7 Benefits of Having a Pregnant Belly

The growing belly is the most obvious evidence that you’re pregnant. And we all know that it’s difficult to find beautiful clothes, move and sleep. While hormones do their job, you feel miserable you haven’t seen your feet or shaved your own legs in weeks. Despite all those negative things you face during your pregnancy, there are some really cool things to look forward to with a pregnant belly. Moreover, we’re going to give you 7 benefits of having a pregnant tummy.

7 No Fear of Gaining Weight

It’s no secret that almost every woman needs to follow her diet if she wants to stay fit. Through your pregnancy it’s essential to gain healthy weight and grow your round belly. So, while all you and your friends are eating salads and counting calories, you can enjoy a little treat afterward! Yummy. 

Of course, you’ll have to be more careful if you have gestational diabetes, but in all other cases, enjoy your increasing belly and don’t refuse to eat the essential calories you need! Your doctor will tell you to eat a healthy diet, but what the hell - little sins are allowed every now and then.

No doubt, you shouldn’t lose your mind and go crazy eating everything in sight, but a desert after lunch won’t hurt you. Keep in mind that when your baby is born, if you breastfeed it will help you lose weight, and you’ll also spend the toddler years running after him without having time for snacks and all your extra kilos will be lost in a moment. So, don’t worry and enjoy the taste of things you’ve not eaten for years.

6 New Friends

“Belly mommies, unite!” – could be your new call. Of course, you have many good friends, but becoming pregnant changes everything. Even your friends will change, without kids probably (for sure!) will get bored listening to your pregnancy things all the time. And you perhaps want to ask for some advice and opinions about choosing diapers and if you can’t find any close pregnant friend to chat with, don’t get sad, because being pregnant there’s a good chance you’ll find new friends.

Look into women pregnancy and childbirth groups in your city, town or district. Try to make new contacts with women like you. Now you can discuss baby matters with like minded women who understand you best. You might even want to call your friends with kids (whom you’ve not spoken to in a hundred years) and refresh your relationships. Ask advice and go for lunch. Think about your baby as well – it would be great for him to have friends. Usually friendships like this last a lifetime.

And what about virtual communities?

If you’re living in a small district and it’s not so easy for you to physically connect with other pregnant women, think about joining an online community. You’ll find interesting discussions in the internet forums. Here you’ll be able to share your feelings, doubts and hopes in the virtual world. The things that you care about and those that you’re embarrassed to ask your friends directly, can be discussed in the forum. Everyone has a nickname, so you can talk about what you want without revealing your identity! Sometimes, you can even find really good friends on internet forums.  

5 The Excuse is Obvious

We don’t often talk about manipulation or anything like that, but it’s important not to cry wolf too often. So if you don’t feel like doing something, just don’t do it. The excuse is your belly and the rest you need. Get your hubby to help you with the house cleaning, but don’t feel stress to get everything clean, nobody will die if the floor isn’t washed today. Feeling tired? Relax, take a break, eat some cake. 

Remember, that your baby is more important than any other work you ‘have to do.’ It should be your number one rule during all pregnancy period.

I’ll give an example from my own experience, how my belly made me choose my priorities. There were two weeks left until my maternity leave started. My boss involved me in a new project as one of the people responsible for that project. I knew that such a project would take a lot of effort and time - it meant working extra hours, studying materials and so on. I understood that there wasn’t any sense in my starting something new and then giving it away to one of my colleagues.

Therefore, I discussed this case with my boss. Unfortunately, he hardly understood why my pregnancy was the reason I couldn’t participate on the project. I had to convince him about the rest my baby and me needed in that period and actually, my big belly was the most serious argument in conversation about taking new tasks at work before going on maternity leave.

Hopefully you won’t need to petition your pregnancy with your boss, but I would suggest thinking down the line every time you get put on a new project during your pregnancy. The main question you should be asking yourself is, “Will I be able to do my best in this stuff? How it will influence me and my baby’s health and wellness?” Once you have your answers, take the new task or just refuse it due to your growing tummy.

4 “I need more attention!”

No doubt, all pregnant women feel like saying this to their husbands and lovers. When you’re pregnant – you have the right to want more attention from your significant other! Attention, flowers, hot chocolate, hugs and even strawberries at midnight – nobody can say “No” to a pregnant woman. Use this time to get everything you want!

We all know, that your husband is the best man in the world, but if you need more time with him, just let him know that you’re lonely, or ask him to feel your baby’s movements. Being together and sharing such intimate moments will strengthen your relationship. Just don’t pressure him too much – let him have some time for himself too.

3 More Time for Yourself

When you’re pregnant, it can make everything you do seem that much harder to do. You wind up coming home from work all tired and gutted, cooking dinner, cleaning the house, listen to your spouse’s problems and fall into bed without any signs of the vital spark. Sound familiar? Of course, there can be some exceptions – when you’re spending evenings away from home, or you have an extraordinary lifestyle, but for most women, their lives look similar to this.

Taking time for some relaxing activities like yoga exercises, to something as simple as making a cup of green tea with some delicious pancakes for a late breakfast. You should be enjoying the rest of the day as you like: going shopping, meeting friends, watching movies, reading books or doing your favorite hobbies. Yes, you’re right moms-to-be have days like this. Because this period is really short, try to spend some of it for yourself too.

2 No Lines in the Supermarkets!

Everyone hates the long queues in the supermarkets. There should be a special cash line for pregnant women. And when your belly is obvious full of baby, use it. If you see the dissatisfied people in front of you, don’t be ashamed to state how you’re pregnant and can’t stand on your foot hours waiting in the queues. Even if there is no special till for moms-to-be, ask for the staff if you could get services without waiting.

The same stands for all the institutions. Usually the service staff is really understanding, and most of the cases you should receive their attention without certain declarations. If you’ve noticed the opposite situation, don’t hesitate to make it clear that your condition doesn’t allow you to squash in with the crowd. You should be able to get all services without any delays (especially, when we talk about medical care). 

Don’t forget that when your baby is born, you probably won’t have the possibility to try these pregnancy tills in the markets. 

1 You Created a Miracle

And now the last, but not the least benefit of having a pregnant belly – your little miracle growing inside you. This is the most important reason to be proud of your huge abdomen. Knowing this incredible fact should make you forget all the discomfort you face. Remember, this condition won’t last forever. Your round belly will be around for only few months. And the new person growing inside you is the most beautiful thing that could happen to you.

Of course there are many benefits of pregnancy and all the changes women go through. And yes, there are things that might not be so pleasant or even irritating about being pregnant, but the gestation is a miracle its own. Be proud of your pregnancy belly and this amazing stage in life.

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