7Hormones Can Make Your Hair Grow

Many women experience some changes in their hair during pregnancy. In fact, higher levels of estrogen can prolong the hair growth phase, which may cause your hair to grow faster and fall out less. Some women notice their hair has more luster during pregnancy or that it changes in texture

(curly hair may become more straight for example). However, such changes are not permanent and will likely regulate in the postpartum period or immediately after you stop breastfeeding. Dramatic changes in the hair may not always occur during pregnancy. Among those ladies who experience changes, it tends to be more obvious for women with longer hair.

Unfortunately, body hair can also become thicker during pregnancy. Some women will notice that the hair on both their face and arms becomes darker and more noticeable when they are pregnant. To rid unwanted hairs, you can safely tweeze, wax, or shave. It is important to note that pregnant women should stay away from chemicals such as bleaches or depilatories as they could be absorbed into the bloodstream potentially causing harm to your baby. 

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