7 Horrible Pic Fails Of Moms Wearing Bathing Suits (And 7 Wins!)

It's that time of the year again - swimsuit season! Ready or not, here it comes. We have two choices. Wear the swim suit, or don’t wear the swim suit. It’s incredibly sad when women stay on the sidelines because of insecurity. A mother should not miss out on swimming in the pool with her children, or running into the ocean. Especially because of the way she feels about her body. The purpose of this article is to show mothers that they can be beautiful in a bathing suit no matter what. A mother will always look beautiful when she is having a good time with her child.

On the contrary, a beautiful mother can make herself look “ugly” or unfit when she is striving for self perfection and ignoring her child. Taking a selfie has become an art. People are constantly finding new ways to show themselves off to the world through social media. Sometimes, selfies go wrong - horribly wrong - and children are caught in the crossfire.

Mothers often feel the pressure to be perfect. It will feel better to know there are plenty of moms out there who are failing worse than us. We can only hope that the failed mothers have learned from their mistakes and think twice before their next photo opt. As for the winning mothers, we hope you can take note and find a way to be comfortable in your own skin this summer.

Keep reading to see 7 of the most horrible bathing suit fails, and don’t stop before seeing the inspirational moms who took a big win!

14 Fail: Sending Skimpy Nudes

There are so many reasons why this picture has been given a big fat F for fail. First and most importantly, the child is being ignored. It is unclear what she is playing with, but luckily it has her distracted enough not to realize what her mom is doing. However, one quick turn of the head and she's going to see her mom in a light that is totally inappropriate. With piles of clothing surrounding them and exposed wires hanging from the wall, we can only assume the mother didn't take the time to make sure her daughter was playing with an appropriate toy before the selfie shoot.

Now let's talk about the selfie. She's clearly not trying to get a picture of her face, so she's trying to show off her body. Is she showing someone what great shape she's in after working so hard for it? Or maybe she is showing off her tattoos, which could explain why her pants are pulled half way down. One last hypothesis, she's sending the picture to her significant other to show them all the hickies they left on her chest. We may never know.

13 Win: Krystal Gordon’s First Bikini

Krystal Gordon, a 31-year-old mom blogger from Queensland, Australia bought her first bikini and posted a selfie on Facebook. ‘Omg, I just bought a bikini!!! What the heck? Lol. I also just took and shared a front on photo of me without my clothes on – double what the heck!?’ Krystal wrote in her post.

She continued writing, ‘Loving thy self baby. Embracing it all. Being proud of my progress. Accepting me for who I am right now even if it isn't where I want to be. Now don't get me wrong, sharing this isn't easy by any means - every bit of me is going 'holy shit Krystal, what are you doing!?'. But if I can happily accept and celebrate everyone else's body I sure as hell deserve the same love from myself ;) I have a goal to wear this swimsuit in public this summer too. I WILL get there. It WILL happen. You don't need a certain type of body to have a bikini body - you just need to put a bikini on!’

Later, she thanked people for their positive responses. The blogger wrote, ‘The best part without a doubt was the number of gorgeous ladies that commented to say I had inspired them to buy a pair of swimmers, or who messaged me to thank me for reminding them to love themselves, or who were now going to work on accepting the skin they are in all thanks to a stranger sharing a photo of herself in a bikini.’

12 Fail: Mom And Daughter Bathroom Selfie

The little girl looks frightened, surprised and a little confused. Maybe this is the first time she has seen her mom sporting a two piece. It's possible that her face looks like that because of something she heard as the picture was snapped. The expression on the girl's face is eerily familiar. It looks just like my sons fart face! This selfie might have just captured the wrong moment, or the right one, depending on how you look at it.

11 Win: Learning While Shopping

Venditti inspired others when she showed the world the effect childbirth has on a mother's body. She shared before during and after pictures of her pregnancies. It took time to grow to love her new body. She admitted that shopping was a little overwhelming. Mostly because she had a specific idea about which type of bikini would be most flattering for her. She was surprised by what worked and didn't work for her.

10 Fail: Turn Around Son

This parenting fail has been circulating around the internet. We have to admit, it looks bad! Mom is posing proud in her bikini selfie while her son is standing with his face against the wall. He might be in trouble or maybe he's ashamed. We may never know. As a mom with two boys, I'd like to give this mom the benefit of the doubt.

It looks as if they are in a dressing room. Maybe mom sent the picture to a friend to get some feedback on her swim wear. The boy is young enough that he can't be in the store alone. However, he is old enough that he shouldn't see his mom in the nude. Maybe this mom asked her son to turn around while she was changing out of respect for both of them. A picture is worth a thousand words, but the words used to describe it might not always be accurate.

9 Win: I Swimsuit Season So Hard

They went through an entire collection of trendy yet unconventional swimwear. The whole time was spent cracking jokes and ridiculing the unflattering designs and uncomfortable styles. In the final scene they are shown heading to the beach in what they really wear. Casual and comfy coverups. Smedley says, “Let’s all just go to the beach and have a good time.”

Spending time with your kids is what is important. We should focus less on what we look like and more on the quality time spent with our kids.

8 Fail: Burnt To A Crisp

When Arriana posted a bikini selfie she was focused on herself and her tan lines. She failed to realize there were little legs sitting on the toilet behind her. This mom was too busy complaining about her sunburn. Hopefully her child didn't get as burnt as she was. A concerned facebook citizen called Arriana out by commenting, “I’d be a little more concerned about who's in the background taking a shit.”

Facebook photo fails happen everyday. Unfortunately, even if they are deleted the luxury of a screen shot will forever keep the post alive. We can only hope that these moms have learned to check out the background of their pictures and not just themselves. More often than not, a selfie fails to capture the moment in it's entirety. People will make a funny face, use flattering angles, or exaggerate backgrounds. In this selfie mom was too worried about the angel of the picture to make her bikini body more flattering.

7 Win: Tiger Stripes And Baby Kisses

The mother's confidence is another reason this photo is so great. She did the work to lose her baby weight and she looks great! A lot of women feel ashamed and embarrassed of their stretch marks, but not this mom. She is showing off her tiger stripes proudly. As a mom with stretch marks (who has always hated them) I have to admit this mom makes them look hot! She is a total inspiration.

Unfortunately, she was horribly body shamed at the pool, and explained the whole incident in a Facebook post:

“So today I took my 4 month old son to the pool. While putting Christians pool hat on, a woman (maybe mid 50s) comes up and makes conversation with me about Christian. Asking me his age, how much he weighs, how he sleeps, etc. She then proceeded to tell me that the men at the pool would feel more comfortable if I was in a one-piece swim suit because a bikini isn't appropriate for a mother, especially one who's ‘still recovering.’ Anyone who knows me knows I had a few words for this crazy, ballsy woman. But instead I just smiled, kissed my son and told her, ’I'm proud of my body. In just one year I've gained 50 pounds, and lost 37. I've grown a human and given birth to a beautiful miracle. My body provided food for my child. So, no, my body might not be the best sight for other men to see. My stretch marks and tummy pudge might not be sexy. But they're proof that I've done something amazing, and I have a man that loves me and finds me even sexier and more beautiful now. To be honest, I don't give a tiny rats ass what other men, or a prissy twit like you think. Have a nice day though.’”

6 Fail: Kid Photobombs

We are in a day in age where millions of people will take pictures of themselves to gain approval from the world. The mom bod is something to be proud of no matter what we look like. But, when did society turn around and make mothers feel the NEED to upload pictures of their post baby bodies?

5 Win: Bikini Mom Rachel Hollis

When bikini mom Rachel Hollis posted a photo of herself in a bikini she never imagined it would go viral. The world loved the fact that she proudly showed off her post-baby stretch marks. Hollis told PEOPLE magazine she was “flabbergasted” by the amount of people that responded so positively to her swimsuit picture. Hollis found her own inspiration through all the men and women who responded with their own proud body photos.

“It has been an outpouring of so many people talking about being happy with the body they have,” says the blogger. “Women who I don't know have been posting their own bikini pictures, showing off their own bodies. It's women saying, ‘I'm going to be proud of what my body looks like right now - not when I was 10lbs lighter, not 15 years ago, but right now. I'm proud of how this looks, and I want to show it off.’”

4 Fail: Bath Time, Kids!

Giving a child a bath should be a part of the bedtime routine. It usually goes something like dinner, bath, brush teeth, read a story and bed. We literally have no idea what this mom is thinking or doing during her child's bath time. She looks like she's playing dress up with herself while leaving the child to fend for himself in the tub. We can only hope that whoever took the picture also had eyes on the child because his mom sure didn't.

According to the Drowning Prevention Foundation, this year an estimated 100 drownings will occur in bathtubs. Studies clearly show that in almost every drowning instance the child was left unsupervised. Remember, a child can drown in the time it takes to answer the phone. Or in this case, the time it takes to change your outfit. We hope this mom will now realize that she can't take her eye off her child while he is in the bathtub.

3 Win: Mother Son Bond

She's not posed perfectly with her chest out, belly in, shoulders back, butt squeezed and feet turned slightly in to create the illusion of a thigh gap. She is real. She is standing with one hand on her hip as if a picture was about to happen, but then her little boy grabbed her leg. How could any mother resist that cute, ornery face? She let her shoulders hunch down and took the time to look at him and see what he needed. That is a winning mother.

She looks amazing in her bathing suit. Most of us moms wish we could look that good! But, a perfect body - or the illusion of it - wasn't the goal of this photo. She is just a mom taking a picture. It's not all about her. This photo is about a mother at home with her child. Fun, safe toys and love are surrounding them.

2 Fail: Is This Too Small?

Trying on bathing suits can be a grueling process. The reasons are different for everyone. We might have to remind ourselves that we have a good personality when swimsuit season comes around. On the contrary, we might look so good in every bathing suit we just can't decide which one to buy. The one thing we all have in common when we're shopping is the kids. Shopping with kids isn’t fun. Shopping for a bathing suit with kids is even worse!

While this mom is trying her best to find a suitable bathing suit her son is ready to go. He is no feeling his mom's bikini and he definitely isn’t ready for pictures. She was probably looking for approval from a friend or significant other when the picture was taken. But, how can anyone give feedback on the bathing suit while they are distracted by the screaming baby beside her.

1 Win: Christina Milian On Miami Beach

Jaws were dropping as singer Christina Milian hit Miami Beach with her 14-month-old daughter. She is wearing a huge smile and a hot bikini. If you ever had #momgoals Christina Milian would be it. She is able to keep herself in great shape post baby while also enjoying quality time with her child. Christina carried her daughter Violet into the ocean for a sun-soaked swim, all the while making sure to keep her safe from sunburn.

A good mom with a smokin mom bod probably has a good mother herself. Christina credited her post baby body to her mother. She told USmagazine, "The first month, I lost weight drastically," said Milian,"On top of that, she cooked me a lot of raw vegetables and raw salads and proteins - and it worked! I also drank a lot of water." She also credited her mom with helping her bounce back after her split from her baby's father, producer The-Dream.

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