6 Nurses Expecting At The Same Time At Triad Hospital

One hospital is experiencing a serious baby boom among its nurses. A North Carolina hospital has six female employees expecting a little one, all at the same time.

The expectant mamas are all nurses at Wake Forest Baptist Health, which is part of the Triad hospital family. The story of these six ladies recently went viral.

Nina Day, Bethany Stringer, Emily Johnson, Nikki Huth, Sabrina Hudson and Katie Carlton are all nurses at the hospital and are all going to have a baby this year. They are not all due at exactly the same time, but their due dates really are not that far apart from one another.


Day is due first on July 31st, Stringer is up next on September 8th, and Johnson is only two weeks behind her as she is due on September 25th. Huth is due on October 11th, Hudson will follow on November 13th, and finally, Carlton will be the last to give birth on December 12th. Even though the due dates are staggered, there is a good chance that all six nurses could be on maternity leave at the same time even if it is only for a couple of weeks. The hospital is taking measures to ensure the quality of patient care does not suffer while these women are welcoming their own little blessings. Man, talk about scheduling issues!

The nurse practitioners don't just work at the same hospital, they all work in the same unit at the hospital, the Comprehensive Cancer Center. They did not plan to be pregnant at the same time, but their patients are certainly getting a kick out of it. The group is now lovingly referred to as "The Fabulous Six Pack" by their patients and co-workers.

Via Fox News

Even though they did not plan to be pregnant at the same time, for first-time mom Johnson it has been very helpful having her expectant co-workers to talk with about her concerns in having her very first child. She admitted to the local news it has helped tremendously to be part of the amazing group during her first pregnancy.

Congrats to all six expectant moms!


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