• 7 Inspirational Breastfeeding Stories of Celebrity Mothers—Who Made the List?

    Breastfeeding has been around for centuries, but it is only now that it is getting the attention it deserves. Indeed, breast is best, but not every mother will opt to breastfeed her child. We are not here to judge a mother’s decision whether she wants to nurse her young or not. But we are here to inform mothers about the option of breastfeeding and take on the reasons why a mother chooses not to.

    Possible reasons can include lack of education, misinformation or even being ashamed of breastfeeding. Giving these reasons a closer look, there’s one ultimate reason to sum it up: the lack of normalization. If breastfeeding is normalized, mothers will have easy access to information. And more than this, they will feel more confident about breastfeeding their babies.

    This is where celebrity breastfeeding mothers come into the picture. Think about this, what do you think when you see an A-list celebrity breastfeeding her child? Do you feel happy about it? Do you want to emulate that celebrity? Do you find breastfeeding to be a glamorous act so you must do it too?

    Of course, every breastfeeding photo should make you feel happy, but just because a celebrity is doing it, doesn’t mean it’s glam and you should do it too. By posting breastfeeding photos, these celebrities help normalize breastfeeding and empower mothers out there.

    If you think about it, these A-listers have the money to buy the best formulas, hire the best nannies and have the best time of their lives. And yet, they chose to sacrifice time, effort and sleep just to breastfeed their babies. Isn’t that something?

    We hope that you find inspiration in these beautiful breastfeeding stories. Here we go!

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    Julie Bowen

    Julie Bowen is known for her role as Claire Dunphy in the Emmy award-winning show “Modern Family.” She is 40 years old and looks young for her age. Bowen is a hilarious actress both on cam and off cam. She’s such a darling, really!

    Bowen is the perfect #1 on this list because she proved that breastfeeding isn’t glamorous, especially if you have two babies nursing on both boobs. Back in 2009, Bowed had twin boys, John and Gus. She was 8.5 months pregnant while filming the first season of “Modern Family.”

    Guesting on “The View,” she shared that she and husband Scott Phillips are good at making babies. The twins, at 5 months then, were the second and third child of the couple following Oliver, who was 2.5 years old then. She also shared that breastfeeding the twins was “tricky” especially when it comes to juggling her work and nursing schedule.

    What does she do? Pump on the car on her way to work! “You slap it on, turn on the machine and you drive along. I’m so used to doing it that I don’t even think about it anymore,” she shared.

    Once lost on the road, Bowen wanted to ask the help of a police officer, not realizing that her pump was still strapped on her breasts. Bowen narrated “I said, ‘Officer, what’s going on?’ and he starts walking over to the car. I realize I’ve got an air horn attached to my boob and all of a sudden [I said], ‘Oh, no! No, no, no, stay away, I’m fine, really, please don’t come over to the car,’ because I didn’t want him to think I was drunk or something!”

    In May 2010, Bowen guested on “Lopez Tonight” where she shared a tidbit about her breastfeeding journey with John and Gus and also shared a photo of her breastfeeding the twins together.

    “It's like two little liposuction machines on you. They suck the fat out of you. They call it the 'double football hold.' You hold one here, and here [gesturing to her breasts], like two footballs... They're doing God's work right there, helping me return to my birth weight,” Bowen said.

    And she was right on point. She was back to her sexy bikini body by March 2010, just when the kids were a year old. If she can make her breasts work double time, so can you!

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     Princess Kate Middleton

    Princess Kate Middleton is the epitome of royalty elegance and class. Even during pregnancy, she wore the best maternity fashion without sacrificing her comfort. But more than her polished and sophisticated look, the Duchess of Cambridge is an extraordinary mom to Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

    In July 2013, Mirror UK published a report about how dedicated Middleton is about breastfeeding the little Prince. It started out rocky for both mother and child, but eventually, George got used to the breast more than the bottle. Middleton is also determined not to give his son a dummy, which can make George dependent on the dummy to be soothed.

    After some help from the midwife, they both caught on very quickly. As far as I can tell, Kate finds it very relaxing and George is just like any other little baby,” a source said.

    “He can’t get enough. And they all certainly know when he’s hungry – his screams are very difficult to ignore. But don’t expect Kate to be photographed breastfeeding. She does not want to become a pin-up for the breastfeeding lobby. She feels that it is a matter of personal choice, and that new mums should do whatever feels right for them and their baby,” the source added.

    Middleton isn’t the first royalty to breastfeed the future prince and princess of the nation. Princess Diana breastfed Prince Harry and Prince William. Queen Elizabeth breastfed Prince Charles for two months and only stopped due to measles.

    Moreover, the Duchess is making sure that her taste in fashion continues to be functional since she’s breastfeeding. Seraphine, a maternity wear specialist, confirmed that Middleton ordered four breastfeeding style dresses from them. “The deep V-neckline enhances your new ­cleavage and provides easy breastfeeding access post birth,” Seraphine described.

    Now that the royal couple just welcomed their daughter Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, there’s no doubt that Middleton will also breastfeed the princess. If the Princess can breastfeed despite her royal duties, why can’t you?

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     Scarlett Johansson

    Scarlett Johansson or ScarJo is one of Hollywood’s IT girls today, if not the one on top of that list. Playing the role of the infamous Black Widow in the Marvel movies sure pushed her to more stardom (not that she wasn’t a star back then.)

    ScarJo’s sexy petite body and amazingly beautiful face is a lethal combination. But what’s more interesting to know about this actress is her love for breastfeeding her child. She has indeed come a long way from her teenage years and now that she is a mother to a beautiful baby, she wants to give her the best.

    In 2014, Johansson guested on “Barbara Walter’s 10 Most Fascinating People of 2014 Special” where she shared her story of losing weight after giving birth to Baby Rose.

    “[Breastfeeding is] the best way to get back in shape. "[I do] the whole bit. I'm nursing and I love it,” Johansson proudly said. ScarJo was pregnant while filming “The Avengers: Age of Ultron,” but she didn’t look like she gained pregnancy weight at all (the effects may have something to do with that, anyway).

    Also in that interview, Johansson shared that motherhood is something “wonderful,” “very very magical” and “exhausting.” She’s actually preaching to the choir. Motherhood is a whole lot of things, but breastfeeding does indeed make it a little more special as you get to bond with your baby more.

    Fast forward to February 2015, Johansson proved her dedication in breastfeeding Rose when it was revealed that she was actually pumping milk backstage at the 2015 Oscars. Wearing a beautiful emerald green Atelier Versace gown, that didn’t bother ScarJo as she pumped her way to bring home freshly squeezed breastmilk right from the Oscars award show.

    “Scarlett brought her breast pump to the Academy Awards. She pumped backstage before going on stage to present,” a Hollywood Life insider shared. We just loved her more now, don’t we.

    While everyone brought their lipsticks, powder and oil-blotting paper, ScarJo brought with her a breast pump to the biggest awards show of the year. And she’s not ashamed ladies, so why should you?

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     Olivia Wilde

    One of the most recent controversial breastfeeding stories is that of Olivia Wilde. On September 2014, Wilde was featured in Glamour Magazine, where she posed on camera while her baby Otis breastfed. I really don’t understand the controversy behind it. Was it because Wilde was in a diner? Was it because she was wearing a Roberto Cavalli couture dress? Or was it because Otis was not wearing diaper at all?

    If it was about Otis wearing his birthday suit, Glamour didn’t plan that at all. In fact, it was Wilde’s choice to keep it that way. Wilde explained:

    Being shot with Otis is so perfect because any portrait of me right now isn’t complete without my identity as a mother being a part of that. Breastfeeding is the most natural thing. I don’t know, now it feels like Otis shouldalways be on my breast. It felt like we were capturing that multifaceted woman we’ve been discussing—that we know we can be. You can be someone who is at once maternal and professional and sexy and self-possessed. [But] I mean, I certainly don’t really look like that when I’m [typically] breastfeeding.”

    Wilde, being a Hollywood A-lister, admits that low-income moms will definitely have a harder time with breastfeeding since it’s harder to find a clean place to pump milk at work. Pumping at work has become a major problem for breastfeeding moms, leaving them no choice but to pump milk in comfort rooms.

    But thankfully, Wilde doesn’t have to deal with this problem and she doesn’t have any qualms about continuing both her work and nursing duties to Otis. The actress admitted that she found inspiration from her mother.

    “My mom is such a badass working mother. That inspired me when I was pregnant. I wasn’t going to sacrifice myself because I was becoming a mother,” she said.

    Despite the controversy that her photo got, Wilder remains unfazed. She continues to breastfeed her son and spread the word. If Wilde can work and nurse at the same time, you can too!

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     Salma Hayek

    If there’s one story that truly deserves a spot on this list, it is Salma Hayek’s breastfeeding story. What makes Hayek’s story so special is that she doesn’t only breastfeed her child, she feeds other babies too! That proves how awesome breastmilk is, you can share it with everyone and help mothers nurse their little ones too.

    In February 2009, Hayek went on a trip to Sierra Leone in Africa for “Nightline.” The show captured a video of Hayek breastfeeding a sick little boy. In the video, Hayek said “It’s amazing because he’s really looking at me.

    At that time, Hayek had a 1-year-old daughter, whom she nurses at home too. She admitted that she feels a bit guilty nursing other children, but explained why she does it.

    Hayek worried that she might be “disloyal to my child... [but] I actually think that my baby would be very proud to be able to share her milk,” she said.

    Apparently, this motherly instinct stems from her great-grandmother who also did the same thing in a Mexican village. Hayek shared that her great grandma nursed a hungry baby, which is pretty awesome.

    Hayek also added the breastfeeding “is the best thing you can do for your child, not only the bonding, that’s how you build the immune system, so in a country like [Sierra Leone] imagine how important it is for the mothers to do that.”

    When the video hit the web, not many people liked it. They wondered, “What is Salma’s obsession with breastfeeding?” For some, they find it unhygienic or just plain wrong to feed another woman’s child. But in reality, when you’re in a place filled with hungry and malnourished children, you have to do what you can, even if it means offering your boob to make the babies full.

    Hayek’s story of wet nursing isn’t uncommon today. Breastfeeding mothers also help out other mothers whose milk supply is still low. Wet nursing helps both the mother and the baby to keep the breastfeeding connection and not resort to bottle feeding.

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     Alyssa Milano

    If there’s one celebrity who’s speaking out about breastfeeding, it’s none other than Alyssa Milano. Let me be honest, I loved Milano in “Charmed” and ever since, I’ve admired her beauty and acting skills. But what comes next is what made me admire her most.

    On September 2014, Milano gave birth to baby Elizabella and she posted a photo of her eight-week old baby on Instagram. Milano was breastfeeding in the photo and she captioned it “Ah, the joy of suckling! She lovingly watched the fishlike motions of the toothless mouth and she imagined that with her milk there flowed into her little son her deepest thoughts, concepts, and dreams.”

    The photo got 37,800 likes as of today and Milano’s followers praised her for sharing her breastfeeding journey with her baby.

    In an interview with Yahoo back in October 2014, she shared how important it was to be open about breastfeeding in public.

    “I just don’t understand where we are as a society when you can be naked on a red carpet, but it’s not ok in the corner of the mall while you are breastfeeding your child. I just don’t get it! I’m not even trying to be an advocate, I’m trying to wrap my head around what that means. Not that there’s anything wrong with wearing fewer clothes on a red carpet — I just don’t see the dichotomy. We’ve sexualized the female body so much that we forget that it has a real function — to feed our babies. That whole ‘you wouldn’t poop in public, so why would you breastfeed in public’ is so insulting to me.”

    Milano also goes on to share about her horrific experience at Heathrow Airport Security, where she took to Twitter to share her anger about what happened.

    “I watched them pour out 10 ounces of my breastmilk. If you’ve ever tried to breastfeed you know that 10 ounces is a lot. I pumped four times on that flight to get that much! It’s hard enough to breastfeed and to do it with a certain amount of commitment, and incidents like that make it so much harder for moms. I feel like that needs to change,” Milano explained.

    That’s not cool Heathrow, not cool at all.

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     Ali Landry

    It is one thing for a Hollywood celebrity to share their breastfeeding advocacy, but it is more rare to read about a celebrity blog about her nursing experience. Actress Ali Landry went an extra mile to share with everyone how nursing has become “one of the most amazing experiences” for her.

    Back in August 2012, Landry celebrated the National Breastfeeding Month with a heartwarming blog that will empower and encourage other breastfeeding moms out there. Despite her celebrity status, she is just a normal mother as each and every one of us. She goes through the daily struggles just to survive her nursing goals.

    Landry started talking about how special nursing is, but admits that nobody warned her about how difficult it will be at first. “Nobody told me about insanely sore nipples or wrestling with a breast pump or how you cry the first time you spill some of that liquid gold,” she said. But nonetheless, she knew that these were little sacrifices for the greater benefits of breastfeeding.

    Landry nursed her baby Estela for 10 months. “I was determined to do everything right and to nurse as long as possible, but when her teeth came in she started biting me. I talked to other moms, my doctor and a lactation consultant in search of a solution, but nothing helped. I even tried hand-expressing my milk directly into her mouth, in a desperate hope that I could nurse without letting her little piranha teeth anywhere near me, but in the end, I decided it was time to wean,” Landry narrated.

    When Estela was 5 years old, baby Marcelo came and Landry felt like she knew more about breastfeeding than the first time. She said “I knew a few things. I went into it with even more excitement, anticipating how precious those first months would be, but other challenges presented themselves.

    The biggest challenge was that I was back to work a lot earlier.”

    Since then, Landry relied on her breastpump and even brought a small cooler around on set. She didn’t feel ashamed pumping on set too, having a light blanket to cover her breasts.

    When Marcelo started to grow teeth, Landry had to wean him too, because it was becoming too painful. She doesn’t feel guilty at all. She believes that “nursing is hard work, sometimes we just need to rest” too.

    “Hang in there for as long as you can,” Landry said. And don’t forget to give yourself a pat in the back for a job well done.

    Even celebrities can make sacrifices for their littles ones, despite having the best of everything around them. Because the truth is, when it comes to your baby, you just have to try to give them the best you can.

    What story inspired you the most?

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