7 Benefits of Natural Childbirth

Also known as un-medicated childbirth, natural birth has quite a few hidden benefits that every single woman of childbearing age should be aware of. These days, the administration of pain medication for labor has become so common that most doctors simply assume that a laboring woman will want it – and most mothers-to-be expect that they will be given the same. Due to this medical institutionalization of birth across the world, most women have somehow forgotten that giving birth is a completely natural experience that doesn’t really require medical attention in most cases. Since the beginning of time, women have been giving birth naturally for the simple reason that it is what their bodies have been designed to do – and this is something that women these days need to be reminded of.

Childbirth is a truly wondrous experience that is typically destroyed by the routine practice of medical interventions, with most professionals and mothers assuming that giving birth is not possible without them. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, there are genuine instances when assistance is needed during the birthing process, but in a majority of cases, medical intervention is not required at all. So to encourage all mothers-to-be to take the natural route to childbirth, here are a few benefits that it has to offer:

7 The feeling of empowerment

Of course there’s a lot of pain involved in child birth, but most women who opt for natural childbirth have a very different approach to it. To them, the pain is basically a ‘rite of passage’. Research studies have shown that the pain involved in childbirth actually goes a long way in helping her prepare for her new role as a mother and additionally facilitates the birthing process. There’s nothing in the world that can be more empowering than being in charge of delivering your baby – and well, there are endorphins – nature’s pain relievers – produced by your body to help you out too!

At times women are denied the right to refuse receiving an episiotomy during childbirth. If anything, this is a rather unneeded intervention that is linked with excessive bleeding. Although it is claimed that episiotomies prevent tearing during childbirth, the fact of the matter is that tearing is far safer and heals quickly too. The utilization of epidurals also increases the risk of using other medical intervention – the more interventions administered, the greater the risk to both the baby and mother, which is something that can easily be avoided by taking the natural route to childbirth.

There are techniques you can use to ease labor pain

Women who choose to give birth naturally rely on several techniques that help them ease labor pain. These techniques include controlled and relaxed breathing and walking etc. To tell you the truth, you will have complete control over your body with natural childbirth with the added benefit of having a birthing partner guiding and supporting you through it all.

6 Healthier baby

That’s right – a natural birth can go a long way in ensuring the health of your baby. How so? Well, that’s because a natural delivery will make sure that your baby is born ‘on time’ and on schedule – the scheduled that is intended by nature for both you and your baby. These days, deliveries are typically scheduled for the convenience of the parents and/or the doctor. Such deliveries are usually earlier than natural ones, thereby leading to babies that may be deprived of much-needed development time.

Recent research reports have suggested that having a home delivery is a far better option giving birth at the hospital. The best part about a home delivery is that it does not allow for the umbilical cord to be cut right away. However, this happens to be the standard procedure in hospital based deliveries. Believe it or not, but this single intervention can prove to be rather harmful, and is largely being considered the reason why many babies are jaundiced or oxygen-deprived. When you wait a while before cutting the cord, the baby’s blood is allowed to flow from the placenta into his own body. If the cord is cut prematurely, it steals away the baby’s blood cells, iron, antibodies and even stem cells. With natural childbirth, all of these losses can be easily prevented.

Other benefits for your baby

Experts who support natural childbirth even argue that natural born babies happen to be more vital and alert upon delivery. Irrespective of whether this is true or not, many women believe it is best for their babies to be born without being exposed to medications. The best part is that an all-natural delivery will save your baby from the adverse effects of forceps deliveries, side-effects of drugs and other negativities associated with different medical interventions. 

5 Natural childbirth reduces the risk of using medical interventions

The utilization of an epidural basically disconnects the woman from the natural pushing action, which in turn prolong labor. When labor doesn’t progress as quickly, doctors typically resort to intervening in the slowed birthing process and give a Pitocin drip to stimulate the uterus or use forceps or a vacuum to move the baby through the birth canal. In order to keep an eye on the baby’s heart rate, fetal monitoring will also be required. In case there are issues related to the baby’s heart beat or other complications arise, an emergency C-section will need to be performed. Yes, getting an epidural doesn’t necessarily lead to these complication, but it does increase the chances of interventions being used.

Childbirth is a truly wondrous experience, which is largely being destroyed by the routine practice of medicine these days. Most health care providers and mothers-to-be have literally started assuming that childbirth is just not possible without medical intervention. This is as far from the truth as it can get to be honest. Although there are instances when medical assistance is genuinely required, the fact is that the majority of births do not require any medical intervention as such – a truly natural childbirth is totally possible and is actually rather rewarding for many mothers.

There’s more to it than you can imagine

There are many more benefits of delivering your baby the natural way. If anything, going through the process of labor and delivery is the ultimate expression of femininity. Yes, giving birth is difficult – there’s good reason why it’s called labor. But going through all that pain certain has its rewards and the fact that you’ve brought a new baby into the world is nothing short of being a miraculous experience.

4 Healthier you

Many people these days believe that avoiding medical interventions during labor and delivery results in healthier mothers. The thing with women who opt for a natural birth don’t have to worry about dealing with the adverse effects of drugs and interventions. The best part is that she gets to avoid the risk of arachnoiditis, which is a permanent and horribly painful condition triggered by the temporary relief provided by an epidural. Undrugged and non-hospitalized, the new mother gets to recover from labor far more quickly and gets to take on her new role with strength and vigor.

When a woman takes the natural route to childbirth, she gets to walk around, go to the bathroom, soak in the tub and even change her positions during labor. What this means is that she is more ‘independent’ – she isn’t drugged and does not need any help as such. The pain she feels during childbirth is actually beneficial considering that she gets to know what stage of labor she is in, when it is time to push and when she needs to shift positions. She doesn’t lose sensation in her lower body and the best part is that she doesn’t have to stress out about putting up with a post-epidural headache.

Other health benefits

Giving birth naturally will allow you to get up and walk around shortly after birth. There isn’t much chance of her having vomiting, nausea, dizziness or other side-effects that are associated with pain medications and other interventions. Although it is still under debate, there are chances that having a natural childbirth may reduce the risk of having an emergency C-section. 

3 You get to choose where you want to deliver your baby

A major benefit of natural childbirth is that it will allow you to choose just where you want to give birth to your baby. It will basically give you a whole lot more options as compared to a woman who knows she needs to be at the hospital for the epidural to be administered. You can choose between giving birth at a birthing center, at home or in a hospital.

Another benefit associated with natural childbirth is that it allows you to choose the position you wish to deliver your baby in. Trust me, not every woman in this world wants to have a baby lying down on their backs in a hospital bed. Perhaps you want to be on the ground on all fours, or want to give birth in the squatting position or in the birthing tub. All of this simply wouldn’t be possible if you are hooked up to drips and can’t feel your legs – these positions just aren’t going to work for you. Remember, hot water is one of the best pain relievers but if you have an epidural, you will not be able to take advantage of a hot water bath during labor.

The benefit of having a shorter labor

Women who go completely natural with childbirth have been found to have a shorter labor as compared to those who receive the medications. The fact of the matter is that epidurals tend to lead to a slower delivery because it interferes with contractions and doesn’t let the body follow its natural way of going through labor.

2 Facilitated breastfeeding

Babies who are born through natural childbirth are found to be more alert and show far more interest in breastfeeding after delivery as compared to babies who are born with the help of medical interventions. What women don’t realize is that the pain medication that is administered to them is also passed on to their baby – and they tend to have a rather ‘damaging’ influence on breastfeeding outcomes. Because of this, babies delivered using medical interventions are slightly ‘drugged’ due to the pain medication given to their mothers. This goes on to interfere with their innate suckling behavior that typically expresses itself shortly after birth. Babies who are exposed to an epidural during labor at times have difficulty with latching on and have an uncoordinated suck/swallow response for hours – and even days in the worst cases.

The preparation for breastfeeding begins right from the start of pregnancy. The breasts continue to enlarge, the nipples become more erect and the areolas darken. By the fourth month of pregnancy, the body starts producing colostrum. However, milk production and let-down waits for the hormonal changes that are triggered by labor, birth and the final delivery of the placenta. If anything, the process is extremely well-planned that if the baby is delivered prematurely, the milk contains high fat content so as to meet the baby’s special nutritional needs.

Nature helps prepare the baby for breastfeeding

Nature works wonders in terms of preparing the baby for breastfeeding. When a baby is born, he is competent and capable of breastfeeding – and ready too. He roots and sucks instinctively and if placed skin-to-skin on the mother’s chest, he is capable of self-attaching to her breast – without any help at all.

1 It’s the cheaper option

One of the most outstanding benefits of natural childbirth is that the procedure is rather easily affordable. Yes, it is a shame that saving money is considered one of the best benefits of natural child birth, but the amount involved makes it so. Instead of seeing the money you have worked so hard to earn lining the pockets of the medical system – the same system that will probably do more harm than good to you and will do its best to take away your sense of empowerment – the money you save can easily be used to provide a more comfortable life for your precious angel, yourself and the rest of your beloved family.

Of course there are times when modern medicine can help save lives and works up miracles, but the fact of the matter is that natural childbirth can go a long way in enriching the lives of both mother and baby. Giving birth naturally is a truly amazing experience and what makes it all the more lucrative is the fact that you can save a good deal of money with it. Even when compared with Caesarean births, natural vaginal births are far cheaper. However, inducing a vaginal labor with drugs is fairly more costly as compared to going naturally in labor. A natural vaginal birth would only require a day or two’s stay in the hospital, whereas the more the medical interventions used to deliver your baby, the longer you will have to stay in the hospital, which would definitely add to the costs.

What about C-sections?

C-sections happen to be surgical procedures, which means that they require more intensive care and more specialized staff. With so many people, such as nurses, anesthesiologist and obstetricians etc. involved in the delivery, the cost is definitely going to go high.

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