47 Yr Old Woman Gives Birth To Triplets. Docs Say "Miracle"

Lewis thought that at 47, the possibility of pregnancy was over. Well surprise (x3)! It wasn't! She says she can remember very clearly the conversation with the ultrasound technician. . "She said twins at first. She said, ‘Twin A, twin B, and look like I see something else but I'm not for sure. Let me get my boss and bring her in.’ So she brought her in and she told her, she said ‘Yes it looks like another sac over there.’ Now the tears rolled because it was unexpected," said Lewis.

Lewis gave birth to beautiful Dylan, Denard and Denere at 30 weeks via c-section.  Dr. Yasin said, “It was a miracle that she got pregnant. A miracle that she got three. And the miracle is all of them are healthy and normal and she is fine."

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