7 Best Unisex Baby Names of All Time

I remember when I found out I was finally going to be a mom, figuring out names was very exciting. Family would suggest names, of course my mom wanted her name in there somewhere, friends would comment. There were huge debates and flat out arguments about some names. As a new parent, baby name books were bought and every name that popped in my head was Googled.

I was determined to find the perfect name. Looking up trends and birth names for the previous year’s birth list made me cancel out a lot of names on the possibility list. It's a great tool to see how popular whatever name you're considering was in the past years. Guaranteed there's someone somewhere with the same name, it’s unavoidable with the trillions of people in the world.

There was that fear of picking the wrong name. If it's too old fashioned or to hippie will they be teased? School can be hard for the child with the unfortunate name that rhymes with words like smelly! As decades past the acceptable name list has changed repeatedly and trends have come and go. It seems more parents are using unisex names for the kids. It works out if the decision is to wait to know the gender of the baby.

For the most part having a name that can go for either gender helps keep people guessing. Nothing is cooler than expecting to see a girl named Ashley come through the door and a guy shows up. Making an even bigger splash in the baby naming pool would be any of these 7 best unisex names of all time.


7 Carter

One of the great things about the name is how it can be spelled either Karter or Carter. I always thought it was cool when the maiden name of the mom could be used as the first name of a child. Hello, Beyoncé'! A fun fact about the name Carter is originally the name was used as a description for a job occupation. The name meant cart driver, so men who did the job were called Carter. Professional is vibe associated with the name, it rings success and driven ambition to get the job done.

6 Jayden/Jaden

If you’re stuck between two names try combining them in different variation to see what works, like Jayden, which are Hayden and Jay together. In 2014 Jayden was the #14 name in the U.S. population making it a very likely chance of your child being in the same classroom or sport with another child with the same name.

This name is a new classic, and no wonder it's easy to say and it's a sweet name for a boy or a girl. Will Smith thought this was a great name for his son, and we have to agree, it fits him perfectly! So if you're not sure what you're having and you don't want to know, put this name at the top of your list!

5 Robin

What’s better then naming your boy after Batman right hand boy? Or the beautiful chirping bird that sit on the tree branch outside the window every morning. The answer to that is nothing.

The English origin name meaning bright fame has such an awesome acceptance.

Most people wouldn’t bat an eye when hearing it for either gender. Beside there are plenty of successful individuals with the name Robin fictional or none the name is loved.

4 Riley

While Riley is a unisex name there are more girls with the name than boys. It is also a name with two different meaning depending on which origin is used. For those of Irish descent Riley means valiant and the spelling is just slightly different at Reilly.

In old English the meaning is wood clearing which granted isn’t such a great description behind the name; but it can mean strong since clearing wood is hard work.

No matter what origin is used to explain the reasoning behind the name, know that it was #47 on the U.S. population list, making it a popular name last year.

3 Morgan

Who doesn’t know Morgan Freeman as one of the best actors there is? Seriously, look up the name and the large list of famous people ranging from actors to sports athletes speaks for itself. Morgan is a great name for either gender. As a unisex name it allows for great lead way because no one second guesses it. Many do not know that it is of Welsh origin meaning sea-born, so if you live by the ocean or spending quite a bit of time in water this might be the name for you! It’s elegant and masculine at the same time.

2 Harper

Right now, in the US the name Harper is ranked #11 for births. It is such as great unisex baby name that its popularity is extremely high. The definition is harp player, so there’s not a divine meaning behind the name. Harper is a well-received name in many places where it’s completely normal to hear it on a boy or girl. In fact it’s considered a classy name for women to have in business circles and social society. Most men with the name Harper are seemingly successful in their endeavors for the future.

1 Jesse

Having a child no matter if your spiritual, religious or anti everything, is a gift. There are parents out there who aren’t able to have the opportunity to experience caring for a child. That’s why the name Jesse is so wonderful. Jesse means gift, it is the perfect definition of what ever child is to its mother or father. It’s the chance to carry on your legacy for another generation.

Jesse can be applied in many different scenarios because being a parent is a privilege and there is not another job more important then it.

There's a love for none gender specific first names for babies. Some parents hear a name and the thought is, to use it when they have their own child. Since names aren’t gender based really, most names can be used as indiscriminately for either. Some names started out as one gender; such as Avery, but now can be used for both because it just fits. Test it out; repeatedly say the chosen name for random things “Avery come here, please”.

Try selecting a unique name what’s the worst it can do? Casper for a girl may seem weird for some, but it’s beautifully different.

A suggestion when deciding on a unisex name, perhaps consider a gender specific middle name. Your baby may appreciate it later in life when they are deciding who they are. There should be a flow almost when the whole name is spoken.

Tongue tie names are a mouth full, so try and avoid them as much as possible. Hard to pronounce names are a downfall when starting a career. Many hiring companies may overlook a name they're unsure how to say. Try to be conscience of how your child may be perceived when they're starting their journey of life on their own. Essentially you are deciding the starting square in the game of life. Start them off on a strong standing for the future.

Finally, make a list like the one above and bring it with you. When your child is placed in your arms, go over the names you picked while watching your child; especially if you’re on the fence about a name, this could help out a lot. One will touch your heart when you look at his or hers face. Enjoy and congrats on the new addition, happy naming!

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