Origin: Greek Meaning: Defending Men

Alexander is a strong and noble name that has been a top favorite since the early 1990's. According to Nameberry, it currently ranks at 11th place and has always held a position in the Top 25 lists.

There are many spinoffs to the name Alexander, in terms of nicknames, middle names

and, even, female names. For example, there is Alexandra, Zander, and Alex. We can't forget the names that have been turned into other names thanks to Alexander, such as, Alejandro in Spanish and Alessandro in Italian. However, did you know the Russian nickname for Alexander is Sasha? How amazing is that!

The name also holds a special royal meaning, as it is considered to be a royal name in Scotland, and remains to be an extremely popular name. However, throughout history, there have been many Alexanders that have done some groundbreaking work, like Alexander Graham-Bell, Alexander Pope, and Alexander Fleming.

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