7 Baby Shower Gifts Every Mom-To-Be Should Add to Their Baby Registery

One of the perks of being pregnant, besides eating all the yummy treats that you want, is getting to have a gorgeous baby shower that will celebrate your bundle of joy.

It's the one night that no matter how swollen your feet are or how sleepy you may be you will still dress up and celebrate your greatest creation. Long gone are the times when baby showers were a 3-6pm all women event, they've now transformed into an all night extravaganza. Some people may even say they've become a bigger deal than even their wedding!

Although baby showers have evolved, what has stayed the same is the fact that you need to register at a baby store so people know what to get you. This can become a very stressful event especially for first time mom's.

Let's face it we don't always know what to register for, especially with there being so many new gadgets that are made to help make motherhood a bit easier. We have done the work for you and have found 7 baby shower gifts every mom to be should register for. If you haven't registered for any of these yet make sure you do, you can thank us later.

7 - Mamaroo by moms

The Mamaroo by 4moms will be your favorite gift of all, matter of fact whoever gives you this gift from your registry, should be considered your babies God Parents. The Mamaroo will be a life saver.

The Mamaroo isn't just a baby swing, it's the Bentley of Baby swings, this baby swing was designed to mimic human arms and the way we swing our children. It has 5 settings: Car Ride, Kangaroo, Free Swing, Rock a bye and Wave.

It features Bluetooth capacity which means you can change the settings to your Mamaroo from any room of your house and it has a reversible new-born insert which was designed to cradle your baby in all the right places. Making them feel comfortable even when they're not in your arms.

This is a fantastic feature, because it lets you work around the house taking care of all those bundles of laundry while the baby has a nice long nap. Finally some peace and quiet until it's feeding time.

6 -The Mist Wipe Warmer by Munchkin

How many times have we come across dry cold baby wipes and thought, "Oh boy, as soon as my baby feels these things he will scream, there has to be another way!" Thankfully there is and it is called The Mist Wipe Warmer by Munchkin.

This wipe warmer will not only warm up your baby wipes so your baby never has to feel a cold wipe on their tush again, but it will also mist your wipes as soon as the lid is closed.

We all know new born babies hate cold baby wipes, they shriek, scream and shiver if you ever try to wipe them with one. This mist wipe warmer will take care of that it will warm up your wipes to maintain them always warm and mist them so you never have to deal with a dry out wipe that won't get the job done.

Not only will this baby wipe warmer help get the job done, but it'll be so much easier for you and your baby to deal with diaper changes.

5 -Levana Astra PTZ Digital Video Baby Monitor

Wanting to know what our babies are up to all the time when they're not with us seems to be a mom thing, some people may even call us crazy. But the truth is knowing that your child is okay is the best feeling in the world. And this little gem will give you the best peace of mind.

It's the Levana Astra PTZ Digital Video Baby Monitor, now say that 3 times fast. It's a fancy way of saying a video baby monitor that lets you know your baby's very step without disturbing them with beaming lights or scratchy noises.

Watch your baby sleep instead of just listen for them

Long gone are the days when baby monitors were only noise monitors, meaning you would only hear your baby's noise not actually see what they're doing. Not anymore this baby video monitor will capture your babies every movement which can be seen from your laptop or Smartphone.

It also has a double speaker box which will allow your baby to hear you speak to him or her. Another neat feature of this video baby monitor is the fact that it doesn't show any lights only small LED lights which allow you to see your baby without any bright lights or noises. Your baby will sleep longer.

4 -Baby Bullet Food System

We all know breast milk is the best milk, moms that can breast feed their babies without any complications are blessed. Breast milk has many nutrients and minerals that your baby needs to grown strong and healthy.

At about 5-6 months we start to incorporate baby food into our baby's lives. Some moms choose to buy their baby food and others choose to make their own. If you decide to make your own, then the Baby Bullet food System is for you! It's the perfect baby shower gift.

The baby bullet comes with 20 pieces that help making your own baby food at home a breeze. The perks of creating your own baby food is the fact that you know exactly what's going into your baby. When you buy baby food you don't really know what ingredients they're putting into it. One of the best first foods to try on your baby bullet is an avocado, it's full of antioxidants and your baby will love the taste. Here's a quick and easy recipe to try:


1/2 of an avocado

1/2 of a baked sweet potato bake at 325 with no skin

2 tablespoons of baby cereal

1/2 a cup of water

1 pinch of Salt

What to Do

1- Take your avocado cut it into small cubes and add it to your baby bullet

2- To that Add your baked sweet potato and your 2 tablespoons of baby cereal

3- blend all together

4- once it is chunky add your pinch of salt and 1/2 a cup of water

5- Blend until smooth

6- you can warm it up of you would like but it should be room temperature

7- Watch your baby fall in love

8- You can freeze any left over's and just heat them up when they are ready to eat again.

3 - Milk Screen

This little gadget is sure to make the top of your registry list. Milk Screen strips will become your all time favorite. Milk Screen Strips allow you to test your breast milk for alcohol content.

Let's face it you spent 9 months without being able to have one glass of wine, watching your friends and family enjoy a good party having Jello shots while you were sitting back wishing you could have one too.

After those 9 months you can finally have a glass of wine, but if you're breast feeding, you do need to be careful that you don't get your baby "milk drunk". That's when these strips come in handy.

They are super easy to use, simply place a strip inside an ounce of your breast milk and it will tell you if it's safe to give that milk to your baby. If it's not, you simply dump that milk out and wait an hour or so and test again. Your baby is happy and so are you. 

2 - Baby Brezza Formula Pro

We all know the case of the screaming baby, while trying to make them a bottle. It can become very stressful trying to warm up the water, shush your crying baby and measure formula while trying to stay awake because it's 3am.

The Baby Brezza Formula Pro will help with that. This magical machine takes the hard work away from you. It does it all, it measures the formula for you from 2 ounces all the way to 10 ounces. It also measures your water and puts it all together. All you need to do is turn on the machine and place the bottle on the stand. Think of the Baby Brezza as your babies own Keurig Coffee Machine, it gets the job done so you don't have to do as much work.

1 - Aquascale in Digital Scale, Water Thermometer, and Infant Tub

Your baby's first bath can be a very memorable moment, from washing their hair, to making sure you get tons of pictures to show the world how cute your baby is. It can be a daunting task if you don't have the tub, if you're looking for a tub that does more than just hold your baby while you wash them. Then this is the tub for you.

The Aquascale 3 in 1 Digital Scale, Water Thermometer, and Infant Tub not only holds your baby in place while you give them a bath, but it shows you the temperature of the water so you never over heat the water.

This is the mother of all gifts!

This device also weighs your baby for you. It also has an anti-grip mat that allows you to have peace of mind that your baby will not fall or move around too much. Another great thing about this tub is the extender, you can even use this tub until your baby is 2 years old! You can do all 3 things while your baby plays around with the bubbles and suds.

These baby shower gifts are sure to make your mommy days a breeze. They'll help make your life so much easier, which allows you to spend more time with your precious little one. Which of these 7 gifts will you be adding to your registry? 

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