5-Foot Long Snake Bites 9-Month Old After Sneaking Into Home

A Massachusetts family got the scare of their life when their morning started with their 9-month old baby being attacked by a 5-foot long snake- which was not their family pet. In what sounds like something straight out of a movie, a massive snake broke into the family’s home and went straight for their baby.

According to People, Jenna Lees-Rolfe explained that what seemed like a normal Saturday morning turned into a nightmare in the blink of an eye. The mom-of-two said she was preparing breakfast while her 9-month old son was playing on the floor beside her with a set of pots and pans. She turned away for a few seconds to grabs something out of the fridge, but when she glanced back to look at her baby, she saw a terrifying sight.

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Lees-Rolfe claims a massive snake slithered out from under the refrigerator and went straight for her son, quickly biting him in the leg. “I screamed for my husband,” she explained. “I was terrified.” She quickly scooped up her son and ran into the other room. The couple were able to trap the snake- which has since been identified as a milk snake- and took it to a reptile center. Authorities have since revealed they believe the snake must’ve come into the house through the family’s garage and then been slithering around the pipes.

Luckily, despite being bitten, the boy sustained minor injuries. Milk snakes are luckily no poisonous, so the family evaded disaster. “He has no signs of any kind of poison — his bite had zero inflammation,” the worried mom explained. Lees-Rolfe added the 9-month old seems “unfazed” from the incident.

If parents find a snake in their home and can’t wait to call an expert to come remove it, there are some important tips and tricks to know before attempting to capture it. For one, it’s important to always use gloves, even if the creature is not known to be poisonous. It may be easiest to use a broom to sweep it either out the door or into some sort of container. Avoid chasing it into places that it could easily hide in because it will be all the harder to find it again.

And obviously, it’s also important to get all children out of the vicinity. This is because all animals, snakes can be unpredictable, especially when they feel threatened.

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