7 Moms Who Need To Stop Wearing Yoga Pants (And 7 Who Look Steamy)

Not every woman can pull off yoga pants, and that includes our favorite celebs.

Over the years fashion trends change greatly, But there is one trend that has remained in the spotlight for some time now. Yoga pants, everyone wears them because they are just so comfortable, but that is not exactly the reason that they became so popular. Many people began wearing yoga pants when they realized just how well they made their butts look and accentuated their curves, and men took a liking to women wearing them fairly fast.

Although yoga pants can sometimes be very flattering to a woman's figure, when put onto the wrong person, it ends up being a sight that no one wants to see. Some women pull off wearing yoga pants flawlessly while other women end up with cameltoe and muffin top. Sometimes the yoga pants are so tight that they end up being practically see through allowing everyone to see the woman's underwear, or in some cases if the woman is not wearing underwear, her private area.

With celebrities constantly having the paparazzi following them around it is easy to catch them at their worst and wearing things that they definitely should not be wearing. This being said, we also get to see some celebrities who are on point with their wardrobe. In this article we will go over seven celebrity moms that we hate seeing in yoga pants, and 7 we love seeing in yoga pants.

14Do: Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, 48 year old mom of two, also known as J Lo, has a son and a daughter yet still looks like same hot star she was when she first started her singing career. Most recently she has been seen as a judge on the show american idol and she does not appear to have aged one bit. The singer is seen, in this photo, wearing a sporty jacket and black slim fitting yoga pants, while holding a bottle of water. The pants seem to fit her like a glove, and could not possibly look better on anyone else, props to “Jenny From The Block” for keeping up with her awesome bod through all of these years and two kids.

13Don't: Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson used to be a very popular singer and actress. Jessica used to look really fit and had this article been written a few years ago she might not have ended up on this side of the list. However, Jessica seemed to have let herself go after she decided to settle down and have kids, Packing on the weight and staying out of the spotlight. Paparazzi was however able to catch Jessica, and her new body sporting a black tee and a black pair of yoga pants. It is easy to see from the picture that her pants look slightly too tight and she can be seen pulling her shirt down as if ashamed of her current body, although she has nothing to really be ashamed about. Maybe yoga pants were not Jessica's smartest choice, but i bet if she put on a nice pair of jeans and a cute blouse she might actually look nice.

12Do: Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum got her start as a very well known model, so it is no surprise that she ended up on the list of celeb moms we do want to see in yoga pants. Heidi has most recently been known for appearing on the show, america's got talent, as one of the judges. Heidi has had four kids, which makes it even more amazing that she has been able to maintain her body and stay fit. In this picture, heidi can be seen going for a run in a very nicely fitting pair of yoga pants. She looks very sporty, and we commend her for her doing her best to stay fit and looking good. There is not anything negative we could possibly say about this beautiful mom in her yoga pants.

11Don't: Blac Chyna

Although Blac Chyna appears to be very fit, even after having kids she definitely can not pull off a pair of yoga pants. The reason for this being, is that, Chyna obviously had a brazillian butt lift and i think it is safe to say that she went way too big with it. Her butt now looks very disproportionate to her body and since yoga pants are so form fitting and accentuate everything, it makes this way more obvious. It really is just a sight that is not appealing at all. This is one star that needs to stick to something a little less tight fitting in order to make it not look so obvious that she had work done.

10Do: Jessica Alba

Jessica alba, 38 year old mom of two, was seen wearing some very athletic apparel, including a bright purple pair of yoga pants. It is clear to see in this picture that the star had just gotten done working out, yet she still looked amazing. The pants are the perfect fit for her and shaped to her body just right. Jessica is best known for not only being an actress, but a business woman as well. She is another one who definitely does not look her age, and has made staying fit and healthy a big priority of hers. Jessica Alba is a star that we can all agree is a pleasant sight to see in a pair of yoga pants.

9Don't: Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley was well known for being a rep for the popular weight loss system, nutrisystem. Of course, that was in kirsties skinny days. Kirstie had put on a lot of weight in recent years causing her to lose that job as a nutrisystem rep. She says that she is a very spontaneous person and the reason that she gained so much weight is because she loves to indulge in food and wine. Because of this she does not exactly look good in anything that she wears these days, so when she was seen sporting a loose fitting pair of yoga pants it was no surprise that it was not a good look for her, not to mention that she is just wearing way too much black in this picture, it looks faded and old. The whole outfit was just a complete fail.

8Do: Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff started out as a child star, landing a lead role in the T.v show, lizzie mcguire. After that show had ended she went on to start a career as a singer. Although we have not seen much of Hilary Duff in the past couple of years, she has been photographed wearing yoga pants on many occasions. Hillary, 29 year old mom of one, Has been able to stay in shape through all of these years, which is easy to see in this photo of her looking good as always. Yoga pants seem to be the stars go to comfort pant, and we are not complaining, because she looks good in them every time. Hillary continues to kill it in those yoga pants, despite what anyone might say.

7Don't: Kim Kardashian

Unlike most of the celeb moms that we do not want to see in yoga pants, kim is actually fairly fit and has a good body, however this does not mean that she knows how to wear a pair of yoga pants. With her butt being as big as it is from her brazilian butt lift, i'm sure that it can be difficult to find a pair of the pants that actually fit properly. Kim, almost every time she has been seen in yoga pants, is seen wearing pants that are way too tight and up being practically see through. Whether she may or may not be doing this intentionally, it definitely is not something that most of us enjoy to see, of course with the exception being some men, who enjoy it a little too much.

6Do: Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson, has two kids, and even though she does not appear to be anywhere near this age, she is 38 years old. She is an actress who has appeared in many films such as, how to lose a guy in ten days, the skeleton key, and raising helen, just to name a few. The star most recently started up her very own line of yoga pants for the company, fabletics, so it is no surprise at all that she is on a list of people we want to see in yoga pants, as she models her own line of them. In this picture we can see kate showing off one of her pairs of yoga pants, and she looks amazing doing it. She has the perfect body for the pants and we love seeing her in them.

5Don't: Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson became famous after winning American Idol in, 2002. Ever since then she has continued to belt out amazing songs with her beautiful voice, however after some time off and having kids Kelly, like most women who have kids, put on a significant amount of weight. Despite having gained a lot of weight, Kelly usually looks great in almost everything that she wears, however she was caught on camera not exactly looking her best in a pair of yoga pants. In this photo Kelly is indeed pregnant, so she had every right to dress comfortably. However, with the way that these particular yoga pants fit the star, it can be hard to tell if that is a baby bump under her shirt, or just fat being pushed up from a tight band. Whatever the case may be this look just is not a good look for her.

4Do: Britney Spears

Britney has been famous for a very long time, she has always been an amazing singer, but she seems to have fallen out of the spotlight for a while. This is more than likely because she has taken time to be there for her kids. Britney is a mom of two little boys, and she can oftentimes be seen attending their soccer games. Despite having had two kids, Britney seems to have been able to maintain her gorgeous figure. Britney can be seen in the above photo wearing an orange shirt, a pair of boots, and of course a pair of yoga pants. This star pulls off the yoga pants look perfectly. There is no muffin top, no camel toe, and they definitely are not see through. This is yoga pants were meant to be worn.

3Don't: Mamma June

Mamma June became famous when her and her daughter, honey boo boo, appeared on TLCs show, toddlers and tiaras. Mamma June gained a lot of negative attention from people for her excessive amount of weight. Mamma June has since lost a tremendous amount of weight after getting gastric bypass surgery, and is looking somewhat better. Mamma June was spotted, after her weight loss, in a pair of yoga pants, which she seems to be wearing a lot these days. While she doesn't exactly look terrible, i mean we have seen worse, it still is not the prettiest sight to see. Although Mamma June may be looking a little bit.

2Do: Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon is now 41 years old and has three kids. She became most popular during her acting career after playing the role of the lead character in the movie, legally blonde, she has since played in many more movies. Here we can see Reese using yoga pants for exactly what they were intended to be used for, YOGA. the majority of people who wear yoga pants seem to just wear them for everyday use, but this star is obviously using them the right way, as she is seen walking down the road with a yoga mat in hand. Surprisingly enough, she knows exactly how to wear that, not too tight, not too loose, and definitely not pulled up too far.

1Don't: Melissa McCarthy

Melissa Mccarthy is a very good, very funny actress, who most recently starred in the popular remake of the movie, ghostbusters.She has always been a big girl and has never cared, and neither has anyone else who sees her, but that does not mean that we enjoy seeing her sport a pair of yoga pants. In this photo, the actress is wearing a very questionable outfit that looks like it is something straight of the show, what not to wear. Melissa is another example of why yoga pants were not exactly made for everyone. This is another celeb who should probably just stick to wearing a nice pair of jeans or maybe a fitting dress, to better suit her body's shape.

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