5 Best Nursing Bras For Any Budget

Just started nursing, or preparing to nurse soon? Some advice from us at BabyGaga is to invest in some proper nursing bras. Rather than pulling the cup on your regular bra down, which is uncomfortable, awkward, and will likely soak and stain your bra with milk, a proper nursing bra makes breastfeeding much easier, as the cups are designed to be folded down or swooped to the side easily, offering more comfort to mom and smoother access for baby. Most nursing bras these days double up as maternity bras, so you can get more value for your money by investing in some during the mid-late stages of your pregnancy, which will last throughout your breastfeeding days, and sometimes even beyond. If you buy them during pregnancy, be sure to order a size up, as it is likely you will need a larger size when you start nursing.

Nursing bras come in a range of styles. Preferences for comfort and style are personal to the wearer and depend on what works best for your own body type, and your preference in terms of the look you want to go for. Some women may prefer to keep wearing underwire bras during pregnancy and nursing to give them more shape, others might find them too uncomfortable and opt for more of a sports bra style.

Here is a selection of bras ranging in both style and price that we think are currently the best options out there.

Gratlin Women’s Padded Maternity Underwire Nursing Bra ($20.00)

For those who feel comfortable in underwire bras style, and prefer the aesthetic to the wireless sports bras, Gratlin has a good range of budget-friendly options.  If you're not sure if underwire will work, it would be worth trying out one of these, before splurging on a more expensive brand. The Women’s Padded Maternity Underwire is a comfortable option that looks good, offers shape and comes in a range of sizes so would also work well for bigger sizes.

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HOFISH 3 Pack Seamless Maternity and Nursing Bras ($29.99)

This 3 pack is an excellent option for those looking for lower prices and good deals, working out at $10 per bra. Common complaints about nursing bras are that they either don’t offer shape, or they are too tight around the rib cage. Well, these HOFISH bras are good for both; they are push-ups, so give shape even without the wire, and are in an attractive V neck cut, but they are also seamless and breathable, offering room and comfort around the ribcage. Snaps on the strap allow the cups to be folded down.

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Kindred Bravely French Terry Scoopback Bra ($29.99)

For those of you who are not as much concerned with shape, but looking for complete comfort at nighttime, or for lounging at home during the day, these Kindred Bravely Scoopback bras will appeal. They are made from French terry, making them super soft on your's and your baby's skin. Also, if the snap system isn’t for you, then these are a good alternative, as the crossover front allows for the bra to be easily pulled to one side. The scoopback style is designed to fit a range of sizes, which means it could be used during pregnancy, nursing, and even after.

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Cake Cotton Candy Racerback Bra ($45.00)

One frustrating issue with nursing bras is that it is sometimes hard to find a range in size. For those looking for a larger size, the multi-award-winning Cake Maternity Cotton Candy nursing bras are a good, high-quality option. They are made from stretch Nilit yarn, which means they provide more support than bras made from regular stretchy fabric such as nylon and spandex. The Cotton Candy is a seamless, racerback sports bra but with good support, making it ideal for night feeding, but could also be worn at any time of the day. Snaps are attached to the strap for access. Rather than the usual limited range of nude or black, the Cotton Candy comes in a variety of colors, making your collection of nursing bras less drab.

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Bravado! Designs Women’s Maternity Belle Underwire Bra ($49.00)

If you want a nursing bra that does not look at all like a nursing bra and are willing to splurge out Bravado! is probably the nursing bra brand for you. Their bras are known for their excellent quality and durability, lasting years. They make a range of great styles, but we recommend the Maternity Belle Underwire, simply because it is hard to find a comfortable, long-lasting, good quality underwire nursing bra. The Maternity Belle is made from luxe Petal-Soft fabric, and the wire is specially designed to be more flexible than regular underwired bras. A snap on the strap enables the cup to drop, but unlike other versions, the cup can fold down much lower. So if you want to retain the support of an underwire, and want the best quality that will last, then this is an excellent option.

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GET IT HERE: Bravado! Designs Belly Underwire Bra

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