7 Positive And 7 Negative Feelings That Affect An Unborn Baby

From the moment of conception, a woman and her baby form a precious bond. A fetus feeds off of the nutrients from its mother, as well as feels her love when it's inside the womb. There are several ways for a mother and her baby to bond while the fetus is growing and developing. Mom can play soft music for her and her baby to listen to together, as well as massage her tummy and feel for baby's movements. Mom can massage her belly with a mix of a couple of drops of a relaxing essential oil (that is safe for use during pregnancy, like lavender essential oil) with some sweet almond oil for a massage that is both calming for her and nice for her baby, too.

A woman can also talk or sing to her baby to bond with him or her while they are still in the womb. This beautiful bond only gets stronger with time. When mom is caring for her baby that is growing and developing inside her, she needs to be careful of certain chemicals, foods, herbs, and environments that can negatively affect her baby. It might be surprising to know that mom's thoughts and emotions actually affect her baby as well.

Mom should be conscious of her emotions when she's pregnant with her baby. Negative emotions, like depression and anxiety can negatively impact her lifestyle, and therefor her baby. However, just as negative emotions can impact her baby, so can positive emotions! Feelings of joy, affection, cheerfulness, and optimism will make her baby happy, and help it grow stronger.

15 Positive: Feeling Super Loved

Feeling loved by those around you can make you feel euphoric, and just full of an incredible amount of joy. When we feel loved, we feel more at ease, and it also helps us relax because we know we can lean on the support of those around us. If we feel alone and isolated, it can make a pregnancy harder because we feel like no one understands what we are going through, or that they do not care. When your partner, friends, or family members make an effort to really help you out, or even reach out with a call or text, it makes us feel cared for.

As for your partner, when they show us the love languages that mean the most to us, whether it be giving us small gifts as a token of affection, spending quality time with us, or maybe helping us out with a task, it makes us feel like we are truly loved and that we are close to their heart. These positive, uplifting feelings help lower your blood pressure, thus cutting you risk for pre-eclampsia, which can cause a stillbirth. It also helps keep you and baby healthy with an immune system boost.

14 Negative: Feeling Jealous

When envy and jealousy rear their ugly heads, mom needs to watch out as it can affect her baby negatively. Envy can mean that you really wish you could swap places with a friend or family member who you think might be having it better than you at the moment, or it might also mean a strong jealousy over a person and his or her situation. Maybe you're having a really difficult pregnancy, while your best friend's was a breeze.

If you envy her situation, it can actually be making you, and in turn your baby, sick. Negative thoughts that are created from envy or jealousy can wreck havoc on your body because those thoughts help to release excess stress hormones. When your body is exposed to too much stress, you can start having physical symptoms like difficulty sleeping and appetite changes—neither of which are good for your growing and developing baby.

13 Positive: Feeling Like You Died And Went To Heaven

You know the feeling of euphoria--right after you ate that piece of rich and creamy strawberry cheesecake, or having an orgasm. Certain foods release hormones like dopamine, which give you that "feel good" feeling. When you have an orgasm, oxytocin and serotonin are released, which make you feel like you're on cloud nine. These hormones seem to make stress just melt away, which is why some people fall victim to "eating their stress" or "eating their feelings."

Having sex with your partner not only releases these hormones, but can make you feel close to them and for a while, you won't be thinking about all of the other external, stressful factors in your life. Positive feelings allow for your body to be put into a peaceful place and your immune system is boosted. This helps your baby grow and develop optimally, and healthily. The healthier and happier mom is feeling, the healthier and happier baby will feel, too.

12 Negative: Things Are Really Getting Under Your Skin

When a person or situation is no longer serving your highest good, guuurl it's time to let it go and move on from it. If you have a friend who keeps bringing you down by dumping all of her negative stuff on you, try and let her know nicely that you have a lot on your plate right now with your pregnancy. Keeping yourself happy and healthy should be number one right now, especially since it directly affects your baby.

If you feel tension with a significant other, try talking to them, or maybe give each other space for a little while. Perhaps you're having an issue with your sister or in-laws, and they're getting under your skin and won't leave you alone. Putting yourself in these irritating and stressful situations can start causing physical problems like high blood pressure, headaches, and fatigue, which are not good for your baby and will only make your pregnancy more difficult.

11 Positive: Feeling So Happy It's Annoying

You know that feeling when you find out you hit the jackpot while you're playing slot machines, and you just get up and shout and do your happy dance? What about when you interviewed for that dream job of yours and then were offered the position? These moments of feeling insanely happy help boost your immune system, and actually help baby feel much happier. Positive emotions like joy and happiness lowers your heart rate and blood pressure, and can also strengthen your immune system.

This allows for blood to get pumped to the placenta, and also keep you and baby safe from getting sick, as serious infections can cause stillbirth. Even the flu can cause a stillbirth. Keeping yourself happy allows for your body to fight off these infections. Make time for friends and family members that make you feel super happy, or set aside time for hobbies that bring you a ton of joy.

10 Negative: Feeling Unforgiving

It can be difficult, no doubt, but forgiving the people around you who have hurt you (either intentionally or unintentionally) can help you heal and move forward. Harboring feelings of resentment does awful things to your body, like upping blood pressure, suppressing your immune system (and making it easier for you to get sick), and making you feel tired all the time. Feelings of resentment cause your body to be in an incredibly stressed state, which is something that's terrible for your baby.

When you resent someone or a situation, cortisol and adrenaline are released, which puts you in "fight or flight" mode. This "mode" is meant for emergencies, when we know something is wrong and we need to flee, like being attacked or followed by someone. However, when our body is always exposed to this kind of feeling, your body becomes more susceptible to getting sick, which makes your pregnancy harder, and more at risk of fetal issues.

9 Positive: Feeling All Lovey-Dovey

Feeling affectionate does wonder for the body. Showing affection can lower the risk of depression and anxiety, which are two things you want to be sure to keep at bay when you're pregnant with a baby. People who are exposed to more affection generally have better mental health, and it also helps them deal with stressful situations in life better. Too much anxiety can lead to high levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which can cause high blood pressure and restlessness when mom tries to sleep.

Giving and receiving affection helps mom deal with stress, so that an overload of cortisol doesn't cause risks for her pregnancy and the health of her baby. Cortisol has been linked to pregnancy-induced hypertension, poor fetal growth, and premature birth. Be sure to set aside time for you and your partner to be alone and maybe have dinner together or even just cuddle and watch a movie. It will do all three of you some good!

8 Negative: Feeling Broken Hearted

Heartbreak can easily lead to feelings of depression and anxiety, which cause a lot of physical effects on your body that can negatively affect your baby. Actually, science has proven that when your heart is broken, it can actually think that you've been physically hurt. Women's Health magazine reports that the same part of the brain responsible for rejection lights up when you've been physically hurt. It can also cause appetite changes, which are not good for you or your baby.

When mom does not eat enough, it can result in fetus and infant death, as well as inadequate growth, and several defects (especially when it comes to brain development!). Heartbreak can cause anxiety as well, which can unleash a ton of stress hormones, which amps up cortisol in your body. When you are repeatedly exposed to too much stress, your immune system takes a hit, making it easier for mom and baby to get sick.

7 Positive: Feeling Confident AF *Hair Flip*

Confidence is a great feeling, and it can be achieved through many different ways. Some people just have it, while some might need a little help feeling more confident. Sometimes hitting the gym can do it, or even a new haircut or some makeup. Maybe we use mantras to help us feel better, or some mediation or yoga. Either way, feeling confident about yourself and your pregnancy can help boost feelings of happiness and joy. Sometimes pregnancy can really cause a drop in mom's self esteem. Her body is going through changes, and she might be feeling pretty bad emotionally, which makes it even worse.

She might not like the way her body looks now, or just overall having a hard time adjusting. Perhaps she is worried about having a successful pregnancy, or worrying about not being a good mom. When you're feeling really great about yourself, you feel more positive, which can help lower blood pressure, curb breakouts, and give you an overall glow. Baby will be happy with your lowered blood pressure and stress levels, as too much can stunt your baby's growth inside the womb.

6 Negative: Feeling Doubtful

It's normal to worry about the future. Many of us do it, and we can see that by the amount of yoga studios popping up around the nation encouraging people to come in and focus on being "in the moment." Yoga and meditation are great ways to help slow our breathing and center our thoughts, bringing us into the present and keeping us there. However, when we let our thoughts get the best of us, we can play out "what if" situations until we just start feeling sick.

Too much anxiety releases cortisol, which in excess can lead to severe fatigue, headaches, high blood pressure, and depression. None of these things are good for a growing baby and need to be watched. If mom is feeling stressed about the future, or worrying about having a healthy pregnancy and baby, she could pour a few drops of lavender essential oil either in her warm bath or in an aromatherapy diffuser to help create a relaxing space. She can also read some of her favorite books when she feels stressed, or try practicing breathing exercises.

5 Positive: Feeling Totally Zen

There's a difference between feeling relaxed, and then feeling completely zenned out. After a yoga class, you might feel this way, or maybe it's right after a nice aromatherapy massage. Sometimes just a nice day at the beach with the sound of the ocean and some sun can make us feel this way. Feeling relaxed allows for us to better handle stress, have less and aches and pains during pregnancy, and also allows for less fatigue that is caused by stress. Feeling relaxed can help with different parts of your pregnancy as well, including during labor and delivery, and after you've birthed your baby.

Being relaxed helps lessen the intensity of contractions, and allows for an easier delivery. It also helps you rest a little between contractions, and it's also much easier to help your baby relax post-delivery, if you are calm yourself. Try taking a warm bath or shower before bed, going for a swim, or putting some lavender oil in an aromatherapy diffuser to make a room feel more tranquil.

4 Negative: Completely Losing Patience

When you're feeling impatient, you might be feeling irritable and stressed as well. Stress can take a serious toll on the body and cause nausea and headaches, which is not fun for mom, and can also cause a lot of sleep problems. You know how it feels to lie awake at night and think about what you have to take care of the next day. If you're totally over this pregnancy and want to just be able to birth your precious baby and are losing your patience, it might be impacting your sleep schedule and keeping you awake at night.

Maybe what's setting off is some other issue with your partner, friends, or family. Maybe work has you on the edge. Whatever the issue is, you don't want to sacrifice your sleep, as that's what really helps keep our immune system up. Try and calm down in order to sleep peacefully, and keep both you and baby healthy.

3 Positive: Feeling Like You Want To Do The Dirty

Feeling like you want to get it on? Sex can do wonders for the body, including feeling more relaxed and less worried over things clouting your brain. You'll sleep better, which might help if you've been feeling on edge, or been a little restless as of late. You'll also experience less pain thanks to hormones that are released when you orgasm, which means if the weight of your baby bumps has been making your lower back hurt and ankles swell, sex can fix that right up.

Also, though, sex can help boost your immune system, which helps fight off infections like colds, the flu, and other more serious infections like rubella or those caused by E. coli. Both genital and oral herpes has been known to flare up thanks to stress, so having more sex can help keep worrisome feelings at bay, thus stopping flare-ups. Herpes can affect a baby and cause a stillbirth, so it might be time to get your freak on.

2 Negative: Feeling Really Down On Yourself

Self-loathing is the concept of disliking or hating yourself, and it with all of your emotions potentially going haywire when you get pregnant, you might be dealing with some of these feelings yourself. If you're feeling angry at yourself, try and practice more compassion. This can be very difficult at times, but when you start to have negative thoughts about yourself, find a place to sit and breathe. Try not to think about the past or the future and focus on being right here in the present. Use mantras, which are words or phrases that we repeat and use to draw positive energy towards us. Tell yourself that you are beautiful, worthy, and not worried about the future at all.

If you're upset with yourself and think you won't be a good mom, tell yourself that you will be a caring, loving mother and are worthy or a precious bond with your baby. Too much negativity can suppress your immune system and cause sleep disruptions, putting you and baby at risk of getting ill.

1 Positive: Feeling Like You Need To Paint A Masterpiece ASAP

Been feeling artsy lately? There is a concept of "chakras," which are spinning energy points located throughout our body that are tied to Tibetan Buddhism and Hinduism, and come into play a lot when it comes to holistic medicine and healing. The chakra that is associated with pregnancy is the sacral chakra, which is located just below the navel. This chakra governs the sexual organs, as well as a woman's reproductive system. When the chakra is out of balance, we might feel anger and fear, or not have the ability to let go. It can also cause backaches and urinary problems. However, when it is balanced, we feel joyful and creative, as the sacral chakra is tied to enjoyment and creativity.

Feeling creative can help you let go of stress in a healthy way, keeping your blood pressure low and your immune system boosted. It can also help you express pent up anger or frustration, and can also help you connect with your thoughts and feelings. Try coloring before bed to help with sleeplessness, which can cause depression. It has been found that poor sleep and depression are both tied to pre-term birth and low birth weight. Time to get out your paintbrushes!

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