6 Benefits of Toddler Breastfeeding! Reasons Why To Continue

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6 Instant Tantrum Cure

There is no better medicine than breast milk when it comes to a tantrum. It will calm them right down. Remember that your toddler is only a bit more advanced than the baby stage and could still want to have that close experience with you. 

5 Improved Immunity

It is a known fact that breastmilk can help your child's immune system get big and strong. By continuing breastfeeding, you are also continuing to give your child those immune boosters that they could use to stay healthy. Happy Toddler = Happy Life (isn't that the way the saying should go?!) 

4 Nutrition 

A toddler's stomach is like an empty pit. I am sure you have already realized after starting solids, that it is almost impossible to fill up those demanding bellies. By giving your child breastmilk, not only are you giving them nutrients that their bodies need but you are also filling them up. The other nutrients are also provide through solids they also receive. Full balanced diet! 

3 Good Sleep 

It has been given as advice before, that if your toddler has trouble falling asleep at night and if you are able to breastfeed at that time, to try to breastfeed them before bed. Breastfeeding takes energy from the toddler and this will make them get them to relax and sleep much better. 

2 Weight Loss for Mom 

If you gained weight during pregnancy, you know that breastfeeding is an actual way to get back to the post-baby body. Breastfeeding is the easiest method of dieting that will not involve you lifting weights and running outside (although exercise is important!) This however, is not a proven fact as there still needs to be much stronger research done on this matter, but lots of mom can give you their personal experience. 

1 The Best Natural Toddler Food

If you are a momma that is very much against artificial supplements in food, keep breastfeeding! It is one of the most natural things you will be able to feed your child. Breastmilk provides them with almost all the essential nutrients that they need for their growth and development during toddler years. However, remember that they will also need other food to provide extra calcium and ion! 

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