5 Best Ways To Exercise With A Newborn

Women often have a desire to get back into shape after giving birth, yet it isn’t always easy to find the time or even the motivation to start exercising again. Though no women should feel pressured into losing the extra baby weight quickly, exercise is never a bad idea, so give yourself time and follow these simple steps to effectively exercise with a newborn.

Start Walking Or Jogging With The Baby

There’s no need for a new mom to be training for a marathon, though walking or even a light jog can be healthy. It can help to help you clear your head after a few sleepless nights. Also, being outside is a good source of vitamin D, which can have positive effects on your mood and prevent the post-partum blues. If you decide to energetically walk or even jog, invest in a good jogging stroller to ensure your baby’s safety and yours. A jogging stroller will have larger tires and adjustable shocks to keep your baby from bouncing around. It will also have a lockable front wheel that can be more easily maneuvered when in swivel mode, especially around turns. Also, the lock mode will afford stability and the handbrake and wrist strap will keep the stroller from getting away from you when going downhill.

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Join An Exercise Class For New Moms

Many gyms offer indoor and outdoor classes where mothers and their babies can participate in fitness activities, which are a great way to bond with your newborn and get some exercise. Also, some centers offer 60-minute stroller classes that cater to mothers of all fitness levels, including expectant mothers, new mothers, and mothers with one or more stroller-aged infants. These interval-based classes usually integrate cardio, strength, and core for a complete body workout.

Find A Gym With Babysitting Services

If you’re comfortable leaving your baby with a sitter for a short while, find a gym that provides certified babysitters so you can work out knowing that your baby is safely being cared for. You’ll also be close by in case your baby needs you. Equinox, for example, offers a Kids Club for just signing up for 10 sessions a month. The club comes stocked with designer toys and the staff engages children with activities that are suited to their age range. With infants, the staff provides sensory stimuli activities or tummy time, while with older children they offer games or crafts.

Get Your Partner To Participate

After numerous sleep-deprived nights, you might not feel much like exercising, however, if you can get your partner involved, it may motivate you a bit more. Leave the cellphones behind or safely locked away and head out for a family walk a few times a week so the two of you can bond with your newborn. Again, being out in the fresh air and sun is healthy for anyone, and more so if you’re confined for hours one end to the nursery or living room. You can also alternate babysitting duties and go for a run or hit the gym while your partner bonds with the baby over planned activities.

Buy A DVD Or Stream An Exercise Video

Nowadays, with countless streaming services, exercise videos are easy to come by. Either find something you can do while your baby is napping or something you can both do together. Rather than staring blankly at the TV, engage with your child or with an exercise video for 30 minutes. Granted it takes energy and motivation, but your body will thank you if you can find the time to stretch and flex your muscles a bit after sitting in a feeding position or holding your baby for extended periods of time. BabyWeightTV, for example, offers online fitness classes designed for new mothers so they can exercise in their living room without going to the gym. Classes include YogaMama or CoreMama classes, among others to enhance your postnatal fitness routine.

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Again, women should ease into their post-pregnancy exercise routine. Women should generally lose no more than one and a half pounds per week. Most new mothers will lose most of their pregnancy pounds by their baby's six month birthday, yet everyone sheds weight at different rates. Therefore, be patient and enjoy this time with your newborn.

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