7The feeling of empowerment

Of course there’s a lot of pain involved in child birth, but most women who opt for natural childbirth have a very different approach to it. To them, the pain is basically a ‘rite of passage’. Research studies have shown that the pain involved in childbirth actually goes a long

way in helping her prepare for her new role as a mother and additionally facilitates the birthing process. There’s nothing in the world that can be more empowering than being in charge of delivering your baby – and well, there are endorphins – nature’s pain relievers – produced by your body to help you out too!

At times women are denied the right to refuse receiving an episiotomy during childbirth. If anything, this is a rather unneeded intervention that is linked with excessive bleeding. Although it is claimed that episiotomies prevent tearing during childbirth, the fact of the matter is that tearing is far safer and heals quickly too. The utilization of epidurals also increases the risk of using other medical intervention – the more interventions administered, the greater the risk to both the baby and mother, which is something that can easily be avoided by taking the natural route to childbirth.

There are techniques you can use to ease labor pain

Women who choose to give birth naturally rely on several techniques that help them ease labor pain. These techniques include controlled and relaxed breathing and walking etc. To tell you the truth, you will have complete control over your body with natural childbirth with the added benefit of having a birthing partner guiding and supporting you through it all.

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