7 Innovative Ways to Have a Baby

In today’s modern society, there are actually as many as eighteen different ways to have a baby. This means that there is an increased probability through new and innovative methods that you can cradle your baby sooner than ever. Technology is not just for geeks as more and more people are embracing new developments in this particular field.

The future looks extremely bright for couples who are seeking reassurance, as well as confirmation that they can conceive differently. New techniques mean reproductive medicine is constantly evolving and success rates for pregnancy are continuing to grow. Meanwhile, these new breakthroughs in pregnancy medicine ensure that couples are not left in the dark. There has never been so many choices and ways to conceive.

If you are struggling to get your noggin round these statistics, the fact of the matter is, there is only a limited window to become pregnant. It all comes down to ovulation which plays an integral role in having a little one. Ovulation is key when it comes to the female menstrual cycle. You really do stand a better chance of falling pregnant, especially, after a lady ovulates and you have gotten jiggy in the bedroom.

This might be down to a host of reasons such as low motility, where the male sperm is unable to swim as fast as Mark Spitz. Furthermore, there could be reasons that your wife or significant other is unable to fall pregnant in the natural way. From problems with the fallopian tubes to the uterus, this will need to be investigated accordingly. By seeing your doctor, they will be able to identify what is going on and advise other methods to conceive.

7 Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening (CCS)

Better known as CCS, this method has been growing in popularity over the last five years or so. Comprehensive chromosomal screening is the process of when an embryo is transferred in the body of a woman. 

This is on the premise that at least one element will race to the finish and meet the female egg. Thanks to CCS, doctors now have the ability to discover which specific embryos are more healthy and have a better chance of success. 

Find out if your chromosomes are ready to get to work

This usually involves taking a biopsy in order to seek any particular abnormalities. This single embryo transfer can certainly make all the difference in conception. 

6 Surrogacy

A difficult decision to make, but if you can't have a child, why not look at the option of finding a surrogate. This might be crucial if you have already had a hysterectomy (had her womb surgically removed). There are options available to you including surrogacy. Some individuals choose to involve their family members, while others find complete strangers. 

As long as your surrogate donor is ready to receive eggs at the precise moment you're really good to go. There are two definitions of surrogacy. The first one is known as gestational surrogacy where the pregnancy is done through the means of IVF or in vitro fertilisation. 

One of the most expensive ways to have a baby

On the other hand, there is also something called traditional surrogacy. This is when the surrogate has been impregnated in a natural state with direct genetic connections to the actual surrogate. There may be surrogacy laws and regulations which might be involved too so you need to be wary of this aspect. 

As for the cost of going through surrogacy, be prepared to save up. In some cases it can cost as much as your mortgage in the region of $50,000 to $100,000. This could be for a number of different reasons, but some include fees and compensation figures for the surrogate.

5 Frozen Embryo

Frozen leftover embryos are becoming as de rigeur as those all-meat dresses once famously adopted by Lady Gaga. A variety of women who go through the process of IVF have a choice of discarding their remaining embryos or donating a few. In this way, some refuse to not eradicate them choosing to have them frozen by those science boffins in the lab. 

Payment goes hand in hand with freezing an embryo and some individuals can select someone to adopt an embryo. Nowadays, freezing an embryo is an essential part of the IVF procedure. Therefore, a collection of embryos in a deep freeze capacity does increase the possibility of pregnancy in the long term. Going through the frozen egg experience is not all what it’s cracked up to be! 

Not ready today, freeze the embryos and use them later

Yet if you want to undertake this procedure it can also be on the expensive side. This is largely in part thanks to a rigorous drug regime which the recipient has to undergo. There are possible side effects which are linked to this so it is important to check everything out in detail beforehand. Complications may occur and so it’s crucial to seek medical advice. 

4 Artificial Insemination

Although there is a possibility you could fall pregnant at any given time, there is an increasing likelihood around the highest ovulation point. It is little wonder those ovulation kits are as sought after as the latest dress Beyonce is wearing. As far as the woman’s egg is concerned, there is only a short period of time in which to make a baby.

This usually occurs up to 48 hours where the egg is ready to undergo fertilization via the male sperm. The latter can actually exist for nearly week inside a female’s body. At the end of the day it does only take one to hit the fertile jackpot but the odds are interesting to take note of. If this was a race then it is time to place your pregnancy bets on two days before as the odds are as much as 20% likely of conceiving. 

This is the most known way to conceive outside of intercourse

Not to be underestimated,artificial insemination is a wonder, what the men in white suits can do. By injecting a single sperm into the mother’s egg, artificial insemination is a real miracle in its own right 

3 Sperm Washing

Since the dawn of time, or close to it, man has searched for the ultimate ways to have a child. After all, procreation is a natural concept stretching back as far as Homosapien himself. According to some boffins in the lab, there are at least eighteen different ways of conceiving.

Don’t put your spin on full cycle for this one but sperm washing actually does exist. This means that even males who have been tested positive for HIV can still have a baby. This ritual of sperm washing was first pioneered in the United States. 

No, you can't wash your own sperm at home, sorry

It means that the HIV virus is not passed on if the donor has the disease. So forget your dishwasher powder or stain remover as the sperm is actually spun in a device where the healthy ones remain in the center. It is these healthy specimens that make its journey through IVF and fertilized. 


No, it is not the title of a brand new luxury lifestyle magazine or the character from the Simpsons who tried to woo Marge over. ZIFT is better know as zygote intrafallopian transfer. A tongue twister if ever there was one, ZIFT is when the eggs are positioned into the woman’s Fallopian tubes. This particular process can benefit ladies who are well into their forties and dreaming of having a baby. 

That maternal clock is ticking and the chances of conceiving past this age are of course slim. However, there is a solution out there as an alternative to regular in vitro fertilization methods. IVF may be a poor choice and the chances of it working are even poorer. 

Past forty and looking to get pregnant? This is for you.

Hence, the wonderful world of zygote intrafallopian transfer, which is often described as a form of laproscopic surgery. So how much will this set you back. Zygote intrafallopian transfer is not for the financially faint-hearted and can set you back as much as $15,000.

1 Reproductive Surgery

If all else fails and you are not able to conjure up that sexual magic, then there are a range of surgical options to take into account. This obviously needs to be discussed in detail in the first instance before undergoing such a serious operation. 

How it works will sometimes involve staying overnight in a hospital. A surgical procedure can for the majority of individuals be of great benefit due to the correction of abnormalities which may occur. This could be anything to do with both male and female parts of the body or simply to clear any blockages. Some couples utilize this method if they are suffering from specific diseases featuring endometriosis. 

Your uterus may need a surgery to be able to sustain a pregnancy

Scarring is another area in which surgery may be able to assist and depends on the severity of the condition. Some of the advantages to having surgery of this nature include the reduction of pain, whilst at the same time improving the likelihood of pregnancy. As far as the cost is concerned, this boils down to the specific surgery and may cost in excess of $2,000.

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