4th Of July Road Rage Incident Leaves 2 Toddlers In Critical Care

Two toddlers (a one-year old and a three-year-old) have been badly hurt in a road rage incident during the 4th of July. The father of the children was so blinded by his rage that he did not stop to think that any fights he will start may affect the kids in the back seat. Thankfully, all parties involved made it out alive, but not everyone is always so lucky when it comes to road rage incidents.

Most were celebrating the 4th of July weekend with their families, happily enjoying each other’s company and the food off the grill. The highlight of the night, of course, is the fireworks to follow. However, without proper safety and supervision, many kids can get hurt when they are involved. In this case, one of the worst-case scenarios happened due to neglect and being blinded by rage.

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Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez stated on Twitter that a disagreement broke out between the father of the toddlers and another driver by a Fiesta Store. The argument got so heated that they both pulled off into a nearby gas station to face each other. Things escalated, and the other driver pulled out a gun and shot at the other vehicle, even though there were children on board. The shots ignited the fireworks in the car, and the car became engulfed in flames. In a panic, the father attempted to drive away to escape more bullets, but the car continued to burn.

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Thankfully, some good people rushed over to help the family. The toddlers were brought to the burn unit of the Shriners Hospital for Children and are in critical condition. In the past, many cases of road rage incidents have put children in danger, and while incompetent drivers can be infuriating, one must always reflect if the conflict to come is worth it.

This incident is horrifying and terrifying, but it does remind us what is really important. We can’t control other people’s reactions, but we can control our own actions. Especially when there are kids around, one should be wary of getting into fights or arguments. The other party may be react more violently than expected, and your kids could be affected by the consequences. More often than not, winning an argument or giving into the road rage isn’t worth it, both for you and the people in your car.

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