasper is seen to be posh, but also made for modern-day hippies. And, of course, who can forget Jasper Cullen from Twilight, who channeled his inner Texan and showed us a glimpse of that gorgeous Southern accident.

For all our Christian friends, Jasper was one of the Three Wise Men who brought gifts to a baby Jesus. But, for those who are not looking for a Biblical name, this name can also be referred to as Casper, in the German version.

11 Laura

Origin: Latin Meaning: The Bay, Laurel Plant

The name Laura has been around us since the dawn of time. And it seems as though, it simply doesn't want to get out-dated. With no surprise there, this stunning name was named after the bay or laurel plant. Way back in the day, Bay and Laurel plants were used to make victory crowns.

This name has a vast range of personalities. Therefore, this name is perfect for a young girl who dreams of becoming a ballet dancer, or a young girl who wishes to be the first female President. It is a strong name, a name that can hold its' own, defend itself, and slay the entrepreneur game. In contrast, this name is also delicate, gentle and reserved.

Back in the 1880's, it was first recorded to be the #34th favorite name amongst little girls. Today, it finds itself down at the 683rd position. And yet, it's almost certain you'll have a Laura in your classroom or work.

This name can also be translated into Laurel, Lauren, and Lorraine.

10 Benjamin

Origin: Hebrew Meaning: Son Of The Right Hand, Son Of The South, Son Of My Old Age

Although this name was commonly used in the Bible, as the son of Rachel and Jacob, this name is also strikingly beloved by new aged parents. Today, the name Benjamin is has become a favorite for young boys.

If you need any more reason to use the name Benjamin, this name can also be found on the attractive detective in both Miss Congeniality and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Benjamin Bratt. And, of course, the ever so famous inventor, Benjamin Franklin. However, if you're one of our English friends, this name can also be commonly used in England, from the historical tourist attraction, The Big Ben.

And who can forget the movie Benjamin Button where the extremely handsome, Brad Pitt, played such a role.

9 Owen

Origin: Welsh Meaning: Born Of Yew, Youth

This is a boy's name that I personally love, as one of the most beloved characters, on my all-time favorite TV series, Grey's Anatomy is named Dr. Owen Hunt. And, as dreamy as he is (no - not McDreamy,) he is also a Doctor, a trauma surgeon who used to be in the army, no less. If that doesn't explain dreamy, I don't know what will!

In just seven years, the name Owen has traveled up a lengthy list of names, from the Top 50th position straight to the Top 20's. That is an incredible achievement for a name as classic as this one.

Curiously, this name has been found in our Christina's (Dr. Owen's ex-wife, and total soulmate) by naming our young daughters, Owen. I'd love to meet a female Owen, and see just how powerful she is in the workforce because this name is truly the definition of strength, beauty, and perfection.

Owen currently holds the 38th spot, according to TheBump.

8 Naomi

Origin: Hebrew Meaning: Pleasant

This gorgeous name can be translated into French, being seen as Noemie, and in Italian, as Noemi. In Hungary, the spelling as Neomi is taking the country by storm. However, this name is one of the lesser favorites on this list, currently holding a spot at #185 name for our little ladies.

Naomi is a name for pure beauty, in my opinion. Ladies, think about Naomi Campbell and try not to jump when you remember her beauty, her finess, and her true grace. I mean, Naomi Campbell is 47, you can't look any better than she currently does!

I'd love to see this name come back. It's such a darling little name, for young girls, and a strong persona as a woman.

7 Jacob

Origin: Hebrew Meaning: He Who Supplants

Once upon a time, this name was found at #689, back in the 50's. But it made up for it between 1999 - 2012, thanks to the ever so muscular, Jacob Black, from Twilight. Since the Twilight Saga entered our world, the name has been loved by many around the world. It could also be due to the love for the nickname, Jake.

Although this name started off as a biblical name, it now has the meaning of strong, beefy werewolves, who we all wish would be our next baby daddy's. Or is that just me?

Needless to say, this name will be on every parents' minds, at least once in their lifetime. This name is adorable for our young babies, but also strong and wise for adults.

6 Lily

Origin: Latin Meaning: Pure

This breathtaking name sums up the personality traits that most Lily's have, purity and innocence, just as the flower. However, throw a bunch of flowers in a bouquet, and the Lily will always be the one to stand out and bloom first and the longest. It is perfect in every way.

This name has been a favorite amongst parents, beginning at #483 in the 1880's. Unfortunately, it had a sudden decline in the 1980's, at #1907. Thankfully, parents started seeing the natural finesse to this name, and it quickly gained momentum. It currently holds its spot, at a record point in its lifetime, at #66.

5 Malcolm

Origin: Scottish Meaning: Devotee Of Saint-Columba

Although this name currently holds its own at #802, there was once a time when this name was widely seen, back in the 1990's at #405. This name was originally Mael Coluim, referring to a 6th-century monk, Saint Columba.

Malcolm is a warm name that holds only the gentleness of our boys. Although this name is gentle, it also has a significant meaning in the civil rights movements, dating back to the time of Malcolm X. But for all of our wizards out there, this name was heard A LOT during the Harry Potter sequels.

4 Florence

Origin: Latin Meaning: Flourishing, Prosperous

Florence is a name that has been extremely neglected and underrated. This name of pure beauty gives us all a floral vibe, that is both calming and a mirage of white sandy beaches. It could also make you envision culture and heritage, and platefuls of spaghetti with authentic Italian tomato sauce, as this name is also the name of the gorgeous city in Italy, Florence.

In the United States, the name Florence had been pushed way down on the list, not even making it to the Top 1000. Fortunately, the good people in the United Kingdom have been adopting this name and making it the 26th most preferred girls name.

3 Vincent

Origin: Latin Meaning: Conquering

This stylish name was not always considered hip when it was first seen. This name also comes with the adorable nickname, Vince or Vinny, thanks to our good friends at the Jersey Shore, and of course, the talented Vince Vaughn.

Vince can also be a reminder of warmer and brighter times, with white sandy beaches and tropical paradise, on the island of St. Vincent.

However, this name first began as a Catholic name, especially in the Italian community, even though this name began as a French name. And let's not forget our artist community, as Van Gogh was actually Vincent Van Gogh.

2 Amelia

Origin: German Meaning: Work

Another Grey's Anatomy character, however for this lovely name, I do not want to focus on Dr. Amelia Shepherd, but on the rich beauty of this name alone. This name holds its own in many ways. It is a gorgeous Victorian name and shows its bravest in our heroines, Amelia Elkhart. Amelia is also a preferred choice over names like Emily and Amanda.

In the United States, Amelia holds the fort down at #11. However, on the other side of the world, the United Kingdom has Amelia at #1 and it simply doesn't look like it will be moving any time soon. Other countries who have fallen in love with the name Amelia, Amelia is #10 in countries like Poland, Australia, New Zealand and Scotland.

Of course, this breathtaking names also comes with alternative lives such as Emilia, Emelia, Emily, and Emma.

1 Jackson

Origin: British Meaning: Son Of Jack

As I just mentioned, I'm a total Grey's Anatomy lover, and Jackson is another doctor that works at Grey-Sloan Memorial. However, I have known many Jackson's and they've all been stellar gents.

In 2009, Jackson reached the Top 25th in commonly used names for boys, according to TheBump. However, today it is #26. Which, in reality, dropping 1 spot in 9 years (7 from when the last study was surveyed,) that's pretty incredible. Luckily, that's nothing compared to the 70's era, where Jackson ranked #1961. Yikes!

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