7 Gender Reveal Party Must Haves

Oh the joy of being pregnant, so many things happening all at the same time. Being pregnant allows you to celebrate all the little milestones that come with pregnancy, from your first sonogram to finally being able to know the sex of your baby.

Finding out the sex of your baby will be one of those days that you will never forget, it's the time that you finally get to know if you are having a boy or a girl or maybe even find out the gender of your twins.

Baby showers have always been one of the forms that we celebrate the mom and baby, it's a celebration of new life. Gender Reveal Parties have become one of the hottest trends, it’s the celebration of finding out the gender of your baby. Many parents do not find out the gender of their baby until the party.

This allows the parents-to-be to celebrate their bundle of joy with their family and friends. Since this is a new trend, it can be hard to figure what you will actually need to make your gender reveal party a ball of fun. We did the research for you and found 7 Gender Reveal party must haves.

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7 - Know the Sex of your Baby

First thing is first before you can have a Gender reveal party, you need to know what the sex of your baby is so you can start your party planning. Some couples choose not know and others choose to only allow the dad to know. This can be tricky to hide from a mom-to-be.

One way to achieve this is by having your doctor write down the gender of your baby, place it in a sealed envelope and give it to the dad. When it’s done this way, the mom and the dad won’t know what the gender of their baby is. If the father chooses to know, then he will open the envelope and not tell his wife.

Someone has to know the gender of the baby for the party to go on

The parent that know the sex of their baby will be in charge of most of the party planning. If the couple chooses not know, they may decide to have a party planner or a family member that knows the sex of the baby take care of party details. In this case the family member is there to help keep it a secret from others until the big reveal and help with the planning.

6 - Choose a Theme

Choosing a theme for your reveal party can become a bit of a hassle as you can't use just one main color as you would for a baby shower. One of the most popular theme's is Boy vs Girl. The Boy vs Girl theme is when you have pink and blue clustered treats, balloons and props everywhere with the question "which will you choose" on them.

The question can be on tags all over the party location. You can also have pink and blue drinks with the question on a tag hanging off of the cup. Another fun idea for a gender reveal party theme is Candy Land.

Choose a theme that means something to you and your significant other

The candy land theme has become very popular recently for it's versatility factor. You can place jars full of colourful candy and treats for a centre piece or you can select two different colours such as yellow and green to have a more specific colour combination.

DIYing some of your theme can be a great way to bond with girlfriends. Another great place to look for theme inspiration is Pinterest, we all know Pinterest has everything you need and more.

5 - Gender Reveal Prop

At a Gender Reveal party, the gender reveal prop is the main occasion, everyone wants to know the sex of your baby. Having a gender reveal prop will be the only way for you and them to find out what your baby will be. When it comes to revealing the sex of their baby, many couples tend to get creative and choose one or two ways to reveal the gender.

A very popular way to reveal the gender of your baby is by having a gender reveal cake. A gender reveal cake is when you have a cake that is frosted with a white frosting, but when it is cut open, it reveals a colour such as pink or blue.

Never underestimate the use of a good prop

Another popular gender reveal prop is a balloon box, a balloon box is a large box filled with pink or blue balloons. When the box is opened the colour of the balloons will reveal what your baby's gender is. These two gender reveal props have become very popular for there simplicity.

If you have another child, you can also give them a sibling reveal smash cake. This would be a white frosted cake that you give your child so they can smash it and reveal the color of there new sibling. It makes a very endearing moment when they discover who their new best friend will be.

4 - Guessing Games

Just like at any baby shower, you must have games. Especially when it comes to a gender reveal party. Games make any event a total hit as people tend to become competitive and make game time a lot of fun.

For a gender reveal party you want to have guessing games. Guessing games are a great way to keep your guest on their toes and competing to see who really knows what you are having. You can make guessing games even more fun by giving the winners a prize.

Let your guests get competitive with a fun guessing game

To make game time a little more interesting, you can choose a couple of different guessing games such as the balloon pop game. For this game you will need clear balloons filled with pink or blue confetti. Then you would ask every guest what they thought would be your baby's gender and give them a balloon according to their guess.

You would then gather everyone and ask them to pop their ballon, but to keep the confetti that was inside of their ballon. When you are ready to reveal what your baby will be the ones with the right coloured confetti will win a prize. You can come up with many guessing game ideas, the whole point is to have fun and get a little bit competitive.

3 - Desserts

For your gender reveal party having tons of desserts is a must. It will add to your theme and make your reveal party a sweet surprise. Having a dessert table with treats that are color coordinated with your theme can be another way to keep your guest guessing.

A popular way to create a fun dessert table is to have small dainty desserts such as miniature cupcakes, cake pops and small fruit bowls. By having smaller versions of your favorite desserts you’ll not only be delighting your guest with all kinds of different desserts, but you’ll also be adding a dainty detail to your theme.

You can never have too much cake

Let's not forget how delicious having a dessert table is, all your favourite treats on one table. And they're miniature so you get to indulge on more than 1 and not feel guilty. Let's not forget your pregnancy cravings and how important it is that you indulge in them once in a while.

2 - Create Your own HashTag

When it comes to social media, we all tend to put our lives out there and share it with the world. It‘s also a great way to share your most loved moments with your loved ones that couldn't make it or live across the country and couldn’t attend the party.

One of the advantages of social media is the fact that pretty much everyone carries their cellphone with them, so you know you can share the tons of photos that will be taken at your gender reveal party. Plus, let's not forget the more people who take pictures, the better! It will save you time and money with a photographer.

Keep track of all the party photos with a hashtag

One of the unfortunate things that happen when an event is over, is the fact that everyone goes home with the pictures on their phone and some of them may get lost.

An easy way to recuperate all your pictures is by creating your own gender reveal party hashtag, you can tell everyone to use your hashtag when posting any pictures of your gender reveal party. This will allow you to be able to see all the pictures that were actually taken at your party.

Even if you were running around like a chicken with no head, you will still be able to enjoy those moments that everyone captured. #genderrevealpartymusthaves

1 - Enjoy Your Party

Throwing a party of any kind can be a stressful event, especially when you add being pregnant on top of it all. For this reason it’s important that you take some time from all the running around and getting everything together to truly enjoy your party.

Take some time to put up your feet and enjoy that cupcake you’ve been eyeing all night. Many times when you’re planning an event you forget to breathe and enjoy every last bit of it because you are too worried that something will go wrong. When the truth is, if anything goes wrong, at least you enjoyed your party.

Don't forget to have some fun at your own party

Let your husband handle it while you drink your virgin Piña Colada and enjoy cupcake number 2. When it comes to a gender reveal party it can be one of the most exciting times of your pregnancy. Plus, it's the second party you get to enjoy and celebrate your upcoming bundle of joy.

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