52-Year-Old Woman Who Wants To Be A Surrogate For The 14th Time Says It's A Compulsion

Carole Horlock yearns to be a surrogate mother for the 14th time since she began carrying babies in 1995. She thought her career would be done, but she confesses that she misses being pregnant and the feeling of helping other couples. As long as she’s healthy, she can probably keep doing what she does best.

Horlock has given birth to 13 babies for eight families in the past. She has even carried and delivered a set of twins and a set of triplets before she was 46, the age she stopped carrying for others. On top of that, she was pregnant twice with two daughters of her own, adding up to a total of 15 babies birthed. In April of 2013, she decided to stop being a surrogate mother due to the risks pregnancies bring to older women. However, the feeling and urge to have another baby inside of her has never gone away.

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She confessed to her youngest daughter that she really wanted to have another baby. Her daughter was concerned because a pregnancy at 52 can be quite dangerous. Horlock comforted her daughter, and she reassured her that her past experiences carrying children will protect her from harm. With that, she found a couple who was in need of a surrogate mother, and she started the process again for the 14th time.

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Horlock wants to do her part in helping childless families because she recognizes that there is a severe lack of available surrogates. She has always known that there are people out there who need her help, and since she knows she’s incredibly fertile, she wants her body to be of service to families who need it. She doesn’t worry about getting too attached to the babies she carries because she knows they will go to a loving home with people who have waited so long to give their love to a child.

In the UK, it’s technically illegal to pay surrogate mothers for their services, but one is allowed to pay for the expenses of their pregnancies. However, Horlock wants to highlight that the money is not worth the bruises from hormone injections, the varicose veins, and the pains being a surrogate mom brings. She does it because she loves it, and the feeling of seeing a couple hold their child for the first time is a feeling like no other.

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