7Low Blood Pressure

Often during the first trimester of pregnancy a woman’s blood pressure is quite low, that’s why you can feel the lack of energy. The blood pressure should be measured on every visit to your gynecologist during all appointments. During your first visit, the doctor will rate the datum-line of the

blood pressure taken. 

In the first months, the blood pressure won’t change much, but can get a little lower. When this happens, women feel sleepy, get vertigo or get tired quickly. Some moms-to-be have lower blood pressure even until the 20th week. This is quite normal. blood pressure that measures low is not dangerous, it just makes you feel tired. It’s only worse if the blood pressure goes higher during the gestation period.

Doctors make jokes that you can lift your blood pressure with an unhealthy lifestyle. Eat foods that will increase your energy levels like bananas, cheese, herrings, raisins, beans, chocolate, or smoked meat. Also drink a lot of water, try to remain active during the day, and sleep higher on your pillow. Start your morning with easy exercises and a colder shower. Drinking green tea or coffee can also raise your blood pressure a healthy amount to increase your alertness.

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