61-Year-Old Births Her Own Grandchild After Being A Surrogate Mother For Her Son And His Husband

When Omaha couple Matthew Eledge and Elliot Dougherty started looking into ways to start a family, Eledge's 61-year-old mother Cecile Eledge volunteered herself to be their surrogate.

At first Matthew, 32, and Elliot, 29, laughed off the offer but when they brought it up to their doctor, Dr. Carolyn Maud Doherty, she was intrigued. Given that Cecile has lived a very active lifestyle and maintained a healthy diet, Dr. Doherty was willing to test Cecile to see if she would be a viable candidate. It's 2019 and science does allow for older women to give birth.

Elliot and Matthew Via Rachel Mummey/BuzzFeed News

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Eledge has had three healthy pregnancies in the past and all were when she was in her 20s. She is one of those women who loved being pregnant and knew she wanted to help in any way possible. It turns out that Cecile is one of the healthiest 61-year-olds around. She aced all of the required health tests and was deemed able to carry a baby. So they started taking the first steps towards surrogacy.

Buzzfeed published a beautiful profile detailing this whole story and the difficulties that LGBTQ couples endure when they decide to start a family.

It was decided to use Matthew's sperm to implant an egg. Instead of going through a strenuous process looking for suitable eggs, they looked to Elliot's side of the family. Elliot's sister, Lea Yribe, donated her eggs for her brother and his husband to have a child.

She was only 25-years-old at the time of her retrievable making the odds much better for successful implantation. With a combination of Matthew's sperm and Lea's eggs, doctors were able to create seven fertilized embryos. From there, three were the healthiest, and the best-looking one was implanted in Cecile's uterus. All they could do was wait from there.

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Cecile Eledge and Uma/Via Ariel Panowicz

Lucky enough, she got pregnant on the first try. Despite her advanced age, Cecile had a normal pregnancy and said she had the usual pregnancy symptoms. She did note they were more severe than they were in her younger years. Cecile was induced after a spike in blood pressure and gave birth earlier this week. Uma Louise Dougherty-Eledge was welcomed into the world by her proud fathers and grandmother.

Granddaughter and grandmother will no doubt have a very close bond through life. Matthew ad Elliot are over the moon about their new daughter Uma. They plan on raising her in Omaha to stay close to their family and a close support system. We wish them all a lifetime of happiness.


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