65% Of Pregnant Women Don't Get Flu Vaccines, Putting Newborns At Risk

Sixty -five percent of pregnant women are putting their newborns at risk by not getting the flu shot.

The flu shot is very important for everybody, especially pregnant women. When pregnant women get a flu shot they not only protect themselves from the flu but it also protects their unborn baby against the flu as well. Pregnant women are the most vulnerable populations when it comes to contracting the flu and yet over 65% of pregnant women do not get the flu shot. Some pregnant women do not get the flu shot because they think it might cause harm to their baby, some might be against vaccinations altogether, and other women just don't believe that the flu shot is even affective.

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Dr. Kristina Adams Waldorf, a University of Washington Medicine obstetrician, urges pregnant women to get the flu vaccination as well as the whooping cough vaccine. Newborn babies are especially vulnerable to these viruses. “Influenza vaccination is absolutely critical to maintaining her safety and well-being during pregnancy because influenza infection can put her in the hospital and can result in risks to her pregnancy, such as preterm birth and even stillbirth,” Waldorf said in a UW video. “And the benefits of influenza vaccination in pregnancy even extend to her newborn child, so for several months after birth her newborn child will have some of her antibodies and be slightly protected from the flu.”

Pregnant women should be getting the flu shot and the whooping cough vaccine. Mothers should also require everybody who comes in close contact with the newborn baby to have an up-to-date TDAP vaccination in order to protect the baby from getting whooping cough which can become deadly. Some pregnant women do not want to get vaccinations while pregnant because they believe that it can make them sick. However, vaccinations do not make you sick. The flu shot is not going to give you the flu. Another important thing to say is that there is no scientific link between autism and vaccinations. Don't avoid getting a shot due to a fear of having a child be diagnosed with autism.

It is important for all pregnant women to get their flu shots. It can protect you and your baby from the flu. Babies cannot get the flu shot when they are newborns so if mom didn't get the vaccination when she was pregnant then they are vulnerable. Flu vaccinations are often offered through any pharmacy and local chains such as Walgreens and Rite Aid.

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